Duplication price list

This is the price list for duplicating materials found in Special Collections and University Archives:

The standard turn-around time for any reproduction request can be up to 1-4 weeks from the time the order is received.  Please remember that each request is subject to review—not all items can be photocopied or reproduced.


.35 per page--black & white

$1 per page--color copy

Department Service Fee ($15 per hour)

If your photocopy order is large (over .5 inches) we will ask for a deposit before beginning processing your order.

Digital reproductions

$10 an image if done by staff*

Department Service Fee ($15 staff set up fee per each request)

Pre-payment is required for all digital orders.

Audio visual materials

Audio cassette to CD (all prices inc. media): $25 per copy

VHS to DVD: $35 per copy

Reel to Reel to CD: $45 per copy

Pre-payment is required for all digital AV orders.

Additional charges

CA state tax (applies to all orders paid in person and mailed within CA).

Shipping & Handling (when applicable).

A $15 set up fee will be applied to each AV duplication requests. AV reproduction requests containing multiple items or unusual formats will require additional approval and may incur additional charges.

$5 per DVD/CD (if needed)


*These prices are for orders that can be reproduced in house.  Inquire with staff regarding duplication costs for materials that require outsourcing.

 Prices effective March 2013