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The Swain Library offers broad coverage of chemistry and chemical engineering resources.

Topic guides

Guide Created by Last Updated Subject tag
Nano 2016-05-02 Chemistry, Nanoscience and nanotechnology, Chemical engineering, Materials science and engineering
Patents 2016-05-11 Chemistry, Engineering
Career resources for chemists and chemical engineers Grace Baysinger 2015-08-15 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Inorganic chemistry Grace Baysinger 2016-02-08 Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry
Organic chemistry Grace Baysinger 2016-04-26 Chemistry, Organic chemistry
Physical chemistry Grace Baysinger 2016-05-16 Chemistry, Physical chemistry
Physical properties for chemists and chemical engineers Grace Baysinger 2016-02-16 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Polymer science and engineering Grace Baysinger 2015-06-04 Chemistry, Polymer science and engineering, Chemical engineering
Science and technology news Grace Baysinger 2015-03-04 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Mobile apps for chemists and chemical engineers Aparna Sharma 2016-07-26 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Analytical chemistry Grace Baysinger 2016-05-13 Chemistry, Analytical chemistry
Grants and funding for science & engineering 2016-04-14 Aquatic studies, Biology, Chemistry, Earth sciences, Engineering, Environmental studies, Mathematics and statistics, Physics and astronomy
Lab safety Grace Baysinger 2016-06-22 Toxicology and chemical safety, Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Medicinal and biological chemistry Grace Baysinger 2016-07-14 Chemistry, Biochemistry
Leland Scholars Program Grace Baysinger 2016-08-24 Biology, Chemistry, Environmental studies, Physics and astronomy
Chemistry resources for students Grace Baysinger 2016-07-14 Chemistry
Mass spectrometry Grace Baysinger 2016-03-10 Chemistry, Analytical chemistry
Sci-tech: Public outreach Grace Baysinger 2015-08-06 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Sci-tech: Ethics, IP, and data Grace Baysinger 2015-03-01 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Sci-tech: Grammar and style Grace Baysinger 2015-03-03 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Sci-tech: Scholarly publishing Grace Baysinger 2016-04-15 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Sci-tech: Written communication Grace Baysinger 2016-03-30 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Sci-tech: Visual communication Grace Baysinger 2015-03-01 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Sci-tech: Oral presentations Grace Baysinger 2015-02-28 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Sci-tech: Multimedia presentations Grace Baysinger 2015-03-02 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Sci-tech: Communication Grace Baysinger 2015-02-28 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Chemistry & Chemical Engineering (General) 2016-07-18 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
CHEM-H undergraduate scholars Grace Baysinger 2016-03-31 Biology, Chemistry, Chemical engineering, Medicine and health
Catalysis Grace Baysinger 2016-08-02 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Keep current with journal literature Grace Baysinger 2016-07-28 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
Finding journals : info for chemists and chemical engineers Grace Baysinger 2016-07-28 Chemistry, Chemical engineering
CAS Group Grace Baysinger 2016-07-28 Chemistry

Course guides

Course number Term Guide Instructor
CHEM 130 / CHEM 132 Winter Quarter 2015 Organic Chemistry Laboratory Vollmer-Snarr, H. / Cox, C.
CHEM 24N Spring 2015 CHEM 24N: Nutrition and history Huestis, W.
CHEM 137 Spring 2016 CHEM 137: Special topics in organic chemistry Trost, B.
PWR 2JS Fall 2014 Eureka!: The Rhetoric of the Scientist Jennifer Stonaker
CHEM 181 (CHEMENG 181, CHEMENG 182) Fall 2016 Biochemistry Cegelski, L.

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Grace Baysinger
Head Librarian and Bibliographer of the Swain Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library
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