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Swain Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Library

Installing CSD


CSD software is limited to on-campus installation and use. For off-campus access, please use WebCSD or CDSERVER.

License key

To request a license key, please bring your Stanford ID to Swain Library’s circulation desk and ask for Aparna Sharma or Grace Baysinger during regular business hours. Two types of license keys are available: for users with a fixed IP address (desktop users), and for users on the wireless network with a dynamically generated IP address. If you have a fixed IP address, please bring your IP address with you when requesting the license key. The same license key is used for all of the programs we have licensed from the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre.

  • Users with a fixed IP address: To make an IP-based license key available in a format that will work during the installation process, copy and paste the license key into a text file (e.g. Notepad) and save the file on your desktop with the name “csd_licence.dat.” For more details, please see FAQs: How do I install an IP-based license?
  • Users with a dynamically generated IP address: You will get an alternative license key that lets you access CSD anywhere on campus.

Conditions of use and download

After accepting the conditions of use, you may download CSD to your computer (SUNet authentication required). It is also possible to install CSD software by checking out the CD-ROMs that are on Reserve at Swain Library. CSD software must be deleted when users graduate or are no longer affiliated with Stanford.

Update frequency: The web version is updated weekly. The CD-ROMs are published annually (January–December) and are usually delivered by late November or early December. Updates are available periodically from CCDC news. Access to the previous year’s version expires at the end of March.