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Swain Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Library


December 2014

(1998). Peterson's graduate programs in the physical sciences, mathematics, agricultural sciences, the environment & natural resources. Princeton, N.J.: Peterson's.
Swain – Reference Q183.3 .P45 49TH 2015

(2011). Prudent practices in the laboratory: handling and management of chemical hazards. Updated ed. Washington, D.C.: National Academies Press.
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Swain – Stacks QD22 .D54 A3 2015

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Swain – Stacks QD381 .F73 2014

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Swain – Reserves QD253 .J65 2014

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Swain – Reserves QD253 .J65 2014 GUIDE

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Swain – Reserves QD261 .L32 2014

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Swain – Stacks QH585.2 .E87 2010

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Swain – Stacks TP156 .T7 R36 2014

Vatsala, Y. Asymmetric synthesis: principles and methodology. Second edition.
Swain – Stacks QD262 .V38 2015

November 2014

Amiji, M. M., Cook, T. J., & Mobley, W. Cary. Applied physical pharmacy. Second edition.
Swain – Stacks RS403 .A676 2014

Aranson, I. S., & T?Simring, L. Sh. Granular patterns.
Swain – Stacks TA418.78 .A73 2014

Bucak, S., & Rende, D. Colloid and surface chemistry: a laboratory guide for exploration of the Nano world.
Swain – Stacks QD506 .B73 2014

Child, M. S. Semiclassical mechanics with molecular applications. Second edition.
Swain – Stacks QD96 .M65 C48 2014

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Swain – Stacks TP910 .C45 2015

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Swain – Stacks QD504 .D423 2014

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Swain – Stacks RS407 .D53 2014

Franses, E. I. Thermodynamics with chemical engineering applications.
Swain – Stacks QD511 .F737 2014

Ghosh, A. K., & Gemma, S. Structure-based design of drugs and other bioactive molecules: tools and strategies.
Swain – Stacks RS403 .G55 2014

Lu, X. (2014). Biofuels: from microbes to molecules. Norfolk: Caister Academic Press.
Swain – Stacks TP248 .B55 .B45 2014

Marcovich, A., & Shinn, T. Toward a new dimension: exploring the nanoscale. First edition.
Swain – Stacks QC176.8 .N35 M37 2014

Rogers, A. Proof: the science of booze.
Swain – Stacks TP505 .R64 2014

Sawyer, K., & Alper, J. Undergraduate chemistry education: a workshop summary.
Swain – Stacks QD47 .S28 2014

Schmal, M. Chemical reaction engineering: essentials, exercises and examples.
Swain – Stacks TP155 .S26 2014

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Swain – Stacks QP531 .S54 2001

Timberlake, K. C. Chemistry: an introduction to general, organic, and biological chemistry. Twelfth edition.
Swain – Stacks QD31.3 .T55 2015

October 2014

Chemical information and computation. [Cheshire, England?]: Wendy Warr & Associates.
Swain – Stacks QD1 .A54 247TH 2014:NO.1

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Swain – Stacks QD96 .M3 M43 2002

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Swain – Stacks QD261 .P33 2011

September 2014

(1986). Advances in mass spectrometry. Chichester, Sussex, England: John Wiley & Sons.
Swain – Stacks QC454 .A195 V.19 2012

Creating safety cultures in academic institutions. First edition.
Swain – Stacks QD63.5 .C74 2012

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Swain – Reference QD251 .O7 V.84 2014

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Swain – Permanent Reserve QD453.3 .A74 2014

Atkins, P. W. Physical chemistry: a very short introduction. First edition.
Swain – Stacks QD453.3 .A855 2014

Browne, J. Seven elements that have changed the world.
Swain – Stacks QD466 .B76 2013

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Swain – Reserves HB615 .L48 2010

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Swain – Stacks QD415 .C482 2015

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Swain – Stacks QD261 .P33 2007

Ruckenstein, E., & Wang, H. Heterogeneous catalysis: experimental and theoretical contributions.
Swain – StacksQD505 .R83 2014

SanClements, M. Plastic purge: how to use less plastic, eat better, keep toxins out of your body, and help save the sea turtles! First edition.
Swain – Stacks TP1122 .S24 2014

Scott, D. A. (2014). Around the world in 18 elements. Cambridge, UK: Royal Society Chemistry.
Swain – Stacks QD466 .S38 2014

Singh, M. Shankar. Reactive intermediates in organic chemistry: structure, mechanism, and reactions.
Swain – Stacks QD476 .S54 2014

Trapp, C. A., Cady, M. P., & Giunta, C. Student solutions manual to accompany Physical chemistry: quanta, matter, and change. 2nd edition.
Swain – Stacks QD453.3 .T73 2014

Walsh, G. Proteins: biochemistry and biotechnology. Second edition.
Swain – Stacks TP248.65 .P76 W353 2014

West, A. R. Solid state chemistry and its applications. Second edition.
Swain – Stacks QD478 .W47 2014

August 2014

Baird, D. G., & Collias, D. I. Polymer processing: principles and design. Second edition.
Swain – Stacks TP1180 .T5 B26 2014

Chang, R., & Thoman, J. W. Physical chemistry for the chemical sciences.
Swain – Stacks QD453.3 .C43 2014

Karty, J. Organic chemistry: principles and mechanisms.
Swain – Stacks QD253.2 .K375 2014

Lidow, D. Startup leadership: how savvy entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful enterprises. First edition.
Swain – Stacks HD62.5 .L525 2014

July 2014

CRC handbook of chemistry and physics. Cleveland, Ohio: CRC Press.
Swain – Reference QD65 .H3 95TH ED. 2014/2015

(2010). Science of synthesis. Paper archive copy. Stuttgart: Georg Thieme
Swain – Reference QD262 .S352 2014:NO.2

Findeisen, M., & Berger, S. 50 and more essential NMR experiments: a detailed guide.
Swain – Stacks QD96 .N8 F56 2014

Giacovazzo, C. Phasing in crystallography: a modern perspective. First edition.
Swain – Stacks QD921 .G465 2014

Klemeš, J. Jaromír, Varbanov, P. Saebev, Alwi, S. Rafidah Wan, & Manan, Z. Abdul. Process integration and intensification: saving energy, water and resources.
Swain – Stacks TP155.7 .K58 2014

Li, P., & Marrongelle, K. (2013). Having success with NSF: a practical guide. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley-Blackwell.
Swain – Stacks Q180 .U5 L486 2013

Rasmuson, A. Mathematical modeling in chemical engineering.
Swain – Stacks TP155.2 .M35 R37 2014

Speight, J. G. The chemistry and technology of petroleum. Fifth edition.
Swain – Stacks TP690 .S74 2014

Stevens, E. (2014). Medicinal chemistry: the modern drug discovery process. Boston: Pearson.
Swain – Stacks RS403 .S745 2014

Sun, X. Organic mechanisms: reactions, methodology, and biological applications.
Swain – Stacks QD502.5 .S86 2013

Thakur, V. Kumar, & Singha, A. Singh. Biomass-based biocomposites.
Swain – Stacks TP155.2 .E58 B57 2013

Vollath, D. Nanoparticles - nanocomposites - nanomaterials: an introduction for beginners.
Swain – Stacks TA418.9 .N35 V65 2013

June 2014

Atkins, P. W, De Paula, J., & Friedman, R. Physical chemistry: quanta, matter and change. 2nd ed.
Swain – Stacks QD462 .A85 2014

Butt, H., Graf, K., & Kappl, M. Physics and chemistry of interfaces. Third, revised and enlarged edition.
Swain – Stacks QD506 .B88 2013

Gaich, T., & Winterfeldt, E. Directed selectivity in organic synthesis: a practical guide.
Swain – Stacks QD262 .G35 2014

Smith, J. G. (2014). Organic chemistry. 4th ed. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.
Swain – Reserves QD253.2 .S63 2014

Smith, J. G., & Smith Berk, E. R. Student study guide/solutions manual to accompany Organic chemistry, fourth edition.
Swain – Reserves QD253.2 .S65 2014

May 2014

Adams, R., Clarke, H. Thacher, Conant, J. Bryant, Kamm, O., & Shinkai, I. (1921). Organic syntheses: an annual publication of satisfactory methods for the preparation of organic chemicals . New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Swain – Serials Shelved by title V.90 201

Benvenuto, M. A. Industrial chemistry.
Swain – Stacks TP155 .B396 2014

Benya, F. F., Fletcher, C. H., & Hollander, R. D. Practical Guidance on Science and Engineering Ethics Education for Instructors and Administrators: papers and summary from a workshop, December 12, 2012.
Swain – Stacks Q180.55 .M67 P733 2012

Chakraborty, T., Bucknum, M. J., & Castro, E. A. Computational and experimental chemistry: developments and applications.
Swain – Stacks QD453.3 .C63 2014

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Swain – Stacks QP552 .F54 H36 2013 V.2

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Swain – Stacks QD471 .K43 2013

Leeuwen, P. W. N. M. van. C-1 building blocks in organic synthesis
Swain – Reference QD262 .S354 2013/7

Putz, M. V. Quantum and optical dynamics of matter for nanotechnology.
Swain – Stacks QD462 .P88 2014

Sirkar, K. K. Separation of molecules, macromolecules and particles: principles, phenomena and processes.
Swain – Stacks TP156 .S45 S57 2014

Zerbe, O., & Jurt, S. Applied NMR spectroscopy for chemists and life scientists.
Swain – Stacks QD96 .N8 Z47 2014

April 2014

(2010). Science of synthesis. Paper archive copy. Stuttgart: Georg Thieme.
Swain – Reference QD262 .S352 2014:NO.1

Adams, R., Clarke, H. Thacher, Conant, J. Bryant, Kamm, O., & Shinkai, I. (1921). Organic syntheses: an annual publication of satisfactory methods for the preparation of organic chemicals.. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Swain – Serials  V.89 2013

Carraher, C. E. Carraher's polymer chemistry. Ninth edition.
Swain – Stacks QD381 .S483 2014

Gandrud, C. Reproducible research with R and RStudio.
Swain – Stacks Q180.55 .S7 G36 2014

Hagelberg, F. Electron dynamics in molecular interactions: principles and applications.
Swain – Stacks QD461 .H168 2014

Haghi, A. K., Zaikov, G. E, & Babkin, V. A. Quantum-chemical calculation of unique molecular systems.
Swain – Stacks QD462.6 .D38 Q25 2014 V.1, V.2
Herron, J. Thomas, Huie, R. E, & Hodgeson, J. A. (1979). Chemical kinetic data needs for modeling the lower troposphere: proceedings of a workshop held at Reston, Virginia, May 15-17, 1978. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Bureau of Standards
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Swain – Stacks TD1050 .W36 H54 2011

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Swain – Stacks QP552 .F54 H36 2013 V.1

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Swain – Reference QD262 .S354 2013/8

Liu, H. Ammonia synthesis catalysts: innovation and practice.
Swain – StacksTP223 .L58 2013

Luque, R., & Balu, A. Mariana. Producing fuels and fine chemicals from biomass using nanomaterials.
Swain – Stacks TP339 .P755 2014

Müller, T. J. J. Multicomponent reactions.
Swain – Reference QD262 .S354 2013/5

Raubenheimer, J. Mendeley: crowd-sourced reference and citation management in the infomation era.
Swain - Permanent reserve PN171 .F56 R38 2014

Reddy, P. Jayarama. Clean coal technologies for power generation.
Swain – Stacks TP325 .R35 2014

Schaschke, C. A dictionary of chemical engineering. First edition.
Swain – Reference TP9 .S3 2014

Seeboth, A., & Lötzsch, D. (2014). Thermochromic and thermotropic materials. Singapore: Pan Stanford Pub.
Swain – Stacks QD473 .T44 2014

March 2014

eXPRESS polymer letters. Budapest: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Polymer Engineering.
Swain – Stacks QD380 .E97 F V.7 2013

(2013). Molecular imprinting: principles and applications of micro- and nanostructured polymers. Singapore: Pan Stanford Pub.
Swain – Stacks QD382 .I43 M66 2013

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Swain – Reference QD262 .S352 2013:NO.4

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Swain – Reference QD251 .O7 V.83 2014

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Swain – Stacks Q173 .B6115 2013

Furstenberg, F. F. Behind the academic curtain: how to find success and happiness with a PhD.
Swain – Stacks LB1778.2 .F87 2013

February 2014

Currano, J. N, & Roth, D. Chemical information for chemists: a primer.
Swain – Stacks QD8.5 .C474 2014

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Swain – Stacks Q167 .E28 2012

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Swain – Reserves QD96 .N8 G8313 2013

Haghi, A. K., Zaikov, G. E, & Stoyanov, O. V. Nanopolymers and modern materials: preparation, properties, and applications.
Swain – Stacks TA418.9 .N35 N325 2014

Hampson, T. Beer enthusiasts' manual: 7,000 BC onwards (all flavours): the practical guide to the history, appreciation and brewing of beer.
Swain – Stacks TP577 .H36 2013

Hornsey, I. S. Brewing. 2nd edition.
Swain – Stacks TP570 .H66 2013

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Swain – Stacks QD466.5 .J63 2012

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Swain – Stacks TA418.9 .N35 N42 2014

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Swain – Reserves QD504 .S57 2014

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Swain – Stacks QD31.3 .Z86 2014

January 2014

Christian, G. D., Dasgupta, P., & Schug, K. Analytical chemistry. Seventh edition.
Swain - Stacks QD101.2 .C57 2014

Flickinger, M. C. Downstream industrial biotechnology: recovery and purification.
Swain - Stacks TP248.16 .E533 2013

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Swain - Stacks TP754 .S46 2013

Jansen, R. C. Funding your career in science: from research idea to personal grant.
Swain - Stacks Q180.55 .F5 J36 2013

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Swain - Reference QD262 .S354 2013/5

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Swain - Stacks Q180.55 .I48 E54 2014

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Swain - Stacks QD251.3 .S38 2013

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Swain - Stacks QD96 .M65 V35 2013

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Swain - Stacks QA276 .V34 2013

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Swain - Stacks TK7875 .W36 2013

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Swain - Stacks TP339 .W47 2013

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