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Access and privileges

Access policies described here apply to the Stanford University Libraries. Coordinate libraries (e.g., Business, Law, Hoover, Medical) and department libraries (Classics, Philosophy) may have separate access requirements and borrowing policies; consult them directly for information about using their facilities and resources.

University Visiting Scholars

University Visiting Scholars who meet eligibility requirements are issued Campus ID Cards from the Campus ID Card Office. By default, these cards include library access privileges. Borrowing privileges are activated when the Visiting Scholar submits the Visiting Scholar Borrowing Activation form. This form may also be used to request a spouse access-only card. Contact Privileges with any questions or to check on a borrowing privilege request.


  • Spouse/domestic partner is eligible for an Access-only SUL card 
  • Off-campus access to online resources is governed by your SUNet ID; contact your sponsoring academic department to request one

If you do not qualify for a Univeristy Visiting Scholar Card from the ID Card office, see our eligibility for a SUL Short-term Visiting Scholars SUL card.