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Access and privileges

Access policies described here apply to the Stanford University Libraries. Coordinate libraries (e.g., Business, Law, Hoover, Medical) and department libraries (Classics, Philosophy) may have separate access requirements and borrowing policies; consult them directly for information about using their facilities and resources.

Lockers and assigned study spaces

Green Library

  • Faculty Studies are small, locked, study rooms (individual or shared) furnished with a desk, chair, and shelving. Studies are available to Faculty only. Renewal applications are requested in May; assignments are issued in September. Currently, there is a waiting list. Junior faculty and faculty in the humanities and social sciences with heavy teaching loads, many advisees, or who live far from campus, are given some favor in assignment decisions.
  • Dissertation Carrels are small, shared, locked study spaces furnished with a desk, chair, and shelving. No rooms have windows. Carrels are available only to doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy, and there is currently a waiting list.
  • Graduate Student Carrels are open carrels with lockers, located in the Bing Wing. They're available to any grad student, regardless of year, but only 12 are available; there is currently a long waiting list.
  • Lockers are available for most Stanford community members, and to short-term Visiting Scholars.

Branch and coordinate libraries

  • Some branch and coordinate libraries offer assigned study spaces; restrictions may apply. For more information, contact the particular library in which you are interested.