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Interlibrary Lending

"Interlibrary lending" (ILL) pertains to materials that Stanford Libraries loans to other libraries and institutions. We cannot supply materials directly to individuals; a library must serve as an intermediary (except for UC Berkeley and UT Austin patrons through the RLCP program). To request an item, contact the interlibrary borrowing services of your local academic, public, company, or other library.

Winter Closure 2016-January 2017

Stanford Interlibrary Lending will be closed from December 16, 2016-January 4, 2017. Lending will resume on Thursday, January 5, 2017. Stanford RLCP and Interlibrary Services wishes everyone a restful winter break.

Who can use Stanford Library’s Interlibrary Lending Service?

People who are not affiliated with Stanford may borrow materials from Stanford Library’s collections; however, requests for lending must be submitted through their home organization. We can only process requests submitted by:

  • Academic, public, corporate, law and specialized libraries
  • US government agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Public libraries (independent researchers)

We cannot process lending requests submitted by individuals or supply materials directly to individuals. The only exception is for faculty and graduate students from UC Berkeley and UT Austin through the Research Library Cooperative Program. Except to SHARES members, we cannot loan materials to libraries outside the United States and Canada.

All requests are subject to copyright considerations and approval of the holding library.