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Tours of the Stanford University Libraries are offered year-round, with special orientation tours for incoming students at the beginning of each academic year. Other special tours include Parents' Weekend, which usually happen in February, and Admit Weekend, which happen in April.

Year-round tours

Groups or individuals may make appointments to tour the subject-specific libraries at Stanford. To do so, call or email the relevant contact person below. If you have a particular need or interest (for example, if you are a new faculty member), please include that information in your inquiry.

Archive of Recorded Sound: Contact Jerry McBride at or (650) 725-1146.

Art & Architecture Library: Contact Peter Blank at or (650) 725-1038.

Biology Library (Falconer): Email or call (650) 723-1528.

Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Library (Swain): Email or call (650) 723-9237.

Earth Sciences Library & Map Collections (Branner): Contact Hannah Winkler at or (650) 724-6242. Orientations are available for the library, the Map Collections, and/or the GIS Services.

East Asia Library: Contact Charles Fosselman at or (650) 353-1025, or Zhaohui Xue at or (650) 388-8295. Tours can also be arranged for specific types of materials.

Education Library (Cubberley): Contact Kathy Kerns at or (650) 996-0592.

Engineering Library (Terman): Email

Green Library: Email:

  • Self-guided tours (pdf): Individuals are encouraged to explore Green Library at their own pace using the attached pdf. This self-guided tour contains general information about library services, facts about the library, and descriptions of artifacts within Green. Feel free to explore anytime the building is open.
  • Group tours: Guided tours are offered to Stanford groups. These tours are an introduction to the physical layout and services of the library, and can occur Mon-Fri, between 9 am - 4 pm (as staffing permits). Tours meet in the east lobby near the Circulation desk, and are 30-40 minutes in length.

Marine Biology Library (Miller): Contact or (831) 655-6229. (Miller Library is located at Hopkins Marine Station, about two hours' drive from Stanford's main campus.)

Mathematics & Statistics Library: Email or call (650) 723-1528.

Music Library: Contact Ray Heigemeir at or (650) 384-9985 or Jerry McBride at or (650) 725-1146.

Social Science Data and Software (SSDS): Email

Special Collections: Email or call (650) 725-1022 on a weekday, 10 am-5 pm.