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The Electronic Technology Group* of the African Studies Association (USA) set up the first internet booth in the exhibit area of the 1994 annual ASA conference in Toronto. The booth fees were paid by the following sponsors:

  • Abilene Christian University, Dean's Office
  • Boston University, Africana Library
  • Cooperative Africana Microform Project, CAMP
  • Northwestern University, African Studies Library
  • SatelLife/Healthnet
  • Stanford University, Africa Collection, Hoover Library
  • University of Pennsylvania, African Studies Program
  • University of Wisconsin, African Studies Program

University of Toronto, Instructional and Research Computing and University of Toronto, Computing and Communications provided the computers, modems, software, and internet access.

14 ASA members volunteered their time as consultants to assist conference attendees in using internet resources. The volunteers were: Joe Caruso, Richard Chowning, Ali Dinar, David Easterbrook, Gregory Finnegan, Karen Fung, Kerry Gallivan, Al Kagan, Patricia Kuntz, Sheryl McCurdy, Julie Sisskind, Jeff Strabone, Jim Zaffiro, Joanne Zellers.

A printed guide to Africa-related internet resources was prepared by Karen Fung as a handout for the booth. The present guide is an updated version of the 1994 guide.

* Now called the Information and Communication Technology Group (ICTG)

Thanks to the following people

Wenke Adam, Eden Adogla, Peter Alegi, Christopher Allen, Peter Andersen, Gordon Anderson, Rachel Jean-Baptiste, Ruby A. Bell-Gam, Sika Berger, Phyllis Bischof, Simon Bockie, Bill Bonnett, Ellie Buckley, Davis A. Bullwinkle, Bidemi Carrol, Richard Chowning, Jill Young Coelho, Nicolas Cook, Moore Crossey, Sylvia Y. Curtis, Jos Damen, Colin Darch, Ali Dinar, Kathryn Barrett-Gaines, Volker Greulich, Walter Hawthorne, Walter Henry, Laszlo Horvath, Andy Hubbell, Ed Jajko, "Ed" Jajko (the Younger), Rachel Jean-Baptiste, David Jen, Adrian Jenvey, Al Kagan, Llolsten Kaonga, Michael Keller, Adeoye Bashir Koledoye, Patricia Kuntz, Jonathan Kwok, Jon Lavigne, Benjamin Lawrance, Helena Ledje, Chris Lee, Peter Limb, Dean McHenry, Edward A. Miner, Kathy Morgan, Wim Neeleman, Jane Norris, Stan Oberg, Ndubisi Obiorah, Lauris Olson, Don Osborn, Emily Lynn Osborn, Charles Palm, Loumona Petroff, Assunta Pisani, Katrien Polman, Jenny Radloff, John Rawlings, Regina Roberts, Marlys Rudeen, Martha Saavedra, Joel Samoff, Nicole Saulsberry, Kier Schuringa, Mette Shayne, Kathleen Sheldon, Julie Sisskind, Helen Solanum, Greg Smith, Paul Thomas, Ellen Tise, Lulu Todd, Angela Tsai, Daria Tunca, Craig Tower, Dan Wilhelmi, Joanne Zellers


Prepared by Karen Fung for the Information and Communication Technology Group (ICTG), African Studies Association, USA.

Corrections and suggestions are welcome.
Please send to Karen Fung.
African Collection, Stanford Libraries

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