Democratic Republic of Congo

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ABC Nightline - Heart of Darkness
Web site closed. Now only sold on DVD. Five-part TV series hosted by Ted Koppel. Program transcripts, a journal by the producer of life in the Eastern Congo, people profiles, relief efforts, the link between coltan, cell phones and the DRC.

Academie Royale des Sciences d'Outre-mer (Bruxelles, Belgium)
In French, English, Dutch. "The Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences was founded in 1928 with the aim of promoting scientific knowledge in overseas regions" [esp. Congo-Kinshasa]. "The Academy is divided into three Sections: the Section of Moral and Political Sciences, the Section of Natural and Medical Sciences and the Section of Technical Sciences." Publishes Biographie belge d'Outre-Mer (first pub. in 1941, was called la Biographie Coloniale Belge). Publishes three series of Mémoires. Based in Brussels, Belgium.

An Account of the Congo Independent State, by Henry Phillips, Jr.
Full text on-line. In Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society. Vol. 26, No. 130 (Jul., 1889), pp. 459-476. From Google Books.

Africa Focus
Articles on Congo (Kinshasa): Forests under Threat (Mar 16, 2004) and Congo (Kinshasa): Peace & Transition (Jan 11, 2004). AfricaFocus Bulletin is an independent [electronic] publication edited and produced by William Minter. AfricaFocus Bulletin was launched in November 2003 .

Africa Inter Mennonite Mission
"Organized as the Congo Inland Mission in 1912, AIMM currently has missionaries in six areas of Africa working among various ethnic and language groups." Based in Elkhart, Indiana. Describes their work in Botswana, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaire), Lesotho, Senegal, South Africa. Has full text articles from their journal, Messenger.

Has an e-mail list. For other Mennonite sources see: MennoLink - Mennonite Information Center -

Africa Talks - Africat
"Africa Talks (, a discussion group for exchange of views on Africa by Africans, friends, and foes. Discussions are centered in Central Africa in general and on Congo (ex Zaire) in particular."

Africa -Today or Africa-T
Discussion, in French, on Congo-Kinshasa and related issues, based at City University of New York. The list owner is Jean Kadima-Schipa. To subscribe send email to: LISTSERV@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
In the Message area put:  SUBSCRIBE AFRICA-TODAY
For problems contact: AFRICA-TODAY-request@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU

Africa Update
The Fall 1997 newsletter of Central Connecticut State University's African Studies Program has articles on Congo-K - The Congo Region by Dr. Gloria Emeagwali, Will Kabila be a Dictator? by Prof. S. N. Sangmpam, The Civil War in Zaire by Dr. Aderemi Ajibewa.

African Rights (London)
"Any solution to Africa's problems...must be sought primarily among Africans. International organizations should see their principal role as facilitating and supporting attempts by Africans to address their own problems." Works in Rwanda, Somalia, etc. Extensive publications list. The first co-directors were Rakiya Omaar and Alex de Waal. Offices in London and Rwanda.

Alliance Republicain Congo, ARC-Congo
"created in December 2000 as an organization to help promote republican values." "Our mission is to build a free market society in the Congo." Its President is Voka Mankenda. Has the ARC Manifesto.

American Mineral Fields
Mining company operating in Congo-Kinshasa, Angola, Zambia and Madagascar. Has press releases on its operations in Africa. See also Mineral Properties.

American Museum of Natural History. Congo Expedition, May 1909-November 1915
"In 1909...Herbert Lang and James Chapin set sail for the Belgian Congo....By the time they sailed home five and one-half years later, they had collected tons of precious zoological and anthropological specimens..."

-an introductory, multimedia slide show.
-diaries of James Chapin ("At age 19, in 1909, James Chapin left New York for northeastern Congo where he served as Herbert Lang's assistant for the next five years. Chapin was interested in many aspects of Africa's natural history. Birds, however, were his passion, a fact borne out by these diaries.")
-biographies of James Paul Chapin and Herbert Lang, photographs (villages, primates), the watercolors of James Chapin including Congo mural paintings, birds, fish, reptiles, mammels,
-excerpts from "African Reflections: Art from Northeastern Zaire," by Enid Schildkrout and Curtis A. Keim (AMNH and University of Washington Press, 1990) including their photographs of Congo musical instruments
excerpts from "King Leopold's Ghost" by Adam Hochschild (Houghton Mifflin Company, 1998)
-"160 publications including 120 American Museum of Natural History publications based on the material collected by the 1909-1915 Congo Expedition, 12 British Museum publications by Barry Bolton on Congo ants, 11 publications on African ants by the South African Museum and affiliated organizations, and 17 Congo-related World Conservation Union (IUCN) publications."
-a central African map with layers. Select which features will appear on the map: lakes, cities, roads, railroads, forest, mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, etc., a map of Chapin and Lang's travels
-historic maps reflecting the "development of European knowledge of African geography from 1562 through 1940." Reproduced with permission of the New York Public Library and the British Library.
-audio (requires sound card, headset or speakers) and video clips of the Belgian Congo Records made by the "adventurer and filmmaker Armand Denis during his 1934-35 cross-Africa expedition. They were among the first recordings made of the sounds of the central Congo. The Babiara people, whose songs may be heard..... are one of the four main tribal groups who occupy the Ituri Forest." The video clip shows a traditional Mangbetu dance.
-a database on specimens collected by the American Museum Congo Expedition
-a bibliographic essay on sources by Paula Willey, specially prepared bibliographies on Congo Conservation (314 citations), Description & Travel (1218 citations), Maps & Atlases (220 citations).
-Newspaper Headlines, 1880-1916 about the Congo from the New York Times and the New York Herald

American School of Kinshasa
Information for alumni and faculty. Has a discussion forum, alumni directory, photographs.

Amnesty International - Killing Human Decency
30 page report ( 31 May 2000) on killings executions, torture by forces in the DRC civil war, child soldiers, arms suppliers, military training, etc. AFR 62/07/00.

ANACCO, All North America Conference on the Congo
"...a non-profit organization that brings together Citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as friends of Congo, living in North America and everywhere abroad ..." Formerly ANACOZA, The All North American Conference On Zaire. ANACCO arose from the discussion list, Congo-L. Based in Baltimore, Maryland. Site maintained by John N. Malala.

ANB-BIA Weekly News
African News Bulletin - Bulletin d'Information Africaine- articles on Africa, mainly in French, from various sources - Le Monde, Human Rights Watch, Marches Tropicaux, Internatl. Com. Red Cross, Reuters, Agence France Presse, Belgian publications. To subscribe to the free e-bulletin, write:
ANB-BIA, Avenue Ch. Woeste 184, Brussels, Belgium

Annales africaines de Médecine (Kinshasa)
In French. Published by Université de Kinshasa, Faculté de Médecine, Kinshasa, R.D. Congo. Full text articles online.

Anzuluni, Floribert and Brad Brooks-Rubin - America's Past and Present Collide in the Democratic Republic of Congo
On the importance of the Dem. Rep. of the Congo for climate solutions and green technology. The Wilson Quarterly is published by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington DC.

Association Congolaise des Utilisateurs des Logiciels Libres
In French. Supports linux / open source applications, software.
Helps individuals win asylum. Has the legal requirements for asylum in countries around the world and full text documents to aid in seeking asylum. Examples -

Democratic Republic of Congo Assessment
Version 4 September 1999" prepared by the U. K. Immigration & Nationality Directorate, Home Office, Country Information and Policy Unit. 35 pages. Includes a history since independence, a detailed account of the human rights situation, a list of prominent people, a chronology (1885 to August 1999), a "glossary" of important organizations and terms, address directory of asylum related, organizations, reasons for granting asylum, etc.

Banque Centrale du Congo
In French. Official site for the central bank. Bank history, historical currency, Bank Governors since 1961. Has some full text documents such as speeches of the Bank's Governor, Note de conjoncture au 04 juillet, with information on Taux d’inflation and Evolution mensuelle des principales productions en 2004 (copper, cobalt, diamonds, etc.) Explanations of the currency motifs.

In French. The Bateke live in Gabon, Congo (Brazzaville) and Congo (Kinshasa). Describes social organization, history, geography, language, music (with audio clips), etc. Has maps, photographs.

Batundi, Didier Kamundu
"The 1999-2000 Oak Human Rights Fellow is Didier Kamundu Batundi from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mr. Kamundu is the founder of APREDECI [Action Paysanne pour le Reconstruction et le Developpement Communitaire Integral], a rural developement and human rights organization based in Goma, in the North Kivu province near the Congolese border with Rwanda. He was also a 1998 recipient of the Reebok Human Rights Award for his work in protecting the basic rights of victims of war across ethnic lines and in documenting abuses by the national army and local militias." Sponsored by the Oak Institute for the Study of Human Rights, Colby College, Waterville, Maine.

Belgium. Chamber of Representatives. Enquête Parlementaire visant à déterminer les circonstances exactes de l'assassinat de Patrice Lumumba et l'implication éventuelle des responsables politiques belges
In Dutch and French. Site has the " conclusions [of the Nov. 16, 2001 report (20 pages), in Adobe PDF] of the Belgian "Parliamentary commission of inquiry charged to investigate the exact circumstances of the assassination of Patrice Lumumba and the potential complicity of Belgian politicians..."

From Voltairenet, in French:
Proposition visant à instituer une commission d'enquête parlementaire chargée de déterminer les circonstances exactes de l'assassinat de Patrice Lumumba et l'implication éventuelle des responsables politiques belges dans celui-ci. 5 p. in PDF.

Berkeley, Bill, "Zaire, an African Horror Story"
Article originally published in The Atlantic Monthly, August 1993. "Observers search for a suitable analogy -- the next Bosnia, another Somalia -- to the shaky,
predatory despotism of Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku wa za Banga.

Bockie, Simon - "The Kongolese Saint Anthony: Dona Beatriz Kimpa Vita and the Antonian movement, 1684-1706" by John K. Thornton. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998)
Review by Dr. Simon Bockie of Thornton's book. Dona Beatriz, "a 17th-century Kongo woman of the ruling elite, who claimed to be possessed by the spirit of St. Anthony, has been called a Kongolese Joan of Arc because of her prophetically inspired crusade to throw off foreign influences and restore both spiritually and politically the fragmented Kingdom of Kongo."

Bourne, Mike - "Conflict Diamonds: Roles, Responsibilities and Responses"
Full text paper published Jan. 2001. 20 pages in Adobe pdf. (University of Bradford, Dept. of Peace Studies. Working Paper, 2.1) Concerns Angola, Sierra Leone, Congo (Kinshasa). The University is in Bradford, West Yorkshire, U.K.

Canada's Department of National Defence
Canada led the international peacekeeping forces in the 1996 crisis in Zaire and Rwanda. Use the Search to find information on Canadian forces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire), Rwanda, and Somalia.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The Congo Wasted Promise
In English and French. Report by CBC journalists visiting the Congo Dec. 2002. Includes audio accounts (requires soundcard, speakers or headset). Topics: Kinshasa nuclear reactor, Radio Okapi, cholera, the musician Papa Wemba, Tabu Ley Rochereau, etc.

Carleton University. Country Indicators for Foreign Policy (CIFP)
Provides country rankings, on-line presentations and a mapping component, risk assessments, regional conflict analysis, early warning research, and open-source data, measures of domestic armed conflict, governance and political instability, militarization, religious and ethnic diversity, demographic stress, economic performance, human development, environmental stress, and international linkages. "Our database currently includes statistical data measures for over hundred performance indicators for 196 countries, spanning fifteen years. These indicators are drawn from a variety of open sources." Statistics for African countries are sometimes not available. Has, in Adobe pdf, the ful text of Conflict Risk Assessment Report: West Africa: Mano River Union and Senegambia (01/04/2002) 369K; Democratic Republic of Congo: A Risk Assessment Brief (01/02/2002) 25K; Sierra Leone: A Risk Assessment Brief (01/02/2002) 35K.

Carrefour Congolais des Multimédias, CCM
In French. "La promotion du parténariat en journalisme." Selected articles on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (youth, women political developments, the situation resulting from the eruption of le Volcan Nyiragongo à Goma).

Carter Center
Has a keyword search facility to retrieve references to Democratic Republic of the Congo / Zaire.

Ceeba Publications
In German and French. Has an extensive publications list in ethnology, religion, linguistics of Congo (Kinshasa). Publishes the "Encyclopedia of Ritual Symbolics." Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Hermann Hochegger. Based in Bandundu, Congo (DRC) and Modling, Austria. E-mail:

Centre Aequatoria, Centre de Recherches Culturelles Africanistes
"...a research center, library, and collection of archives, ...specialized in the languages, cultures, and the (pre-colonial and colonial) history of sub-Saharan Africa, with special emphasis on the peoples of the central Congo basin." Publishes Annales Aequatoria and the Etudes Aequatoria series. Offices in Belgium and the DRC. 

See also the Aequatoria Archives Research Project

Centre de Recherche en Ressources en Eau du Bassin du Congo, CRREaC
Reported August 2021 on a toxic spill into the Kasai River which killed 12 people and sickened c. 4,500 people. The spill came from a diamond mine, Catoca, owned by Russia and the Angolan Government.  Based at the Université de Kinshasa, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Clip Arts & Deco
In French. "La société Clip Arts & Déco crée en 2002 est d'abord une histoire d'amitié entre deux amis congolais passionnés d'art." Paintings, sculpture. Includes a history of modern art in the Congo [DRC].

COMESA, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
"COMESA [formerly the PTA] exists as an organisation of free independent sovereign states which have agreed to co-operate in developing their natural and human resources for the good of all their people'. With its 19 member states and population of 300 million it forms a major integrated trading block." Information on customs tariffs by country, road/transport including road distances, economic profiles for each country (Angola, Burundi, Comoros, D.R. Congo, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe) etc. Has the text of Doing Business with COMESA: the Handbook, legal guides to establishing business, etc.

Comité de Soutien Moïse Tshombe
In French. "L’association a pour objet de conserver la mémoire de M. Moïse Tshombe , ancien Président du Katanga et ancien premier ministre élu de la République du Congo, de son œuvre et de l’action katangaise en général . Elle a entre autres pour action la récolte de documents, d’informations, de films et d’objets concernant le Katanga, en particulier la période de l’indépendance du Katanga..." "L’association a également dans son objet la demande d’ouverture d’une commission d’enquête parlementaire sur l’enlèvement et la mort (assassinat) de M. Moïse Tshombe." Historical background, photographs, biographies of key figures.

Commission Electorale Nationale Indépendante, CENI 
In French. The Commission in charge of running elections. "Elle est un organisme de droit public congolais autonome, neutre et doté de la personnalité juridique. Elle jouit de l’autonomie administrative et financière." Directory of political parties, Many full text documents - election laws, candidate guides, photos, video, code of conduct, Has registration statistics by province.

Community Aid Abroad (CAA) Links
Extensive links to the fall 1996 crisis in Eastern Zaire from CAA (Oxfam in Australia). Includes Oxfam reports and statements, links to Australian Broadcasting Corp., CNN, Christian Science Monitor and other reports on Eastern Zaire.

Conference in Support of Democratic Opportunities in the African Great Lakes Region. Joint Statement and Plan of Action. Montreal, January 22, 1997
12 page statement from a conference sponsored by the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development (Montreal). h

In French and English. Articles from newspapers, discussion groups, a list of government ministers, history of the DRC, music, etc. Offers web hosting and design. Based in Canada.

Congo Boston
In English and French. "a Non Profit Organization run by young Congolese entrepreneurs. Our mission is to be a tremendous resource and a powerful network for all Congolese living in Massachusetts." News, Interviews with Etienne Tshisekedi, Koffi Olomide, Pasteur José Muzingu, and others. Section for women, recipes, gospel, sports, music, forums. Site Owner is Ange Mukadi.

Congo Crisis
Information about the Congolese Democracy Movement or Rassemblement Congolais pour la Démocratie, which opposes the Kabila government. Has the manifesto, biographical information, an interview with RCD leader, Prof. Wamba dia Wamba, etc. Hosted on a Northeastern Univ. (Boston, MA) server.

See also: Rassemblement Congolais pour la Democratie - Mouvement de Libération

Congo Defense Fund / Conseil de Défense du Congo
In French. "Congo Defense Fund est un lobby international congolais né d'un sursaut patriotique et réaction immédiate face à la guerre d'invasion dont le Congo est victime depuis le 2 août 1998." Richard Mayaya is the Coordinateur général. Has a discussion forum, CDF. Maintained by Congo2000 Enterprises Inc., Toronto, Canada.
In French. The Institut congolais des relations internationales provides commentary, essays on the political situation in the DRC and neighboring countries. "Nouvelles, analyse, études, publications. Le site est une création des profs des sciences politiques et sociales. Il s'intéresse à toutes les publications scientifiques et édite les nouvelles en bref."

Congo Educational Council Association
Affiliated with the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS). Has press releases on the Tshisekedi Peace Initiataive, etc. Based in Washington, D.C.
In French. "Les Maï -Maï sont des forces vives résistantes dont le mouvement a débuté essentiellement à l' Est de la RDC vers les années 1990 à la suite du conflit de terre créé par les réfugiés rwandais dans les territoires de Masisi et Walikale, province du Nord-Kivu." Press communiques, news, has an email list.

Congo-Meuse (Bruxelles, Belgium)
In French. Annual "publication du Centre d'Études des Littératures belge et congolaise de Langue française (CELIBECO), réalisée en coopération avec les Archives et Musée de la Littérature (AML),..." Has the table of contents.

Congo National Association (Stockholm Sweden)
Old site last updated in 1998. Supports "the campaign by the people, government and allies of the Democratic Republic of Congo to fight exploitation by foreign commercial interests and their proxies. These sites also discuss the unrelenting commercial media campaign that is being waged to discredit President Laurent-Désiré Kabila..." Site based in Stockholm Sweden.

Congo Pages
Mainly on rural life in the DRC, much on Bandundu. Covers art (masks, copper art, malachite), homes, food, fishculture, geography, travel in rural areas, a trip on the Luapula River, a judo club, a park in Kinshasa, the Association Congolaise pour l'Assistance Orthopedique aux Jeunes Handicapes. Has many photographs. Part of the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer WebRing. Maintained by Nick Hobgood, Avilla Beach, California.

Congo sans Frontieres
"Le Congo Sans Frontières (Le CSF) means The Congo Without Borders. Our mission is to foster and strengthen the social, educational and cultural development of Congolese living in the New York area." List of Congolese sites, discussion forums (must register to participate). Community events. Based in Elmhurst, New York.

Congo Stamps
Stamps from the DRC (from the Independant State Congo 1886-1908 to the present), Burundi, Rwanda. Detailed descriptions, photographs, bibliography. Forgeries. Questions page. Maintained by Guy van Rijn.

Congo Times
Electronic newsletter, begun Feb. 1998, for the "collection, analysis and dissemination of information about Central Africa and its relations with the rest of the World." In English and French, has opinion pieces, articles from varous sources. Edited by Professor Mutombo Nkulu N'Sengha, African American Studies, Temple University, Philadelphia.

Congo Vision
In French. Has news, commentary on current events, a research network where professionals can make contact with others of similiar interests, a new books list, a business directory, profiles of Congolese from various occupations, a message board, links to related sites. Based in Brattleboro, VT.

Discussion forum on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (ex- Zaire). Past messages are on the web site. Founded January 27, 1999.

Congokin Forum
In French and English. News (political, economic, social, from AP, Reuters, PANA, etc.), analyses on Congo and Africa. Has a discussion-forum (the Congo-L list based at managed by Andre Kapanga) and chat in real time.

In French. Some areas require payment of a subscription. Has addresses of Ministries, business directory, travel information, biographies of all Congo's heads of state, a list of past government leaders, population figures from the UDPS party, the national anthem, national flags (past and present), a directory of individuals ("Who's Who), recipes (in French), proverbs, the economy/business, the July 1998 UN report on human rights violations and the Congo govt's reply, history, a bibliography (includes mémoires and thèses), a petit lexique kinois, Congolese associations worldwide, abbreviations, etc. "Le site Internet Congonline est une réalisation de l'ASBL Afriqu'Info," Bruxelles.

Congoline - Dialogue Intercongolais
In French. Documents from the meetings.

Congonline - Recipes

Congonline - Painters
Examples of work and some profiles of Congolese painters. "Le site Internet Congonline est une réalisation de l'ASBL Afriqu'Info," Bruxelles.

Site for Congolese living in the United Kingdom. Information about Congolese refugees in the U.K., discussion forums, information to help Congolese immigrants integrate into British society. Maintained by Erick Metha.

In French and English. News from the U.N.'s IRIN, Agence France Presse, AP, Xinhua, DRC newspapers, etc. Has a discussion forum, plans to offer online courses, provides web space for DRC NGOs.

Convention des Institutions Democratiques et Sociales / Convention of Democratic and Social Institutions, CIDES
In English and French. The CIDES leader is Jean-Oscar Ngalamulume. News, press releases, documents. Based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Council of Europe
Statements by the Council of Europe on events in the DRC (Congo-Kinshasa), Comoros, Burundi, Cote d'Ivoire, Cotonou Agreement, etc. (click on the rel to see related statements). Use the Search, select Explicit.

Council on Foreign Relations (New York, N.Y.)
Describes their Africa program. Has full-text reports on U.S. economic relations with Africa, "Thinking Regionally About Africa" by Salih Booker, Booker's statements to the U.S. Congress on U.S.-Congo (Kinshasa) relations, transcripts of the Great Lakes Policy Forum, etc. Has a list of Africa-related articles in its journal, Foreign Affairs. The Council is a think tank founded in 1921 whose mission is " to foster America's understanding of other nations,..."

Debout Congolais- Coordination des Forces Lumumbiste - Muleliste - Kabiliste
In French. "site qui se met au service des forces nationalistes révolutionnaires congolaises, réunies dans la Coördination Lumumbiste - Muleliste - Kabiliste." Press communiques, political commentary . Reprints speeches of Patrice Lumumba, biograhy of Pierre Mulele (Parti Solidaire Africain) and his thoughts, speeches of Laurent Kabila. Based in Brussels, Belgium.

Democratic Republic of the Congo. Permanent Mission to the United Nations
Official site. Has current news (government, economy, environment, tourism), speeches by the Ambassador to the U. N., Dr. Andre Mwamba Kapanga, and others, analyses, etc.   Has business tenders.

Democratic Republic of the Congo. President
In French. Official site.

Democratie Chretienne, D.C.
In French. D.C.'s President is Eugène Diomi Ndongala Nzomambu, also Ministre des Mines du Gouvernement de Transition and "President of the Front pour la Survie de la Démocratie (FSD), une plateforme regroupant des partis alliés..." Party history, documents, photographs, discussion forum. Based in Kinshasa, DRC.

Demokratische Republik Kongo
In German. Extensive directory of information and web sites on the DRC. Has photographs, several maps including a map of the DRC superimposed over a map of Europe.

[Depelchin, Jacques] D.R. Congo Interview: 'Towards a People-Driven Peace Process in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?' An Interview with Jacques Depelchin,' by David Moore, August 2000, for Southern Africa Report (Toronto).

Page down to D.R. Congo Interview.

Derscheid, Jean-Marie
Guide to the Derscheid microfilm collection of notes, reports and other documents on Rwanda, Burundi and eastern Congo's Kivu and Oriental provinces (primarily from the late 1920s - early 1930s). Compiled by Daniel A. Reboussin. Derscheid was "Professor of Colonial Law of the Institut des Territoires d’Outre-Mer at Antwerp, Secretary-General of the Parc Albert, co-founder of the Institut International pour la Protection de la Nature,..." The master negative of the film is at the University of Florida Library, Gainesville.

[Stanford users see the collection at Call number: DT449 .R8P22 MFILM
Author: Derscheid, J. M. Title: [J. M. Derscheid collection of materials on Rwanda and Burundi, 1877-1933] [microform].
In French and English (computer translation). Rich source of information on current politics, economy, sports, music, culture. Articles from Congolese newspapers. Also hotel, restaurant, hospital listsing. "un service d'information sur le net fournis par Multimédia Congo s. p. r. l (MMC)." Based in Kinshasa.

Discussion Groups on the Congo - eGroups
Discussion groups on the Congo which one can join thru the web site -
congokin_opinions, Congo Defense Fund, and others.

Domain Names Registration
Information on registering internet domain names for .cd, the Congo-Kinshasa top-level domain.

ECOFAC, Conservation et utilisation rationnelle des Ecosystèmes Forestiers d'Afrique Centrale.
In French.  ECOFAC, funded by the European Union, is concerned with the environment and biodiversity of forests, animal life, etc. in the Cameroun, Central African Republic, Congo-Brazzaville, Congo-Kinshasa, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Sao Tome. Has the full text of its bulletin, Canopée, on line.

Ecrivains du Congo
In French. Directory of Congolese writers. Based in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Election 2006

BBC on the Election.
Profile: Congo opposition candidates (July 25, 2006)
Q&A: DR Congo elections (July 11, 2006)
DR Congo: Key Facts
IDEA International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance - Election July 30, 2006
Report on key issues in the July 30 presidential and legislative elections, the first democratic elections in 45 years. Reports on DRC political parties (109 pages in PDF), SADC political parties. Women in the DRC elections, etc.
IFES Election Guide
. IFES is an international nonprofit dedicated to the building of democratic societies.
Public Radio International (PRI) The World: Global Hit
Report (print and audio) on the role of popular music in the Congo 2006 election. PRI is "an independent, not-for-profit corporation and managing partner of American Public Radio LLC, the satellite radio company." Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. See also election photographs.
UN - IRIN Presidential Candidate Profiles
Electoral Institute of South Africa - DRC
EISA is working to assist the electoral process in DRC with election observers, a field office. Political history of the DRC, DRC women in politics, presidential candidates and political party lists. "EISA is a not for profit section..., established in 1996, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Its mission is to strengthen electoral processes, good governance, human rights and democratic values..."

Enough Project
NGO "...helping to build a permanent constituency to prevent genocide and crimes against humanity" "Co-founded by Africa experts Gayle Smith and John Prendergast." Focus on on the Sudan, eastern Congo (Lords Resistance Army, Congo minerals funding conflicts), northern Uganda, Somalia, Chad and Zimbabwe. Full text policy reports. BAsed in Washington, D.C.

Espace francophone des Droits de l'Homme, de la Démocratie et de la Paix
In French. From the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie and the Agence intergouvernementale de la Francophonie.

full text of Constitutions from Francophone African countries - (DRC)

Actes du Séminaire international sur la gestion de la Transition en République démocratique du Congo (avril 2004) includes full text of the 2003 Constitution de la transition

An Eternity of Forest: Paintings by Mbuti Women
Exhibit at the University of California, Berkeley Art Museum. which presents the vibrant barkcloth art of the Mbuti women of the Ituri Forest of northeastern Zaire. Music of the Mbuti has inspired contemporary Western musicians. Includes musical slide show. "Once known as pygmies they inhabit one of the worlds oldest rain forests.

Ethnoloque - DRC
From the publication, Ethnologue: Languages of the World, 14th ed. (Dallas, Tx.: Summer Institute of Linguistics, 2000), edited by Barbara F. Grimes. Provides number of speakers, dialects, linguistic affiliation, etc.

European Union - Election Observers - Congo
The European Union sent Election Observation Missions to the Congo in 2005 and 2006.

Eye on Africa
Blog of Mvemba Phezo Dizolele, an international business adviser, radio broadcaster, columnist, and foreign policy analyst. On events in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the 2006 election results, photographs of events / people, videos. Dizolele is a 2009 W. Glenn Campbell and Rita Ricardo-Campbell National Fellow and Peter J. Duignan Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

Faces of Africa
Owner is selling 70 plus African masks acquired during several years of living in Western and Central African countries prior to 1986. "Most of the masks were made in Zaire (Kuba, Pende, Salampasu, Songye, Tshokwe, Yaka, Suku, etc.)"

Facts on File (World News Digest) - Background on Zaire
Key events in Congo's history, facts on Mobutu, Kabila. From the long established print publication.

Federation of American Scientists. Congo Civil War
Summary on the civil war which began in 1998. Has FAS brief descriptions of opposition groups and detailed maps from the U.N. in Adobe PDF format. FAS is in Washington, D.C.

Fondation Maisha
In French, German, English. "Belgian-Congolese non profit organisation for the reintegration of young people in society." An organization to assist street children in Lubumbashi, D.R. of Congo.

Foreign Policy In Focus Briefs
Interhemispheric Resource Center
(New Mexico) and the Institute for Policy Studies (Washington, DC)

Includes War in Zaire/Congo (Feb. 1999) and Zaire/Congo (June 1997).

Franco 2000
Personal site by Rufus celebrating Franco Luambo Makiadi 's music. Has audio clips

Friends of the Congo
"The FOTC was established at the behest of Congolese human rights and grassroots institutions in 2004, to work together to bring about peaceful and lasting change in the Democratic Republic of Congo..." Is opposed to the present DRC government. Political commentary. Sponsors the Lumumba Scholarship Fund for students in the DRC. Links to reports by groups such as Global Witness, the U.N. and to audio and video news reports. Based in Washington, D.C.

Galerie Loango
In French. Masks, sculpture from Angola, Congo (Kinshasa and Brazzaville). Based in Strasbourg, France and Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo.

Galerie Peter Herrmann
Contemporary and traditional African art from West and Central Africa. From a Stuttgart gallery. Includes Cheri Samba (Congo-Kinshasa) with photos of the artists. See the artists list.

Garreton, Roberto - The Massacres in Former Zaire. Mission Impossible
Article in Le Monde Diplomatique, December 1997.

Gerdes, Paulus - Basketry, Geometry, and Symmetry in Africa and the Americas
Special e-book issue of the journal, Visual Mathematics. "The book deals with the geometry and symmetries of designs and patterns created by mat and basket weavers in several African and American cultures. The type of basketry discussed is twill basketry" Countries involved are Mozambique, the DRC (Congo), and Angola. Includes a bibliographpy.

Giblin, James, "Introduction: Diffusion and other Problems in the History of African States"
Essay covering Asante, the Benin Kingdom, the Luba and Kuba, the Yoruba and the States of Ife and Oyo, by Professor Giblin, Department of History, University of Iowa in "Art and Life in Africa Online" by L. Lee McIntyre and Christopher D. Roy.

Global Information Network In Education (GINIE)
Based at the University of Pittsburg, GINIE helps "provide governments, donor and relief organizations with on-line information, both current and historical, on crisis- and change-oriented educational services and materials.". Their Land Mine Awareness Education Project includes Angola, Rwanda, Somalia, Zaire.

Global Issues That Affect Everyone
"looks into global issues....and aims to show how most issues are inter-related." Links to related articles, reports. The Conflict in Africa section compares the response to conflicts in Africa to the response on Kosovo, examines corporate interests in Nigeria and oil, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Eritrea, AIDS in Africa. Other topics: Aid is a lever to impose Structural Adjustment policies on the Third World, Myths about Aid, use of children in the military, globalization, corporations, environmental issues, population, and other issues. Maintained by Anup Shah who is based in England.

Global Rights
Non-profit which works with human rights organizations and activists in Africa. Formerly the International Human Rights Law Group. Press releases on their programs, has an email list. Its Director is Salih Booker. Based in Washington, D.C. with offices in Africa.

Has the full text of Ending Congo's Nightmare: What the U.S. Can Do to Promote Peace in Central Africa. 2003. 40 p. in PDF.

Full text issues of Voices, the Global Rights Magazine. No. 4, Summer 2005 covers Burundi's land crisis (also in French). No. 3, Fall 2004 covers Sudan and Nigeria

Publications in French on the independence of the judiciary in the Congo and Justice & Elections in the Congo.

Global Witness - "Zimbabwe's Resource Colonialism in the DRC"
Briefing Document of 26th August 2001. Chapters cover The Timber Deal, Zimbabwean Military Involvement in DRC. The report recommends that "The Government of Zimbabwe should unilaterally withdraw from the SOCEBO logging deal...The Parliament of Zimbabwe should condemn the corporate ambitions of Zanu-PF..." Global Witness is based in London.

Go Congo Tour Operator
Offers eco tours. "During the past 10 years, the Democratic Republic of Congo, former Zaire, hasn't been accessible for tourists. Two subsequent wars made travel practically impossible. Now that the political situation has somewhat stabilized, tourists are able to visit this magnificent country again." Has a mailing list. Based in Kinshasa.

Graham [Billy] Center Archives, Wheaton College, IL
Collections on African Christianity from mainly North American Protestant missionaries and some African churches and organizations. Include the Africa Inland Mission, full text oral history interviews with missionaries and African Christians. Has the text of an interview with Paul P. Stough, a missionary with the Africa Inland Mission in Congo-Kinshasa (from 1928 to the early 1960s) which offers insights into relations between the Congolese, Belgian officials, the Catholic missions, etc.
A 48 page list of the Graham Center's Africa-related collections is available by e-mail from:

Grand Hotel
Kinshasa hotel. Offers internet access, cell phone rental.

Great Britian. Foreign and Commonwealth Office. "Private Military Companies: Options for Regulation 2001-02"
Full text, in Adobe pdf, of a Green Paper issued Feb. 12, 2002. HC 577. (London: The Stationery Office, 2002). Discusses Angola, Sierra Leone, Congo (Kinshasa), other African countries, Executive Outcomes, Sandline International, etc. Concerns options for regulating private military companies (mercenaries). It describes the extent of the private military company sector.

Great Lakes Region - Environmental Aspects of the African Great Lakes Region
From the United Nations Environment Programme, Global Resource Information Database (UNEP/GRID). Has landsat maps of the Lac Kivu area showing population centers of refugees, maps illustrating land cover, elevation, human population growth, vegetation, etc. and related Great Lakes and gorilla conservation web sites.

Hartung, William and Bridget Moix - Deadly Legacy: U.S. Arms to Africa and the Congo War, January 2000
Full text report from the Arms Trade Resource Center, World Policy Institute (New York City). "The ongoing civil war in the Democratic Republic of the a prime example of the devastating legacy of U.S. arms sales policy on Africa." Also has reports on related arms trade topics. 18 pp.

Heal Africa
"HEAL Africa's primary focus is to train and enable healthcare providers and activists who are engaged in community-based healing" Works in the Democratic Republic of Congo. "founded by Dr. Kasereka ("Jo") Lusi, a Christian Congolese orthopedic surgeon, and his social activist/administrator wife, Lyn." Includes training doctors, a HIV/AIDS program. Described by New York Times reporter, Nicholas D. Kristof as "an outstanding aid group with strong American connections." - NYT June 21, 2007, A25. Based in Monroe, Washington state.

Heart of the Congo
Documentary film by Tom Weidlinger. "Amid threats of violence, corruption, and a legacy of colonial dependency aid workers [from Action against Hunger] help refugees who have lost everything. They seek to strengthen villagers’ will, essential for a self-sufficient future. Heart of the Congo is a film about courage, perseverance and ways in which humanitarian aid makes a lasting difference." Includes Weidlinger's journal, 50 p. in PDF. Filmed in Katanga Province. See also a Review of the film from Mother Jones magazine, 2001.

Heritiers de la Justice. Service des Eglises Protestantes pour les Droits Humains et la Paix (Bukavu, Congo)
In French and English. "... une organisation non-gouvernementale de protection des droits de l'homme et la paix basé à l'est du Congo RD. Héritiers travaille avec plus de 60 communautés de base actives dans les villages et villes du Kivu et la région des Grands Lacs d'Afrique." Current political news, reports on the plight of "Pygmies" in Congo (Kinshasa), Cameroun, and Rwanda, the situation of churches in Kivu, work in conflict mediation and human rights, reports of the Conseil Pour la Paix et la Reconciliation, etc.

Histoire de la colonisation belge du Congo
In French. Includes a detailed Histoire de la colonisation belge du Congo, interviews with Adam Hochschild and Jules Marchal, maps (Congo in 1900, Katanga, the districts), photographs, a bibliography, the Dec. 2000 article "Léopold II, Baudouin et la commission Lumumba," Colonialsim et racisme "une introduction à l'étude des théories racistes et du concept de supériorité de la « race blanche," information on a play about Belgian colonization, links to related sites, etc. Maintained by Patrick Cloos, based in Montreal.

Historical Graphics Gallery - Jim Zwick
Extensive essays are included on some sites. Has

Maintained by Jim Zwick.

Hochschild, Adam - Interview "King Leopold's Ghost Makes a Comeback"
Sept. 1999 interview of Hochschild, by Tamara Straus about his book, King Leopold's Ghost, concerning Belgian King Leopold II's crimes in the Congo. is an online magazine, based in San Francisco, CA.

Holder, M. K.- Primate Handedness and Brain Lateralization Research Site
Includes her East African Primate Research Sites with photographs, audio files, information acquired during the course of field research in Rwanda, Uganda, and Congo (former Zaire). Holder is an anthropologist with the Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior (CISAB), Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Hotel Memling
Kinshasa hotel, can book a room online.

Human Rights Watch (New York)
"You Will be Punished" Attacks on Civilians in Eastern Congo. Dec. 2009
All Congo Reports

Human Rights Watch - Eastern Congo Ravaged: Killing Civilians and Silencing Protest
Full text report. "The Rwandan army and its Congolese allies have massacred and raped civilians in eastern Congo. Their opponents, Hutu and Mai Mai armed groups, are also committing atrocities against the civilian population....." This report "provides detailed accounts of cases of murder, rape, and pillage carried out by all of the armed groups now fighting in the region." Published May 2000.

Human Rights Watch. Uganda in Eastern DRC: Fueling Political and Ethnic Strife
Full text report. Also in Adobe PDF. 46 p. Pub. March 2001.

INCORE Guides to Sources on Conflict and Ethnicity
The Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity (INCORE), is a joint initiative of the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland and the United Nations University. INCORE has annotated guides to internet sources on conflict and ethnicity in Burundi, Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda. Has the full text of "The UN in the Congo" by Keith Kyle (concerns Dag Hammarskjold and the early 1960s).

Independent Media Center - Congo
In French. "a collective of independent media ogranizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage of major protests." Commentary on DRC political events. Has in Adobe PDF format, Congo Debout, No. 1, juillet 2000, pub. in Brussels.

Inter-Church Coalition on Africa, ICCAF (Toronto)
"...a coordinated response by Canadian Churches to promote social and economic justice in Sub-Saharan Africa.....Three over-arching themes permeate ICCAF's work: Human Rights, Economic Justice, and the Media Image of Africans." Has reports on Angola, Congo-Kinshasa, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, Women's Rights. Offers free e-mail reports Based in Toronto, Canada.

Internet service provider with offices in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi. Has a business message board.

International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development / Rights & Democracy (Montreal)
An independent non-partisan centre established by an Act of the Parliament of Canada in 1988. Has full text reports on Malawi (Human Right to Food in Malawi, 2006, 65 p. in PDF, Somalia, Tanzania, the DRC / Congo-Kinshasa, the Great Lakes Region.

International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development / Rights & Democracy
Includes an 84 page background paper, The Transition in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a Historic Opportunity, Background Paper, by Philippe Tremblay (2004). Covers the role of civil society including women, the Congo Truth and Reconciliation Commission, CVR, stabilizing the DRC, army demobilization, child soldiers, historic timeline, key players.

International Centre for Transitional Justice - A First Few Steps. The Long Road to a Just Peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
By Federico Borello, an Italian lawyer. October 2004, 58 pages. In pdf. "This paper focuses on three specific measures: prosecutions, whether in domestic or international courts; the truth and reconciliation commission; and the process of “vetting,” or screening and certifying security personnel and other public employees to ensure their eligibility for specific public sector positions." The ICTJ is based in New York city.

International Criminal Court
"the first ever permanent, treaty based, international criminal court established to promote the rule of law and ensure that the gravest international crimes [genocide, war crimes, etc.] do not go unpunished." Crimes committed after July 1, 2002 are liable for prosecution by the Court. Has a Newsletter. The first two cases concern the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda. Based in the Hague, Netherlands.
See also:

International Crisis Group - Dem. Rep. of the Congo
ICG is a private, multi-national organisation with offices in Bruxelles and Washington, D.C. Covers Congo-Kinshasa, Rwanda, Burundi. Issues full text reports on the DRC and Central Africa, examples - Congo's Elections: Making or Breaking the Peace, 39 p. PDF (Pub. 2006. Includes maps, main political parties.) "Disarmament in the Congo," "North Kivu, Into the Quagmire" (1998) an overview of the crisis in Eastern Congo, "Africa's Seven-Nation War" (1999), "How Kabila Lost His Way: The performance of Laurent Désiré Kabila's government" (1999).   

International Crisis Group - "Congo Crisis: Military Intervention in Ituri"
Full text, in Adobe pdf. Pub. June 2003. 33 p. Page 24 contains a U.N. map of the Congo. On the Hema-Lendu conflict, the Luanda Agreement, peacekeeping in Bunia.

International Crisis Group - "Uganda and Rwanda: Friends or Enemies?"
Full text report published May 2000. In html or Adobe .pdf format. How two allies clashed over differences in approach to the Congo civil war. Covers events from 1981 + ICG is a private, multi-national organisation with offices in Bruxelles and Washington, D.C.

International Documentation Network on the Great African Lakes Region
International inter-university program (based in Geneva, Switzerland) to collect "grey literature" on the economic, social, and political aspects of Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda,  Tanzania, and Congo-Kinshasa. The documents, on cd-rom, are sold thru subscription.

International Medical Corps - Democratic Republic of the Congo Reports
Non profit, nonpolitical, nonsectarian org. "established in 1984 by volunteer doctors and nurses," "focuses on the delivery of community-based primary health care." Works in many African countries. In August 2010 they reported on mass sexual violence perpetrated in the eastern Congo. Based in Santa Monica, California.

International Monetary Fund - Democratic Republic of the Congo,/
Full text reports such as Fiscal Dominance and Inflation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Democratic Republic of the Congo: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix.

International Rescue Committee - Democratic Republic of the Congo
"helps people affected by humanitarian crises—including the climate crisis—to survive, recover and rebuild their lives"

The Islamic State in the Congo
By Tara Candland, Adam Finck, Haroro Ingram, Laren Poole, Lorenzo Vidino, and Caleb Weiss
March 2021. 53 pages. Pub. by  George Washington University, Program on Extremism.

Journal of Humanitarian Assistance
A free e-journal based at the University of Bradford, Bradford, U.K.. Has full text articleson Burundi, Rwanda, Zaire. Also articles on Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Journalist en Danger
In French and English. "une organisation indépendante et non partisane créé à Kinshasa à l'initiative d'un groupe de journalistes congolais (RDC) et dédiée à la défense et à la promotion de la liberté de la presse d'abord en RDC et depuis, mai 2003, dans huit autres pays de l'Afrique centrale couverts par l'OMAC (Organisation des Médias d'Afrique Centrale dont le siège est à Bujumbura, capitale du Burundi."

News on violations against press freedom, reports and documents (such as L'Etat de la liberté de presse en Afrique Centrale - 62 p. in PDF, Plaidoyer pour la dépénalisation des délits de presse en RD Congo, 2004, 43 p. in PDF ), lobbies for journalists' rights, issues of their newsletter, Plume & Liberté. Based in Kinshasa, Dem. Rep. of the Congo.

JuriCongo - Emery Mukendi Wafwana
In French. The goal of JuriCongo "...est de mettre à la disposition des internautes un ensemble de données juridiques sur le Droit des affaires congolais. Il vulgarise un ensemble de questions juridiques relatives aux investissements en République Démocratique du Congo." Has the text of the Code des investissements congolais, mining laws, air transport, etc. Mr. Mukendi Wafwana, is a Kinshasa lawyer.

[Kabila, Laurent] PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer - January 27, 2000 Interview with Laurent Kabila
"Senior Correspondent Ray Suarez traces President Laurent Kabila's rise to power in the newly renamed Democratic Republic of the Congo..." Has links to past programs on the DRC. Has video and audio (requires soundcard, speakers, RealPlayer).

[Kamanda] - Kama Sywor Kamanda
Kama Sywor Kamanda. In French. Kamanda is a writer born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to to a family of Bantu-Egyptian origin. The writer's biography, poetry, novels, essays, short stories, translations of his work. Bibliography of works by Kamanda and about him. Audio and video of his poetry readings. Maintained by Prof. Christiane Melançon.

See also - selected poems in English. - selected love poems. - selected poems in French.

"King Leopold's Ghost Makes a Comeback" by Tamara Straus
Interview with Adam Hochschild on his book, "King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa." On the AlterNet web site based in San Francisco.

Kisangani Medical (University of Kisangani, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy)
In French. Online open access peer reviewed medical journal.

Kivu Security Tracker
Tracks violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. "The KST uses a network of dedicated and trained researchers based throughout Ituri, North Kivu and South Kivu provinces in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to provide timely information on this violence." A joint project of the Congo Research Group, based at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation, and Human Rights Watch.

Kriz, Heidi - "When He Was King"
Interview with Mobutu Sese Seko October 1996 in Metro (Silicon Valley's Weekly News, San Jose, CA), May 22-28, 1997, Vol. 13, No. 12, p. 14-15, 17-20, 22-23.

Kyoto University. Center for African Area Studies (CAAS). AFlora on the Web
"database of traditional plant utilization in Africa. Created by AFlora Committee, since 1998." Information on use of the plants for food and medicine, for ritual and other spiritual purposes and use in the oral tradition of songs and proverbs. Data comes from Congo, Kenya, Botswana. "... more than 10,000 records of useful plants in Africa are stored in terms of usage, vernacular name, ritual meanings, etc. There is also a collection of African insects and plant specimens available to researchers."

Language and Popular Culture in Africa
"The main aim of LPCA is to document and further the study of expressions of popular language and culture in Africa." Maintained by Johannes Fabian and Vincent de Rooij of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Amsterdam.

Has full text archives such as:
Buntungu's "Mokingi mwa Mputu": A Boloki perception of Europe at the end of the 19th Century
the Archives of Popular Swahili containing -

Lemarchand (Rene) Collection
A detailed guide to the Rene Lemarchand Collection on Burundi, Chad, Congo-Kinshasa, Gabon, and Rwanda at the University of Florida Africana Library, was prepared by Dr. Dan Reboussin.

Film directed by Haitian, Raoul Peck. "Lumumba is a gripping political thriller which tells the story of the legendary African leader Patrice Emery Lumumba." Extensive historical background, with chronology, Congo history, Lumumba's last letter to his wife, Lumumba biography, biographies of Mobutu, Tshombe, Kasavubu. Video, audio files. The U.S. distributor is Zeitgeist Films.

Lusaka Peace Agreement
Full text of the July 7, 1999 agreement to end the war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. On the web site of the Rassemblement Congolais pour la Democratie - Mouvement de Libération.

See also background and commentary on the Agreement on the UN web site Reliefweb.

Mambele: the Guido T. Poppe Collection of African Knives
"African knives reflect the great craftsmanship of Central African blacksmiths before close contact with the West. The first explorers and early colonists in central Africa brought back a large number of local weaponry,,," Many knives are from the former Belgian Congo. You must register to see larger images of the knives. Knives were also used to indicate social rank.

Mbendi - Congo-K Country Profile
Basic country information, a map, brief information on the mining and oil industries. By MBendi Information Services (Pty) Ltd. a business consulting company in Claremont, South Africa.

In French. Has links to current Congo news and news from online Congolese newspapers, confidential reports, political discussion forums, a video interview in English with Pres. Joseph Kabila, links to articles on culture, sports, etc. The Editor is Didier J. Kuba-Kusuti.

Memory and History, Cape Town, Aug. 9-11, 2000
Memory and History : Remembering, Forgetting and Forgiving in the life of the Nation and the Community, An International Conference. Has papers online (some are in French). Topics include African Modes of Self-Writing, a memory exhibit for the Lubumbashi Museum, les Luba, Rwanda, Burundi, urban women in Lubumbashi, etc. Writers wishing to cite the content of papers in their own work need to request permission from the paper authors.

Military Education and Research Library Network, MERLYN
Find citations to journal articles on military / defense related topics. Select Periodical Indexes. Use the Advanced Search for best results. (Hint - use Congo in Keyword, Brazzaville not in Keyword to refine the search.)

The database covers:
Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals. Includes citations to journal articles in English language military journals. Covers 1990 to date. Updated quarterly.
Staff College Automated Military Periodical Index. Includes selected citations to journal articles and selected documents and reports supporting the curriculum of the Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, VA. Covers 1960 to date.

Articles on mining companies worldwide, a country section on mines, information by mining company.

Mobutu King of Zaire - Motion Picture Film
First Run Icarus Films is the U.S. distributor of Thierry Michel's 3 part film.
Mobutu, Roi du Zaire - Motion Picture Film

Distribution: Image Creation.

  • Les Films de la Passerelle. In French. Producer of the film. Has brief reviews, copy of a letter from Mobutu to his son, an interview with the film director.
  • Mail & Guardian (Johannesburg) review of the film, Oct. 28, 1999.
  • Mail & Guardian review by John Matshikiza, Nov. 5, 1999

Money, Duncan - Sources for the History of the Copperbelt
Archival sources for the colonial and post-colonial history of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia.
"state archives, company archives, trade union archives, missionary archives, international organisations, personal archive collections, newspapers, photographs and films. Duncan Money is a historian of Central and Southern Africa based at Leiden University, Netherlands.  He manages a project to preserve and digitize the archives of the Mineworkers’ Union of Zambia.

Mouvement de Libération du Congo
Its President is Jean-Pierre Gombo Bemba. Bemba was a Presidential candidate in the July 2006 election and vice-president in charge of finance in the transitional government. He received 20% of the votes. The party's base is in Equateur Province, northwestern Congo. The mouvement was backed by Uganda during the civil war.

Musée royal de l’Afrique centrale (MRAC)
Open access (free online) books.
Topics: Dem Rep Congo, Rwanda, Cote d'Ivoire, Europe-Africa relations, Cameroun, Congo-Brazzaville, history, politics, culture, economy, linguistics, archaeology music, geology, zoology.
"The Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA) is one of Belgium's ten federal scientific institutes (FSI), under the authority of the Secretary of State for Federal Science Policy." Based in Tervuren, Belgium.

Musée royal de l'afrique centrale - The Memory of Congo: the Colonial Era and Congo: Nature and Culture
In French, English, Kiswahili. Two temporary exhibitions (Feb. 4 - Oct. 9, 2005) on the colonial history of the Congo and Belgium and on Congo Nature and Culture. Includes 44 page exhibition catalog in PDF, audio clips of music from the Munganga of Luabo and of Mbuti pygmees.

An extensive review of the exhibition is in the New York Times, February 9, 2005, B3, "Museum Show Forces Belgium to Ask Hard Questions About Its Colonial Past" by Alan Riding. "a remarkable exhibition here has set off a critical re-examination of Belgium's record in its only African colony."

An "...l'organisation politique des progressistes de la République démocratique du Congo...Mwendeko a pour objectif de créer une large adhésion autour des idéaux de luttes légués par Patrice Lumumba et Pierre Mulele..."

National Academies Press
Offers many free full text books online such as Supporting Local Health Care in a Chronic Crisis: Management and Financing Approaches in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (Pub. 2006, 105 pages in PDF.) Must register (for free) to download. Based in Washington, D.C.

National Public Radio - River Of Life - Congo Odyssey
Ofeibea Quist-Arcton reports on life along the 3,000 mile Congo River. "the way of life along the water route....mirrors Congo's checkered fortunes." Video, photos. Series on the "Morning Edition" program of NPR (Aug.-Sept 2010). Le Pays Kongo sur le Web
In French. Information on the province du Bas-Congo, the Congres Mondial Kongo – Mfuma Ne-Kongo (CMK), North American Congo-related activities, news from various sources. Online edition of La Cité africaine de Matadi (la CITAF. Journal indépendant publié à Matadi, chef lieu de la province du Bas-Congo. écrite de la société INFOR- TRADING créé en mai 1991). Discussion forums, Kongo art. Issues of L'observateur Kongo (mensuel d'information Culturelle, politique et scientifique de la communauté Ne-kongo). Articles such as a brief account of Jesuits in the Congo region. Based in Toronto, Canada.

New York Times - Civil War in the Congo
Need to register ( is free) to access. Current and historical events in the Congo as reported by the NYT's correspondents. Has the Feb. 1961 NYT article announcing Lumumba's murder and other full text NYT articles from the 1960s to date.

In French. Links to news from other Congo sites, communiques from the RCD/KIS-ML, a list of "traitors", news of the Congolese diaspora, many links to other Congo-related sites. Is opposed to Rwanda's role in the Congo. Supports the Congo Mai Mai. Its heroes are Patrice Emery Lumumba, Pierre Mulele, Laurent-Desire Kabila, and Yerodia Abdoulaye Ndombasi. The Editor is Kais Kaisala MANGUBU, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Nostalgie Ya Mboka - Congolese Music
"Dedicated to music of the DR Congo during the heyday of 1950’s to the present. Broadcast in Lingala, French and English on Resonance FM in London, England. Hosted by Vincent Luttman, Kofi Pami and Esther Bodi. Broadcast every Saturday 1:30-2:30PM GMT and repeated every Thursday 7-8AM GMT." - R. Scheil. Playlists.

O'Brien, Joseph
Prof. O'Brien teaches in the Department of History, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York City.

Has selections from historical documents on:
The Berlin Conference, 1884-5
Stanley's Congo Treaties
Britain and the Congo, 1903
The Congo Atrocities: The Casement Report

Observatoire de l'Afrique Centrale
In French. News on the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Rwanda. Includes articles on the situation of pygmies. Based in Montreal, Canada.

Office of the Facilitator for the Inter-Congolese Dialogue
In English and French. The Facilitator is Sir Ketumile Masire, the former President of Botswana, nominated by the Organization of African Unity and selected by the parties to the DRC conflict. News, updates, publications (DRC facts, UN reports, communiques, declarations, a chronology, the Lusaka Agreement). The site was created to inform Congolese at home and abroad on progress in the Dialogue. Based in Gaborone, Botswana. Email:

Olomide, Koffi
Official site. Biography of the singer, producer, and composer, born in Kinshasa.

See also the Afromix discography and the AfricaSounds 2001 Interview with photos.

Omni Resources
Sells maps of Congo (Kinshasa) (geologic, Lubumbashi) and other countries. Also sells continent and regional maps (minerals, oil and gas, geologic, travel, political). Has a flag image. Based in Burlington, North Carolina.

Oprah Magazine - Postcards from the Edge
"For nearly a decade, women in the eastern Congo have endured unimaginable acts of sexual cruelty, ...." Accounts by Congolese women. From the February 2005 issue. Oprah Winfrey is a " television pioneer, producer, magazine founder, educator and philanthropist."

Ota Benga Alliance for Peace, Healing, and Dignity in the D.R. Congo
Background on DRC history, commentary on current political issues by Professor Ernest Wamba dia Wamba. "The mission of the Ota Benga Alliance is to raise awareness of Congolese history and to identify and support social healers and healing forces in the D.R. Congo, the U.S.A., and elsewhere, which offer nonviolent and healing ways of organizing society and resolving conflict." Based in in Berkeley, California and Kinshasa, D.R. Congo.

Oxfam America
Use the Search box to locate press releases, statements on the situation in the DRC.

PACT in the Congo
PACT believes that local communities should be the driving forces for their own social and economic development. "PACT was founded in 1971, with direct funding from USAID, as a membership organization of U.S. private and voluntary organizations (PVOs) to facilitate the distribution of small grants to PVOs working in relief and development assistance." Based in Washington, D. C.

Parti National Congolais / Congolese National Party
In French and English. Party background, statements.

Parti du Peuple pour la Reconstruction et la Démocratie , PPRD
In French. Party created March 31, 2002, supports President Joseph Kabila. Includes photographs of President Kabila, audio of his visit to the Belgian Senate (requires sound card/speakers or headset). In the July 2006 election, Joseph Kabila received 45% of the votes.

Parti du Travail de Belgique - Solidaire
Articles on the Congo and Rwanda, in French, from the weekly Solidaire, published by the Parti du Travail de Belgique in Brussels.
Main Page:

Partnership Africa Canada
"created in 1986 with the support of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and Canadian and African non-governmental organizations (NGOs)." Topics include blood diamonds, the African Peer Review Mechanism, NEPAD and development. Links to African civil society organizations. Based in Ottawa, Canada.

People's Progressive Party / Parti Du Peuple Pour Le Progres - Dr. Stephen Nzita
Site no longer exists. Based in Pittsburg, PA. Had the party manifesto/platform. Their newsletter, "We the People of Zaire" was pub. in Pittsburg. In 1995 Nzita announced his candidacy for President of Zaire.

Petra Diamonds Ltd.
"specialises in the exploration, discovery and exploitation of gem quality diamond deposits in Southern Africa. The company is currently drilling and sampling kimberlite and alluvial deposits in Angola as well as mining alluvial diamonds in South Africa. It is also well advanced in the acquisition of diamond prospecting rights in both Namibia and the Democratic Republic of Congo" "Petra proposes to acquire Oryx." -

Pistes et recherche, Revue Scientifique (Institut Supérieur Pédagogique, Kikwit, DRC)
In French. Has full text articles from Volume 12, Numéro 3, 1997, such as "Contribution à l'histoire du recrutement de la main-d'oeuvre indigène au Congo-Belge. Cas du colonat européen au Kwilu (Bandundu) et à Kalima (Maniema)" by SUNKEYI-DA Yekama-Yeyu.

Platform to Protect Whistleblowers in Africa
Helps whistleblowers, NGOs, media in exposing corruption. Country information on whistleblower legislation. Case studies reported are from the Democratic Rep. of the Congo, Namibia, South Africa. John Githongo and William Gumede are on its Advisory Board. [KF]

Political Resources on the Net - Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa)
Lists Congolese political sites (parties, organizations, government, etc.). Maintained by Radio Radicale, Italy.

Pomfret, John - Covering Human Rights
1997 interview with Pomfret, a foreign correspondent for the Washington Post. Covers reporting about Congo (Kinshasa) and Rwanda. Part of the Conversations with History series from the Institute of International Studies, Univ. of California, Berkeley.

Popular Music - Zaire
Page by Dr. Douglas Paterson (an anthropologist). Information on Samba Mapangala and Orchestra Virunga (Zaire) and a list of other Zaire and Congo-B music.

Power and Interest News Report, PINR
PINR is "an independent organization that utilizes open source intelligence to provide conflict analysis services in the context of international relations." Reports on Africa include "Elections Approach in Democratic Republic of Congo.'' Based in Chicago, Ilinois.

Presence Katangaise
In French. Site about Katanga. Articles opinion pieces, images of Katanga currency. Based in Gilbert, Arizona.

Protestant University of Congo
"Protestant University of Congo has for its mission to deliver teaching on approved subjects in a Christian, scientific and academic manner...." Founded in 1959. Now based in Kinshasa. Web site based at Carey Baptist College, Auckland, New Zealand.

Public Broadcasting Corporation - Jim Lehrer News Hour
Has some programs on the DRC. For those with sound cards has a RealAudio version as well. Has a keyword search facility for the entire site.

Radio Okapi
In French, Kiswahili, Lingala, Kikongo, Tshiluba. Listen to broadcasts from this radio station for Congo news. (Requires soundcard, speakers or headset). Sponsored by the United Nations. Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC) and Fondation Hirondelle. Web site based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Rally for a New Society
The President is Dr. Alafuele M. Kalala. Latest press releases are from 2001.

Rassemblement Congolais pour la Démocratie (RCD-Goma)
In French. Organization which opposed the Kabila government. Its President is Azarias Ruberwa, who replaced Dr Adolphe Onusumba Yemba. Has the manifesto, leaders, press releases. Formerly RCD-Goma.

Rassemblement Congolais pour la Democratie - Mouvement de Libération / Rally for Congolese Democracy
Site has closed. The official site of the organization, headed by Prof. Ernest Wamba dia Wamba, behind the rebellion of August 1998 against the Kabila government. Position papers, statements, interviews, biography of Prof. Wamba dia Wamba, a discussion forum, etc.

See also:
Congo Crisis and
The failure of an African political leadership. An interview with Professor Wamba dia Wamba, by Mandisi Majavu. July 18, 2003. In Znet from Z Magazine.

Congo The Transition, by Ernest Wamba dia Wamba and Mandisi Majavu. Pub. June 22, 2004.
"Professor Wamba dia Wamba is the leader of the Rassemblement Congolais la democratic (RCD-Kingani), and is based in Kinshasa, the capital town of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)." On the Z Magazine site.

Rassemblement Congolais pour la Democratie-National [RCD-National]
Site closed. In French. Rebel group whose President is Roger Lumbala. Has representatives in Uganda, France, Kinshasa. Based in Isiro, RDCongo.

[Raymaekers] Fondation Paul Raymaekers / Paul Raymaekers Foundation
Established by the scholar, Paul Raymaekers. Grants to Ph.D. students, aged below 30. Private library (c. 5,000 items) open to Belgian and European Ph.D. students by appointment. Book list if online. Collection of c. 10,000 photographs and negatives. Collections of African metalwork, masks, statuettes, ceramics. Areas of interest: Archaeology, Prehistory and protohistory, Social sciences of religions, rural Development in Congo. Based in Rhode St. Genèse, Belgium.

R.D.Congo au rendez-vous des Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication
In French. The DRC and information and communication technology. Documents preparatory to the 2005 World Summit on the Information Society conference. Based in the Congo.

Refugees International
This organization seeks to serve as an advocate for refugees, was founded in 1979. Conducts emergency missions, is privately funded. Information on Burundi, Rwanda, Zaire, food shortages in Central Africa. Includes the 1995 issues of Rwandan Repatriation Report.

Réseau Européen pour le Congo, REC
In French. Newsletter compiled from various sources on current events in the Congo (Kinshasa). Has some primary documents. The REC is composed of European NGOs. Site maintained by Daniel Durand.

Reseau Voltaire - [Lumumba Commission]
In French. Has the Conclusions de la Commission d'enquête Parlementaire visant à déterminer les circonstances exactes de l'assassinat de Patrice Lumumba et l'implication éventuelle des responsables politiques belges dans celui-ci Pub. Nov. 2001. A parliamentary commission determined that Belgium had moral responsibility for the assassination. In February 2002, Belgian Foreign Minister Louis Michel "expressed 'sincere regrets' on behalf of his government for Belgium’s role in the killing in 1961 of then Congolese leader, Patrice Lumumba." "The Belgian commission of inquiry, which completed its work over a period of two years, heard testimony that Lumumba could not have been assassinated without the complicity of Belgian officers, backed by the US Central Intelligence Agency, AFP stated." - source e-mail from: "IRIN" <> 6 Feb 2002.

Resistance Patriotique Zairoise
Site has closed. "La Résistance Patriotique Zaïroise regroupe divers mouvements de la société civile zaïroise soucieux de préserver les acquis du processus de démocratisation de la République du Zaïre. Elle a commencé son travail de raffermissement de la conscience nationale dès le début de l'offensive militaire du pouvoir d'occupation et s'est constituée officiellement le 18 mai 1997." Has their Bulletins d'information, Le Patriote Resistant, press communiques, etc. Is opposed to the Kabila government.

Rotary Club de Kinshasa

Samba, Cheri - Congonline
In French. Article, examples of art work. "Le site Internet Congonline est une réalisation de l'ASBL Afriqu'Info," Bruxelles.

Samba, Cheri - Galerie Peter Herrmann
In German. Graphics of artwork, many for sale, of the Congolese artist. Includes a biography. From the Galerie Peter Herrmann, Stuttgart, Germany.

Samba, Cheri - Lacanian Ink
Article / interview (with paintings) with Cheri Samba by Josefina Ayerza. In Lacanian Ink, a biannual print journal, published in New York City.

Search for Common Ground - Democratic Republic of the Congo
An NGO begun in 1982. Works to reduce ethnic conflict and encourage reconciliation. Programs in Angola, DRC (Centre Lokolé), Burundi. Produces radio programs, TV programs, arranges participatory theatre, and media and conflict transformation training. The DRC office has its origins dating from the Inter-Congolese Dialogue. All programs are evaluated. Based in Washington, D.C. with offices in Africa.

The Sentry.Embezzled Empire. How Kabila’s Brother Stashed Millions in Overseas Properties.
"The Sentry is an investigative and policy team that follows the dirty money connected to African war criminals and transnational war profiteers..." Based in Washington D.C.

Smis, Stefaan and Saskia Van Hoyweghen - "Towards a State-less Central Africa? Some Theoretical Reflections"
In English and French. "The objective of this essay is to discuss the nature of the crisis in Central Africa from an academic/social science perspective." Page down to Africa Forum #7. See comments by Filip Reyntjens, University of Antwerp and David Newbury, University of North Carolina. Smis and Van Hoyweghen are with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Societe Civile
In French. Site for civil society organizations in the DRC. Has an extensive directory of NGOs.

Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer du Congo
National railway company. Based in Lubumbashi.

Southern African Development Community (SADC)
In English, French, Portuguese. Members are Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Has full text reports, including statistics, on these sectors: Culture, Information and Sport, Regional Drug Control Programme, Gender, Health, Human Resources, Development, Employment and Labour, Transport, Communications, Meteorology, Tourism. Also links to other SADC units/organizations, full text issues (in Adobe pdf) of its magazine, SADC Today. Based in Gaborone, Botswana.

Spaceflight Now
Satellite images of the January 17, 2002 Nyiragongo volcano eruption, Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo. From Spaceflight Now Ltd. Kent, U.K.

Stanford University. Graphic Novel Project 2009 - Virunga
Graphic novel on the Democratic Republic of the Congo, created by Stanford University students. About the project. From the Stanford Institute for Creativity and the Arts.

Stanford University - STAND
Stanford University student organization concerned with minerals fueling the conflict in the DRC. "Stanford STAND is a chapter of the national STAND organization, which in turn is the student division of Genocide Intervention Network."

Stanley Foundation. Courier Online - The Congo Maze
Audio clips of reports from the Congo by Reese Erlich, broadcast on the public radio program, Common Ground. Covers events from 1998, the Kabila government, etc.

Starpoint Goldfields in Africa
" a Canadian-based mineral exploration company focused on the immense mineral wealth of Central Africa. Key contacts in Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo have provided Starpoint with opportunities to acquire exceptional properties with enormous wealth."  Has diamond / gold concessions in the Congo. Based in Vancouver.

Studios Kabako - Faustin Linyekula Dance Company
Congolese choreographer and dancer Faustin Linyekula is based in Kinshasa, DRC.

Swiss Peace. FAST Early Warning System -Kivu Region
Has risk assessment, conflict analysis reports for the Kivu region from 2003 to date. Reports are c. 5-8 pages in Adobe pdf. and prepared by Rene Lemarchand. Swiss Peace is a peace research institute founded in 1988. "FAST aims at enhancing the political decision makers' ability to identify critical developments in a timely manner [to]...prevent or limit destructive effects of violent conflict..." Funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Based in Bern, Switzerland.

Tamarin Gallery
A New York art gallery, features Kongo Arts.

Tayler, Jeffrey, "Vessel of Last Resort"
Article published in the Atlantic Monthly, Sept. 1996 of Tayler's 1,100 mile trip on the Congo River from Kinshasa to Kisangani. Includes excerpts from the writings of the nineteenth-century explorer, Henry Morton Stanley, and from Joseph Conrad's, "Heart of  Darkness."

Thompson, Barbara - The Earth Transformed: Ceramic Arts of Africa, The Virtual Research Center for African Ceramics Project
Photographs, full text articles (Congo, Burkina Faso, Zulu, Tanzania), profiles of artists, a bibliography of print sources, related links. The virtual exhibition, "What is it?" solicits academic identification of objects shown. The Project Director and Webdesigner is Dr. Barbara Thompson, Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.

[Tshibumba Kanda Matulu] The history of Zaire as told and painted by Tshibumba Kanda Matulu in conversation with Johannes Fabian
"Several painters began to represent sequences of historical events, foremost among them Tshibumba Kanda Matulu who thought of himself as a historian and was able to realize, in 1973-74, a project he had been dreaming of: A complete History of Zaire in one hundred pictures and a narrative. From Archives of Popular Swahili, Volume 2, Issue 1 (6 November 1998) on the web site, Language and Popular Culture in Africa, an internet project set up by Johannes Fabian and Vincent de Rooij of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Amsterdam.

Turner, Thomas - "The Death of Laurent Kabila"
Full text article (2001) on the assassination of Laurent Kabila. Part of the Interhemispheric Resource Center Global Affairs Commentary.

Turner, Thomas - "In Focus: War in the Congo"
(In Focus, April 2000, Vol. 5, No. 10). Dr. Thomas Turner is a a political scientist. Pub. by the Interhemispheric Resource Center and the Institute for Policy Studies.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites
See heritage sites by region Africa. Interactive map.  Download an excel spreadsheet listing sites by country. See photos of landscapes by country.

UNICEF - Democratic Republic of Congo Children's Crisis
UNICEF's assistance to children in crisis in the Congo.

Union Miniere (now Umicore)
Belgian based company which "produces and markets more than twenty non-ferrous metals." "The history of Union Minière commenced in 1906. At that time it was known as Union Minière du Haut Katanga (UMHK), and its business was exploiting the rich mineral resources of Belgium's colony of the Congo: copper, cobalt, tin, zinc, precious metals..." "After the company's assets were nationalised by the Zairian government in 1968, Union Minière set out to develop new mining activities. It eventually became a sub-holding of Société Générale de Belgique, responsible for managing the later’s non-ferrous metals interests." Has the company's annual report. Based in Brussels.

Union pour la Démocratie et le Progrès social / Union for Democracy and Social Progress - UDPS
In French and English. Opposition party. President is Etienne Tshisekedi. This site is meant to be "...un lieu de ralliement des membres de l' UDPS éparpillés à travers le monde en particulier et de tous les Congolais en général" Party history, regulations, editorials, press releases, publications, news and an active forum. Site based in Kinshasa.

Union pour la Democratie et le Progres Social / Union for Democracy and Social Progress
Opposition party whose President is Etienne Tshisekedi. Speeches, interviews, party documents. The web site was "...initiated by members of the UDPS-Ontario, with backing from Mr. M. Kadari, UDPS senior representative in Canada, Dr. Mpuila, UDPS senior representative in Belgium, Dr. D. Kimwana, UDPS senior representative in South-Africa, Mr. M. Tshibuyi and Mr. S. Kalala, UDPS Federal President and Vice President in Canada, respectively, and Mr. Kashama, President of the UDPS-Ontario."

Union pour la Démocratie et le Progrès Social / Union for the Democracy and Social Progress
Site has closed. In French and English. The President, Frédéric KIBASSA-MALIBA, died April 2003. Has press releases, documents, a discussion forum. Based in Kinshasa.

Union pour la République Mouvement National, UNIR / MN
In French. Political Movement. President Frédéric Boyenga-Bofala. "Les idées exprimées dans ce site font l'objet de deux ouvrages écrits par Frédéric BOYENGA BOFALA et publiés chez PUBLISUD en juillet 2001 (Congo-Zaïre :refaire la République : mission sacrée d'une génération. ) et en janvier 2003 (Congo Zaïre Notre Cause - Le message et les ambitions d'une juste cause )." Has party structure, political agenda, program, objectives, and ideas. Peace agenda published in French, Dutch, English and Portuguese. Offices in Kinshasa, DRC and Brussels, Belgium.

United Kingdom. Immigration and Nationality Directorate
Democratic Republic of the Congo Country Report, April 2004. 68 p. in Adobe pdf . Full text. "for use by Home Office officials involved in the asylum/human rights determination process...provides general background information about the issues most commonly raised in asylum/human rights claims..." "It is intended to revise this Report on a six-monthly basis while the country remains within the top 35 asylum producing countries in the United Kingdom." History, Congolese nationality law, human rights, ethnic groups, Bundu dia Kongo, 2001 student protests, Armee de Victoire church, persons involved in the assassination of Laurent Kabila, validity of official documents and newspaper articles, chronology(mainly 1960s to 2004), people and organizations, transition govt.ministers, etc. Much use of Africa South of the Sahara 2004 (London, Europa), the U.S. human rights reports as sources. IND includes the UK Immigration Service, part of the Home Office.

United Methodist Church - Africa Projects
Had programs in the DRC which are temporarily suspended.

United Methodist Church. General Commission on Archives and History
Based in Madison, New Jersey.

Has an online catalog to the finding aids, photographs, etc. Examples of holdings are below.

The Herbert Cookman Withey Collection (late 19th c. in Angola)
Bishop John McKendree Springer Papers (correspondence with African nationals, the Congo Protestant Council, 1920-1961, Angola, Central and Southern, Congo, Liberia, Rhodesia, Southeast Africa)
Roger Stilman Guptill Collection (Belgian Congo, training of African missionaries)

United Nations. Mission de l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour la stabilisation en République démocratique du Congo, MONUSCO
In French. History of the UN Peacekeeping Mission. History, map, chronologie, Radio Okapi, staff, communiques, publications, resolutions, reports, photos, videos, etc. Replaces MONUC,  Mission de l’Organisation des Nations Unies en République démocratique du Congo (MONUC) 

United Nations. ReliefWeb
Extensive information on the Great Lakes Crisis (Rwanda, Burundi, Zaire), newspaper articles, newswire stories, UN special reports, etc. See the country page for the DRC. Maintained by the UN Dept. of Humanitarian Affairs.

United Nations. Report of the Panel of Experts on the Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources and Other Forms of Wealth of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Full text report . (Document S/2000/357) The April 16, 2001 report says "The conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has become mainly about access by foreign armies to the country's rich mineral resources,..." "The exploitation of the country's natural resources by foreign armies had become systematic and systemic, and the role of the private sector in the exploitation and continuation of the war had been vital. Top military commanders from various countries needed the conflict for its lucrative nature."
See also the Press Conference.


Reports from 2004 to date.

United States. Army War College. Strategic Studies Institute (Carlisle, Pennsylvania) - [DRC]
Has full text reports on Africa, in Adobe PDF format.

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members - Democratic Republic of the Congo
Provides a list of the President, Cabinet members, the Governor of the Central Bank, the country's Ambassador to the U.S., and its U.N. Representative.

United States. Central Intelligence Agency. World Factbook - DRC
Information on geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communication, defense, etc. Includes a map.

United States Congress
Thomas, U.S. Legislative Information, is a great resource. Keyword search access to the full text of the U.S. CONGRESSIONAL RECORD(similar to parliamentary proceedings or debates) and to Congressional legislation. Scroll down half way to locate the Congressional Record Text: Congress: 105th (1997-98) - 104th (1995-96) - 103rd (1993-94)

United States. Congress. House. Committee on International Relations. Subcommittee on Africa. Zaire: Collapse of an African Giant?
Full-text of the April 1997 hearing. Includes statements from George Moose, I. William Zartman, Salih Booker, Donald M. Payne, and others. Located thru Thomas, the U.S. Library of Congress site for Congressional information.

U.S. Department of Justice. Foreign Agents Registration Act. Annual Report
See their semi-annual reports for individuals or companies "engaging in political activities for or on behalf of foreign governments, foreign political parties and other foreign principals." Select Country Listing, then Congo (Kinshasa).

United States. Department of Defense. DefenseLINK
Retrieve reports, speeches, press releases, photos, issued by the U.S. Defense Department about the Congo using DefenseLINK's Search News feature.

United States. Department of State. Background Note. Democratic Republic of the Congo
Country profile, facts, history, links to related sites.

U.S. Department of State. Report on Human Rights Practices - Congo (Kinshasa).
2009 Report, 2008 Report, 2007 Report, 2006 Report, 2005 Report, 2004 Report, 2003 Report, 2002 Report, 2001 Report, 2000 Report, 1999 Report, 1998 Report, 1997 Report, 1996 Report, 1995, 1994, 1993 Reports:

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Democratic Republic of the Congo
Current situation, facts about the DRC, links to sites.

U.S. Library of Congress. Country/Area Studies Handbook - Congo (Kinshasa)
Full-text of the printed Army Area Handbook. Information on the history, society, economy, politics, national security. Includes a Chronology of Important Events, City Name Changes, 1966-1972. One can search across all countries or any combination of countries and browse the table of contents for a specific country.

Congo-K Page:
LC Country Studies:

U.S. Strategic Studies Institute
The SSI is part of the U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, PA. Has the full-text in Adobe .pdf format, ASCII, or WordPerfect 5.1 of studies on sub-Saharan Africa. Topics include The African Crisis Response, Military Medical Operations in Sub-Saharan Africa, Reform, Conflict, and Security in Zaire.

Universite Catholique de Bukavu
Private institution, founded 1989.

See also the web site of the International Federation of Catholic Universities. UCB is a member of the Association of Catholic Universities and Higher Institutes of Africa and Madagascar. This body unites Catholic founded universities and higher institutes, located in Africa and Madagscar.

Universite Catholique de Graben
Private institution, founded 1989, located in the outskirts of Butembo. From the web site of the International Federation of Catholic Universities. UCB is a member of the Association of Catholic Universities and Higher Institutes of Africa and Madagascar. This body unites Catholic founded universities and higher institutes, located in Africa and Madagscar.

Université Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs (ULPGL)
In French. A university founded in 1990 by Protestant churches. Based in the city of Goma, North Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Université de Lubumbashi
In French.

University of Florida. George Smathers Library - "Papa Mfumu’eto 1er Papers"
In Lingala and French. Over 800 graphic literature titles by Democratic Republic of the Congo comic artist, Papa Mfumu'eto.

University of Pennsylvania DRC Page
U.S. C.I.A maps, embassies, travel, language information, etc. for each African country. Created by Julie Sisskind, now maintained by Ali Dinar. UPenn's vast African studies web site has a keyword search engine.

University of the Witwatersrand. Forced Migration Studies Programme
Publishes preliminary findings on migration and displacement in Africa.

Working Paper #16
B. Amisi and R. Ballard, In the Absence of Citizenship: Congolese Refugee Struggle and Organisation in South Africa

[Urquhart] Sir Brian Urquhart - Visit University of California Berkeley
Has an interview by Harry Kreisler with Urquhart, "A Life in Peace and War" which includes Early Peacekeeping Operations: Israel/Palestine; the Congo, on the 1960s U.N. intervention the Congo and Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold. Includes photographs of Ralphe Bunche and Hammarskjold.

Vail, Leroy, editor. The Creation of Tribalism in Southern Africa
London, Berkeley: Currey, 1989. Full text of the book.
Contents include:

Volcanoes in Africa
Photos of volcanoes in the DRC, Rwanda, and other countries. Some entries, (Cape Verde, Zaire for ex.), include some information on historical eruptions. Each entry has references to articles. One can search issues of the Bulletin of Volcanology by keyword. Located on the Volcano World site which is designed to distribute remote sensing data to non-technical users.
African volcanoes:
Volcano World:

Weiss, Herbert - "War and Peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo"
Full text article, in three parts, in American Diplomacy (American Diplomacy Publishers, Durham, N.C.), Vol. V, No. 3, Summer 2000. Part I: The War's Origins. Part II: The Second Congo War and Its Consequences. Part III. Belgian Colonial Rule and the Independence Struggle.

Wemba, Papa
In French. Official Site. Biography, audio clips (MP3), discography, filmography, photographs, concert posters, older press articles, concert schedule, message board.

Wemba, Papa - Africa's King of Rumba Rock
Extensive biography with photographs and many audio clips and photographs, discography, tour news, "A Short History of Congolese Rumba and Dance. Site by Vincent Luttman in London.

Yale University Library - Casimir Zagourski Postcard Collection
200 postcards from the photogaraphs of Zagourski, of Polish parentage, who moved to Leopoldville, Congo in 1924. From 1924 and 1941, he traveled around Belgian Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Chad, Kenya, Central African Republic, Cameroon, and Congo-Brazzaville as a photographer.

In French. Discussion list; liste d'échanges d'information des Zairois ou Congolais d'ici et d'ailleurs, started by "Étudiants, enseignants de l'UQTR (Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres) originaires du Congo." (Zaire). Their web site has messages, live chat, and links to many DRC related web sites. At, and