See also: Gabon news
Gabon music section. Does not have audio files. A non-commercial site maintained by Fabrice Gaillard, network systems engineer in France.

Agence de Tourisme Equasud
In French and English. Tourist agency. Places to visit, le Parc National d'Odzala, Sao Tomé et Principe. Based in Libreville, Gabon.

Baka Pygmies
In English and Italian. Life, music and initiation in the Equatorial Forest of the Baka pygmies (Cameroon). Texts, photos and recordings by the ethnomusicologist Mauro Campagnoli. Campagnoli's site includes many photographs from Cameroun and the Aka pygmies concert tour of Italy.

Banque Gabonaise de Développement (Libreville)
In French and English. History of the bank, annual report. "Société anonyme d'Intérêt National, créée par la loi N°38/60 du 08 juin 1960, la Banque Gabonaise de Développement (BGD) a repris les activités de la Société Gabonaise de Crédit (CREDIGABON) constituée le 01 juillet 1959; suite à l'éclatement du crédit de l'Afrique Equatorial Française de Développement créé en 1948."

BDP-Gabon Nouveau
In French. Political movement, government in exile. "Le thème "Bongo Doit Partir" qui caractérise notre mouvement s'articule autour de la reconnaissance primordiale que les problèmes qui se posent au Gabon et aux Gabonais aujourd'hui sont principalement le fait de Bongo et du système qu'il a mis en place dans le pays au cours des trente et une années de pouvoir qu'il y a passées." The BDP was formed Dec. 1998 in New Jersey. Publishes a newspaper, the BDPiste. Political, economic, cultural news. Articles from L'Union newspaper, le National Magazine, AFP, etc. Has discussion forums.

See also Le Mamba, Armée Gabonaise de Libération Nationale. "Le Mamba est la branche armée du BDP-Gabon Nouveau."

Catholic Relief Services. Bottom of the Barrel: Africa's Oil Boom and the Poor - by Ian Gary and Terry Lynn Karl
In English, French, Portuguese. Full text, in Adobe pdf. 110 p. Covers Nigeria, Gabon, Angola, Congo-Brazzaville, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Cameroon. Based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Center for Research Libraries (Chicago, Illinois) - Gabon Newspapers
A list of Gabon newspapers, on microfilm, held by the Center for Research Libraries in Chicago can be found thru a search at:
The union list, African Newspapers Currently Received in American Libraries, by Mette Shayne includes Gabon newspapers:

Clist, Bernard - Anthropology Back Door to the Web
Full text documents include -

Site maintained by B.Clist.

Committee to Protect Journalists
Based in New York city, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization which does not accept govt. funding. Carries reports on media freedom by country.

Conseil National de l'Ordre des Médecins du Gabon
In French. Has a members' directory with their specialties, includes dental surgeons.

In French. Coop Gabon are partners with the Swiss-based, which promotes projects between young people in the North and South via the internet. Has short articles by members on topics such as child labor, the Parlement Africain des jeunes 2004, hip hop to combat AIDS. Based at the l'Ecole Normale Supérieure, Libreville, Gabon.

ECOFAC, Conservation et utilisation rationnelle des Ecosystèmes Forestiers d'Afrique Centrale.
In French.  ECOFAC, funded by the European Union, is concerned with the environment and biodiversity of forests, animal life, etc. in Cameroun, Central African Republic, Congo-Brazzaville, Congo-Kinshasa, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Sao Tome. Has the full text of its bulletin, Canopée, on line.

Election - Presidential, September 1, 2009
Ali Bongo Ondimba - site for Ali Bongo Ondimba, son of the late president Omar Bongo (Gabon’s President for 41 years), a former Foreign Minister and Defence Minister. Ali Bongo was reported by Gabon’s Electoral Commission to have won with 42 % of the vote. The 2009 Presidential campaign web site is archived at the African Politics Web Archive. See the Site List.
André MBA OBAME - 2009 Presidential campaign site for Mba Obame, a former Interior Minister. The Gabon Electoral Commission reported he received 26% of the vote. His supporters said the election results were fraudulent.
BBC - Gabon locks down city amid riots
, September 3, 2009
Gabon Eco - "Gabon Eco, portail officiel du Gabon" A lot of election news.
France 24 - Tight security underscores tension ahead of election results, Wednesday 02 September 2009.
France 24 - Bloggers commentary on the election, 31 August 2009
New York Times, September 5, 2009, Autocrat’s He
ir Claims Victory in Gabon, by ADAM NOSSITER.
Other New York Times articles.

In French. "E-Lium est en mesure d'offrir à sa clientèle une gamme complète de services multimédia..." Gabon company offering web site design, multimedia applications.

Ethnologue - Gabon
From the publication, Ethnologue: Languages of the World, 13th ed. (Dallas, Tx.: Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1996), edited by Barbara F. Grimes. Provides numbers of speakers by language, dialects, linguistic affiliation, etc.
Main Page:

European Commission. Development - Gabon
Information on cooperation between the European Union and Gabon, trade statistics,

European Commission. Rapport final concernant une mission au Gabon du 21 au 25 fevrier 2000 visant a evaluer les conditions de production et d'exportation des produits de la peche
In French. 11 page report, in Adobe PDF. See also a summary extract of the report in English.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Search the site to retrieve many articles/reports on Gabon.

Forest Conservation Archives and Portal - Gabon
Search their online database for articles on Gabon's forests. The mission of is to "contribute to the conservation of rainforests, forests, biodiversity, indigenous cultures and the climate..." Based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Gabon. Assemblée Nationale
In French. A directory of the Députés with party affiliation, short biography and photograph, women Députés, historical background, political parties represented and their officers, text of the Constitution, etc.

Gabon. Direction Générale des Statistiques du Gabon
In French. Official site. Some full text documents. Based in Libreville, Gabon.

Gabon. Embassy. Bonn, Germany
In German and French.

Gabon. Ministere de de l’Economie, des Finances, du Budget et de la Privatisation
In French.

Gabon National Parks
Information on all the parks, a map. "In a move that sets a new standard in African conservation, the nation of Gabon, which contains some of the most pristine tropical rainforests on earth, announced today that it will set aside 10 percent of its land mass for a system of national parks. Up to this point, Gabon had no national park system. The Gabonese government has been working closely with The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) on conservation issues for the past ten years." - Sept. 4, 2002 press release from the Wildlife Conservation Society. Also describes protected areas.

Gabon. President
Site for Ali Bongo Ondimba, son of the late president Omar Bongo (Gabon’s President for 41 years), a former Foreign Minister and Defence Minister. Ali Bongo was reported by Gabon’s Electoral Commission to have won with 42 % of the vote. The 2009 Presidential campaign web site is archived at the African Politics Web Archive (available March 2010).

Gabon. Senate
In French.

Gabon Solidarité Internationale
In French. " NGO created by young Gabonese in Canada. We work with other individuals and organizations in Gabon and around the world." Information on Gabon. Based in Sherbrooke (Québec, Canada).

Gabon Tour
In French. "Le Centre Gabonais de Promotion Touristique GABONTOUR est un établissement public, sous tutelle du Ministère du Tourisme." Gabon facts, a clickable map leading to tourism sites, hotels, travel agencies, car rental companies, visa information. Based in Libreville, Gabon.

(Groupe d'Etudes et de Recherches sur la Démocratie et le Développement Economique et Social
) In French. Has a report, Observation de l'election presidentielle gabonaise 06/12/1998.

Global Forest Watch
" international data and mapping network..." "Global Forest Watch began its work in 1997 in...Cameroon, Canada, Gabon, and Indonesia." Also works in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Full text reports include: An Analysis of Access to Central Africa's Rainforests (26 pages, in Adobe pdf), An Overview of Logging in Cameroon (72 pages), A First Look at Logging in Gabon (56 pages), Monitoring for Impact - Lessons on Natural Resources Monitoring from 13 NGOs (2 vols., has case studies from Cameroon, Nigeria, Angola). Create interactive maps for Cameroon and Gabon (showing logging concessions, protected areas); also has an African continent interactive forest map. Provides downloadable data (over 35 gigabytes of map data); one must register first.

International Boundaries Reseach Unit, University of Durham
Founded 1989 at the Univ. of Durham (UK). Has a keyword searchable News Database which retrieves articles from the BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, West Africa, Keesings, and other sources.  Also has a keyword search of messages posted to their email discussion list, Int-Boundaries.

International Freedom of Expression Exchange Clearing House (IFEX)
Issues Actions Alerts, tracks threats to freedom of the press, radio. Do a keyword search by country to retrieve reports about African newspapers, and media related civil liberties issues. Has past alerts from 1995 to date. Main Page:

International Monetary Fund. Gabon and the IMF
Full text reports (such as Escaping the Curse of Oil? The Case of Gabon. 2002), Statistical Appendices, etc

Internet Movie Database
Locate films about Gabon. Includes films using locations in Gabon.

Internet Society - Gabon, ISOC-Gabon
For information, contact Alain Ba Oumar at

Land Cover and Land Use Change in Tropical Rainforest of Africa
"In this study, we propose to use high resolution satellite imagery to map areas of forest clearing and general land cover types for the entire Central African tropical region." "The will be integrated in a socio-economic study to assess the trends and patterns of deforestation by including demographic and social and environmental policies." Concerns Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Zaire. By Sasan Saatchi and Al Wong, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Cailfornia.

Lemarchand (Rene) Collection
A detailed guide to the Rene Lemarchand Collection on Burundi, Chad, Congo-Kinshasa, Gabon, and Rwanda at the University of Florida Africana Library, was prepared by Dr. Dan Reboussin.

Life in Africa Foundation
An NGO to promote "an increased international understanding of Africans, and life in Africa," supports microfinance institutions in Africa. Has photos of Uganda, Gabon, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Tanzania. Site by Christina Jordan-Haitsma, an American from California.

Magical Modernities in Africa
Full text papers from the April 2001 conference at the Univ. of Wisconsin.

Includes: Magical Politics in Equatorial Africa [draft, Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon] (Florence Bernault).

Mbendi - Gabon Country Profile
Basic country information, a map, brief information on the mining and oil/gas industries. By MBendi Information Services (Pty) Ltd. a business consulting company in Claremont, South Africa.

Le Monde diplomatique
A few older articles, in French, from the Paris newspaper.

Ndze. Editions Ndze
In French. Libreville, Gabon publisher of fiction, non-fiction by African writers.Includes author profiles and many photographs, a clickable map leads to authors by country. Le Collier de Paille by Khadi Hane received a special commendation from the Noma Award for Publishing in Africa.

Network Startup Resource Center
Information on the internet and networking in Gabon. Has full text documents providing a history of the internet in Gabon. NSRC, run by Randy Bush, John Klensin, Steven Huter, Michael Downhill, is a major site for information on electronic networking in Africa.

Omni Resources -  Gabon Maps
Sells maps (soils, physical, topographic) of Gabon. Also sells continent and regional maps (minerals, oil and gas, geologic, travel, political). Has a flag image. Based in Burlington, North Carolina.

Operation - Loango
In French and English. Tour company to Loango National Park, Schweitzer hospital in Lambaréné, gorillas, elephants, sea turtles, etc. Also stops in Sao Tome e Principe. "Operation Loango is a joint venture initiative that comprises a private operating company, SCD (Société de Conservation et de Développment) that operates the tourism infrastructure, WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society); a U.S. based N.G.O. conservation and research organization and EF (Le Ministere des Eaux et Forets); the [Gabon] state department of fish and wildlife." Based in the Netherlands. See also New York Times Sept. 23, 2007 article.

Organisation internationale de la Francophonie
An inter-governmental organization for French-speaking countries created in Niamey in 1960 by Leopold S. Senghor, Habib Bourguiba, and Hamani Diori. (Formerly Agence de cooperation Culturelle et Technique, ACCT). Official documents (declarations, accords, symposiums, annual summits). Facts about each African country (from Hachette Livre).

Les Panthers Gabon
In French, English. Site the the football/soccer team. Team news, team members, the under 21 team, slide show of Gabon. Site based in Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.

Parti Democratique Gabonais - Canada
In French. Official site of the Fédération du Parti Démocratique Gabonais du Canada, Canadian branch of Gabon's ruling political party. Based in Quebec, Canada.

The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, The University of Texas at Austin
Has small (37K) and large (164K) political maps of Gabon:

Population Index on the Web
Retrieve citations to articles, book chapters, books, government documents, dissertations through a keyword search.  The online database covers all issues of Population Index from 1986+  (Vols. 52+) and a broad range of subjects: women's issues, fertility, migration, child mortality, economic development and population, nutrition and health, urban and rural spatial distribution, statistics.  The Index is published by Princeton University's Office of Population Research.

Quarterly Index of African Periodical Literature (Library of Congress Office, Nairobi)
The online version of the print index published by the U.S. Library of Congress Nairobi Office. Since 1991 the Library of Congress Office, Nairobi, has indexed over 300 journals from 24 eastern and southern African countries. (In 1997 the LC Nairobi Office began adding publications from Cameroon, Gabon, Ghana, and Senegal and citations from these countries are now included.)

Reporters sans Frontieres
RSF (based in Paris) supports freedom of the press world-wide. Its site includes reports of actions against journalists in Gabon. It has copies of protest letters sent by the organization regarding violations in African countries.

Société d'Exploitation du Parc de la Lékédi
In French. Park for "pisciculture du tilapia," preserving biodiversity, etc., located in Bakoumba, Gabon. Information on Gabon in general, travel in Gabon, photographs. The Centre International de Recherches Médicales de Franceville, CIRMF conducts medical / primate research in the park.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Articles Databases
One can retrieve a few citations to journal articles on Gabon through a keyword search.

Travel Document Systems - Gabon Page
A visa/passport expediting service for U.S. citizens. One can print out a visa application form in Acrobat or Common Ground format. Uses the CIA World Factbook information though did not have the latest edition.

Union du Peuple Gabonais, UPG
In French. Opposition political party. Its representatives are based in Europe, Africa, and the U.S. Press releases, speeches of its President, Pierre Mamboundou, its newsletter Echos du Gabon. Based in Libreville, Gabon.

United States. Census Bureau. Census Dates for Countries and Areas of Africa: 1945 to 2004

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members - Gabon
Provides a list of the President, Cabinet members, the Governor of the Central Bank, the country's Ambassador to the U.S., and its U.N. Representative.

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. World Factbook - Gabon
Has a map, information on geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communication, defense.

United States. Congress
Thomas, U.S. Legislative Information provides keyword search access to the full text of the U.S. CONGRESSIONAL RECORD (similar to parliamentary proceedings or debates) and to Congressional legislation. Scroll down half way to locate the Congressional Record Text : Congress: 105th (1997-98) - 104th (1995-96) - 103rd (1993-94). Searching the TEXT database will produce more retrievals.

U.S. Department of Justice. Foreign Agents Registration Act. Reports
Lists individuals or companies "...engaging in political activities for or on behalf of foreign governments, foreign political parties and other foreign principals." Select the Semi-Annual Reports.

United States. Department of State - Background Note: Gabon

U.S. Department of State. Report on Human Rights Practices - Gabon
2010 Report, 2009 Report, 2008 Report, 2007 Report, 2006 Report, 2005 Report, 2004 Report, 2003 Report, 2002 Report, 2001 Report, 2000 Report, 1999 Report, 1998 Report, 1997 Report, 1996 Report, 1993-1995 Reports.

U.S. Dept. of State. Travel Warnings

United States. Embassy. Libreville
Includes information on the Ambassador, the American International School of Libreville, holidays observed.

United States. Embassy. Libreville. Facebook Page

United States. Energy Information Administration. Country Analysis Brief on Gabon
Information on Gabon oil, natural gas, electricity, and uranium. Has an economic, energy, and environment overview and information on political/economic factors affecting the energy sector.

U.S. National Weather Service
Current weather for Libreville, Franceville/Mvengue, Port-Gentil and other cities. Information on wind, visibility, temperature, heat index, dew point, relative humidity, pressure, and a 24 hour summary.

Univ. of Pennsylvania African Country Pages and Search Engine
Maps, an embassy directory, travel, language information. Site created by Julie Sisskind, now maintained by Ali Dinar. UPenn has a keyword search facility for their very large web site.

World Bank Group - Gabon
Statistics (including gender), data profile, many full text reports on rural development, economic policy, education, environment, finance, governance, health, population, oil and gas, social protection, transportation, urban development. World Bank contacts.

World Wildlife Fund
Locate information on African countries and topics thru their Search box.