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Access Gambia - Directory of Gambia Web Sites
Extensive directory (over 100 pages) of Gambia web sites, arranged by topics. Includes videos, photographs. events. Formerly Gambia Gateway.

Adventures in Health Education and AgriculturalDevelopment, Inc. (AHEAD)
"...a non-profit, non-government...self-help organization whose purpose is to combat malnutrition, disease and poverty in developing countries." "It was founded in Washington, D.C. in 1981 by African-Americans, Dr. Irving C. Williams and his wife, Elvira...." Has programs in the Gambia.

African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies
Information from the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library site. A pan-African, independent international NGO established in 1989 to support the OAU African Charter on Human and People's Rights. Publishes the African Human Rights Newsletter, civic education posters, reports, etc. Based in The Gambia. Former site not active:

African Online Digital Library
Project of Michigan State University, IFAN, and WARC.
Includes -
Representing Pulaar Digitally,
Sampling from L'Institut Fondemental d'Afrique Noire, IFAN (historical photographs),
Collection Boubacar Barry
(historical writings on the Futa Jalon from Professor of History Barry,
Phil Curtin Collection
(photographs, audio interview on his work on economic change in precolonial Senegambia in the era of the slave trade, Bundu),
Collection Charles Becker: Recherches et documents sur le Sida
(includes conferences in Senegal),
Photographs from “Passport to Paradise’: Sufi Arts of Senegal and Beyond (the "urban visual culture of the Mourides, a Senegalese Sufi movement centered upon the life and teachings of a local saint named Sheikh Amadou Bamba"),
Futa Toro, Senegal and Mauritania ("The Fulbe people have played a prominent role in West African history, and a complete background on the Fuuta Tooro Oral History Project is available." Plus interviews in Pulaar).

Airtip (Africa Information Revolution Through Internet Power)
Gambia internet service provider. Offers web hosting, such as for Yellowgate Studios, Gambian music site and Science Notes for Gambia students by Dr. Paul Matthews, University of Gambia.

American Overseas Digital Library. ALMA (African Language Materials Archive)
Many full text books, in Adobe PDF, in Wolof, Mandinka, Pulaar. Each title has full bibliographic information. A project of the West African Research Association and the AODL, supported in part by UNESCO and Columbia University. The WARA site describes the project.

Bantaba in Cyberspace
"...a web based community forum where Gambians and friends of Gambia express their views. It’s divided into several forums" (politics, education, culture, tourism, religion, technology, history, sports, etc. "Community members choose to participate in the forums they are interested in.'

Barry, Boubacar - Collection Boubacar Barry
In French. (Historical writings on the Futa Jalon from the collection of Professor Boubacar Barry. Digitized by the West African Research Center, Dakar Senegal). From the African Online Digital Library, a project of Michigan State University, IFAN, and WARC.

Contents include:
Histoire de la région de Boké. Monographie du Rio Numez.
Par l'Administrateur J. FIGAROL. D'avril 1911 à fin 1912. 117 pages, in MS Word. "Located in the mountains of today's Guinea Conakry...the Futa became an Islamic state (using the expression Almamate, from "imam") over the course of the 18th century as Fulbe (Fulani) lineages mobilized their supporters against a variety of Mandinka chiefdoms who had dominated the area."
Rapport sur l'Expédition de la Haute Gambie. Author unknown. Publication date unknown. 44 pages, in MS Word.

BéréSanké Percussion
Site of musician husband-and-wife-team, Kocassale (Koca) Dioubate (from Guinea) & Aimee Epp. Offers workshops, background on Mandingo music, history of the Djembe, Griot culture. Origins, photographs, sound samples of musical instruments from West Africa - Kora, Bolon, Ngoni, Koni, Bada, Balafon. Sells musical instruments including Djembe drums. Supports NGOs in Gambia and Guinea. Based in Vancouver, Canada.

Carleton University. Country Indicators for Foreign Policy (CIFP)
Provides country rankings, on-line presentations and a mapping component, risk assessments, regional conflict analysis, early warning research, and open-source data, measures of domestic armed conflict, governance and political instability, militarization, religious and ethnic diversity, demographic stress, economic performance, human development, environmental stress, and international linkages. "Our database currently includes statistical data measures for over hundred performance indicators for 196 countries, spanning fifteen years. These indicators are drawn from a variety of open sources." Statistics for African countries are sometimes not available. Has, in Adobe pdf, the ful text of Conflict Risk Assessment Report: West Africa: Mano River Union and Senegambia (01/04/2002) 369K; Democratic Republic of Congo: A Risk Assessment Brief (01/02/2002) 25K; Sierra Leone: A Risk Assessment Brief (01/02/2002) 35K.

Committee to Protect Journalists
Based in New York city, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. Use the Search box at the bottom of the main page to locate information on The Gambia.

Cora Connection
Wworld music ensemble led by kora player David Gilden. Describes the kora, ngoni (lute), balaphone (like the xylophone), biographies of musicians (Mali guitarist, Djelimady Tounkara; Senegalese singer, Cheikh Lô). Information and CDs of the the Super Rail Band (Mali). Sells CDs and cassettes of "recordings that we consider to be exceptional." Offers workshops for schools. Sells beautiful hand-crafted musical instruments." Included with any kora is a day of instruction with David Gilden, who will teach you how tune, fix broken strings when they occur, and get you started on learning the basics of the music." The kora is played in Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali. Based in Texas.

Covert, Chris - A Gambia  Story
Part of the The Living Africa sitecreated by high school students and their coaches as part of the ThinkQuest contest to use the internet as a learning tool.  ThinkQuest was created by Advanced Network & Services of Armonk, New York. Attractive site about life with a family in the Gambia. Information on the people, geographic features, wildlife, national parks, brief descriptions of major cities, a Wildlife Conservation Challenge game, brief audio and video clips of music and dance, photographs from various photographers.

Gambia. [Government]
Official site. Investment information, minerals, the energy sector, etc.

Gambia Center For Victims Of Human Rights Violations - Facebook Page

Gambia Divestiture Agency
"The key mandate of the Agency is to implement Government's divestiture programme and serve as the secretariat for the divestiture process." Information on the Public Enterprises slated for divestiture. Based in Banjul.

Gambia Domain Name Administration
"Physical presence in The Gambia is the general rule, but there is a provision to allow multinational companies to protect their trademark or name." History, internet service providers, prices.

The Gambia Experience
UK tour operator to The Gambia. Frequently Asked Questions, hotel information, special offers, map, tours, a program to help schools.

Gambia International Airlines

Discussion on The Gambia. List created by Dr. Katim Touray in 1996. Past messages are at

Gambia National Olympic Committee
Has a Committee report. Based in Bakau, the Gambia.

Gambia Page - Momodou Camara
Information on the country, culture, music and photos by a Gambian national living in Denmark. Has the text of the Report of the National Consultative Committee on the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council's Programme of Rectification and Timetable for Transition to Democratic Constitutional Rule in the Gambia. (1995. Chaired by Dr. Lenrie Peters.) Links to Gambia-related web sites. Maintained by Momodou Camara.

Gambia Post
Gambia news. Access to articles requires (free) registration. Has a discussion forum. Site based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gambia. State House
Official site. The President's speeches, photographs, audio files of speeches by the President and First Lady and other important personages, audio files from a 1999 documentary, "The Gambia Since 1994," audio of the national anthem, the text of government policies, budget speech, manifesto of the Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC), biographies and photos of the President, First Lady, cabinet members, free news by e-mail, political events.

Gambia Tourism Authority - "Visit the Gambia"

A Gambia Trip
About a trip to the Gambia. Has photos but photos may not all be of the Gambia, some are from a Corel photo cd-rom.

Gambian Writers - Discovery of Gambian Writing and Literature
History of Gambian literature, biography of Lenrie Peters and other writers. Gambia literary news. See also his literary blog. Maintained by Cherno Omar Barry, U.

Human Rights Watch - Gambia

Institut de recherche pour le developpement - Horizon Database
In French. Find over 1,000 full text articles, monographs relating to Gambia. Searches take a while.

Examples -
Les bassins des fleuves Sénégal et Gambie : étude géomorphologique. 810 p.
Yellow fever in the Gambia, 1978-1979 : entomological aspects and epidemiological correlations. 12 p.

International Boundaries Reseach Unit, University of Durham
Founded 1989 at the Univ. of Durham (UK). Has a keyword searchable News Database which retrieves articles from the BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, West Africa, Keesings, and other sources.Has a discussion list, Int-Boundaries.

International Monetary Fund. Gambia and the IMF
Full text reports on Gambia's economy. Includes "Gambia: Recent Economic Developments" and "Gambia - Statistical Annex."

Internet Society. Gambia Chapter

Adrie Kraaij - Africa Trip
Kraaij sold his house, quit his job and is traveling thru Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, and Mali, Dec. 1996-April 1997, with a laptop and digital camera. Site is in Dutch and gives an account with photos of his trip.

Law Hub Gambia
Independent, self-funded organization. Provides free access to case-law, legislation and secondary legal materials from The Gambia. Historical documents such as the Gambia Independence Conference 1964. Criminal, election, human rights laws. Case law, Gambia Law Reports.

Mande Studies (Madison, Wisconsin)
Journal of the Mande Studies Association (MANSA), a multidisplinary group with interests in the Mande region of West Africa. Has the table of contents. MANSA also publishes a print newsletter.

Mathis, Kane - Kora Music
Information and photographs on the making and playing of the Kora, a West African "harp" and the history of Jelis or griots. Mathis, based in Barrington, Illinois, studied with Jeli Ba Malamin Jobarteh and his family in The Gambia. Includes audio clips of Kora music (for those with sound cards/speakers) and African proverbs collected by Mathis.

Plymouth - Banjul Challenge
Beginning December 2004, drivers will travel over 3,000 miles from Plymouth (the South coast of Great Britain) to Dakar to raise funds for charities in Senegal and the Gambia. or

Pradines, Stéphane (1997) The pottery of the Sereer and the tumuli of

The full-text, in French, of an article in Internet Archaeology, No. 3, Autumn 1997. One must register (free registration) to access articles. Includes abstracts in English. "The Internet Archaeology consortium consists of the British Academy, The Council for British Archaeology and the Universities of Durham, Glasgow, Oxford, Southampton and York."

QuantumNET is "Gambia's First Internet Service Provider." Has Gambia news from Gambian newspapers, tourism/travel information, job openings. Offers web hosting and design.

Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital (Banjul, the Gambia)
Built in the 1890s by the British, it is the teaching hospital for the University of the Gambia. Annual report, photographs, ways to donate to the hospital.

Saine, Abdoulaye - Proposals to President Jammeh, Political Party Leaders, etc. [Position Paper]
Dr. Saine is Visiting Assistant Professor, Political Science Department, Miami University, Ohio. An abridged version appeared in the print magazine New African (London) April 2000, p. 44-46.

Sambakala Village Project
Project to build a school for about 150 children and 75-100 adults. Includes photographs of the village. The School will also serve as a first aid center.

Save the Gambia Democracy Project
On the political situation and violations of press freedom in the Gambia. Based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission
Established by the Gambia parliament to investigate and establish an impartial historical record of human right violations, and to consider reparations for the victims of abuses, promote reconciliation and promote non-reoccurrence. Reports, hearings.

On the site of funded by Fondation Hirondelle.

UK Gambians
Gambian non-political social networking site. Events, music, tech news, tourist information, cultural and etiquette guide (Life Style), NGO directory, health, Maintained by Daddy Elie. http://

Under the Lemon Tree
Blog by Benjamin Madison who "lived and worked in...Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Sierra Leone and The Gambia for seventeen years." Includes photographs from the 1980s. Village life in the Gambia and Nigeria. Account of an Islamic religious festival called the Dakka in Senegal. Madison is the author of the book, Night Studies: Stories of a Life in a West African Village.

United Democratic Party (Banjul)
Ousainou N. Darboe is the Secretary General and Party Leader. Biographies of party leaders, party's constitution, congress report, photographs.

United Nations Development Programme - Gambia
Gambia projects, profile. Based in Banjul, The Gambia.

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members - Gambia
Provides a list of the President, Cabinet members, the Governor of the Central Bank, the country's Ambassador to the U.S., and its U.N. Representative.

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. World Factbook
Has a map, information on geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communication, defense.

U.S. Department of State. Report on Human Rights Practices - Gambia
2016 Report2008 Report, 2007 Report, 2006 Report, 2005 Report, 2004 Report, 2003 Report, 2002 Report, 2001 Report, 2000 Report, 1999 Report, 1998 Report, 1997 Report, 1996  Report, 1993-1995 Reports.

United States. National Weather Service - Gambia
Banjul weather report.

Univ. of Pennsylvania Gambia Page and Search Engine
Map, travel, language information, etc., created by Julie Sisskind, now maintained by Ali Dinar. UPenn has a search facility for their very large web site.

W.O.W. - Gambia News Gateway
Current news from Gambia newspapers, zoomable map, taxi transport between cities, photographs, sports news, music / film / art news, articles on female genital circumcision, restaurants, Gambia events / festivals, technology.