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Africa Policy Institute
Independent, non profit think tank, founded in 2007. Produces reports (Kenya 2017 election, China in Africa). Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Africa Regional Sexuality Resource Centre, ARSRC
Funded by the Ford Foundation. Has full text Seminar Papers, full text newsletter, Sexuality in Africa magazine with topics on sexuality and health, religion, violence against women and girls, adolescent education, HIV / AIDS, re-thinking masculinities. Countries of focus are Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. Lists conferences, events. Is compiling a database of Social Scientists, Anthropologists, Researchers. Based in Lagos, Nigeria.

African Centre for Technology Studies (Nairobi, Kenya)
"An Institute for Policy Research & Training For Sustainable Development in Africa." " international non-governmental policy training and research institute...." The Centre is particularly concerned with environmental issues. Has full text papers in Adobe PDF, the full text of "Governing the Environment," (in Adobe PDF), "What ails Kenya's policy on wildlife?," "What killed our agriculture?," by Prof H.W.O. Okoth-Ogendo, "Enhacing the Arusha Agreement: Environmental Aspects of the Burundi Peace Process" (in Adobe PDF), "Water Tenure and Conflicts in Tanzania" (in MS Word), "Water Rights and Wrongs: State Policies and Local-Level Conflicts in Kenya and Tanzania" (in MS Word). Hosts discussion groups (Ecological Sources of Conflicts).

African Digital Heritages
A non-profit founded by Chao Tayiana Maina. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.
Its digital projects include -

African Economic Research Consortium
Established in 1988, a public not-for-profit organization devoted to advanced policy research and training in economics. Has many full text research reports and other publications. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

African Journals On-Line
"...offers the tables of contents and abstracts of articles from up to 50 journals in agricultural sciences, science and technology, health and social sciences, published in Africa." A keyword Search covers all journals. A pilot project of the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (London), a cooperative network to improve access by developing countries to scientific information. One can order photocopies of articles.

Airlift to America: How Barack Obama Sr., John F. Kennedy, Tom Mboya, and 800 East African Students Changed Their World and Ours. By Tom Shachtman
Site for the book on the “airlift” to U.S. universities, between 1959 and 1963, of 800 young East African students. Among the students was Wangari Maathai, future Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Full text primary documents. Videos - Tom Shachtman & Cora Weiss (former Executive Director of the African American Students Foundation) Library of Congress talk; Cora Weiss talk at the African Studies Association 2009 conference; Reunion of the "Airlift Generation" Nairobi 2007.

Alliance High School
Famous Kenya secondary school founded "in 1926 by the Alliance of Protestant Missions." Information on alumni, student academics, academic performance, list of past school Heads. Based in Kikuyu , Kenya.

Anglican Church of Kenya

"...the website of ComMattersKenya Limited, a Nairobi-based arts, culture, communications and media firm...covers fine art, books, music & dance, film, video & television, fashion & beauty, entertainment, leisure and lifestyle in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania..." Web magazine founded by Ogova Ondego.

BBC - Kenya Camel Library
BBC report on the impact on education of the Kenyan camel library.

BEADS, Beads for Education Advancement, Development and Success
"...supports Maasai women's groups in Kenya and sponsors their daughters education. We now sponsor 145 girls in Kenya who are guaranteed their school fees until their education is completed instead of marrying as young as 13 which is Maasai tradition in Kenya." Based in Ventnor, New Jersey.

Blixen, Karen - Isak Dinesen
Site on Blixen by Linda G. Donelson, M.D. who has written a book about Blixen (Out of Isak Dinesen in Africa: Karen Blixen's untold story). Has a chronology, bibliography, many links to other sites about Blixen, her medical history (excerpt from Donelson's book).

British Pathe Film Archive
A rich video news archive covering historical events, sport, social history and entertainment from 1896 to 1970. Obtain free low resolution video clips after the free registration. High resolution copies for PowerPoint Presentations and Web Publishing require a license fee.* The purpose of the site is mainly educational use. Commercial users who wish to order a videotape or DVD must order through a British Pathe librarian. The original film is 35mm. The free downloaded files may be e-mailed to others. By spring 2003, JPEG images will be available. For best search results, one needs to use a one word search such as Kenya or Nigeria and then look through the entire results. Includes many clips on the Mau Mau, the capture of Dedan Kimathi, Tom Mboya's Funeral, the Lari massacre trial, the 1952 trip to Kenya of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, with Sir Philip Mitchell, Governor of Kenya, the 1969 population census in Kenya, 1963 Kenya Independence.

[Business] Expat Arrivals - Doing Business in Kenya

Capital News
Nairobi news organization.

Central Bank of Kenya
Has full Monthly Economic Reviews from 2001 to date and the Annual Reports.

CFK Africa (was Carolina for Kibera)
Works on health care, education, girls empowerment. CFK is expanding its focus from Kibera across other informal settlements in eight Kenyan counties. Offices in Nairobi and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Cities/Buildings Archive
A online digital image archive of cities and buildings around the world. Includes Kenya (traditional granaries, houses, church). All files on this site are copyright controlled. Maintained by Meredith Clausen, Professor of Architectual History, Univ. of Washington, Seattle. Prof.  Simon Ottenberg is Africa section consultant and his collection of images will be added.

COMESA, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
"COMESA [formerly the PTA] exists as an organisation of free independent sovereign states which have agreed to co-operate in developing their natural and human resources for the good of all their people'. With its 19 member states and population of 300 million it forms a major integrated trading block." Has information on customs tariffs by country, road/transport including road distances, economic profiles for each country (Angola, Burundi, Comoros, D.R. Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe) etc. Has the text of Doing Business with COMESA: the Handbook, legal guides to establishing business, etc.

Daraja Academy
" all-girls secondary school" located near Mt. Kenya. Students come from the Nairobi slums, Northern ethnic groups (Samburu, Turkana, Maasai) and the local community around the school – The Likipia Plateau. Founded by the Carr Educational Foundation, based in San Rafael, California.

DHS Program- Demographic and Health Surveys
"...assists developing countries worldwide in the collection and use of data to monitor and evaluate population, health, and nutrition programs." Has a list of datasets for African countries. Types of information includes Characteristics of Households, Fertility, Fertility Regulation, Fertility Preferences, Early Childhood Mortality, Maternal and Child Health, Maternal and Child Nutrition, Aids and Other STD's. Has, in Adobe PDF format, Africa Nutrition Chartbooks (nutrition of children in Kenya). Allows registered users to build custom tables from hundreds of surveys and indicators. DHS + is owned by Macro International (Calverton, Maryland).

Eastern Arc Mountains Information Source
"The Eastern Arc Mountains are a chain of mountains in Kenya and Tanzania that are influenced by the Indian Ocean...These mountains are recognized as one of 24 globally important 'hot spots' for forest biodiversity according to Conservation International." Has a directory of organizations (Kenya, Tanzania, U.S.), map with links to photographs and reports. Part of the Bugwood Network hosted by the University of Georgia and the U.S.D.A. Forest Service.

Election Kenya 2022 August 9

  • mzalendo : Eye on Kenyan Parliament
    Includes an Elections section. Created by volunteers (Harvard Law School graduate and a Nairobi technology worker).

Election Observer Groups 2022

Fact Checking

  • Africa Check. "an independent, non-partisan organisation which assesses claims made in the public arena using journalistic skills and evidence drawn from the latest online tools, readers, public sources and experts, sorting fact from fiction and publishing the results." Covers the continent. Partners with AFP, Reporters without Borders, Open Society, etc.

  • Pesacheck. A verification initiative that conducts fact-checking across Africa. It was "initially focused on verifying the financial and other statistical numbers quoted by public figures in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda." Established 2016. Based in Nairobi, offices in other African cities.

[Finke] Jens Finke's Traditional Music & Cultures of Kenya
Essays on Kenya's peoples, cultures, fables and legends, music (has audio clips), role of missionaries in present day Kenya. Includes bibliographies, photographs. Features Luo artist, Hezbon Owiti. The section on the Kikyuyu covers the Mau Mau, circumcision.

France. Embassy. Kenya
In English and French. Ambassador's profile, visa information. Includes information on French - Kenya relations, the French Institute of Research in Africa (FIRA), French associations in Kenya.

Freedom in Speech
Issues affecting the gay community in Kenya, the Kenyan diaspora. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Friends of Kenya
"Friends of Kenya / Marafiki Wa Kenya (FOK) is a non-profit organization begun at the initiative of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Staff who served in Kenya." " for human welfare and nature conservation projects has been among FOK's guiding objectives."

Green Belt Movement (Nairobi, Kenya)
An NGO founded in 1977 by Wangari Maathai (Ph.D). Focuses on environmental conservation and community development. Runs Green Belt Safaris Ltd. providing eco tourism. See also: Wangari Maathai.

Harambee Schools Kenya
"UK registered charity working with rural Kenyan communities to improve educational standards and opportunities through the funding of construction projects and the provision of educational materials." Includes photographs, information on the Kenya education system, descriptions of individual schools. Based in the U.K.

Hip Hop Colony
Documentary film by Michael Wanguhu on the Hip Hop movement in Kenya. Movie trailer.

Human Flower Project
" international newsgroup, photo album and discussion of how people live through flowers." Use the Search box to find references to flowers and Africa, such as the Kenya flower industry. Maintained by Julie Ardery, a writer in Austin, Texas.

Human Rights Watch - Kenya

Human Rights Watch - Ballots to Bullets: Organized Political Violence and Kenya's Crisis of Governance
Full text report. Map. Pub. March 2008. "The scale and speed of the violence that engulfed Kenya following the controversial presidential election of December 27, 2007 shocked both Kenyans and the world at large...The ethnic divisions laid bare in the aftermath of the elections have roots that run much deeper than the presidential poll."

Human Rights Watch - Double Standards: Women’s Property Rights Violations in Kenya
54-page report, published March 2003, "...examines the devastating impact of women’s property rights
violations in Kenya, where the constitution condones discrimination in property matters." Topics include Marriage Laws and Practices, Women's Status in Kenya, HIV/AIDS and Women in Kenya, Customary Laws Today, Wife Inheritance and Ritual Cleansing. Has links to Resources on Women’s Property Rights.

Human Rights Watch - Kenya Spare the Child: Corporal Punishment in Schools
Full text of a Sept. 1999 Human Rights Watch report.
Also use the HRW Search to locate the Kenya sections of their annual world reports and abstracts of reports for sale.

Human Rights Watch - Playing with Fire. Weapons Proliferation, Political Violence, and Human Rights in Kenya
May 2002. Full text report, in Adobe pdf and in html. "Speaking for the first time, perpetrators of armed attacks in the run-up to the last general election in Kenya have said that they were backed by ruling party officials."

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission
"...responsible for conducting or supervising referenda and elections to any elective body or office established by the Constitution, and any other elections as prescribed by an Act of Parliament...”  Voter rights, political parties list, election results, election laws, election reports. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Institute for Maasai Education, Research, and Conservation (MERC)
An NGO "...founded in 1987 to address the illegal appropriation and destruction of the natural environment in Maasai peoples' traditional lands in Kenya and Tanzania." Includes a Maasai People's History. Formerly the Maasai Environmental Resource Coalition. Based in Nairobi and Washington, D. C.

Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)
Formerly the Intergovernmental Authority on Drought and Development (IGADD) which was created in 1986 by Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda to co-ordinate development in the Horn of Africa. The State of Eritrea became the seventh member of IGADD in September 1993 after its independence. Has press releases. Based in Djibouti.

International Commission of Jurists - Kenyan Section
Press statements regarding human rights issues, their Newsletter, the full text of some reports such as "Judicial Reform And Administration Of Justice In Kenya: The Way Forward" (72 p. in Adobe pdf), the full text of Bills such as "The Access To Information Bill 2000," "The Analysis Of The Privatization Bill, 2004" and a directory of important Kenya NGOs. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

International Labor Rights Fund (Washington, D.C.)
A labor rights group working to ban cocoa imports from Cote d'Ivoire because of child labor / child slavery used in Cote d'Ivoire cocoa production. Has a May 2002 report of 33 pages on "Violence against women in the workplace in Kenya" concerning sexual harassment in the manufacturing sector.

International Monetary Fund
Official site. Has information on the Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (ESAF). Locate full text reports on Kenya. Use their Search to find actions by the IMF affecting Kenya.

International School of Kenya
Formerly the Nairobi International School. Provides K-12 education. The site has a brief history, information on their Rafiki Club Newsletter, a directory of students and faculty, present and past. The directory is very long;don't print this unless you have lots of paper in your printer.

Inter-University Council for East Africa
"...a regional inter-govermental organisation whose mission is to encourage and develop mutually beneficial collaboration between universities in East Africa, and between them and governments and other organisations, both public and private." Full text reports on education. Has a scholarship program. Applicants must be resident citizens and other residents of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, or Uganda. Sponsors the East African Network of University Libraries.
In English and Luo.

Justice Defenders
Provides legal awareness sevices for those without access to justice. Trains paralegals and lawyers to provide legal services for themselves and others. Founded in 2007 by Alexander McLean as African Prisons Project. The TV program, 60 Minutes, featured them August 21, 2022.

[Kaplan] Marion Kaplan - Photographs
Kaplan writes - "Born in London, I lived as photojournalist and writer in Africa for twenty years."  Includes photos of arab dhows, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, political figures (Bokassa, Haile Selassie, Jomo Kenyatta, Idi Amin), wild animals, George Adamson.

Kemps International Film and TV Production Services Directory
" for over 35,000 production services companies from 65 countries worldwide....find everything from Aerial Photography to Video Equipment, Location Services, Crew and much more." Extensive directory of companies in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Mauritius, Seychelles. Tanzania, Zimbabwe, etc. Produced by the publishers of the annual, Kemps international film & television year book (London).

Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
Full text reports, the Highlighter newsletter, etc.

Kenya AIDS NGO Consortium, KANCO
A "...national membership network of NGOs, CBOs and Faith Based Organizations involved or [with an] interest in HIV & AIDS activities in Kenya." Based in Nairobi.

Kenya Airways
"Since privatisation in 1996, Kenya Airways has emerged as a highly competetive international airline. The Kenyan government retains a significant interest in its national carrier while KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the largest individual shareholder with a 26 per cent stake in the company."

Kenya Association of Manufacturers
Established 1959. The KAM Directory is a database of Kenyan companies by sector and geographic location. Based in Nairobi.

Kenya. Attorney General
Based in Nairobi.

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation
News in English and Swahili. Video news in English. "Kenya Broadcasting Corporation is a state corporation established by an Act of undertake public services."

Kenya. National Bureau of Statistics
Has some full text documents - Highlights of the Preliminary Results of KDHS 2003 (Kenya Demographic and Health Survey), final report of the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey 2003, Key Findings of the Kenya DHS 2003, Press Releases, statistics on Tourism, Health, Agriculture, Energy (lighting, cooking fuel), Inflation Rate, the Economic Survey 2004 (in Powerpoint), etc.

Kenya. Department of Immigration

Kenya. Department of Refugee Affairs

Kenya Diaspora Network
"...a non-political organization whose primary objective is to support the Kenyan Government development efforts by aligning the resources and inherent knowledge of Kenyan Organizations in the Diaspora with the Government's Economic Recovery Plan (GERP) and with the Donors' Country Assistance Plans. The Network was recently formed at the behest of the Kenyan government in conjunction with the World Bank Institute and Western Hemisphere African Diaspora Network (WHADN-an initiative of the AU)." Based in Mclean, Virginia.

Kenya. Embassy. Washington, D. C.
Official Page. Has information on the Kenya embassies, economy, education, basic facts, visa/travel information.

Kenya High Commission in Canada
Based in Ottawa.

Kenya High Commission - United Kingdom

Kenya Human Rights Commission
"...a non-partisan, non-profit making, membership non-governmental organization based in Nairobi, Kenya." Describes their programmes, publications. Has some full text reports such as Challenging Conditions: Strategies Toward Reform Of The Sugar Sector. Offers internships.

Kenya Institute of Management
Founded in 1954, "...aims to enhance management knowledge and practice in both the public and private sector." sponsors Company of the Year Awards (2001 winners) and an annual Tom Mboya Lecture, publishes the Management Journal.

Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis
" autonomous public provide quality public policy advice to the government of Kenya and to the private sector by conducting objective research and analysis, and through capacity building, in order to contribute to the achievement of national development goals." Full text documents on-line but free registration is required.

Kenya. Judicial Commission Appointed to Inquire into Tribal Clashes in Kenya
Report. Chairman. Justice A. M. Akiwumi."A report has recommended that prominent current and former Kenyan ministers be investigated for their alleged roles in tribal clashes. The clashes took place in the run-up to elections in 1992 and 1997 and left thousands dead. The report was submitted to the government in 1999, but only released on Friday after a court ordered the government to make its findings public." - BBC article, October 18, 2002.

Kenya. Judiciary
Supreme CourtSupreme Court decisions.  Supreme Court Judges.

Kenya Law Reports
Database of case law, election petitions, full text of Kenya laws, bills. "official website of the National Council for Law Reporting (Kenya), a public body established under the National Council for Law Reporting Act (Act No. 11 of 1994). The mandate of the Council is to publish the Kenya Law Reports which contain the judicial opinions of the superior courts of record."
Google has the Kenya Gazette 1890 to c 2012.
Kenya Law has the Gazette 2005-2022.

Kenya Meteorological Department
Forecasts. Home of the Institute for Meteorological Training and Research. Shows Telecommunication Network Circuits. Sea wind forecasts. etc.

Kenya. Ministry of Agriculture
Has full text documents (Strategic Plan 2008-2012, Economic Review of Agriculture 2009 etc.).

Kenya. Ministry of Education
Full text documents. Based in Nairobi.

Kenya Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Official site. Kenya's foreign policy, history (past foreign ministers and permanent secretaries), public holidays, facts about Kenya with a clickable map, brief political history, presidential profiles, words and an audio file of the national anthem, diplomatic missions in Kenya, Kenya's missions abroad, list of treaties, full text of Presidential speeches, the Foreign Affairs Bulletin.

Kenya. Ministry of Health

Kenya. Ministry of Information and Communications

Kenya National Academy of Sciences
Includes lists of members and fellows.

Kenya National Archives. Mashujaa Wetu: Heroes of the Kenyan Nation
Slide show of Kenyan history. Use your computer's arrow keys to navigate. Text and photographs from the Kenya National Archives. Hosted by Google's Cultural Institute. 

Kenya National Commission on Human Rights
" autonomous National Human Rights Institution established by an Act of Parliament in 2002."

Kenya. National Treasury & Planning. National Treasury
Acts, bills, regulations, policies, agreements, etc.

Kenya. National Treasury and Planning. State Department for Planning
Budgets, development plans, etc.

Kenya Network Information Centre, KENIC
Non-profit in charge of registration for the .ke domain. Use the whois to locate domain owners. The .ke top level domain was originally administered by Dr. Shem Ochuodho of ARCC and by Randy Bush (technical contact). Based in Nairobi.

Kenya. Office of the Deputy President

Kenya. Office of the President

Kenya. Parliament
Has Hansards, Votes & Proceedings, Bills, etc.

Kenya Revenue Authority
Official site. "...established on 1st July 1995 by an act of Parliament. The authority is charged with the responsibility of collecting revenue on behalf of the government." Its divisions are Income Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), Customs and Excise, Road Transport Division. Information on importing goods, the export promotion program, a Guide to Investment Deductions, tenders, etc.

Kenya Scholars and Studies Association, KESSA
"...independent nonprofit professional Association established in...Ohio...purpose of advancing scholarly, scientific, and research work on the Republic of Kenya. Its membership is drawn from all disciplines..."

Kenya School Of Law
"...a Semi Autonomous Government Agency" Established in 1963. Organizes and conducts courses for the development of legal professionals; conducts courses for Government personnel on the general understanding of the law and organizes Para-legal courses and programmes. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenya. Teachers Service Commission
Established by the Kenya Parliament in 1967. Its mandate is to "recruit, employ, assign, pay, promote, transfer and exercise powers conferred on the Commission by the Code of Regulations for teachers on all public school." Based in Nairobi.

Internet service provider, web developer. Launched Nov. 1996 in Nairobi.

Kenya Wildlife Service
Describes the national parks includes historical background, biodiversity / conservation programs.

Kenyan Pundit
Blog about Kenya issues, events and elsewhere.

Kenyatta University (Nairobi)
Faculty, history of the university, etc.

Kiano, Julius - "Kenyan Independence, the Early Years"
1989 interview with Kiano, Chairman of the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. He was at U.C. Berkeley to receive the Haas International Award, which is given to a distinguished foreign alumnus. Kiano discusses the 1960s airlifts of Kenya students to the U.S., the independence struggle, Thurgood Marshall, gaining economic power, formation of the African-Caribbean-Pacific (APC) of the European Community. Part of the Conversations with History series from the Institute of International Studies, Univ. of California, Berkeley.

KickStart (formerly ApproTEC)
An NGO founded in Kenya in 1991, works in Kenya, Tanzania, Mali. "Each summer, ApproTEC has a very limited number of internships at its offices in Nairobi, Kenya. These non-paying positions are for experienced business, economics, and engineering design graduate students or professionals. ApproTEC assists small business people "to identify viable business opportunities, to access the technologies required to launch the new enterprises and to widely market new products." Example: Designed a water pump which has helped Kenyans grow food more efficiently and profitably. ApproTEC received one of five Tech Museum of Innovation award for technology benefiting humanity - Source: San Jose Mercury News, 1C. Nov. 8, 2002, p. Based in Nairobi and San Francisco.

KIMbia Athletics
"KIMbia is the Swahili word meaning "to run". The selection of this name is both an acknowledgement of the impact Kenyan runners have had on international athletics, as well as serving to continue the legacy of the late Kim McDonald, who was one of the world’s finest athlete managers until his untimely death in 2001." Includes Athlete profiles.

Kusoma International [formerly the Laurenti Mohochi Educational Foundation]
"...a nonprofit organization created to enable access to quality education for children of impoverished and marginalized communities (particularly in the Kuria District of Kenya)." Scholarships for high school students and community service opportunities for Kenyan students. Works with the Stanford student group, REACH. Has a survey of education in Kuria West District.

Kwani? (Nakuru, Kenya)
Online literary magazine from Kenya. New writers, literary criticism, news on Kenya cultural events. The first issue appeared Sept. 2002; a print edition will be published Sept. 2003. Has the full text of, The Weight of Whispers, by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor, winner of the 2003 Caine Prize. Founded by Kenyan writers including Binyavanga Wainaina (2002 winner of the Caine Prize). Based in Nakuru, Kenya.

Sells law publications in print and electronic format. Can publish your law book. Sells access to East Africa Law Reports (EALR, 1957-2013), East Africa Court of Appeal Reports (EACA, 1934-1956) and East Africa Protectorate Law Reports (EAPLR, 1909-1933), Uganda Protectorate Law Reports dating back to 1901, Sudan Law Reports from 1953, Tanzania Law Reports, Zanzibar Protectorate Law Reports covering the period from 1868 to 1956. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Law Society of Kenya
"Kenya’s premier Bar association, with membership of all practising advocates, currently numbering in excess of the three thousand." Formed in 1948. Information about the Kenya School of Law and other East African legal education bodies, the Attorney General, the judiciary, discussion forums, etc..

Maathai, Wangari
On October 8, 2004 it was announced that Dr. Maathai had won the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize for the Kenyan activist's contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace. She is the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
BBC Annoucement: includes a profile, text of the Nobel Committee announcement, commentary on the Peace Prize, etc.
Green Belt Movement: Dr. Maathai's organization.

History of Kisumu, Kenya. Essays, photographs. Luo history and culture. See the Kisumu Archive with over 100 photographs. From Maseno University (Kisumu, Kenya) and Cleveland State University (Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.). Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization, MYWO
"(MYWO) started at the height of struggle for Kenya's independence in 1952, an idea conceived by a clique of white settler women in 1952. Today the Organization, older than independent Kenya, has grown to cover the entire country as the largest women NGO in the region." " a non-profit voluntary women's organization with a mission to improve the quality of life of the rural communities especially women and youth..." Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Maseno University
"Maseno University currently comprises three campuses: Siriba and College, both in Maseno Township 25km from Kisumu on the Busia road." The third campus is Kisumu City Campus.

Mashilingi (Swahili for many shillings)
"A blog about investment, finance and capital in Kenya, with a specific emphasis on small and medium enterprise, technology and trends." Maintained by Brian Longwe.

[Mboya] An Evening with Tom Mboya: Speeches, Lectures, and Remarks From Prominent Personalities
46 pages in PDF. Published by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, 2006. ISBN: 9666-7084-1-3.

Minority Rights Group International (London)
Has a Horn of Africa Programme (Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda), publications, a newsletter, Outsider and a report on Pastoralists in the Horn of Africa.

Moi University (Eldoret, Kenya)
Includes information on the library, the various faculties (Faculty of Information Sciences, etc.), the Information Resource Management Centre and its Internet Cafe.

Mountain Voices
A rich resource. "...interviews with over 300 people who live in mountain and highland regions round the world. Their testimonies offer a personal perspective on change and development." To access the interviews, one needs to register and fill out a questionnaire. Interviews from Lesotho, Kenya, Ethiopia, gathered by the Oral Testimony Programme of the Panos Institute. Topics discussed include agriculture, community, conflict, culture, development, economics, education, employment, environment, family life, festivals, food security, forestry, gender, health, history, identity, industry, crime, land, migration, politics, spiritual beliefs, tourism, etc.

Mshale Communications
News of interest to Africans in the U.S., immigration news, news regarding Kenya, conventions of the Diaspora in the U.S., cultural events, etc. The Publisher is Tom Gitaa. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Nairobi.

Museums and the Web 99, New Orleans, March 11-14, 1999
Information about one of the conference papers, "Connectivity, Collaboration and Culture: Challenges of African Museums on the Web" by Lorna Abungu,  Lawrence Monda, and George Ombachi, National Museums of Kenya. Includes biographical information on the presenters.

[Mutu] Wangechi Mutu at The Saatchi Gallery
The art and works of Kenyan born Wangechi Mutu. "...Her work explores the contradictions of female and cultural identity." "Wangechi Mutu uses collage as a means of both physically and conceptually bringing layered depth to her work. "The Saatchi Gallery is an innovative forum for contemporary art in London."
In English and Swahili. Site on Swahili culture. Historical postcards. History of Tarabu/Taarab Music. Taraab and Swahili videos from Youtube. Cuisine including recipes. Swahili song lyrics. Superstitions, and more.

Myers, Norman - Jouney of an Environmental Scientist
1998 interview with Myers, an environmental scientist and Fellow at Green College, Oxford University. He was a colonial administrator in Kenya in 1958 and has played a leading role in alerting the world to the loss of biodiversity. Includes Myers' photographs of Kenya's wildlife.

mzalendo : Eye on Kenyan Parliament
MP profiles, bills, Hansards, election information and web sites, etc. Created by volunteers (Harvard Law School graduate and a Nairobi technology worker).

Nairobi Law Monthly
Independent Kenyan journal on legal and rights issues. Has a Facebook page and Twitter page. 1989 New York Times article on the journal.

Nairobi Stock Exchange
Listed companies, market information, full text of their Bulletins, "In Kenya, dealing in shares and stocks started in the 1920s when the country was still a British colony."

"...a project to empower youth from slum areas with computer- related job skills." "NairoBits is a mixed group of artists, designers, whizz kids, media workers and youth teams set up in 1999 to create a direct media channel for youth from the slums of Nairobi. These groups work together via internet and are based in Nairobi and Amsterdam. Together we work to develop web sites, online projects and training courses." Examples of their work: the Mathare slum and Images in Transit, Mombasa Billboard Project. A documentary film was also created about their work.

National Museums of Kenya
Contents include: Joy Adamson portraits of "Peoples of Kenya", the various Galleries (mammal, space, bird, geology, fish/reptile, Lamu, ethnography, contemporary art, prehistory, botanical, family life education/family planning), information on the Kenya Museum Society, Regional Museums such as the Karen Blixen Museum, the East African Natural History Society,  the Research Departments (archaeology, Centre for Biodiversity, Institute for Primate Research, the Research Programme on...Dryland Biodiversity, etc.). Has brief descriptions of related organizations such as the Lamu Society and the Kuona Trust (Museum Studio & Arts Centre). There is a proposal for an African Peace Museum designed to present indigenous peace traditions among ethnic groups.

National Rainbow Coalition
Site has closed. Coalition of opposition parties headed by Mwai Kibaki who won the 2002 Presidential election. Comprised of the National Alliance Party Of Kenya (NAK) and the Liberal Democratic Party - LDP (Rainbow). Profiles of party leaders, etc.

National Taxpayers Association
"a national, independent, non-partisan organization focused on supporting good governance in Kenya through strengthening citizen to government accountability..." Full text citizen report cards covering all counties. Monitors building, road projects. Strategic Plan 2019-2023.

Nature's Wonderland Safaris
"Birding safaris [in Kenya], Wildlife safaris, Adventure tours and Camping safaris. Biographies of their ornithological guides. Travel tips for Kenya. Site owner is Joseph Mwangi. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

New People (Nairobi)
Published by New People Media Centre, Comboni Missionaries, Nairobi. "a bi-monthly international Catholic magazine of missionary awareness..." Includes selected articles on the 2002 Kenya election, cartoons, etc.   

Njuguna-Githinji, Wanja
CNN African Journalist of the Year 1999 Award: "The competition received a record 1158 entries from 21 African nations."
Stanford University 2003 Knight Fellow:
Wanja's Notebook: includes being hospitalized with covid.

Northwestern University. Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies. Winterton Collection
The Humphrey Winterton Collection of East African (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zanzibar) photographs comprises c. 7,600 photographs taken primarily in East Africa between about 1860 and 1960. A sample of 101 images are on-line and album views. Has an inventory.

Nuru International
Founded by "Jake Harriman (CEO) and John Hancox (Board Chairman), and shaped by the innovation engine of the Stanford Graduate School of Business..." Works in Kuria, Kenya. Projects include farm loans, water & sanitation. Based in Mountain View, California.

[Nyong'o] Lupita Nyong'o - Facebook Page
Kenyan actress, winner of the 2014 Academy Award [Oscar] for Best Supporting Actress in the film, "12 Years a Slave".

Obama, Barack - Speech at the Democratic National Convention, Boston, MA - July 27, 2004
Audio of Barack Obama's speech. (requires soundcard, speakers or headset). From the web site, Say it Plain: A Century of Great African American Speeches produced by American Radioworks (public radio).

Old Africa: Stories from East Africa's Past (Kijabe, Kenya)
Kijabe, Kenya : Kifaru Educational and Editorial Consultants. On-line edition of the print magazine. "publishes stories, personal memories, and vintage photographs to recapture East Africa's recent history" up to the mid1960's. Selected stories on-line. Historic photo contest for each issue.

[Olewe] Dickens Olewe
Kenyan journalist, founder of AfricanSkyCAM (Africa's first drone journalism team). He was a Stanford Knight Fellow 2014/2015, was web site coordinator for the Star (Nairobi) newspaper. He worked with a collaborative online Kenyan newspaper, Hivisasa.  Twitter page.

[Opalo] Ken Opalo - An. African Perspective
Commentary on Kenyan affairs and other events in Africa. Ken Opalo has a Ph.d. in Political Science from Stanford University.

Open Data Kenya (Transparent Africa)
Requires an ArcGIS online account. "...public government data .... High quality national census data, government expenditure, parliamentary proceedings and public service locations...maps...interactive charts and tables .... raw data for technical users to build their own apps and analyses." Health, poverty rate, education, electricity, development projects, urbanization, employment, land ownership, sanitation, population, age groups, parcels under irrigation, credit borrowing, child nutrition, crop farming, housing, disability, county statistics. Download datasets. Tech tools, apps for your own data.

The Paideia Project On-line
Proceedings of the 20th World Congress of Philosophy, Boston, Massachusetts, 1998. Includes full text papers on Philosophy in Africa (Polygyny in Africa: A Male's Post-Original Sin or Rejection of the Primeval Monogyny and Affirmation of Sexual Inequality, by Zekeh S. Gbotokuma, Who Counts as a Sage? Problems in the Further Implementation of Sage Philosophy [H. Odera Oruka], by Gail Presbey.)

The Platform : for law, justice and society (Nairobi)
Monthly magazine. Commentary, opinion pieces, essays on governance, human rights in Kenya. The Publisher is human rights lawyer Gitobu Imanyara.  [KF]  Facebook Page.

Refugee Consortium of Kenya
NGO "to improve the welfare of refugee situation..." Statistics. Their Refugee Insights newsletter is online. Has the text of Kenya's Refugee Law. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Rift Valley Institute
An independent association based in Kenya and the United Kingdom, founded in 2001 to support research, publishing and educational initiatives in the African Rift Valley region: North-East Africa, the Horn, the Great Lakes, East Africa and South Central Africa. "Fellows of the Institute include academic specialists from Africa, Europe and the Americas and local and international practitioners in the fields of aid, development, environmental conservation and human rights." Has extensive page of Sudan Internet Resources (links by category). Has a Sudan Abductee Database which can be consulted in Kenya or London.

Scholars at Risk Network
"...a network of universities, colleges, and research centers to serve as hosts for scholars identified by the program as needing sanctuary outside of their home region." Arranges "temporary positions as visiting professors, researchers, lecturers and fellows for scholars who [are] threatened and unable to work in their home country or region. Based at New York University, New York, N.Y.

Strathmore University
Non profit private university. "Kenya’s first multiracial school." "Strathmore College was started in 1961 as an Advanced-level Sixth Form College offering Science and Arts subjects by a group of professionals..." Has over 4,000 students studying Accountancy, Administration, Commerce, Finance, Management and Information Technology. Has a Business School.

Super Sema
African Animated Kids Superhero Series free on YouTube. Super Sema is a 10 year old girl with futuristic science-tech powers. Official trailer.  In "The King and the Forever Forest" Super Sema thwarts the evil King, who chops down all the trees, by using a tree planter drone to grow back the forest. Actor Lupita Ngong'o is one of the series' producers. Began March 2021.

Swahili Forum
Peer reviewed open access journal with articles on the Swahili language, literature as well as on Swahili-speaking cultures and societies in Eastern Africa and the diaspora.
Issue no. 10, 2003 is "A Bibliography of Swahili Literature, Linguistics, Culture and History" by Thomas Geider (101 pages).

Syracuse University. Kenya National Archives Microfilm
Syracuse has a very large collection of archival documents on microfilm.

  • some are also held by Stanford and other universities
  • some are held by the Center for Research LIbraries and can be borrowed by Stanford users
  • some are only held in the U.S. by Syracuse
  • Syracuse loans some items, but there are titles they do not loan

ICT news from Kenya and East Africa. Social media, mobile, computer hardware/software news, related Kenya videos.

Tee Talk
Kenyan Anastasia K. Mungai talks about life, love, relationships on her podcast from the Kenya news organization, Citizen, owned by owned by Royal Media Services, Nairobi.

Tegemeo Institute of Agricultural Policy and Development.
Conducts agricultural policy research and analysis in Kenya. Full text papers (search the database of publications) and conference proceedings. Reports on the dairy industry in Kenya, rural growth in Kenya, market liberalization, the Effects of Prime-age Adult Mortality in Kenya, solar electricity, Kenya & Uganda maize production, etc. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Telecommunication Service Providers of Kenya (TESPOK)
An association of Kenya's internet service providers. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Transparency International - Kenya
TI is a "non governmental organization dedicated to increasing government accountability and curbing both international and national corruption." The Kenya branch site has many full text publications such as - Will Corruption Ever StopDeveloping in Kenya? by Aitan Szlapak (dissertation for the Univ. of Bristol, 2002, 86 p.) and issues of its newsletter, Adili. Read the Discussion Forum on issues of the day, see political cartoons, read the Frequently Asked Questions on corruption in Kenya. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Travel - Center for Disease Control, Atlanta
Health Information for Travelers

United Democratic Alliance
Political party of William Ruto. Wikipedia page.

United States. Central Intelligence Agency. World Factbook - Kenya
Information on geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communication, defense.

United States. Dept. of State. Country Reports on Human Rights - Kenya
2021 Report, 2020 report, 2015 Report2013 Report.

United States. Embassy. Nairobi
Visa information, the Library of Congress Nairobi Office, USAID projects, press releases, etc.

University of Nairobi
Faculty and department contact addresses, describes programs, admission fees, university history, university company websites.

University of Nairobi. Institutional Repository
Find research conducted at the university, including dissertations.

University of Nairobi Libraries
Has the staff directory, other campus libraries. It is a legal deposit library. "The East African Collection contains materials on Kenya in particular and East African in general...As well as books, the collection contains periodicals on East African Studies, government publications, manuscripts, all thesis from the University of East Africa and the University of Nairobi."

University of North Carolina. School of Medicine.  INTRAH
Established in 1979 to assist developing countries to improve the delivery of reproductive health services. Has projects in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania).

University of Pennsylvania Kenya Page and Search Engine
Maps, an embassy directory, travel, language information, etc., created by Julie Sisskind, now maintained by Ali Dinar. Has a search facility for their very large web site.

An open source platform that "allows anyone to gather distributed data via SMS, email or web and visualize it on a map or timeline." Using user-generated reports and Google Maps, Ushahidi created a map showing citizen generated crisis information after the post-election violence in Kenya." Now used in many countries including for Haiti earthquake relief. Created by Kenyans.
The original 2008 project is gone but the Internet Archive has archived the site and the New York Times article March 14, 2010, "Africa’s Gift to Silicon Valley: How to Track a Crisis"

Wainaina, Binyavanga - How to Write About Africa
"Always use the word 'Africa' or 'Darkness' or 'Safari' in your title. Subtitles may include the words 'Zanzibar', 'Masai', 'Zulu', 'Zambezi', 'Congo', 'Nile', 'Big', 'Sky', 'Shadow', 'Drum', 'Sun' or 'Bygone'. Also useful are words such as 'Guerrillas', 'Timeless', 'Primordial' and 'Tribal'. Note that 'People' means Africans who are not black, while 'The People' means black Africans." Article in Granta 92: The View from Africa. "Granta magazine publishes new writing—fiction, personal history, reportage and inquiring journalism..."

See also the New York Times Book review, "A Writer's Beginnings in Kenya" by By ALEXANDRA FULLER, (August 14, 2011, p. 12) of his book, One Day I Will Write About This Place, (Minneapolis, MN: Graywolf Press, 2011).

Wajibu, Journal of Social and Religious Concern
Nairobi quarterly journal. Has the full text of some articles. Topics include AIDS, crime, the handicapped, older people, refugees, Paulo Freire's pedagogy, Christian and Muslim dialogue, "Hekima College-An Experience in Intercultural Living," etc. Earlier issues at 

Washington Post - African Lives
This series, on everyday life by Stephen Buckley, includes articles on Young Urban Kenyans and on AIDS in Kenya.

Woodrow Wilson Center Africa Program
Promotes "...dialogue between scholars and policymakers in Washington, DC and around the world. Has publications online.

Zawadi Africa
"Provides " and cover startup costs for needy young women from Africa to pursue a higher education in the US." "In 2002, Susan Mboya, daughter of Tom Mboya, created the Zawadi Africa Education Program, a pilot program loosely based on the 1960’s student African Student Airlifts to help young African women to obtain a college education. As with the original airlifts, the program paired US Universities with talented but needy young women from East Africa." Student profiles. Schools involved include Duke, Yale, Smith. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio.