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About Liberia Today
Current news, politics, culture, will put up photos sent by visitors to Liberia. Produced by Cavalla Business Solutions. Based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA.

Accord: An International Review of Peace Initiatives (London)
Published by Conciliation Resources, London. Has the full text of special issues - "The Liberian Peace Process 1990-1996" [1996]. Includes a Chronology, 1989-1996.

Advocates for Human Rights - A House with Two Rooms: Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia Diaspora Project
Published by DRI Press, St. Paul, Minnesota. Full text of the report is online. "At the request of the Liberian Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC), The Advocates for Human Rights coordinated the work of the TRC in the diaspora, including the U.S. , U.K., and the Buduburam Refugee Settlement in Ghana. A House with Two Rooms, the final report of the Liberia TRC Diaspora Project documents the experience of human rights abuses and humanitarian law violations that forced Liberians to leave the country." The AHR is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

African Recipes Secrets
"African food and dessert recipes - A lifetime collection of African recipes presented by a native Liberian. Includes instructions, personal experiences, and insights into African cultures." Baking tips.

All About Liberia
News blog. Has a History of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, articles on tourism, a few music videos. Alot of ads. The owner is Bukey Diahn.

American Colonization Society, Library of Congress Exhibit
The U.S. Library of Congress holds the records of the American Colonization Society which established Liberia. Exhibit descriptions provide historical background on this period. The Colonization section is part of the African-American Mosaic exhibit.

Amnesty International - Liberia
Newes, reports, urgent actions.

Amnesty International - Liberia. Lack of Justice for Students, Victims of Torture including Rape
October 16, 2001 full text report (eleven pages). "On 21 March 2001 more than 40 Liberian students were arbitrarily detained and tortured and female students were raped after forces of the Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU) and the Special Operation Division (SOD) stormed the University of Liberia campus to stop a peaceful rally. Dozens of students and professors were beaten indiscriminately."!Open

Association of Citizens and Friends of Liberia, ACFLi
Founded 1990, by a group of Liberians and Friends of Liberia. Based in Sacramento, California.

Blyden (Edward Wilmot) and Africanism in America
Essay by Dr. Eluemuno-Chukuemeka R. Blyden, the great-grandson of Blyden. It is an "introduction to Blyden's Africanist ideas and his vision of the role of African Americans in the future of Africa." "...given at the 1992 Pan African Congress of North America held in Savannah, Georgia, USA." Includes a biographical outline and bibliography.

Bong Town Community
Liberian history, the counties and their flags (and photographs), Liberian music (download the national anthem and popular music), chronology from 1847, many contemporary photographs. History of the Bong Mining Company with photographs. Kranz is collecting issues of the print journal, Bong Mine News and accounts of the 1990 evacuation of the mines. Issues of die Coconut (a German newsletter) are online as images. Maintained by Robert W. Kranz, a photojournalist who was born in the Bong Mine Hospital.

Brumskine, Charles Walker
Site for Brumskine's 2003 presidential bid for the Liberia Unification Party, has a biography, speeches, interviews, declarations, party's press releases, constitution analysis, news, and photographs. Site maintained by Friends of Charles Brumskine, Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina.

Carleton University. Country Indicators for Foreign Policy (CIFP)
Provides country rankings, on-line presentations and a mapping component, risk assessments, regional conflict analysis, early warning research, and open-source data, measures of domestic armed conflict, governance and political instability, militarization, religious and ethnic diversity, demographic stress, economic performance, human development, environmental stress, and international linkages. "Our database currently includes statistical data measures for over hundred performance indicators for 196 countries, spanning fifteen years. These indicators are drawn from a variety of open sources." Statistics for African countries are sometimes not available. Has, in Adobe pdf, the ful text of Conflict Risk Assessment Report: West Africa: Mano River Union and Senegambia (01/04/2002) 369K; Democratic Republic of Congo: A Risk Assessment Brief (01/02/2002) 25K; Sierra Leone: A Risk Assessment Brief (01/02/2002) 35K.

Carter Center, Emory University
Describes work in Liberia. Election monitoring reports for Liberia such as 14 Dec 2005 2005 Liberian National Elections: Carter Center/NDI Interim Post-Election Statement.

Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia
"The objective of CENTAL is to institutionalize transparency and accountability in all facets of the Liberia society." Garrett J. Cummeh III is the Director. Full text reports, surveys. Media Monitoring Project, Web site based in Texas.

Christine's Genealogy Website - Emigrants to Liberia
Gathers in one place links to sites with primary documents on the first Liberian emigrants. Has a Roll of Emigrants that have been sent to the colony of Liberia, Western Africa, by the American Colonization Society and its auxiliaries, to September, 1843, &c. with full text of passages from "Information relative to the operations of the United States squadron on the west coast of Africa, the condition of the American colonies there, and the commerce of the United States therewith," 28th Congress, 2d. Session, S. Doc. 150, serial 458. Includes 19th censuses, ships' passenger lists, etc. Maintained by Christine Charity, based in Pontiac, Michigan.

Clandestine Radio Intel Web
Files are gone on Clandestine Radio but see the Internet Archive files for a report "Investigative Report: Liberian Situation and Star Radio: Bureaucratization of Clandestine Radio" By Nick Grace C.

Coalition of Progressive Liberians in the Americas, COPLA
In-depth articles by Liberians about Liberia, news of activities / events of Liberians in the U.S., a message board, the situation of Liberian refugees in the U.S., commentary on events in Liberia, etc. Based in Maryland, U.S.

[Cole] Peter Cole
Official site of Cole, Liberian composer, arranger and singer. Audio samples, video, biography, lyrics, discography.

Committee to Protect Journalists
Based in New York city, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization which does not accept government. funding. Section on Liberia. Search their Press Freedom Database to retrieve articles.

Congress for Democratic Change
Site has closed. Political party of George Weah, 2005 Presidential candidate. "The Congress for Democratic Change was founded in 2004. Groups of Liberians met in Liberia and the USA, respectively to express their frustration about the failure of leadership in Liberia and to find a way forward after the cessation of the 14-year long civil war." Party platform, articles, news, photographs.

Cuttington University College
The College " 120 miles north of Monrovia, is the oldest private, coeducational, four-year, degree-granting institution in sub-Saharan Africa." History of the College and its relations with the United States, photographs (including from the 1960s), list of college alumni and faculty, a 1999 talk by the College President on the history and present situation of the College, news.

Election 2011
Liberia 2011: Monitoring the 2011 Elections in Liberia.

Election 2005
TLC Africa - 2005 Election
Biographies, photographs of Presidential candidates, links to their web sites. Information on past Presidential elections. Based in Temple Hills, Maryland, U.S. See also National Elections Commission.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - Liberia Support Network
The ELC is helping rebuild rebuilding Curran Lutheran Hospital in Lofa County. Background on Liberia.

Exile News
"Beginning Monday, August 23, 2004, the Gedeh web site will be carrying, on a regular basis, stories about the Liberian Refugee Community in Ghana. This is a result of an agreement with Exile News , a Liberian news paper that caters to the Liberian refugee community in Ghana. The agreement authorizes the Gedeh web site to be the sole distributor of Exile News stories in the United States." "Exile News is produced by the media organization Report in Exile, consisting of a group of Liberian journalists living in exile in Ghana. The publication is sponsored by the Media Foundation for West Africa, the International Media Support, and International Freedom of Express Exchange, as part of their program to support media in conflict in Liberia. The Managing Editor of Exile News is Charles Jackson." Hosted by the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas Incorporated. See also the article at:

Footsteps. " Liberia Issue," January / February 2001
Footsteps is a magazine for young people published by Cobblestone Publishing, Peterborough, New Hampshire. Online Teacher's Guide by Jo Sullivan.

Friends of Liberia
Founded in 1986, a network of former Peace Corps volunteers, diplomats, missionaries, business people, relief workers, and Liberians. Includes an Election Observer page with stories / photos and the Communities Nurturing Children project. Has an on-line newsletter, Friends of Liberia e-Zine. Based in Rosslyn, Virginia.

Current Liberian news, commentary, interviews. Obituaries.

[Fry ] African Art Collection of Walter Logan Fry
In 1933 Walter Logan Fry became a Cashier with The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company's Bank of Monrovia. "During his stay in Liberia, he collected art and ethnographic objects, including Dan brass figures by Ldamie; Mende mask; silver, iron and aluminum jewelry; sword and scabbard; iron spear; cotton strip cloth; wool strip cloth with geometric weft inlay; and more." Site includes Fry's letters, photographs. Part of the The Digital Museum of Modern Art maintained by W. Logan Fry.

George Mason University, Institute of Public Policy, Program on Peacekeeping Policy (POPP)
POPP was established to study multinational peace operations. Their site has an account of the history of the Liberian civil war and of the United Nations Observer Mission in Liberia (UNOMIL) operations to Nov. 1994. It has a report, "Liberian Election Modeling" by POPP and World Vision Intl. which is part of their joint effort to see if information technology can be used to facilitate conflict resolution.
Liberian Election Modeling:
UNOMIL George Mason University page:
Main page:
UNOMIL operations:

Global Witness (London)
See their Liberia Campaign. Has the full text of "Taylor-Made - The Pivotal Role of Liberia's Forests in Regional Conflict" (2nd Edition, 2001), many Press Releases and reports on the arms trade and Liberia's logging industry, U.N. actions re Liberia, etc.

Global Witness. The Usual Suspects. Liberia’s Weapons and Mercenaries in Côte d’Ivoire and Sierra Leone Why it’s Still Possible, How it Works and How to Break the Trend
Pub. March 2003. 64 pages, in English and French. Topics: the Liberian arms trade, Pres. Charles Taylor's bank accounts, Liberian government mercenaries in Cote d'Ivoire and Sierra Leone, Liberian logging industry, etc.

Goldman Environmental Prize
Winners of the 2006 Prize included Silas Kpanan'Ayoung Siakor from Liberia. He " evidence that Liberia President Charles Taylor used the profits of unchecked, rampant logging to pay the costs of a brutal 14-year civil war..." The Goldman Prize, based in San Francisco, "...annually honor grassroots environmental heroes..."

Grand Gedeh Association (Minnesota Chapter)
"An online community for Grand Gedeans in Minnesota (others welcome)" Directory of all chapters. Articles. History, culture, music (audio clips). A non-profit organization established 1975 in Brooklyn, New York.

Growing up in Bomi Hills. Liberia, West Africa. L. M. C. Mining Company
"This site is all about Liberia, the country that my family and I moved to in 1970-1974. My dad worked for an Iron Ore mine in the middle of the rain forest.. Bomi Hills was a great place to live..." Covers the Firestone company, Bomi Hills Community. Site by Randy Sweeten.

INCORE Guide to Internet Sources on Conflict and Ethnicity in Liberia
From INCORE, the Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity, a joint initiative of the University of Ulster and the United Nations University. Based in Northern Ireland.

Indiana University. Liberian Collections Project
The "Liberian Collections include historical and ethnographic documents, newspapers, government publications, books, journals, dissertations, maps, slides, negatives, photographs, microfilms, audio & video tapes, artifacts and memorabilia." "The two core collections of the Liberian Collections Project are the Svend E. Holsoe Collection and the Warren L. d’Azevedo Collection..."; inventories are online. Contains an online Liberian news database. Jim Gray of Friends of Liberia (FOL), compiles an e-mail newsletter. The database contains "all of the extant news distributions by Mr. Gray from 1995 through March 2003. Since then, the Liberian Collections Project has continued the news distribution service for the Friends of Liberia..." Covers political, economic, social news, news of the Liberian diaspora mainly in the U.S. Has information on Liberia - Geography, Culture, and Economy, History of the Republic, 1822-1940s, The End of Americo-Liberian Power, Civil War and Charles Taylor, Current Situation, and News. The Project is an Archives of Traditional Music initiative.

International Committee of the Red Cross
Has information on the Liberian Red Cross Society.

International Crisis Group - Liberia and Sierra Leone: Rebuilding Failed States
Africa Report N°87. 8 December 2004. Full text. 44 p., in PDF.

International Crisis Group - "Liberia: the Key to Ending Regional Instability"
Published April 2002. Full report in Adobe pdf. "What is needed is a two-track approach aimed at truly free and fair elections. Both pressure and "principled" engagement should be used to obtain a negotiated solution that ends Liberia's conflict and secures fundamental reforms, including restructuring of the armed forces, return of opposition, and guarantees of freedom of expression and political activity." ICG is "an independent, non-profit, multinational organisation, based in Brussels, Belgium.

International Crisis Group - Liberia's Elections: Necessary But Not Sufficient
38 p. in PDF. 7 September 2005, Africa Report No. 98. Includes a Liberia map with county boundaries, list of the 30 registered political parties. list of the alliances and coalitions, registered voter numbers by County.

International Crisis Group - Tackling Liberia: The Eye of the Regional Storm
Full textx report, in Adobe pdf, pub. April 2003. 55 p."There is a critical need for further international action to end the civil war in Liberia - and to halt the spread of chaos beyond its borders that has both inflamed the Côte d'Ivoire crisis and threatens wider military conflict and humanitarian disaster in much of West Africa."

Iron Ladies of Liberia
Site for a film on Liberian women leaders - President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Beatrice Munah Sieh, the national police chief, Dr. Antoinette Sayeh, the minister of finance, Minister of Justice Francis Johnson-Morris, Commerce Minister Olubanke King Akerele, and Minister of Gender Vabah Kazaku Gayflor.

Johnson, Martin - Liberia Page
Johnson was a Peace Corps volunteer, from December 1974 to December1976, in a small rural village, Jorwah, located in the Guinea Highlands among the Kpelle people. Has photographs and an account of life in the town of Jorwah.

Liberia - Archives
Various reports, by Verlon Stone, on existing and potential projects to preserve Liberian archives. Topics include:Liberia Presidential Archives, Liberian Document Repositories: Assessment Trip (2004) [Powerpoint slides], and Assessment of Librarian Document Repositories (2004). Presented at the Title VI librarians meeting in New Orleans (Nov. 2004). On the Indiana University Libraries (Bloomington), African Studies Collection web site.

Liberia Constitution (1839)
Full text of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Liberia, Adopted by the Board of Directors of the American Colonization Society, January 5, 1839. Part of the Afro-American Almanac.

Liberia. Consulate General. New York
Visa and passport applications, birth and death affidavit, etc. Links to related sites. Based in New York City.

Liberia Contemporees United Patriotic & Strong
"...a political organization that is working to ensure a better future for all Liberians. One of our main roles is that of a facilitator. This all-inclusive organization is now serving as a pressure group exposing the misdeeds of the despotic regime in Liberia, while at the same time preparing the new generation of leaders who will transform the country into a functioning democracy." Its leader is T. Q. Harris. Press releases, speeches (print and audio), articles, human rights abuses, older issues of their newsletter, Contemporary Voice. Has an extensive directory of Liberian organizations in the U.S. and an audio file of the national anthem. Based in Long Beach, California. or

Liberia. Embassy. United States
Basic country facts, press releases, speeches, consular/visa information, free e-newsletter, etc. Based in Washington, D. C.

Liberia. Executive Mansion
Official site. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's biography. Vice President Joseph N. Boakai's biography. Directory of Cabinet web sites. Major speeches, conferences, press releases, budget messages, photos, video.

Liberia Human Rights Project
Accounts of human rights abuses in Liberia (1990s to 2003) including during the Charles Taylor period. Operated by the Liberia Human Rights Project, based in Frederick, Maryland, USA.

Liberia Institute of Journalism
Produces the West Africa Newsletter, which reports on Human Rights, Democracy & Development. The e-mail newsletter has news summaries with links to the original sources. Based in Monrovia, Liberia.

Liberia Page - Ijoma Robert Flemister
Flemister is Special Emissary to Ruth Perry, Chairman of the Council of State of Liberia and was a Member, 47th & 48th Legislatures, Republic of Liberia. Site has the 1986 Liberia Constitution, the July 1997 General Elections Final Tally, many links to online information on Liberia (U.S. govt., ngos, PANA newswire stories, etc.). Has the Liberian national anthem, basic information on Liberia, information on the Friends of Liberia.

Liberia Past and Present
Political and economic history of Liberia, including cultural affairs, from 1822 to date. Includes a chronology of Liberia's presidents with biographical information, maps, photographs (19th c. colonists), section on Liberian money with images, a bibliography. Maintained by Dr. Fred Van Der Kraaij whose dissertation was on the role of foreign investments in the development of Liberia 1900-1977, published as "The open door policy of Liberia : an economic history of modern Liberia ." (1983).

Liberia Unification Party - LUP- USA
Site closed. See UNHCR information. Isaac F. Manneh, Sr. is the National Chairman. Counselor Charles Walker Brumskine is the party's presidential candidate for 2003. Has party manifesto, views and policies. Party based in Monrovia. Web site based in Charlotte, North Carolina. [CA]

Liberian Center
Learn about Liberia's people, history, food, the effects of the civil war described in the words of a Liberian. Includes "A Day in the life of an indigenous-Liberian village" and "Experiences of Liberians who are Studying, Working, and Living Overseas." Has photographs. Maintained by Joseph Tellewoyan.

Liberian Community Association. Washington Metropolitan Area
"Founded in the early 70's to serve as a vehicle for the uniting of Liberians living in Washington, DC., the Virginia and Maryland surburbs." Is a chapter of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas. Based in Maryland, U.S.A.

Liberian Democracy Initiative, LDI
" independent, non-profit, non-partisan and professional organization dedicated to advancing the interests of Liberia." Its goals - "Being an advocacy organization and meaningful voice for Liberia in the United States. Seeking to advise and strengthen the United States public policy towards Liberia. Promoting and strengthening democratic institutions, principles and values in Liberia. Promoting free market institutions, open competition, economic developments and investments in Liberia." Press releases, statements, reports. Based in Washington, D.C.

Liberian Dialogue
"...a non-partisan, issue-oriented web magazine, whose mission is to provide a forum that will facilitate the healthy exchange of ideas among Liberians and others, in discussing the future of our country." Political commentary, news . The site, based in Georgia, U.S.A., is owned by Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh.

Opinion pieces on Liberian affairs, links to Liberia-related sites and news, facts about Liberia, it's art and culture. Discussion forums, jokes forum. Based in Ottawa, Canada.

Liberian Immigration National Advocacy Commission
Volunteer organization "...advocating for the passage of the "Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act of 2001" by the United States Congress during the 107th Congress, 1st Session (2001), and for its subsequent signing by President Bush. This law will bring immigration relief to thousand of Liberians who have sought refuge and protection in the United States..."

Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry
"Liberia also offers one of the most convenient, efficient, and tax effective offshore corporate registries in the world." Information on establishing a company in Liberia, their newsletter, Flagship, press releases, online forms. Based in Vienna, Virginia.

Liberian Journal
Current news. Directory of Liberian diaspora organizations. Community events. The publisher is Mr. Abdullah Kiatamba. Based in Minnesota.

Liberian Mandingo Association of New York
Community news, Liberian political news. Commentary. Links to other Liberian community sites.

Liberian Online
Liberian news, discussion forums. Information about Liberia. Has syndication options. Free registration required to use certain features (journal, job center, photo gallery). Site built and managed by Liberians of all backgrounds.

Liberian Peace Process 1990-1996.
The full text of a special issue of the journal, Accord, published by Conciliation Resources, Lancaster House, London. The issue includes the text of many of the agreements made, profiles of key figures and organizations.

Liberian Post
The Liberian Post, an internet magazine, " an independent and non political Dutch initiative..." Has a report of a trade mission by three Dutch citizens to Liberia (1998, by Willem Tijssen), many photographs, investment incentives, facts about Liberia, etc.

Liberian Soccer
"...on the Liberia national football team, scores and game highlights, stories, players profile, pictures and interviews of players."

Liberian Studies Association
"a non-profit, scholarly organization created to provide a forum for scholarship on Liberia." Holds an annual conference.  Older issues of the Liberian Studies Journal are online.

Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy, LURD - Sekou Damate Conneh Jr.
Conneh is National Chairman of LURD. Biography of Conneh, LURD manifesto, programs, press releases, issues & ideas, photographs. "Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) has no intention of transforming itself into a political party or a permanent superstructure of governance." Hosted on the web site of a Tripod/Lycos site. and

See also the history of LURD on the Liberian Post web site.

LSA-L, Liberia Discussion Group
Discussion list on Liberia. To subscribe, send e-mail to:
Leave the subject area blank. In the message area put:
subscribe LSA-L YourFirstName YourLastName
Messages on this list can be read in the Usenet group, soc.culture.liberia, formed November 1995. Reuters newswire stories on Liberia periodically appear on this list.

Lyons, Terrence - Postconflict Elections: War Termination, Democratization, and Demilitarizing Politics
Covers Angola, Cambodia, El Salvador, Mozambique, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Liberia. Institute for Conflict Analyais and Resolution Working Paper 20, 2002. 40 p. in PDF. Terrence Lyons is on the faculty at George Mason University (Fairfax, VA).

Information on Liberia related mining companies such as Mano River Resources Inc., African Aura Resources Ltd., Mantle Diamonds Ltd. Has articles on mining companies worldwide, a country section, information by mining company.

Morlu, John Sembe - John Morlu for President
Site has closed. Official site of John Morlu for President of Liberia 2005 campaign, candidate of the Liberia National Union (LINU) Party. Contains speeches, highlights, biography, newspaper articles, photographs, and links to other sites. Maintained by the John Morlu for President Committee.

Movement for Democratic Change in Liberia (MDCL)
"...a nonprofit independent political movement dedicated to achieving nonviolent democratic change in Liberia." It is a coalition of Liberians at home and abroad." "On December 2, 2000, Liberians from around the world, supported by the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas, met in Minnesota and established the Movement for Democratic Change in Liberia." Publishes a newsletter, MDCL Forum. Offers advocacy documents, press releases for download. Based in Minneapolis, MN.

National Elections Commission
Election results, many maps (electoral district, etc.), full text of legal documents, press releases, voter education materials, sample ballots, financial disclosure forms of candidates, organizations sending election observers, photographs.

National Freedom Party of Liberia
Established 2001 "The National Freedom Party of Liberia is a grass root political party committed to the rehabilitation and democratization process in war torn Liberia." Party platform, constitution, key issues, press releases. Party Chairman, Dr. Edwin G.K. Zoedua, was also founder and president of the Liberian Social Justice Foundation, Inc. Web site based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Network Startup Resource Center
Information on the internet and networking in Liberia. Has full text documents providing a history of the internet in Liberia. NSRC, run by Randy Bush, John Klensin, Steven Huter, Michael Downhill, is a major site for information on electronic networking in Africa.

New African Research and Development Network, NARDANET
Based in Montserrado, Liberia.

New Narratives - Women Reporting Africa
Liberian women journalist training program, " with Liberia's best reporters at the biggest media houses" Reports on political, human rights issues in Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, etc.

Nobel Peace Prize 2011
The 2011 Nobel Peace Prize was won by Liberia's President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberian human rights activist, Leymah Gbowee, and human rights activist Tawakkul Karman from Yemen.

Pajibo, Ezekiel - Liberia Ending the Horror
Published July 15, 2003. From Foreign Policy In Focus, a joint program of Interhemispheric Resource Center (IRC) and Institute for Policy Studies (IPS).

Palava Hut
News, commentary, photographs, obituaries. Based in Euless, Texas.

PBS. Global Connections - Liberia and the United States: Historic Ties and Policy Decisions
Grade Level 9-12. "Students will understand how relations between countries change over time in response to both domestic and international pressures. They will think critically about factors affecting U.S. foreign policy toward Liberia and analyze the comparative weight of historic ties, historic debts, pragmatic political alliances, and human rights." Video clips of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Liberia trip, a meeting of President William V. S. Tubman with President John F. Kennedy, President Samuel Doe, commentary by Herman Cohen. Use the PBS search box to find other stories about Liberia.

PBS - Jim Lehrer News Hour
Use the Search facility to retrieve transcripts of TV programs on Liberia, mainly from 1996. For those with sound cards has a RealAudio version as well. PBS is a "private, nonprofit corporation whose members are America's public TV stations. Founded in 1969." Recent Africa Broadcasts:

PBS. Liberia's Civil War
Profile of Charles Taylor, articles from 1996 to 2003, video clips, article by Somini Sengupta, New York Times reporter. Essays and lessons for schools (The Story of Liberia, Liberia and the U.S., economic factors and U.S. foreign policy), a historical chronology, From PBS, the public television organization.

Peal, Alexander - Goldman Environmental Prize 2000
Is "the world's largest prize program honoring grassroots environmentalists." "Since the mid -1970s, Alexander Peal, has been a primary champion of [Liberia's] forest conservation and wildlife preservation efforts." He is the President and founder of the Society for the Conservation of Nature of Liberia (SCNL).

The Perspective (Atlanta, Georgia)
Electronic and print journal on Liberia's political future. Many full text articles, commentaries. Published by the Liberian Democratic Future (LDF), "a group of Liberians from different ethnic backgrounds, genders, religious beliefs and political persuasions who are dedicated to pluralistic , democratic Liberia."

Press Union of Liberia
"The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) was founded to clamor for press freedom, democracy, social justice and peace." "The Union is the only umbrella organization of Liberian journalists."

Program on Security and Development, SAND
"...focuses on documenting, investigating and consulting..." regarding the proliferation and indiscriminate use of small arms and light weapons. Hosts the Geneva 2001 database an electronic collection of official statements made and actions taken by governments regarding the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons. Includes Liberia's decision to destroy surplus weapons in 1999. Full text documents (in Adobe .pdf) are available. Affiliated with the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, Calif.

PBS. Global Connections - Liberia and the United States: Historic Ties and Policy Decisions
Grade Level 9-12. "Students will understand how relations between countries change over time in response to both domestic and international pressures. They will think critically about factors affecting U.S. foreign policy toward Liberia and analyze the comparative weight of historic ties, historic debts, pragmatic political alliances, and human rights." Video clips of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Liberia trip, a meeting of President William V. S. Tubman with President John F. Kennedy, President Samuel Doe, commentary by Herman Cohen. Use the PBS search box to find other stories about Liberia.

PBS - Jim Lehrer News Hour
Use the Search facility to retrieve transcripts of TV programs on Liberia, mainly from 1996. For those with sound cards has a RealAudio version as well. PBS is a "private, nonprofit corporation whose members are America's public TV stations. Founded in 1969." Recent Africa Broadcasts:

PBS. Liberia's Civil War
Profile of Charles Taylor, articles from 1996 to 2003, video clips, article by Somini Sengupta, New York Times reporter. Essays and lessons for schools (The Story of Liberia, Liberia and the U.S., economic factors and U.S. foreign policy), a historical chronology, From PBS, the public television organization.

Save the Children - Children in Liberia Victims of Sexual Exploitation, Study Finds
From Camp to Community: Liberia study on exploitation of children. May 8, 2006 full text report on the exploitation of children by humanitarian workers, peacekeepers and local businessmen. "adults providing humanitarian assistance, peacekeepers and wealthy individuals regularly buy under-age sex."

Scott, Colin - Humanitarian Action and Security in Liberia 1989-1994
By Colin Scott in collaboration with Larry Minear and Thomas G. Weiss. Full text, 79 p. in Adobe pdf. (Watson Institute. Occasional Paper #20). Based at Brown University, Providence Rhode Island.

SeaBreeze, a Journal of Contemporary Liberian Writings
" international quarterly online journal devoted to publishing nonfiction and original short fiction narratives, poetry, interviews, reviews, and social and political articles, analyses, criticism, commentary and essays arising out of Liberian life by Liberian writers..." Web site based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Shick, Tom W., Roll of the Emigrants to the Colony of Liberia Sent by the American Colonization Society from 1820-1843
The raw data and documentation which records all emigrants to Liberia between 1820-1843, brought by the American Colonization Society can be downloaded. The data set includes place of origin/arrival, status of individual, occupation, name of the ship which carried the emigrant, etc. Bundled with this is the data set, Liberian Census Data, 1843. The late Tom Shick (Dept. of Afro-American Studies, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison) was Principal Investigator of this project.

Six Degrees (Stanford)
Produced by Stanford University students.The Fall 2003 issue, in PDF, has an article on Liberian refugees in the Ivory Coast, by Nicolai Lidow; an article on violence against women in Cape Verde, by Teal Pfeifer, gender based violence during political conflicts, by Lisa Ehrlich. Based in Palo Alto, California.

Sliding Liberia: a Story of War, Peace, and Surfing
Four young surfers and present day Liberia. See also the article in Stanford Alumni Association Magazine, July/August 2008. Film site has many photographs of Liberia, video clips, background of the film.

Small Arms Survey - "Armed and Aimless: Armed Groups, Guns, and Human Security in the ECOWAS Region"
Full text of the book, in English and French. 412 p. Maps, bibliographies. Edited by Nicolas Florquin and Eric G. Berman. "detailed information on more than 35 armed groups that have destabilized West Africa since 1998" "The Small Arms Survey is an independent research project located at the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland." Also available from Reliefweb in English in (very large file!) PDF. and

Includes - Nigeria (oil producing states, Christian-Muslim conflict), northern Mali (Tuareg-Arab, Al-Qaeda influence), Ghana (gun manufacturing), Liberia, Guinea (refugees from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cote d'Ivoire), Mano River Union (child soldiers in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone), Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cote d'Ivoire, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Niger, Senegal (Casamance), Sierra Leone, Togo.

[Smith, Amanda] An Autobiography. The Story of the Lord's Dealings with Mrs. Amanda Smith the Colored Evangelist; Containing an Account of Her Life Work of Faith, and Her Travels in America, England, Ireland, Scotland, India, and Africa, as an Independent Missionary
(Chicago: Meyer & Brother, Publishers,1893). Full text of the book by the African-American missionary. She traveled to Liberia in 1882, to Sierra Leone, Old Calabar. Includes illustrations. Part of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Documenting the American South.

Usenet newsgroup to discuss Liberian affairs, formed November 1995. The discussion list on Liberia LSA-L is gatewayed to this newsgroup.

Special Court for Sierra Leone
" independent treaty based institution, established by an Agreement between the United Nations and Sierra Leone." Court documents, U.N. documents, press releases, etc. Has the text of Charles Ghankay Taylor's Indictment. Based in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Stella Maris Polytechnic
A Catholic university in Monrovia, Liberia. Was formerly the Arthur Barclay Technical Institute -ABTI and formerly Don Bosco Polytechnic. It is "recognized by the Ministry of Education, Republic of Liberia..."

[Taylor] Trial of Charles Taylor
Trial proceedings, trial background. Daily courtroom updates from the trial of former Liberian president, Charles Taylor. Taylor is being tried by the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) but the trial is held in The Hague, Netherlands. From the Open Society Justice Initiative (George Soros).

Teh, Tarty
Mr. Teh's commentaries on Liberian politics and history and accounts of his childhood. Has a Dialogue on the Liberian Civil War. and

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia
"The TRC establish an independent and accurate record of the rights violations and abuses occasioned by the conflict and set the basis for justice and reconciliation." Documents such as the 1984 Constitution, Liberia Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

[Tubman] William V. S. Tubman University
"Liberia's second government-owned and operated university after the University of Liberia" Formerly William V.S. Tubman College of Science and Technology Tubman University. Staff directory. Based in Harper, Maryland County.

[Tubman, Winston] Friends of Winston
Site supporting the Presidential Candidacy of Winston A. Tubman. "provides information about Mr. Tubman, his record, background, speeches and history of achievement. It also provides viewers with up-to-date information on his campaign and opportunities to get involved." Has an e-newsletter. Based in Windsor Mill, Maryland.

Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas
"...umbrella group of Liberians and their various organizations in the Americas." Non profit NGO "formed on July 4, 1974 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania..." Links to other community sites.

United Methodist Church. General Commission on Archives and History (Madison, New Jersey) - Liberia
Has a Guide to the John McKendree Springer Papers (correspondence with African nationals, the Congo Protestant Council, 1920-1961, Angola, Central and Southern, Congo, Liberia, Rhodesia, Southeast Africa).

United Nations. Dept. of Humanitarian Affairs, ReliefWeb
Has a Liberia Page. Large collection of reports, U.N. resolutions, press releases, news reports, background information, mainly from the U.N. but also from Oxfam, church groups, other organizations.

United Nations Development Program - Liberia
Current political and economic news and programs (disarmament, governance, human rights, HIV/AIDS, environment issues), press releases. Full text documents such as: Joint Needs Assessment (105 p. in PDF.)

United Nations Mission in Liberia - UNMIL
"...established by Security Council resolution 1509 (2003) of 19 September 2003 to support the implementation of the ceasefire agreement and the peace process; protect United Nations staff, facilities and civilians; support humanitarian and human rights activities; as well as assist in national security reform, including national police training and formation of a new, restructured military."

United Nations. Security Council Committee Concerning the Situation in Liberia Pursuant to Resolution 1343 (2001)
Resolutions, annual reports, press releases, travel ban list, selected documents.

United States. Army Service Forces. Special Service Division.
A Pocket guide to West Africa.

Prepared by Special Service Division, Army Service Forces, United States Army. Full text. 27 pages, in Adobe PDF. (Washington, D.C. : War and Navy Departments : U.S. Government Printing Office, 1943.)

Topics include: The Value of Good Will, French West Africa, British West Africa, Portuguese Guinea, Liberia, How Africans Live, How to Make Friends, Things to Do and Not to Do. From Southern Methodist University. World War II: 1939-1945. Historic Government Publications from World War II.

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members - Liberia
Provides a list of the President, Cabinet members, the Governor of the Central Bank, the country's Ambassador to the U.S., and its U.N. Representative.

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. World Factbook - Liberia
Information on geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communication, defense, etc.

United States. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Use the Search to locate U.S. government decrees in the Federal Register regarding Liberian citizens in the U.S., information about Liberia such as -

Liberia Unification Party, the National Teachers Association of Liberia, the Liberian National Security Agency (NSA) (from 1982 through 1997), a bibliography (18 p. in Adobe PDF many citations from FBIS Daily Report), a report - Disintegration of the Liberian Nation Since the 1989 Civil War (56 p. in Adobe PDF including a four page history, Liberian refugees abroad), Deferred Enforced Departure for Liberians: Questions & Answers.

U.S. Committee for Refugees
Use the Search box to locate information on Liberia. Has a directory of U.S. refugee assistance organizations, press releases, photographs. Provides resettlement and employment services to refugees, helps them acculturate to American society. Based in Washington, D.C.

U.S. Congress
Thomas, U.S. Legislative Information, is a great resource. Has keyword search access to the full text of the U.S. CONGRESSIONAL RECORD (similar to parliamentary proceedings or debates) for the 103rd, 104th, and the 105th Congresses and to Congressional legislation. Find discussions on Liberia in the US Congress.

See also GPO Access:
[Some universities also subscribe to Congressional Universe.]

United States. Department of Homeland Security - Immigration Statistics
Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, statistics on legal permananet residents by country, statistics on naturalized citizens by country.

United States. Department of State. Report on Human Rights Practices - Liberia.
2011 Report, 2010 Report, 2009 Liberia, 2008 Report, 2007 Report, 2006 Report, 2005 Report, 2004 Report, 2003 Report, 2002 Report, 2001 Report, 2000 Report, 1999 Report, 1998 Report, 1997 Report, 1996 Report, 1993-1995 Reports:

United States. Department of State. Travel Warnings

United States Institute of Peace - Agreement on Ceasefire and Cessation of Hostilities Between the Government of the Republic of Liberia and Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy and the Movement for Democracy in Liberia
Text of the agreement signed June 2003. The USIP " is an independent, nonpartisan federal institution created by Congress to promote the prevention, management, and peaceful resolution of international conflicts."

United States Institute of Peace - Comprehensive Peace Agreement Between the Government of Liberia and the Liberians United for Reconcilation and Democracy (LURD) and the Movement for Democracy in Liberia (MODEL) and Political Parties.
Text of the agreement signed in Accra 18th August, 2003.

United States. Library of Congress - African-American Mosaic (Liberia)
LC's exhibit, "The African-American Mosaic" has photos (including the first President and First Lady of Liberia) and a history of the colonization of Liberia. The Library of Congress holds the American Colonization Society Papers.

United States, Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division, 19th Century maps of Liberia
"...includes twenty examples from the American Colonization Society (ACS), organized in 1817 to resettle free black Americans in West Africa. These maps show early settlements in Liberia, indigenous political subdivisions, and some of the building lots that were assigned to settlers. This on-line presentation also includes other nineteenth-century maps of Liberia: a map prepared for a book first published in the 1820's by ACS agent Jehudi Ashmun, a map showing the areas in Liberia that were ceded to the society by indigenous chiefs, and a detailed map dated 1869 by a man thought to be the black American explorer Benjamin Anderson."  Has a History of Liberia Timeline.  [KF]

University of Liberia
"The University of Liberia was established in 1862 as Liberia College and became a University in 1951...the oldest degree-granting institution in West Africa."

University of Pennsylvania Liberia Page and Search Engine
Maps, an embassy directory, travel, language information, etc. Created by Julie Sisskind, now maintained by Ali Dinar.

University of Virginia. Liberian Letters
The Univ. of Virginia, Electronic Text Center, provides the full text of two collections of letters written by former slaves from Virginia who settled in Liberia: Samson Ceasar's letters to David S. Haselden and Henry F. Westfall, 1834-1835, and Letters from the former slaves of Terrell, 1857-1866. The letters are held by University of Virginia Library Special Collections.

Virginia Emigrants to Liberia
"Between 1820 and 1865 more than 3700 African Americans from Virginia emigrated to Liberia." "In 1847, they helped establish the first African republic." Database of nearly 3700 Virginia emigrants to Liberia and nearly 250 Virginia emancipators, "a timeline of relevant events and documents between 1787 and 1866..." Material from Marie Tyler-McGraw's research for her book on Virginia's role in the African colonization movement.

War Child
U.K. NGO to aid child victims of war; has projects in Africa (Pavarotti Liberian Children's Village, Monrovia, etc.) Has a separate UK web site.

In French. "about the culture of the Wé people (known as Guéré, Wobé, Khran or Kran) from Cote
d'ivoire and Libéria." masks, sculpture, stories, Wobe mythology, wall murals, maps, histories of origins, the Cote d'Ivoire coup and war, songs (with audio files), sorcery and Robert Guei.

Women of F.I.R.E, (Friends Integrated for Remarkable Excellence) Inc.
"...a humanitarian organization of young Liberian women, was founded in August of 2002 and is a registered non-profit corporation in the state of Georgia." Scholarships for students in Liberia, assists Liberian schools, Liberian refugees.