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Air Seychelles
In French, English, German, Italian. Tourism information, timetable/schedule, tourism in the Seychelles. Offices in Paris, Los Angeles and other cities.

Another View of Seychelles Politics
Blog on Seychelles politics.

Atlas (Seychelles) Ltd. (Victoria)
Has an e-mail directory for individuals, companies, government organizations, hotels, travel agencies, organizations. The first internet service provider in the Seychelles. Links to web sites for hotels & travel orgs., government bodies, company pages, personal pages.

Canada. Dept. of Foreign Affairs & International Trade. Travel Information & Advisory Reports
Travel advisories, health conditions, reports for Seychelles.

COMESA, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
"COMESA [formerly the PTA] exists as an organisation of free independent sovereign states which have agreed to co-operate in developing their natural and human resources for the good of all their people'. With its 19 member states and population of 300 million it forms a major integrated trading block." Has a business & trade directory by country, information on customs tariffs by country, road/transport including road distances, economic profiles for each country (Seychelles, etc.) Has the text of Doing Business with COMESA: the Handbook, legal guides to establishing business, etc.

Commission de l'Ocean Indien (COI) / Indian Ocean Commission - Seychelles
The Indian Ocean Commission, (with offices in Victoria-Mahe and in Rome), is a private consortium encouraging tourism in the Seychelles, the Comoro Islands, Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar. Has the COI News. The COI is in partnership with the European Union. Site in English, French, German and Italian.

Coral Reefs - Action Atlas
Site by Mother Jones magazine and the Coral Reef Alliance in Berkeley, California. On endangered coral reefs in Seychelles and other countries.

Creolist Archives - Seychelles
Page of the CreoLIST mailing list for creolists and others interested in creolistics and other contact language issues. The discussion list began in February 1997. The website has audio files of Nigerian Pidgin English, Reunion Creole, Seychelles Creole; A bibliography of works concerning Mauritian Creole, compiled by Lisa Morken (1999); "A Dual Approach to French Creole Genesis" by Mikael Parkvall (1995).

Electoral Institute of Southern Africa - Seychelles
Seychelles Historical and Social Overview, Electoral Commission, 2001 Presidential Election. The Institute's goals are "the promotion of electoral policies and practices that will produce free and fair elections, and secondly the development of programmes which encourage a civic environment conducive to democratic elections..." Based in Johannesburg.

Ethnologue - Seychelles
From the publication, Ethnologue: Languages of the World, 13th ed. (Dallas, Tx.: Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1996), edited by Barbara F. Grimes. Provides numbers of speakers by language, dialects, linguistic affiliation, etc.

Main Page:

Gabriel (Miles) Homepage
Currently finishing a MSc degree in Geographical Information Science at Leicester University, Miles Gabriel recently completed a contract with a European Union funded Coastal Zone Management project in the Seychelles." I have been working in Seychelles for the 'Commission de l'Ocean Indien Programme Regional Environnment,' as an Environmental Consultant." Photo of La Digue Island.

Geoweb. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
A nice resource. Create custom maps easily. Maps are about 4 x 4 inches. In English, French, Spanish. Select a language, choose the country, select Maps and Satellite Images. Create maps showing administrative boundaries, cities, roads, rivers, railroads, population, crops, satellite images of Cold Cloud Duration and Vegetation Index, etc.

Iles de l'Océan Indien
Travel, tourism information, in French and English, for Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles. Covers hotels, tours, sightseeing, water sports, golf. Has links to related sites.

Index on Africa - Seychelles
A directory of sites about the Seychelles. From the Norwegian Council for Africa.

Indian Ocean Rim Region:Virtual Library
Site has not been updated recently. Based at Edith Cowan University, Churchlands, Western Australia.

International Census Collection Online Catalog, Univ. of Texas (Austin) - Seychelles
A bibliography of census holdings, mainly population and housing censuses. Volumes may be borrowed thru interlibrary loan by U.S. libraries.
Main page:

International Monetary Fund. Seychelles and the IMF
Official site. Covers statistics, economic development, trade, Seychelles position in the Fund. Documents are in Adobe PDF.

Library of Congress Country/Area Studies - Indian Ocean, Five Island Countries
Information on the history, society, economy, politics, national security of Madagascar, Mauritius, Comoros, Seychelles, Maldives. Published 1995. 407 pages.

Mbendi Country Profile - Seychelles
Basic country data, map, information on the oil and gas industry. By MBendi Information Services (Pty) Ltd. a business consulting company in Claremont, South Africa.

National Strategies for Sustainable Development, NSSD
Has the full text of Bass S.M.J. and Dalal-Clayton D.B. (1995): Small Island States and Sustainable Development: Strategic Issues and Experience, (Environmental Planning Issues No.8), International Institute for Environment and Development, London. "focuses on the ecological, economic and social factors which typify small island states, and lead to their vulnerabilities." Includes case studies of recent island strategies in Mauritius, the Seychelles, the Caribbean, St Helena and the Solomon Islands. "the goal of the project is to encourage the implementation of nssds in all countries by 2005, so as to ensure that current trends in the loss of environmental resources are effectively reversed at both global and national levels by 2015."

Network Startup Resource Center, NSRC (Eugene, Oregon)
History of connectivity in Seychelles, information on internet service providers.

Official SADC Trade, Industry & Investment Review
Has a country profile on the Seychelles. Covers the economy, taxation, mining, environment, labor, culture, tourism, trade contacts, diplomatic missions, etc. Published by Southern African Marketing Company Ltd (Gaborone, Botswana) in assoc. with the SADC Secretariat.

Organisation internationale de la francophonie. Missions d'observations d'?lections
In French. Has full text reports (in Adobe PDF format) on elections in the Seychelles and other countries.. From the Organisation internationale de la francophonie (Paris).

Parti Lepep - Seychelles People's United Party, SPUP
Government political party of Seychelles President James Alix Michel. Publishes the People newspaper.

The People (Victoria, Seychelles)
In English and Creole. Newspaper of the Parti Lepep - Seychelles People's United Party, SPUP. Based in Victoria, Seychelles.

Seychelles - a Country Study - Library of Congress
Full text reference book on the history, society, economy, politics, national security. Part of the Library of Congress Country/Area Studies Handbooks. One can search across all countries or any combination of countries and browse the table of contents for a specific country.

Seychelles in Figures
Statistics on all sectors. Online version of the print government reference title. Has a list of other statistical publications. Prepared by the Statistics and Database Administration Section (MISD). Published by Management & Information Systems Division, Victoria, Seychelles.

Seychelles Institute of Management (Victoria, Mahe)
A management development institute.

Seychelles International Business Authority
The Business Authority provides basic information about the Seychelles, the economy, tourism, trade and investment opportunities, history.

Seychelles Marine Conservation Expedition
A site on marine biodiversity and conservation in the Seychelles. Maintained by Simon Pittman, a marine biologist from London. .

Seychelles Marketing Board
"SMB's role has been to ensure a steady flow of essential commodities at stable prices to the end customer." "...the single largest business in Seychelles....and is a manufacturer, importer, exporter, retailer." Has the annual report in .pdf format.

Seychelles Medical and Dental Journal (Mahé)
Has full text articles. Editorial office: Victoria Hospital Mah?, Seychelles.

Seychelles Nation (Victoria)
Web site for the print newspaper. Has selected articles (currernt and older). ncludes news on the environment, business, diplomatic news / international relations, sports. Published by the Information Division, Ministry of Communications, Victoria, Seychelles.

Seychelles National Assembly

Seychelles. National Bureau of Statistics
Population, employment, labour, tourism, production, trade, surveys, maps, etc. Based in Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.

Seychelles National Party, SNP
In Creole and English. Political Party. Intends to "...begin a peaceful change of government through a new National Assembly in which the SNP will have a majority." Has "Proposals for Macro-Economic Review", party history, candidates' photographs, and the party newsletter, Vizyon. Web site based in Victoria, Seychelles.

Seychelles People's Progressive Front, SPPF
Site has closed. The country's main political party founded by France Albert RENE. "created in 1978 during the second congress of its precursor, the Seychelles People’s United Party (SPUP)." Based in Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.

Seychelles People's United Party
Site has closed. Publishes a print newspaper, The People (Victoria, Seychelles). In English and Creole. Based in Victoria, Seychelles.

Seychelles Review (Mahé, Seychelles)
Magazine founded in 1994. News of Indian Ocean countries, tourism, the economy. Published by James R. Mancham, Seychelles' first President.

Seychelles. State House. Office of the President

Seychelles Super Site
Extensive information for tourists & travelers to the Seychelles. Site by Phil Carta's New Adventures, Inc. (Florida, USA).

Seychelles Unlimited (Victoria, Seychelles)
Magazine designed and published by Mayfair Publications (PTY) Ltd. Has a few articles online.

Various tourism sites:
La Desirade -

Le Relax - graphic intensive.
Indian Ocean Angling Adventures -

U.S. Agency for International Development. Development Experience Clearinghouse
Full text reports from USAID consultants on foreign aid, African education, African agriculture, trade, health (including HIV/AIDS), food security, environment, democracy & governance, communications, energy, housing, humanitarian assistance, population, science, women in development.

United States. Census Bureau. Foreign Trade Statistics
Has Historical trade data by product categories (1996 + )U.S. Trade Balance with the Seychelles (1992 + )

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members - Seychelles
Provides a list of the President, Cabinet members, the Governor of the Central Bank, the country's Ambassador to the U.S., and its U.N. Representative.

United States. Central Intelligence Agency. World Factbook - Seychelles
The CIA provides information about the geography, people, government, economy, communications, transport, military and transnational issues.

United States. Department of State. Bureau of African Affairs - Seychelles
Links to Background Notes, Seychelles Country Study. See also the Virtual Presence Post Seychelles.

United States. Department of State. Consular Information Sheet- Seychelles
The State Dept. provides up-to-date information for tourists traveling to the Seychelles. See also the Virtual Presence Post Seychelles.

United States. Department of State. Country Commercial Guides
The "Guides (CCG's) are prepared annually by U.S. embassies with the assistance of several U.S. government agencies. These reports present a comprehensive look at countries' commercial environments, using economic, political and market analysis.
Seychelles - 1998 report, appended to the Mauritius report.

United States. Department of State. Report on Human Rights - Seychelles
2010 Report, 2009 Report, 2008 Report, 2007 Report, 2006 Report, 2005 Report, 2004 Report, 2003 Report, 2002 Report, 2001 Report, 2000 Report, 1999 Report, 1998 Report, 1997 Report, 1996 Report, 1993-1995 Reports.

United States. Federal Aviation Administration. International Flight Information Manual - Seychelles
Important Seychelles addresses (customs, immigration, etc.), links to other U.S. Seychelles information.

Univ. of Pennsylvania African Country Page- Seychelles
Maps, an embassy directory, travel, language information. Site created by Julie Sisskind, now maintained by Ali Dinar. UPenn has a keyword search facility for their very large web site.