South Africa and Mandela

Nelson Mandela - 1918 July 18 - 2013 December 5

Nelson Mandela - Official South African Government Site
Has the State Memorial Service Official Programme (in PDF) and tributes by world leaders.

SABC, South African Broadcasting Corporation - Mandela Memorial

Mail and Guardian - Nelson Mandela Dies

New York Times - Nelson Mandela, South Africa's Liberator as Prisoner and President, Dies at 95. By Bill Keller

BBC - Nelson Mandela funeral: President Obama's full speech (Video)

BBC - Nelson Mandela Memorial Service: Who Will Attend

Stanford Remembers Mandela - Facebook Page
Remembrance page for the Stanford community to celebrate the life and work of Madiba. Maintained by the Stanford African Students Association, SASA.

African National Congress
The ANC site has a wealth of primary sources including a Mandela page with speeches, photographs, a biography, his autiobiograpy, honors, awards, a condolence page, links to related sites.

BBC - Audio Slide Show - Nelson Mandela's 87th Birthday
July 18, 2005 BBC historical slide show, including audio file of Mandela's speech at the Rivonia Trial. In honor of Mandela's birthday, 18 July 1918. [KF]

CNN. Larry King Live. President Nelson Mandela One-on-One
May 16, 2000 interview.

C-Span - Cable Television Station Video Library
Free online videos from the U.S. cable television station, C-Span. Very large selection on African figures and topics. Videos may also be purchased.

Frontline - The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela
Site for the PBS TV program, May 25, 1999. Interviews with a wide variety of people who knew Mandela (his biographer -Richard Stengel, Thembu chiefs, Joe Matthews, Fatima Meer, Ahmed Kathrada, a man who hid Mandela in his apartment for almost 2 months, Neville Alexander, Fikile Bam, George Bizos, Mandela's guard, Strini Moodley, Jessie Duarte, Anthony Sampson, and others. Includes copies of Mandela's letters, chapters from his memoirs. Has a chronology (1912-1998), the transcript of the TV program, a teacher's guide. For those with a sound card, speakers, and fast connection - there is a 1977 video of a journalists' visit to Robben Island.[KF]

Google Image Search
Search for photos of Mandela.

Harvard Magazine - Mandela and Annan, What the World Needs Now.
Article about Nelson Mandela's Harvard visit to accept an honorary degree in the 100th Anniversary issue, November-December 1998 of Harvard Magazine. The issue also contains excerpts from Mandela's Harvard Address.

Kathrada, Ahmed - Alongside Nelson Mandela
"South African Ahmed Kathrada served 26 years as a political prisoner of apartheid with Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu. He is now a member of South Africa's Parliament." The interview, by Harry Kreisler, is part of the Institute of International Studies, U.C. Berkeley, "Conversations with History" series. Includes a biography and information on the Ahmed Kathrada Collection.

Mandela 80th Birthday Celebration
Site closed. About fund raising efforts by The 80th Birthday Promotions Company and other events for Mandela's July 18, 1998 80th birthday.

Mandela in Future of Hope Conference
Site has closed. Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Elie Wiesel and Shimon Peres appeaed in an internet video conference live Dec. 6, 1995. Mandela spoke very briefly on Bosnia.

Mandela - Long Walk to Freedom
Describes Mandela's autobiography with long passages and photographs from the book.   Long walk to freedom : the autobiography of Nelson Mandela. Boston : Little, Brown, c1994.   558 p., [24] p. of plates.

Mandela Museum - Nelson Mandela Museum

Nelson Mandela - Official South African Government Site
Biography, speeches, quotes, photographs, videos, links to related sites. Has the State Memorial Service Official Programme (in PDF), tributes by world leaders. [KF]

Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory / Nelson Mandela Digital Archive Project
"archival materials related to Nelson Mandela"  Includes Jack Swart one of Mandela's prison guards during 1988 - 1990,  videos, the notes to Mandela of authors who sent him books, etc.

Nelson Mandela Children's Fund
Official site. Funds programs for youth at risk. Speeches by Mandela. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Nelson Mandela Children's Fund (Canada)
Site has Closed. Established when its Chairperson Nelson Mandela pledged 1/3 of his salary for five years to the fund. Report on its activities, trustees.

Nelson Mandela Foundation
"...established in 1999 as the primary vehicle for Mr Mandela's continued pursuit of the ideals and goals he set while serving as South Africa's first democratically elected leader from 1994 – 1999." Has the text of Archbishop Desmond Tutu's Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture (Nov. 2004), speeches by Mandela. Projects include the 46664 Volunteer Campaign against HIV / AIDS, rural education. Houses the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory Project and the Mandela Archive (photographs, video of launch ceremony with Mandela, Ahmed Kathrada, Donald Card). Based in Johannesburg.

Nelson Mandela - Twenty Years of Freedom
Site has closed. Commemorates the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison on 11 February 1990. Has archival documents, photographs, news footage and other audio-visual material related to the release and the political events directly preceding and following. From Doxa Productions, its Visual History Archive, and the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Nobel e-Museum. 1993 Peace Prize
Mandela won the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize with F. W. De Klerk. His biography, his Nobel lecture, a long article on Mandela, related web sites.