South Africa economy

See also: Africa South of the Sahara - Development

Africa Film & TV
Purchased by Balancing Acts' Southwood Consultants Ltd. Was a magazine and annual directory on the African TV, film, and video industry from Z Promotions Pvt. Ltd., Harare, Zimbabwe. There is now a free e-newsletter, Broadcast, Film and Convergence with information on the film industry, satellite TV in Africa, etc.

African Mining (Roosevelt Park, South Africa)
Bimonthly magazine begun Jan. 1996 by Resource Publications. Covers the continent, has recent tables of contents. Subscribers receive a free weekly e-mail bulletin.

Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut
In Afrikaans with some English. An "....employer organisation, involved in all sectors of the economy except primary agriculture. The organisation was established in 1942 and is one of the principal employer organisations in the country, representing members of trade, industry, mining, financial institutions and a variety of service organisations." Has news on government policies affecting employers, guidelines on HIV / AIDS policies and programs for companies, etc. The Head Office is in Pretoria.

Alternative Information & Development Centre (Mowbray, South Africa)
" alternative information centre doing research, education and training, as well as campaigning and lobbying on the macro issues affecting the development process in South Africa." Includes full text articles on the Jubilee 2000 campaign, the World Trade Organization, Globalisation and Trade Liberalisation. Has full text issues of its newsletter, Alternatives. Campaigns on the apartheid debt "The vast majority of the people now collectively responsible for paying off the apartheid debt had no vote in general elections." Projects on economic literacy, information technology. Based in Cape Town, South Africa. [KF]

Architect Africa Online
Has a directory of, mainly, South African architects.

Armstrong, Philip with Nick Segal & Ben Davis - Corporate Governance: South Africa, a Pioneer in Africa
41 p. in PDF (Johannesburg: South African Institute of International Affairs, 2005. Global Best Practice Series)

Bank for International Settlements. BIS Review (Basle, Switzerland)
Has the full text, in Adobe .pdf format, of:

  • A statement 22nd January 1999 by Dr. Chris Stals, Governor of the South African Reserve Bank, on the importance of the Y2K problem and the responsibility of central banks. 3 pages, 16303 bytes
  • 5th February 1999 Mr Stals looks at South Africa's financial and economic prospects for the next five years. Address by the Governor of the South African Reserve Bank, Dr Chris Stals, at conferences organised by Omega Investment Research (Pty) Ltd held in Frankfurt on 25/1/99 and Zurich on 27/1/99. PDF download: 8 pages, 26594 bytes
  • 6th April 1999 Mr Stals’ statement on South Africa as an emerging market. Statement by the Governor of the South African Reserve Bank, Mr Chris Stals, at the Annual Dinner of Ethos Private Equity in Stellenbosch on 29 March 1999. PDF download: 5 pages, 21359 bytes
  • 26th April 1999 Mr Stals talks about the international economic environment Address by the Governor of the South African Reserve Bank, Dr Chris Stals, at the Convention of the Institute of Life and Pension Advisers (ILPA) in Johannesburg on April 12, 1999. PDF download: 6 pages, 27816 bytes
  • 19th March 1999 Mr Stals addresses the subject of inflation targeting as an anchor for monetary policy in South Africa. Address by the Governor of the South African Reserve Bank, Dr Chris Stals, at a breakfast meeting of the Johannesburg Branch of the Institute of Bankers in South Africa on 17 March 1999. PDF download: 4 pages, 20067 bytes

Black Management Forum
" independent non-governmental [South African] initiative dedicated to placing black managers on an equal footing with managers from other backgrounds and environments..."

Brabys, Business Directory for Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islansd
The well-known business directories for South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Seychelles, Botswana, Mauritius, Angola. Maps, product database. Brabys sells print directories, wall maps, map books. or

Business Day
Online edition of South Africa's main financial newspaper. Has stock exchange news, Werksmans Business Guide to South Africa. Its My Portfolio sends a personalised listing of Johannesburg Stock Exchange share prices via email, on a daily basis. [KF]

Business Guide to Kwa-Zulu
Investment opportunities, a profile of the province and facts of interest to business people, map, members of the Kaw-Zulu Natal Marketing Initiative,

Business Leadership South Africa
" independent association of the Chief Executive Officers and Chairmen representing the diversity of South African big business leadership, as well as the major multinational investors in South Africa." Full text Occasional Papers and other publications online (Reforming Telecommunications in South Africa, Telecommunications prices in South Africa, Zimbabwe and South Africa, African Growth and Opportunity Act, Corporate Social Investment in South Africa, etc.). Formerly the South Africa Foundation. Based in Johannesburg.

Cape Business News
Monthly newsletter. Has a business directory and a trade enquiries section where businesses can seek South African vendors/suppliers. Established in 1980 as a business newspaper for the Cape.

Cape Town. City
Official site with a statistical profile.
Has full text documents:

Cape Town City Council
Has a Demographic Database providing information on national and western cape statistics, labour force information, population, level of education, electricity consumption. Also information on local govt., business, tourism. Lots of nice graphics (turn them off if you're on a slow connection however).

Cape Town. Major Development and Investment Opportunities

Centre for Democratic Communications
Information on the South African labor movement and COSATU, Congress of South African Trade Unions.Press releases, key discussion documents, articles from The Shopsteward, photos. Also links to the South African community radio sector and the South African film industry.

Centre for Development and Enterprise

Chamber of Mines of South Africa
Information on its members, no. of mining employees, percent of world minerals from South Africa, gold production figures, etc.
Clarinet newsgroups with daily AP and Reuters news wire stories on South and Southern Africa. Your organization must be a subscriber for you to access this information. Note the URL does not use http:// or www in the address.

Commercial Law in South Africa
Has summaries of recent judgments, brief information on the courts and judiciary in South Africa. Sells full transcripts of judgments. Site of the Law Publisher, a print publisher of legal reference works.

Community Agency for Social Enquiry (C A S E)
An NGO which conducts research in the socio-economic, political and developmental fields. Describes their work and publications. Based in Braamfontein, South Africa.

Debate - Voices from the South African Left - discussion list
Discussion list arising from the journal of the same name. For anyone "interested in developing critical insights on class composition, struggles and resistance in South Africa in the broader context of globalized capitalism.". " is by no means confined to experts on South Africa; it rather aims to locate the contents of 'Debate' in the broader worldwide confrontation against neo-liberalism."
To subscribe, send email to:
Leave the Subject line blank. In the Message area put:
subscribe debate [your EMail address]
Contact: Franco Barchiesi. E-Mail

Development Bank of Southern Africa
"Established in 1983 by the government of the Republic of South Africa, the DBSA is one of five existing development finance institutions in South Africa." Based in Midrand, South Africa.

Diamond Mercenaries of Africa
Report, August 1996, by the Australian Broadcasting Corp. on Executive Outcomes, a South African-based company supplying mercenaries to mining companies in Sierra Leone.

Directories - South African Business

Economy Online, South African
Annotated list by Arthur Goldstuck / Libby Young of the Mail & Guardian of South African business and economic web sites.

Discussion list on South African fiscal issues established by IDASA (an independent public interest organisation in South Africa) . Topics: Fiscal Policy and the Broader Economy, Public Resources and Socio-Economic Rights, Budget Administration and Oversight, Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations, Revenue Generation.

E-Data (Investor Intelligence)
Provides financial, business, and economic information on South Africa including investing in South Africa.

Edge Institute
" economic policy center in Johannesburg that does research to promote sustainable growth, development and distributional equity." Explores "policy alternatives for South Africa's economic and social development."
Full text reports online on Foreign Direct Investment, Developing Africa: South Africa and NEPAD, South Africa: Growth and Equity, SA and the WTO, HIV/AIDS, such as:

  • Fragile stability: State and Society in South Africa. 2005
  • Intellectual Property Rights in South Africa: A Review. 2002. 75 pages in PDF
  • HIV/AIDS, Economics and Governance in South Africa: Key Issues in Understanding Response: A Literature Review . 2002. 164 pages
  • The Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS on South Africa and its implications for Governance: A Literature Review . 2001. 70 pages
  • Harold Wolpe Memorial Seminar Series. Full text of presentations. Examples - The role of public intellectuals, by Blade Nzimande; The Afrikaners: Who are they? What is their future? by Jakes Gerwel; Black Economic Empowerment, Dali Mpofu

Education With Enterprise Trust (EWET) (Harrisburg, South Africa)
A nonprofit, which assists poor communities and launched the Youth Enterprise Society (YES) movement to enable youth (grades 9, 10 and 11) to create their own jobs. Provides business training.
Their Partnerships for Development Models (PDM) "facilitates partnership formation between Local Government, Private Sector and Civil Society for improved delivery of services and socio-economic development - strengthening democracy and contributing to good governance via local economic development."

Empowerment for African Sustainable Development (Cape Town)
"...a private, non-profit, ...focusing on the empowerment of African people and institutions operating in the areas of environmental management and sustainable development." Has full text publications, links to related sites.

Ethics Institute of South Africa
An independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organisation. "a joint initiative by the South African Medical Association (SAMA) and The Merck Company Foundation..." Has full text reports on the business (not clinical) ethics of medical practice in South Africa, guidelines for doctors, dentists, medical scientists and health researchers, and corporate ethics and companies listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (cost is R150). Access to case studies is for members only. Based in Pretoria, South Africa. [KF]

Executive Outcomes
No longer has a website. "...established in 1989 as a wholly owned and registered South African company." Supplies mercenaries who have fought in Angola, Sierra Leone, etc. Announced in Dec. 1998 that it was closing business in South Africa.

Exhibitions for Africa
Site which advertises trade shows and conferences, mainly in South Africa.

Financial Mail
Important South African business, economic, and political print magazine.

Fuchs, Richard, "Little Engines That Did. Case Histories from the Global Telecentre Movememt"
Includes case studies fromSenegal and Mamelodi,  South Africa.  An IDRC/Acacia-commissioned study. June 1998. Also in .zip form, see page:

Global Witness - "A Rough Trade -- The Role of Companies and Governments in the Angolan Conflict
Full text (London, 1999) report that "diamonds have been UNITA's major source of revenue during the 1990's - gaining an estimated US$3.7 billion between 1992 and 19982 - which has enabled them to re-arm and maintain supplies despite the UN sponsored peace process. UNITA has sold its diamonds on the unofficial, 'outside'' market and has found willing buyers [De Beers, etc.] within the diamond industry." In English and Portuguese.

Goldstuck (Arthur) - South African Urban Legends
Sample chapters from Goldstuck's books on urban legends. Lists of his other books and links to his interests in South African business, computers, music, sports, etc. Choose the text page if you have a slow modem.

Hodson, Timothy - "South African Land Tenure, Past and Present: A Country Report"
Report prepared by a graduate student in a Spatial Information Engineering course at the University of Maine, "Cadastral and Land Information Systems." Other reports are on Egypt and Ghana.

Human Sciences Research Council, HSRC
South African research organization which sponsors programs in education, human resources, science development, social dynamics.  Has databases such as the South African Data Archive.

Immigration Articles
Jon Klaaren, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Univ. of the Witwatersrand and a Ph.D. student at Yale has several articles on immigration law in South Africa and one on post-national citizenship. See "Links to some documents and articles."

Immigration - Draft Green Paper on International Migration
13 May 1997. Submitted by Dr Wilmot G James, Chairperson.

Independent Development Trust (Cape Town)
A government economic and social development body under the Ministry of Public Works. The IDT Working Papers describe some projects (school building, rural education, math education), has full text reports (in MS Word), has biographies of the Trustees.

Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa Limited (Sandton)
"...a State-owned development finance institution whose primary objectives are to contribute to the generation of balanced, sustainable economic growth in South Africa and the economic empowerment of the South African population,..." "Its mission is to assist in the financing of new and existing private sector enterprises...."

Institute for Democracy in South Africa, IDASA
Conducts public policy research. Its programs concern community policing, local government, education for democracy, economy and development, media, etc. Has an extensive Budget site.

Interactive Investor International
For investors. "allows you to search seamlessly for stock prices on 7 different international stock exchanges." Has articles on the South African economy, mailing lists, a financial service provider search engine and directory, etc.

International Calling Codes - South Africa
Telephone area codes from American Computer Resources, Inc.

Irogbe, Kema - Transformation in South Africa: A Study of Education and Land
Full text article from International Third World Studies Journal and Review, Vol. 14, 2003. Have the land and educational policies of post-apartheid South Africa met the needs of the landless and educationally deprived. 18 p. Also i n PDF. Endnotes. and

Japan - South Africa Network
The network fosters cooperation (business, science and technology, etc.) between Japan and South Africa. Linked to the Embassy of South Africa in Tokyo.

Joburg: A World Class African City
Official site. Johannesburg city government information, suburb / region descriptions and maps, culural events, news, tourism & business sites, tourist tips. How the city is run. City statistics. History. Soweto. Alexandra Township. 2010 World Cup (soccer). Maintained by the City of Johannesburg.

Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Information about companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange - the directors, no. of employees, major shareholders, address, etc. Arranged alphabetically and by sector.

Jubilee 2000 South Africa (Pretoria)
Has the full text of "Apartheid-caused debt: The role of German and Swiss Finance," related articles, press statements, photographs.

Jubilee South
"...a coalition of Jubilee Debt campaigns and social movements from Africa, Asia and Latin America." Has full text discussion documents, declarations from meetings in Ghana, South Africa, Zambia, the "Jubilee South Concept Paper" subscribed by the Jubilee South Convening Committee, Johannesburg, and papers presented at the 1999 Johannesburg Summit. Based in Cape Town. Supported by the AIDC and Sangonet.

Knights of Malta
The Brotherhood of Blessed Gerard is the relief organisation of the Knights of Malta in South Africa. Site briefly describes their projects - nutrition scheme for infants, a hospice for the sick, a club for the elderly, a rural pre-primary school.

Kwazulu-Natal Marketing Initiative (Durban, South Africa)
Extensive information on Kwazulu-Natal Province, investment information, incentives, taxation, labour relations, etc.

Labour, South African Govt. Green Paper on (1996)

Land Affairs, South Africa. Department of
Address, contact information, full text reports.

Land Affairs - South African Consulate-General, New York
Brief information on land policy, land reform.

Land Bank (South Africa)
Provides rural financial services, competitive interest rates and flexible loan to commercial farmers. Has full text annual reports online.

Land Claims Court
This Univ. of the Witwatersrand Law School site is "host to an electronic library of documents relating to South African law and international human rights law. The site contains a full archive of decisions of the Constitutional Court of South Africa and the Land Claims Court of South Africa, houses the post-1998 decisions of the Labour Courts, the electronic publications of the South African Law Commission and is a mirror site to the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library."

Land Issues
AFRA Newsletter. The Association for Rural Advancement's Afra Newsletter, Report and Factsheet, present case studies of families personally affected by the forced removals." Full text issues online for 1980-1990. From the Digital Imaging Project of South Africa.
International Conference and Workshop on Land Tenure in the Developing World, with the Focus on Southern Africa, Cape Town, January 1998.
The Proceedings are available in Adobe PDF format.
See also the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit site which has the full text of conference papers.
National Land Committee. An NGO with eight affiliated land rights organisations. "The NLC actively assists poor black rural people across eight (of nine) provinces to access land rights and development resources." Full text reports, press releases, fact sheets, newspaper articles.
University of Stellenbosch. Department of Scoiology. Has the full text of some Occasional Papers such as Occasional Paper 1. Williams, G., Hamman, J. & Ewert, J. 1996. Land Reform in the Western Cape.

Land Research Action Network
"...a network of researchers and social movements committed to the promotion and advancement of the fundamental rights of individuals and communities to land," Has a section on South Africa with papers on land reform land occupation. "LRAN was founded by, and is coordinated by, Food First/The Institute for Food and Development Policy, based in the USA, Focus on the Global South, based in Thailand, the Social Network for Justice and Human Rights (Rede Social de Justiça e Direitos Humanos), based in Brazil, and the National Land Committee, in South Africa."

Land Tenure Services South Africa
"inspired by the desire to create an equitable and fair land dispensation, are committed to providing excellence in land reform." "specialises in land reform and community development." Based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Magical Modernities in Africa
Full text papers from the April 2001 conference at the Univ. of Wisconsin.
Includes: Alien-Nation: Zombies, Immigrants, And Millennial Capitalism [South Africa] (Jean Comaroff) In Adobe PDF.

Mail & Guardian
Long-established Johannesburg newspaper, excellent online resource for South Africa and Southern African news. The full text of past issues of the newspaper back to July 1994 can be searched by keyword. Has a best South African corporate/business sites, extensive guides to South Africa related web sites under Politics, Business, the Internet, etc. plus Jump Start, a page of new South African sites updated daily. Their Za Now is a twice daily update of news, business. The newspaper has a Chatroom for discussion of current issues.

Mandela - Nelson Mandela Children's Fund
Established when its Chairperson Nelson Mandela pledged 1/3 of his salary for five years to the fund. Report on its activities (includes feeding schemes for children, etc.), trustees.

Mbendi - South Africa Country Profile
Excellent source on the economy, doing business in South Africa. MBendi is a South African consulting group.

Mining Weekly
News on the mining industry, mainly South Africa. Includes telecommunications news, company profiles, conferences, business leader profiles, cartoons. Based in Bedfordview, South Africa. [KF]

Municipal Services Project
"...a multi-year research, policy and educational initiative examining the restructuring of municipal services in South(ern) Africa." "Research partners are the University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg), Queen's University (Canada), the International Labour Resource and Information Group (Cape Town), the South African Municipal Workers Union, and the Canadian Union of Public Employees." Has the text of relevants Acts, Bills, White Papers, photographs, related websites. Full text of the Occasional Paper Series, Background Papers, and Services For All, the Project's newsletter are online. Occasional paper topics include Local Economic Development Debates; Privatizing Cape Town; the Electricity Crisis in Soweto; waste management, water delivery. Background Paper topics include environmental policy in Cape Town, water privatization, immigration and homelessness, Transformation in Infrastructure Policy from Apartheid to Democracy, Lesotho-Johannesburg Water Transfer. [KF]

National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa, NAAMSA
Has South African automobile sales statistics, South African motor vehicle exports (from South Africa to other African countries), reports on business conditions in the South African motor vehicle manufacturing industry (from the South Africa Dept. of Trade and Industry), a directory of all members with address, phone, fax, has facts on the South African motor industry. [KF]

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
A nonprofit NGO, based in Washington, D.C., which seeks to promote democratic institutions in new and emerging democracies. Has South African projects.

National Economic and Labour Council, NEDLAC
"At Nedlac, Government comes together with organised business, organised labour and organised community groupings on a national level to discuss and try to reach consensus on issues of social and economic policy." Based in Johannesburg, South Africa. [KF]

National Information Technology Forum
The NITF, formed November 1995, will provide policy options to ensure thedevelopment of all the people of South Africa and works to develop an information technology policy for a democratic South Africa. Site has the Jan. 1996 conference paper by the Dept. of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology.

National Productivity Institute
"...provides assistance to public and private sector organisations." Publishes a bi-annual, Productivity Statistics and a bi-monthly magazine, Productivity. Has offices in Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban.

National Urban Reconstruction and Housing Agency, Nurcha
Established as a Presidential Lead Project to provide low income housing. Also supported by George Soros' Open Society Foundation.

Network Information Services
South African internet service provider, hosts business web pages.

Open Society Foundation for South Africa
Foundation, established in 1993 in Newlands, South Africa, by financier George Soros. Supports educational, social and legal reform. Projects include community radio and housing.
See also Open Society News - Newsletter about the programs funded by  Soros. Mainly on Eastern Europe but includes some Southern African projects. Do a keyword search for South Africa at the main site.

Overseas Development Institute (London)
An independent non-governmental centre for development research. Has the full text of a 1994 Briefing Paper - Apartheid's Legacy of Poverty. [KF]

Pickup Flowers
Send flowers to South Africa.

Programme for Development Research, PRODDER
Has a database directory of South African Training and Capacity Building Providers open only to paid-up subscribers. Subscription costs are at:
Information on their printed publications is at:

Public Broadcasting Corporation - Jim Lehrer News Hour
Has transcripts of two TV broadcasts from 1996 on South Africa, one an interview with Thabo Mbeki. For those with sound cards has a RealAudio version as well. Has a keyword search facility for the entire site.

RDP Development Monitor (Craighall, South Africa)
Academic journal on the Reconstruction and Development Programme. Has selected full text articles.

Reservations Hotline Online - Southern Africa
A professional conference organizer covering South Africa, also Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe. Have their own travel agency. Extensive and impressive listing of conference venues (including hotels, resorts) giving no. of accomodations, seating capacity, floor dimensions, lighting, etc. Includes photographs. Designed for the business customer.

News of road transport, automobiles, trucks in South Africa, will have a directory of towing, vehicle repair, has a directory of vehicle distributors in South Africa, bus and taxi hire services, etc.

Rural Universe Network
"...a collaborative effort of several institutions and communities in Benin, India, Jamaica and South Africa to promote the active participation of rural people in the global information society...." " develop a operational and decentralised information system on the WEB in direct collaboration with the rural communities..."
African partners are The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) South Africa and INRAB, l'Institut National des Recherches Agricoles du Bénin. Will provide current market prices of goods by market place and let producers sell their products using internet cafes. Has a discussion forum. [KF]

SAIMMIG.CALS - Southern African Migration Discussion Group
Discussion email list started by Jonathan Klaaren, while at the Centre for Applied Legal Studies, Univ. of the Witwatersrand, on legal and policy issues related to Southern African migration/immigration. To subscribe send email to:
In the message area put: subscribe saimmig.cals
Or send email to:

SA Infoweb
South African web hosting service for businesses of every kind - environment and nature, tourism, etc.

SANGOCO, South African National NGO Coalition
An umbrella body of South African NGOs. "The Coalition was formed in August 1995 to co-ordinate NGO input into the Reconstruction and Development Programme. It consists of provincial and sectoral affiliates, working in a wide range of development fields including land, health, urban and rural development." Has the tables of contents/selected articles from its newsletter, NGO Matters. Programs include the Apartheid Debt Campaign. "This campaign draws from the international doctrine of 'odious debt', which spells out that lenders who finance totalitarian regimes have no guarantees of protection from international law." "The Speak Out On Poverty and Inequality Campaign aims to give poor people a platform to speak out about their experiences of poverty and to provide their own solutions."

Site for the NGO sector in South Africa. Has an NGO directory, PRODDER. Provides Website Design, Hosting, Database Design for civil society organizations. Offers internet training, information communication technology (ICT) strategic planning, linux local area networks setup. Based in Johannesburg.

Sanlam, South African National Life Assurance Company
Sanlam was founded in 1918. Has a corporate art collection of works by South African artists. Publishes Agri-economic News (weekly), Economic news (weekly), a monthly In-depth Agricultural Report. Based in Bellville, South Africa. [KF]

Kurt A. Schuler, Dennis R. Sheets, David W. Weig - "Money Markets in Selected Southern African Countries"
Harvard Institute for International Development, CAER II Project. Discussion paper 20. 55 pages. In Adobe .pdf format and in html.

Screen Africa (Strathavon South Africa)
Monthly news magazine for the South African film, television, video, radio and multimedia industry. Selected articles are online. Has a free weekly email newsletter of headlines on the South African film / TV industry. Write to:
Has an extensive directory covering film production, community radio, recording studios, and more, a personal managers association directory to find actors, singers, dancers. In Production is a directory of all the productions in development, pre-, post- and completed in South Africa.

SEDA - 2010 World Cup Small Business Opportunities
"What opportunities does the 2010 FIFA World Cup hold for South African small businesses and entrepreneurs?" "The Small Enterprise Development Agency (seda) was established in December 2004 in terms of the National Small Business Amendment Act." Merges the "previous small enterprise development agencies Ntsika Enterprise Promotion Agency, NAMAC Trust and the Community Public Private Partnerships (CPPP) into a single small enterprise support agency."

Social Change Assistance Trust (Cape Town)
" independent funding and development agency. We support community controlled development projects" in the rural areas of the Northern, Eastern and Western Cape provinces, parts of the Free State and North West provinces." Established in 1985. Has a directory of legal advice offices, rural service organisations, links to related organisations.

South Africa. Commission on Restitution of Land Rights
"Restitution was introduced in South Africa in 1994, with the focus on redressing past injustices created as a result of racially based legislation or practices. It is closely linked to the need for the redistribution of land and tenure reform,..." Has full text documents, national and regional statistics, the annual report, regional progress reports, question and answer in Parliament on restitution. [KF]

South Africa. Department of Land Affairs (Pretoria)
Full text documents (annual reports, Landinfo newsletter, press releases, their Journal newsletter, budget vote speech for land affairs, documents from the Commission on Restitution of Land Rights, and more). Has a Tenure Reform web site.

South Africa. Department of Trade and Industry
Why to invest in South Africa, the regulatory environment, living in South Africa, starting a business, investment incentives, exporting, black economic empowerment,

[South Africa] Statistics South Africa (formerly the South African Central Statistical Service)
Official site. Has population censuses, household surveys, statistics in brief (housing, literacy, tourism, labour, agriculture, mining, trade, prices, etc.), economic indicators (consumer price index, etc.), special reports (labour, electricity, mining, demography, medical, crimes, transport, tourism), earning/spending by households, gender statistics. [KF]

South Africa Foundation (Johannesburg)
" association of South Africa's largest corporations and major multinational companies with a significant presence in South Africa." "The Foundation believes that business leadership has a collective duty to contribute to the process of policy making on national and international affairs." Has some full text documents online. [KF]
Everything about South Africa. Trade, business news, investment, interactive map, arts, government, history, travel tips, tourism, web directory, conferences, sports. South Africans abroad section. Created by the International Marketing Council of South Africa.

South Africa Integrated Household Survey
Data files and documentation (c.1993-94) coordinated by the Southern Africa Labour Development Research Unit (SALDRU), University of Cape Town. "In order to use the data..., it is necessary to fill in the Data Use Agreement Form....All data sets are available in either ASCII, SAS portable, or Stata formats...The data files have been Pkzipped into four separate groups..."

South Africa. National Treasury
Government site. Has the full text of the National Budget Speech, the Government Tender Bulletin, the annual Medium Term Budget Policy Statements, Bills and Acts, Quarterly Economic Indicators, the Development Co-operation Report - Report on Evaluations of Donor Assistance to...South Africa, 1994-1999, Press Releases, documents on public - private partnerships, Growth, Employment and Redistribution (GEAR): A Macroeconomic Strategy, Katz Commission Report, minsters' profiles, links to South African financial sites, etc. [KF]

South African Airways
Flight schedules, airplane seating maps, information on transporting cargo, etc.

South African Chamber of Business, SACOB
Has a business confidence index, trade conditions survey, press releases (Comments by the South African Chamber of Business on the Black Economic Empowerment Report, AIDS Initiative, etc.), discussion forums, national code of business conduct, energy / environment matters, recent issues of the SACOB Newsletter, links to other South African chambers of business. [KF]

South African Consulate - Los Angeles
Link 2 South Africa is the attractive web page of the South African Consulate-General in Los Angeles, California. Information on visas, immigration, tourism (Captour, Satour, South African Tourism Board, national parks), trade, investment, etc. Has issues of their newsletter, This Day in South Africa.
Offers subscriptions to their Daily News Bulletin which carries one paragraph per article on political, economic, and social topics. Articles are from South African newspapers.
To subscribe, send email to:
On the Subject line, put: subscribe
The message area can be left blank.

South African Council of Churches (SACC) Public Policy Unit
"...monitors legislation and government policy, engages in advocacy around issues of concern to the church, ...and offers pastoral support to members of parliament." Has Public Policy Updates, SACC Submissions to Government, press statements, etc.

South African Daily NewsBriefings, - Omar C. Jadwat
Jadwat (formerly at Yale Univ.) has arranged the daily news stories (provided at the ANC web site) by date, subject, and length of article. The news articles and press releases are from the South African Press Association, AFP, and the ANC. Most concern South Africa but other Southern African countries are included.

South African Data Archive, SADA
A non-profit national resource centre, in Pretoria, to provide and promote machine-readable research data and documentation and make these available to researchers worldwide. Datasets are free but requestors must fill out a form. "The archive does not only preserve data for future use, but also adds value to the collections. It safeguards datasets and related documentation and attempts to make it as easily accessible as possible for research and educational purposes." Established by the HSRC. Has links to other data archives world-wide.

South African Embassy, Washington, D.C.
The Embassy in Washington, D.C. has an extensive site with a daily news bulletin, investment and trade information, South African products for sale, maps, information on U.S. - South Africa relations, South Africa and the Olympics, arts and culture including an exhibit of South African artists, tourism, etc. The past 6-7 months of the Daily News Bulletin are online. The site has a search engine. Provides an e-mail address for questions.

South African Economy Online
Business and economic web sites. An annotated list by Arthur Goldstuck, updated by Libby Young of the Mail & Guardian.

South African Exiles Home Page
"...welcomes all South African and Rhodesian expatriates (as well as other friends of the countries) who wish to see the re-establishment of civilised rule in Southern Africa." Meeting reports, news, links to related sites. Based in London.

South African Institute of International Affairs
Publishes business related journals and studies.
"The Business in Africa report series, launched in 2004, tracks the experience of South African business investments in Africa, with the view to extract policy recommendations for the creation of a more enabling business environment."
eAfrica - online journal with articles on Revitalising African Banking, public-private partnerships, China and Africa, Is Nigeria's Anti-Corruption Crusade for Real?, A Business Vision for Africa, etc.

South African Institute of Race Relations (Braamfontein, South Africa)
Well-known public policy research institute founded in 1929. Has selected full text articles from their publications. Has, for members only, the full text of the highly regarded, South Africa Survey (formerly Race Relations Survey). Members can also receive their journals, Fast Facts, and Frontiers of Freedom by email.

South African Journal of Economic History (UNISA, South Africa)
Published by the Economic History Society of Southern Africa. Has the table of contents from Volume 1(1), September 1986 and abstracts of articles.

South African Journal of Economics (Lynnwood Ridge, South Africa)
Published by the Economic Society of South Africa. Has the table of contents and abstracts for recent issues and an online subscription form in Adobe pdf. Full text access to the online version requires a subscription.

South African Network of Skills Abroad
"The South African Network of Skills Abroad links skilled people living abroad who wish to make a contribution to South Africa's economic and social development and connects them with local experts and projects." Has a database of individuals by profession but searching is slow.

South African Reserve Bank
South Africa's central bank. Has annual reports, monthly selected data, speeches by its Governors, bank history (and founding of the Bank), profiles of all bank Govenors from the first in 1921, Dr William Henry Clegg.
The Bank Occasional Papers (full text) for example - The influence of socio-political developments on banks in South Africa, 1992 - 1997 (38 pages). Has full text of the Quarterly Bulletin, the Conference Papers on the Monetary Policy Frameworks in Africa - 2001 (including papers from the central banks of Botswana, Burundi, Namibia, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Swaziland, Malawi, Zimbabwe). Download Quarterly Bulletin time series (data can go back to the 1940s. Has Selected Historical Data (goes back 30 years). For time series going back to the 1940s, see Publications and Research, then Online Statistical Queries, which has Historic macroeconomic information. [KF]

South African Studies Database, 1987 to present - NISC BiblioLine
Citations to articles in South African journals. For Subscribers Only by IP filtering. [Stanford, and other subscribers, click on -"BiblioLine.  Subscribers "] Includes the Index to South African Periodicals, South African Theses and Dissertations. Citations can be emailed to you. A description of the 11 different databases in the South African Studies database is available. They offer certain databases free for 30 day trials. The National Information Services Corporation (NISC) is in Baltimore, Maryland

South African Tourism
Official site. Annual reports and reports by Province. Trade information, global competitiveness report. Annual, monthly and quarterly tourist statistics, reports, tourism policy documents. Photographs "digital photos at 300 dpi, allowing print sizes of around A5 or 8x10 inches." Based in Sandton, South Africa. [KF]

South Africans Worldwide
Contact South Africans in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Europe, Asia. Business opportunities listed.

Southern African Migration Project
A research programme to facilitate the formulation of new policy initiatives on migration in Southern Africa and to promote awareness of the role/contributions of foreign immigrants of African origin in South Africa. The project is funded by the Canadian International Development Agency, CIDA. Partners include Queen's University (Canada) and the Institute for Democracy in South Africa, IDASA. Has the full text of some articles and reports.

Southern African Research and Documentation Centre, SARDC
" independent regional information centre involved in the collection, production and dissemination of information about the SADC region." Access is slow. Has a free online database of citations to books, monographs, journal articles, government publications on democracy. Has a directory of experts on the environment. Its Interaise Database has more than 300 citations (with abstracts) on environmental and natural resources assessment reports on southern Africa. Lists their publications including SADC Today. Based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Spatial Development Initiatives in Southern Africa
"As one of the key investment strategies of Government, the SDIs aim to unlock inherent economic potential in specific southern Africa locations by enhancing their attractiveness for investment." The SDI is under the South African Department of Trade and Industry. Has a searchable database of investment opportunities; strategy papers, research material and appraisal documents; project maps; . [KF]

Standard Bank of South Africa
One of the largest banks in South Africa. Has issues of Agri Review and At Home (home financing), its art gallery.

State of the Nation
Covers politics, economy, society. Full text of this important annual reference source beginning with the 2003/2004 volume. The 2007 edition, State of the Nation: South Africa 2007, is edited by Sakhela Buhlungu; John Daniel; Roger Southall; Jessica Lutchman. Published by the HSRC Press. Use the Search box to locate the title. Access may be slow.

Statistics South Africa (formerly the South African Central Statistical Service)
Official site. Has the 1996 population census, statistics in brief (housing, literacy, tourism, labour, agriculture, mining, trade, prices, etc.), economic indicators (consumer price index, etc.), special reports (labour, electricity, mining, demography, medical, crimes, transport, tourism), earning/spending by households, gender statistics.

Steerage Information and Marketing (Hout Bay, South Africa)
Has an African International Shopping Mall. They participate in an ITU (International Telecommunications Union) EC-DC Pilot Project to assist government, banking and commercial enterprises in sub-Saharan African countries in the "development, establishment and marketing of their own secure on-line shopping malls - or alternatively, the opportunity to "set up shop" within the environs of the existing Steerage 'African International Shopping Mall."

Time Zone Page
Use the Select button on the left menu to find the time in a city or country. You'll need to accept their cookie. or

Trade and Industrial Policy Secretariat (TIPS) (Johannesburg)
Has full text papers, in Adobe PDF. Publishes three journals, Trade and Industry Monitor, Southern African Update, TIPS Newsletter with the full text online. Has an international visitors program, links to economic research institutes. "TIPS was set up as an independent secretariat under the auspices of the Canadian-based International Development Research Centre."

Trade and Industrial Policy Secretariat (TIPS). Online Economic and Social Database (Johannesburg)
Databases concern trade and industrial policy in Southern Africa. "Only registered users will be granted access. Some databases will be made available to unregistered users as well and will be marked as "Available Now!" "TIPS was set up as an independent secretariat under the auspices of the Canadian-based International Development Research Centre."

Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality. Economic Development Division
Sections on small, medium, and micro enterprises, a database of various financial assistance programs for business, tourist sites, a map, an e-mail newsletter, speeches, the Millennium Action Plan (MAP), etc. [KF] HTTP://

United States. Central Intelligence Agency. World Factbook
Includes facts on South Africa's economy.

United States. Energy Information Administration. Country Analysis Brief on South Africa
Information on South African oil, natural gas, electricity and coal. Has an economic, energy, and environment overview and information on political/economic factors affecting the energy sector. See also the Energy Data page at:
Country Analysis Brief:

United States Mission to South Africa
Official site.

United States-South Africa Leadership Development Programme
USSALEP has offices in Washington, D.C. and Johannesburg. Brief description of programes they fund.

University of Cape Town. Centre for Social Science Research
"The Centre for Social Science Research is made up of ...... The Aids and Society Research Unit; the Data First Resource Unit; the Democracy in Africa Research Unit; the Social Surveys Unit and the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit." Has full text Working Papers (need to be unzipped).
Working Paper topics include:

  • The Labour Market in South Africa
  • Surviving unemployment without state support
  • South African press reporting on children affected by AIDS
  • Media coverage and the election
  • Race, class and justice in post-apartheid South Africa
  • Inequality and diversity in Cape Town
  • Relationships between adolescents and adults
  • Labour force withdrawal of the elderly
  • Health seeking behaviour in Northern KwaZulu Natal
  • The School day in South Africa
  • Economic infrastructure investment in South Africa
  • Informal savings groups in South Africa
  • Results of election '04
  • Corruption in......Nigeria
  • Role of social grants in.......HIV/AIDS
  • Understanding black households
  • KHAYELITSHA / MITCHELL’S PLAIN SURVEY 2000; Survey Report and Baseline Information (98 p. in PDF)

University of Edinburgh, Centre of African Studies. Learning to Compete Project
Has the full text of Papers in Education, Training and Enterprise (Ghana, Kenya, South Africa).

University of Manchester. Institute for Development Policy & Management
Has summaries and the full text of Working Papers on "Land, water and local governance in South Africa" and "Information Management, IT and Government Transformation: Innovative Approaches in the new South Africa."

University of Stellenbosch. Department of Scoiology
Has the full text of some Occasional Papers:

  • Occasional Paper 1. Williams, G., Hamman, J. & Ewert, J. 1996. Land Reform in the Western Cape.
  • Occasional Paper no. 2 Bekker, S. 1996. Culture and development in South Africa. A case study addressing tenure and common property systems in the Durban Functional Region.
  • Occasional Paper no. 3 Van Zyl, A. 1997. Financing the provinces in South Africa.
  • Occasional Paper no. 6a Bekker, S., Cross, C. and Eva, G. 1999. En waarheen nou? Migration and settlement in the Cape Metropolitan Area (CMA).
  • Occasional Paper no. 8 Bekker, S. and Leildé, A. with Cornelissen, S and Horstmeier, S. 1999. Identity construction "from above": The Western Cape Province as case study. An interim report on research into emerging provincial identities in the Western Cape.

Usenet and za Newsgroups
Clickable list of Usenet newsgroups and the za [South Africa] hierarchy. Includes -,,

Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign
" umbrella body for over 15 community organizations, crisis committees, and concerned residents movements who have come together to organise and demand their rights to basic services." Fights evictions, water cut-offs, poor health services, was formed 2000 in Cape Town.

Wits Student Journal of Economics (Johannesburg)
Published by Honours students of the University of the Witwatersrand, Economics Deparment. Has full text articles in html and Adobe .pdf format.

World Economic Forum, Southern Africa Economic Summit, July 4-6, 1999, Durban, South Africa
High-level summit attended by Presidents, Ministers, CEOs. Will have a live webcam during the summit (for those with fast connections and Real Player). To include speeches, reports, press conference.

Yale University. Council on African Studies
The Council "supports and coordinates the study of Africa within Yale University." The Working Papers, online in Adobe PDF format, include "The Failure of Rural Segregation [Land Policies] In South Africa: Black Land Ownership After The Natives Land Act, 1913-1936," by Harvey M. Feinberg, Department of History, Southern Connecticut State University. October 2000. 11 p. in pdf.