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Academic Partnerships with South Africans for Mutual Capacity Building
An international conference, October 18-21, 1998 at Michigan State University - co-sponsored by the South African Universities' Vice  Chancellors' Association, the Committee of Technikon Principals, and the Historically Disadvantaged Institutions' Forum. Has links to South African higher education sites.

Africa Education (Florida, South Africa)
A directory of education institutions, mainly in South Africa.

A. J. in South Africa
Blog of a Stanford graduate (B.S. in Physics) and Peace Corps Volunteer teaching in Northern Cape Province, South Africa.

Amy Biehl Foundation
Site for the Foundation set up in memory of Stanford University graduate, Amy Biehl, who was killed in South Africa while working with the democracy movement. Has their Newsletter online, includes articles, audio files of radio interviews, photographs.

Search engine which searches only South African web sites. You can also use their subject catalogue. By IS-Commercial of The Internet Solution Group.

Cape Higher Education Consortium, CHEC
CHEC is a collaborative project of four tertiary education institutions in the Western Cape of South Africa: the University of Cape Town, University of Stellenbosch, University of the Western Cape and Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Cape Town. City. Reports
Reports (in Adobe PDF) include Household Survey, Socio Economic Characteristics of Suburbs, Socio Economic Profile of the Cape Metropolitan Area (includes Educational standard of the economically active and the level of education of full-time students and scholars).

COLISA, Confederation of Open Learning Institutions of South Africa (Pretoria)
Site has closed. Established in 1996 by the "three dedicated higher distance education institutions in South Africa - Unisa, Vista University and Technikon SA."

Community HEART(Manchester, U.K.)
"Community H.E.A.R.T. (Health Education And Reconstruction Training), a UK based Registered Charity." Founded by Denis Goldberg who spent 22 years in prison in South Africa, sentenced at the Rivonia Trial. Has a book donation project for schools in South Africa, sends computers to schools, has math, art, nutrition projects.

Council on Higher Education (South Africa)
" independent statutory body established in May 1998 in terms of the Higher Education Act (Act No 101 of 1997), ..."

CREATE, Consortium for Research on Educational Access, Transitions and Equity
"...established in January 2006 to...... improve access to basic education" in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Will analyse policy and practice designed to reduce exclusion. Partners with institutions in Ghana and South Africa. Links to related sites. Based at the Centre for International Education SSE, University of Sussex Brighton, United Kingdom.

Current Issues in Comparative Education (New York)
Published by Teachers College, Columbia University, New York city. Full text articles are online.
Articles such as:

  • Mainstreaming Sustainable Development into African School Curricula: Issues for Nigeria
  • The Impact of Political Violence on Education in South Africa: Past, Present and Future by Isaac M. Ntshoe
  • Violence in South African Schools by Salim Vally
  • Prospects of Educating for Democracy in Struggling Third Wave Regimes: The Case of Malawi by Zikani Kaunda and Nancy Kendall
  • Keeping the Education System Healthy: Managing the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Education in South Africa by Carol Coombe
  • The views of teachers and pupils on the teaching of HIV/AIDS in basic education: A case study of Zambia's Southern and Lusaka Provinces Rosah Moonga Malambo
  • South Africa as the epicenter of HIV/AIDS: Vital political legacies and current debates Johnny Sachs
  • The nurturing partnership: A Southern African continuum of flexible stages in partnership development. By Bonnie Mullinix

Education, National Commission on Higher
Site has closed. Reports by the National Commission on Higher Education appointed by President Mandela to recommend ways to transform South Africa's higher education system. Has biographical information on each Commissioner, a searchable database and links to the Working Group on Libraries and Information Technology and its report, and a future organisational and financial model for the health sciences.

Education Rights Project (Johannesburg)
"...established in February 2002 as a joint initiative of the Centre for Applied Legal Studies and the Education Policy Unit at the University of the Witwatersrand. The Project assists individuals and communities to assert and realise their right to basic education." Full text Issue Papers on School fees, Farm schools, Budgetary and infrastructure provisioning, the prevention of sexual harassment in schools, and Adult basic education. Has a Research Report on the right to basic education and short articles.

Education With Enterprise Trust (EWET) (Harrisburg, South Africa)
A nonprofit, which assists poor communities and launched the Youth Enterprise Society (YES) movement to enable youth (grades 9, 10 and 11) to create their own jobs. Provides business training.
Their Partnerships for Development Models (PDM) "facilitates partnership formation between Local Government, Private Sector and Civil Society for improved delivery of services and socio-economic development - strengthening democracy and contributing to good governance via local economic development."

Electronic Schoolbook - Southern Africa
Seems to be very complete. Has links to all known South African school web sites. Has the list of email addresses of Southern African schools, (including schools from Botswana, Malawi, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe), compiled by Tim Bouwer which is also posted monthly to the newsgroup za.schools.

ePALS: Classroom Exchange
K-12 classes can locate schools in Africa which are interested in communicating by e-mail, IRC Chat, in English, French, Swahili, Afrikaans, and other languages. Based in Easton, Connecticut.

esATI, Eastern Seaboard
"...a consortium / association formed by all the universities and technikons in KwaZulu-Natal, with the aim of co-ordinating the work of these institutions, and strengthening Higher Education in the region."

FOTIM, the Foundation of Tertiary Institutions of the Northern Metropolis
"...the largest academic consortium in South Africa, currently with a membership of nine universities and universities of technology in the Gauteng, Limpopo and North West provinces." "The Gauteng and Environs Library Consortium (GAELIC) was the first major initiative of FOTIM..."

GAL - Get a Life - Site for South African Students
A humorous rendering of current events in Southern Africa by South African students for young South Africans (16-26). Created by 20-something South Africans. Includes campus, sports news, how-to guides, travel, entertainment, education financial aid sources, a chance to spend a day with celebrities people in the media, politics, or business. Has links to South African higher education institutions.

Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Student & Staff Society (Rhodes University)
Includes a short paper on strategies for combating homophobic and heterosexist discourses in the South African education system and other information.

Global Encounters: South African Sounds, 2002-2003 Teachers Guide
By Joan L. Zaretti. A "Teachers Guide and poster produced by the World Music Programs of Carnegie Hall and a music CD produced by Wrasse Records. The two-sided poster includes a map, chronology, information on South Africa's new constitution and listing of other resources." Hosted on consultant, Richard Knight's site.

Hall, Martin - Access to Higher Education: Race, Resources and Social Exclusion
Hall outlines the similarities and differences in "affirmative action" decisions in higher education in the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. In the e-journal, Safundi, Vol. 3, No. 1, April 15, 2001.

Healey, F. Henry - "Policy Dialogue and Policy Reform: Reflections on the South African Experience"
(Center for International Development, Staff Working Paper. December 1994. 14 p.) Full text report (in Adobe PDF format) concerning South African education reform. "Research Triangle Institute (North Carolina) is an independent, nonprofit organization that serves clients in government, industry, academia, and public service."

Hopes on the Horizon; Africa in the 1990s
Website for the two-hour PBS documentary from Blackside, Inc. ("Eyes on the Prize"), which "chronicles the rise of pro-democracy movements and the expansion of civil society" in Benin, Nigeria, Rwanda, Morocco, Mozambique, and South Africa, during the final, decade of the twentieth century. For each country has facts, a brief background to the democracy movement, an essay, questions (for high school / university students), suggested readings, and the complete transcript. The South Africa segment focuses on a success story in African education. [KF]

A moderated internet discussion forum about issues in South African higher education.

Human Rights Watch - Forgotten Schools. Right to Basic Education for Children on Farms in South Africa
60 pages. PUb. June 3, 2004. In html and Adobe pdf. "the government’s failure to negotiate contracts with farm owners impedes children’s right to basic education. In the worst cases, farm owners have deliberately obstructed children's access to the schools."

Human Rights Watch - Scared at School: Sexual Violence Against Girls in South African Schools
Full text report. "...sexual abuse and harassment of girls by both teachers and other students is widespread in South Africa. In each of the three provinces visited, we documented cases of rape, assault, and sexual harassment of girls committed by both teachers and male students." Pub. March 2001.

Human Sciences Research Council, HSRC
South African research organization which sponsors programs in education, human resources, science development, social dynamics. Many full text books online. Has the text of "Competing Education and Training Policies, A 'systematic' versus 'unit standards' approach," by Andre Kraak. Has databases such as the training and capacity building database.
Other full text books: Marking Matric. Colloquium proceedings. By Vijay Reddy (ed.) 140pp.

Independent Development Trust (Cape Town)
"...a state institution set up to support Government to meet its development goals." Has full text Working Papers and monographs describing their projects (school building, rural education, math education, environment issues, etc.), has biographies of the Trustees, publishes a newsletter, Umlevo.

United Nations site which enables one to compare statistical data among U.N. member states. For example, one can compare the illiteracy rate, newspaper circulation, and spending on education across countries. The data fields cover the economy, social indicators, geography, and population.

Institute for Democracy in South Africa, IDASA
Conducts public policy research. Had brief descriptions of its programs - community policing, local government, education for democracy, economy and development, constitution, media, etc. Had the table of contents of its newsletter Siyaya.

International Adult Learners Week (Cape Town 2004)
Held in Cape Town, South Africa, 6th - 11th September 2004. The conference site includes video / audio of conference sessions, presentations (Naledi Pandor, South Africa's Minister of Education), etc. [Requires sound card, speakers or headset for audio. A fast internet connection helps.] Site maintained by Wavestream (Pty) Ltd.

International Development Research Centre - South Africa Projects
From the Canadian government's IDRC program in Ottawa.
Reports include:

  • "Uninet - The South African academic and research network" [A 34-page study for the Acacia Initiative: Communities and the Information Society in Africa
  • "Final Report on a Pilot Project into the use of Cell-Data for Connectivity to Two Rural Schools in South Africa"
  • "National Strategy - South Africa" [A 20-page report on the Acacia National Strategy in South Africa]
  • "Exploring a Basic Illiterate Web Access System" [A 14-page discussion and demonstration of technical concepts, and pointers to future research Prepared by m-powa, Midrand, South Africa for the IDRC]
  • "Little Engines that Did": Case Histories from the Global Telecentre Movement" [Case studies include a telecentre in Mamelodi, South Africa), by Richard Fuchs]
  • "NetCorps South Africa Final Reports" [Connecting schools in South Africa]

International Education Association of South Africa, IEASA
Non-profit established as a result of the need for universities in South Africa to respond to international educational trends. Has a directory of South African higher education institutions, in PDF. Based in Pretoria, South Africa. [KF]

International Institute for Educational Planning, IIEP
"...information on educational planning and management, including IIEP's training programmes, research and online publications." "created by UNESCO in 1963 in Paris, France.....supported by grants from UNESCO and by voluntary contributions from Member States..." Use the Search to locate full text reports on African education. Based in Paris, France. [KF]
Examples of reports - Strategic financial management in Southern African universities, Policy Forum on the Organisation of Ministries of Education, Transformation and institutional quality management within a South African university: a case study of the University of the Orange Free State, Education and training strategies for disadvantaged youth in South Africa.

Irogbe, Kema - Transformation in South Africa: A Study of Education and Land
Full text article from International Third World Studies Journal and Review, Vol. 14, 2003. Have the land and educational policies of post-apartheid South Africa met the needs of the landless and educationally deprived. 18 p. Also i n PDF. Endnotes. and

Juta & Co.
South Africa's largest indigenous academic publisher. Specializes in legal, medical, academic, education (higher, schools, health, adult) publications. Begun 1853, head office in Cape Town.

South African e-magazine for parents about new "software, hardware, books, music and toys" for children. Edited by Cathy Stadler. Produced by Media Africa, a South African nternet publishing, research and consulting company.

Knights of Malta
The Brotherhood of Blessed Gerard is the relief organisation of the Knights of Malta in South Africa. Site briefly describes their projects - nutrition scheme for infants, a hospice for the sick, a club for the elderly, a rural pre-primary school.

Learning Channel Online (Johannesburg)
For South African high school students, grades 9-12. Has a Climate of Southern Africa page.

Mail & Guardian
This Johannesburg newspaper has extensive online resources for South Africa and Southern African news. The full text of past issues of the newspaper back to July 1994 can be searched by keyword. Have an extensive set of guides to South Africa related websites categorized under Politics, Business, Arts, Travel, Education, the Internet plus Jump Start, a page of new South African sites updated daily. Za Now is a twice daily update of news, business and sports (c. 20 pages) with links to background articles from the Mail's past issues or to primary sources elsewhere on the net. The newspaper has a Chatroom for discussion of current issues.

"Masifunde Sonke" Reading Promotion Campaign
"The mission of the "Masifunde Sonke" campaign build a sustainable culture of reading and writing that affirms South African languages, history, values and development." Campaign launched Dec. 8, 2000 by the South African Minister of Education. Site shows a poster by Tommy Motswai entitled "A Celebration of Reading," the first in a series of commissioned posters. [KF]

Michigan State Univ. Academic Partnerships with South Africans For Mutual Capacity Building, October 18 - October 21, 1998 Conference
Includes audio files of the presentations by Naledi Pandor, MP Deputy Chief Whip-ANC, Education; Portfolio Committee, South Africa Parliament, Colin J. Bundy, Vice Chancellor and Principal, University of the Witwatersrand, and others. The Resources on South African Higher Education directory below was prepared for the conference.

Michigan State Univ. African Studies Center. Resources on South African Higher Education
An extensive directory of "Information on South African higher education institutions and organizations plus resources on higher education transformation, partnerships, and study abroad."

Multi-Site Teacher Education Research Project (MUSTER)
Multi-year project to "enhance understanding of how new teachers acquire the skills needed to teach in different systems, and identify which professional learning experiences, (including practice), are most useful and valuable to new teachers." Project co-ordinated from the Centre for International Education, University of Sussex Institute of Education in partnership with universities in Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa and Trinidad. Has full text Discussion Papers and Research Reports (in MS Word and Adobe pdf) on Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa.

Munirah Chronicle of Black Historical Events & Facts
Mainly on African-American history. Features "Today in Black History" with historic events. Search by keyword; a search on Mandela retrieves many entries.. To subscribe, send E-mail to: LISTSERV@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU
In the Messsage area put: Subscribe Munirah Your Name
The list is edited by Brother Mosi Hoj

National Professional Teachers' Organization of South Africa, NAPTOSA
A national federation of nine teachers' organisations who all have open (non-racial) membership and non-discriminatory constitutions. "The membership is drawn from all types of schools: pre-primary, secondary, schools for specialised education, technical colleges, colleges of education and faculties of education at universities." Has press releases. Based in Pretoria. E-mail:

National Research Foundation (formerly Foundation for Research Development)
"...supports / promotes research through funding, human resource development and the provision of the necessary research facilities,.... in all fields of science and technology." Has oversight of Uninet (the national university/research network), the National Accelerator Centre, the South African Astronomical Observatory, etc. Offers fellowships, hosts a biotechnology site.

National Tertiary Education Staff Union, NTESU
"A non-profit, registered, trade union serving the needs of the academic and general staff workers in universities, technicons and colleges in the tertiary sector." The NTESU took over from UDUSA in 1998. It's 2003 July 9-11 conference is in Durban. Has position papers or summaries, the full text of some importants acts and bills, links to important sites.

National Youth Commission
Has policy documents in MS Word., the 1998 Green Paper on National Youth Service, press releases, etc.

North-West University | NWU
In English, Setswana, Afrikaans. Campuses in Mafikeng and Potchefstroom (North-West Province) and Vaal Triangele (Gauteng Province). Founded 2004 thru the merger of Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education and the University of the North-West. Also includes the former Sebokeng Campus of Vista University. The Chancellor is Kgosi Leruo Molotlegi. The Vice-Chancellor is Dr. Theuns Eloff.

Odyssey, 1999-2000
A virtual two year fieldtrip for young people to Africa (and other countries).  Students can follow and email American educators on the Africa trip which began in South Africa, continues to Zimbabwe (street performers, AIDS education) and Swaziland (on the monarchy) and will travel to Mali.  Has a teachers' guide, earlier trip reports. The non-profit organization was begun by Jeff Golden, Fulbright scholar and San Francisco high school teacher. The trip follows the U.S. National Educational Standards. [KF]

Open Society Foundation for South Africa
Foundation, established in 1993 in Newlands, South Africa, by financier George Soros. Supports educational, social and legal reform. Projects include community radio and housing.  Has an issue of the Newsletter.
See also Open Society News - Newsletter about the programs funded by  Soros. Mainly on Eastern Europe but includes his programs in South Africa. One can do a keyword search on South Africa to retrieve information.

Peace Corps, Kids World - South Africa
A page for children about the U.S. Peace Corps' work in South Africa. Has an account of life in a rural village for a Peace Corps volunteer.

Programme for Development Research, PRODDER
Has a database directory of South African Training and Capacity Building Providers open only to paid-up subscribers. Subscription costs are at:
Information on their printed publications is at:

Project Cape Town: Education and Integration in South Africa
A multimedia teaching case using three schools among the first to integrate in South Africa. One needs a sound card, speakers for the audio-visual clips.

READ Educational Trust
"South African-based NGO that operates in the education and literacy sectors broadly, and in teacher development...... Focuses on pre-primary, primary and secondary schools. Established in 1979 and funded by foreign donors and the private sector, READ works alongside the Department of Education to implement teacher training and literacy projects in schools." Based in Ormonde, South Africa.

SABC Education
South African Broadcasting Corporation television programming. "SABC Education covers all South African legal mandatory requirements and supports the following areas: Early Childhood Development, Formal Education, Non-Formal Education, Youth Development, Adult Education and Human Resource Development as well as Public Education."

Safundi (Scottsdale, Arizona)
" online journal of American and South African comparative studies. This website intends to provide a forum of discussion for scholars and an intellectual public on both American and South African cultures, literature, media, and politics." One can read articles on South African politics, culture, education and post comments about them. Maintained by Andrew Offenburger. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

SANGOCO, South African National NGO Coalition
An umbrella body of South African NGOs. "The Coalition was formed in August 1995 to co-ordinate NGO input into the Reconstruction and Development Programme. Has the tables of contents/selected articles from its newsletter, NGO Matters. "The Speak Out On Poverty and Inequality Campaign aims to give poor people a platform to speak out about their experiences of poverty and to provide their own solutions."

Site for the NGO sector in South Africa. Has an NGO directory, PRODDER. Provides Website Design, Hosting, Database Design for civil society organizations. Offers internet training, information communication technology (ICT) strategic planning, linux local area networks setup. Based in Johannesburg.

SchoolNet South Africa
"Formed to develop and support the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in South African schools, with core funding from the IDRC's Acacia Initiative, World Bank (EDI) and Open Society Foundation for SA." Has a directory of South African created websites for the school curriculum (ex. Southern African climate). Has the annual report online. Based at Wits, it hosts the Electronic Schoolbook directory of schools connected to the Internet in Southern Africa.

SchoolNet South Africa. Universities, Technikons, Distance Learning Colleges, Nursing Colleges, Farming Colleges, Private Colleges
Directory by Matthew Charlesworth.

Scouting Association, South African
History, activities, issues of their newsletter, links to South African scout group web pages, material on the issue of admitting girls. The scout movement was founded by Robert Baden Powell.

Shuttleworth Foundation (Durbanville, South Africa)
"...founded by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth [first African in space] in October 2000" to improve South African education focusing on mathematics, science and open source projects. "our focus is to encourage and promote an awareness of Linux and open source." "target beneficiaries for maths and science are Grades 4 to 9,..." Describes projects funded, how to apply for funding. [KF]

South Africa 2000
South African students talk about their lives and issues such as pollution, conservaton and immigration to South Africa. Students can e-mail South Africans. Has workshops/curriculum ideas. A video and resource pack are for sale. A resource for GCSE geography. Produced by the BBC.

South Africa Abroad Network, SAAN
For South African students and professionals studying and working abroad. Pages under construction.

South Africa. Department of Education
Has full text policy documents, reports, the school calendar, white papers, speeches / statements from the Minister of Education, HIV / AIDS in education. [KF]

South Africa. Department of Education." Towards a New Higher Education Landscape: Meeting the Equity, Quality and Social Development Imperatives of South Africa in the 21st Century"
Report. 46 p. June 2000. On the reconfiguration of the higher education system.
See also the July 18,, 2000 press statement by Minister of Education, Kader Asmal. "It is envisaged that the Government's response to the Report will take the form of a national plan for higher education."

South Africa. Government of National Unity - Education Links
Mainly higher education sites.

South Africa, Human Rights for Everyone
Brief history of South Africa (for high school and above) from European settlement to the post independence establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Site, by the Annenberg Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, is inspired by programs from the video series, The Africans. Has a series of quizes which cannot be answered from information on the site alone. Has very useful links to related South African history websites.

South Africa. Ministry of Education. History and Archaeology [in South African schools]
Full text documents concerning the crisis facing the teaching of history in South Africa. Includes remarks by Minister of Education, Professor Kader Asmal, the Report of the History/Archaeology Panel to the Minister of Education (14 December 2000) chaired by Professor Njabulo S. Ndebele, and Speech by Professor Njabulo S Ndebele.

South Africa. National Youth Commission. National Youth Policy
Full text. Pretoria, 1997.

South African Association for Research and Development in Higher Education
"...a national association which strives to promote contact between educationists in higher education from all sectors of the South African society and further afield." Holds annual conferences, publishes a Newsletter. Members receive the South African Journal of Higher Education. [KF]

South African Daily News Briefings, - Omar C. Jadwat
Locate some news articles on education. Jadwat (formerly at Yale Univ.) has arranged daily news stories (provided at the ANC web site) by date, subject, and length of article. The news articles and press releases are from the South African Press Association, AFP, and the ANC. Most concern South Africa.

South African Democratic Teachers Union
"...a union of organising teachers - irrespective of race, creed, or gender - nationally throughout South Africa." Has the code of conduct, articles and cartoons from its journal, Educator's Voice.

South African Educational Resources
Annotated guide to South African education-related web sites covering school networks, technikons, universities, private educational institutions, etc., by Libby Young for the South African newspaper, Mail & Guardian.

South African History Project (Pretoria)
Formed to address the crisis in history teaching in South Africa. "to create forums to initiate discussions on the nature of history and history teaching in schools and devise strategies on how it can be improved and strengthened;..." " to establish initiatives that will bring history researchers and scholars together to review, revise, and (re) write history textbooks..." Has links to the full text of the History/Archaeology Report (14 December 2000). See also article, "Reviving South African History. Academics debate how to represent and teach the nation's past," by Sasha Polakow-Suransky, June 14, 2002, Chronicle of Higher Education.

South African Human Rights Commission (Johannesburg)
"...the national institution established to entrench constitutional democracy." Has full text policy documents, in Adobe PDF format, on Children's Rights, The Right to Education, Undocumented Immigrants, Environment, Disability. Has the full text, in Adobe .pdf format, issues of its Kopanong Newsletter of "Racism, 'Racial Integration' and Desegregation in South African Public Secondary Schools" (596KB) 165 pages; it takes a very long time to access.

South African Institute for Distance Education, SAIDE (Johannesburg)
Hosts the website of the National Association of Distance Education Organisations of South Africa (NADEOSA), has information on the Telematics for African Development Consortium, reports such as "Criteria for Quality Distance Education in South Africa: Draft Policy Guidelines," conference papers ("The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Harnessing ICTs to Accelerate Social Development: A South African Perspective" by Neil Butcher, research projects for the South African Broadcasting Corporation, etc.  Has full text reports and selected full text articles from its newsletter, SAIDE Open Learning Through Distance Education.

South African Institute of Race Relations (Braamfontein, South Africa)
Well-known public policy research institute founded in 1929. Has selected full text articles from their publications. Has, for members only, the full text of the highly regarded, South Africa Survey (formerly Race Relations Survey). Members can also receive their journals, Fast Facts, and Frontiers of Freedom by email.

South African Journal of Higher Education
" independent, fully accredited publication,... for articles of interest to researchers and practitioners in higher education.....for the publication of educational research from throughout the world including research done by members of the South African Association for Higher Education." Table of contents, abstracts, and index to articles. [KF]

South African Network of Skills Abroad
"The South African Network of Skills Abroad links skilled people living abroad who wish to make a contribution to South Africa's economic and social development and connects them with local experts and projects." Has a database of individuals by profession but searching is slow.

South African Students' Congress, SASCO
"The South African Students' Congress was formed in 1991. SASCO was formed as a merger between SANSCO [predominantly black] and NUSAS [predominantly white]." Supports the African National Congress, Congress of South African Trade Unions, and South African Communist Party. Based in Johannesburg. [KF]

South African Studies Database, 1987 to present - NISC BiblioLine
Citations to articles in South African journals. For Subscribers Only by IP filtering. [Stanford, and other subscribers, click on - "BiblioLine.  Subscribers click here for databases"]. Includes the Index to South African Periodicals, South African Theses and Dissertations. Citations can be emailed to you. A description of the 11 different databases in the South African Studies database is available. They offer certain databases free for 30 day trials. The National Information Services Corporation (NISC) is in Baltimore, Maryland

South African Universities, Technikons, Colleges
A directory provided by Michigan State University's African Studies Center.

State of the Nation
Full text of this important annual reference source beginning with the 2003/2004 volume. The 2007 edition, State of the Nation: South Africa 2007, is edited by Sakhela Buhlungu; John Daniel; Roger Southall; Jessica Lutchman. Published by the HSRC Press. Use the Search box to locate the title. Access may be slow.

Study Abroad in South Africa
A directory of all univerisites and technikons. Has clickable maps showing locations of the institutions, How to Apply for a Study Permit, and general information about South Africa. Information is from a book which can be ordered. Co-published by the International Education Association of South Africa (IEASA) and Artworks Publishing, Durban, South Africa.

Sunday Times - Education Section
Education news. Website of the South African print newspaper, The Sunday Times, (Johannesburg, South Africa).

The Teacher
Very good monthly online source for South African teachers published by the Mail & Guardian newspaper.

Technikon SA
"...the largest institution for career-specific distance education in Southern Africa. Its learners come mainly from South Africa, but there is a growing number of learners from other African countries. Established in 1980 as Technikon RSA, the Technikon SA now offer more than 70 study programmes." The main campus is in Florida, South Africa.

Testing Hope. Life in Grade 12
A film on the lives of students at Oscar Mpetha High School in Nyanga township (outside of Cape Town). The Matric exams which determine their future access to higher education are coming. What will happen to those who pass, who don't pass. Over ten years after independence, have things changed ? Director: Molly Blank. [KF]

Thutong: South African Education Portal
"...delivers information, curriculum and support materials to the South African (and international) schooling community." Requires registration (free). "search tools and access to curriculum documents, like standards (outcomes) and assessment guidelines. It also provides news and discussion forums." - Kathy Morgan. Access to the Revised National Curriculum Statements, Guidelines for ICT Integration with NCS Subjects in Grades 10-12. On-line courses for professional development. The original text of key South African policy documents (Acts, White Papers, etc.), as well as annotated versions, commentary and summaries. Maintained by the South Africa. Department of Education.

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture - Teachers to South Africa
Teachers from three Washington, DC, elementary schools are traveling to South Africa to "work with South African scientists in a survey of floral plant diversity at several parks and conservation areas and will meet South African educators who are also participating in the pilot program." Has links to USDA projects with South African scientists.

Universities - South Africa
See Education - African Universities - South Africa

University of Cape Town

University of Cape Town. Centre for Social Science Research
"The Centre for Social Science Research is made up of ...... The Aids and Society Research Unit; the Data First Resource Unit; the Democracy in Africa Research Unit; the Social Surveys Unit and the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit." Has full text Working Papers (need to be unzipped).
Working Paper topics include:

  • The Labour Market in South Africa
  • Surviving unemployment without state support
  • South African press reporting on children affected by AIDS
  • Media coverage and the election
  • Race, class and justice in post-apartheid South Africa
  • Inequality and diversity in Cape Town
  • Relationships between adolescents and adults
  • Labour force withdrawal of the elderly
  • Health seeking behaviour in Northern KwaZulu Natal
  • The School day in South Africa
  • Economic infrastructure investment in South Africa
  • Informal savings groups in South Africa
  • Results of election '04
  • Corruption in......Nigeria
  • Role of social grants in.......HIV/AIDS
  • Understanding black households
  • KHAYELITSHA / MITCHELL’S PLAIN SURVEY 2000; Survey Report and Baseline Information (98 p. in PDF)

University of Edinburgh, Centre of African Studies. Learning to Compete Project
Has the full text of Papers in Education, Training and Enterprise (Ghana, Kenya, South Africa).

University of the Free State (formerly University of the Orange Free State)
General information, faculty, student information, events, etc. In Bloemfontein.

University of Johannesburg
A new university formed from a merger between Rand Afrikaans University, Technikon Witwatersrand and and several campuses of Vista University. Dr. Ihron Rensburg was elected as the first permanent Vice-Chancellor and Principal. Based in Auckland Park and Doornfontein.

University of KwaZulu Natal
"The new University of KwaZulu-Natal unites two major educational institutions in KwaZulu-Natal – the University of Natal and the University of Durban-Westville."

University of KwaZulu Natal. Education Policy Unit (Durban)
NGO involved in "policy research and advocacy for a transformed education system in South Africa." Describes their research and publications.

University of KwaZulu Natal. Gandhi-Luthuli Documentation Centre
Formerly Univ. of Durban-Westville. The "Center is a unique archive and museum concerned with documenting the 'new' history of Kwa-Zulu Natal." Includes a biography section with profiles especially of South African Indian nationalists. Has online exhibits (Gandhi: Mahatma in the Making, 1893-1914 by K. Chetty, and Gandhi, Lutuli, King, Mandela : a legacy for the future.) and an index to Fiat Lux, a journal published by the Department of Indian Affairs. [KF]

University of Pretoria
See the Faculty of Education, the Dept. of Telematic Learning and Education Innovation, the Centre for Science Education. Also has a Centre for Child and Adult Guidance, Joint Center for Science, Math & Technology Education, the Inter-University Centre for Education Law and Policy, the Centre for Inservice Education and Training. Has full text (in Adobe PDF) South African government acts for 1997 and up to mid-1998, the Annual Review, etc. [KF]

University of South Africa
"UNISA is Africa's premier distance learning institution." Offers some financial assistance to South African citizens.

University of Stellenbosch (Matieland, South Africa)
In English and Afrikaans. Has the Bureau for Economic Research many other institutes, and the University Library Service.

University of Sussex. Centre for International Education
The Centre has offered an international Masters programme for over 20 years. Sponsors the Multi-Site Teacher Education Research Project (working in Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa). The Center has acted as a Link Institute to support the development of the Teacher Training College system at Provincial level in South Africa. Has full text research reports - The Impact of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic on the Attainment of Primary Education for All in Sub-Saharan Africa, Understandings of Education in an African Village: the Impact of Information and Communication Technologies, Inclusion/Exclusion in South African Education. Based in Brighton, U.K. [KF]

University of Transkei
Information on the Faculty of Education and other faculties, the community radio station. Has press releases.

University of the Western Cape

University of the Witwatersrand
The e- mail Newsletter has information on issues such as the Controversy Involving the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Senate Debate on Academic Freedom . Has a Wits Online Alumni Directory, Graduation Speeches and articles regarding selection of the Vice-Chancellor, etc.

University Scholarships for South African Students, Inc.
" charitable organization that offers scholarship opportunities to South African students....Since 1990, USSAS has offered scholarships at South African universities and Technikons to more than twelve hundred young African, Coloured, and Indian men and women of South Africa. USSAS now focuses its support on young people who are committed through their studies and community action to the fight against HIV-AIDS in South Africa." Program history. Desmond Tutu is Honorary Advisor. Based in Pelham, Massachusetts.

Values, Education and Democracy in the 21st Century, National Conference: 22-24 February 2001, Kirstenbosch, South Africa
A Ministerial Conference of the Department of Education. Has full text speeches and papers by Jacob Zuma, Nelson Mandela, Kader Asmal, Barney Pityana, Mandla Langa, Jeff Guy (The Value of History: the Price of the Past), Luli Callinicos (Reconceptualising the History Curriculum), Eddy Maloka (History Memory Values), Manila Soni-Amin (The Politics of Religious Education in South Africa, past and present), Azila Talit Reisenberger (The Importance of Religious Education for teaching Values and Ethics in the schools), Edward Said (The Book, Critical Performance, and the Future of Education), and Jonathan Jansen (Access and Values). On the site of the South Africa. Department of Education. [KF]

Vista University
Has a Research Unit for Indigenous Languages, an Employment Research Unit, a Unit for Child Witness Research (concerning the trauma of child testimony and the court process), installation speeches, the library online catalog, etc.

Western Cape Schools Network
Schools in the Western Cape region of South Africa with access to e-mail and other internet resources. Held a Sept. 95 Internet and Educational Computing conference whose proceedings are on its web site.

Wits Institute for Social & Economic Research (WISER)
Has many full text papers from its Wits Interdisciplinary Research Seminar. Research programs include: Law, Criminality and the Moral Logics of Everyday Life; Meanings of Money and Cultures of Economic Rationality; Rethinking 'Race'; Cultures of Sexuality and Power; The Limits of the State. Based at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Wits Reporter
Official newsletter of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

World Congress of Comparative Education, 10th, Cape Town, South Africa, July 1998
Has the full text of some of the conference papers such as "... Culture and Educational Transformation in Post-Colonial Namibia and Post-apartheid South Africa" by Fhulu Nekhwevha.

Site on using the internet for research in the humanities and social sciences for South Africans.Has a section on education websites, also information on writing research proposals, evaluating information, etc. Prepared by the Centre for Science Development (HSRC) and Infolit, a project of the Adamastor Trust.

Youth Development Network (Marshalltown)
Acts as a coordinator for member organizations, its focus is youth unemployment in South Africa. Publishes the Youth Development Network Journal with selected articles online, has the draft National Youth Commission Strategy Plan, and an email forum for youth development workers. [KF]

Youth Information Services
YIS "is produced and managed by the National Youth Commission, a government organisation part of the South African Government's plan to develop a comprehensive strategy to address the problems and challenges facing young women and men in South Africa." Has a directory of Physical / Sexual Abuse Organisations, etc.

za.schools or schoolza
Discussion list about schools in, mainly, South Africa. To subscribe, send e-mail to:
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One can also read this list if your internet access provider gives you access to the discussion group called za.schools in the za newsgroup hierarchy.