South Africa environment

Africa Geographic (Cape Town, South Africa)
Published by Black Eagle Pub. Online site of the print magazine. Lists article contents. On wildlife conservation, natural history. Also publishes Africa Birds & Birding magazine.

Africa South of the Sahara - Environment
Directory of environment sites on Africa. From the Stanford University Libraries.

Africam (North American site) Africam (South African site)
Use the closest for fastest access. A virtual game preserve. "Live images are captured every 30 seconds from...cameras located at two waterholes in the Djuma Game Reserve (South Africa), a mobile cam which is moved to areas of interest as suggested by the game rangers and a camera at a waterhole outside Satara camp in the Kruger National Park." Sells wildlife videos.

Ananzi - Environment
Directory of environmental sites from the South African search engine Ananzi.

Checklist of Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps
Has links to vegetation/forest maps of Africa, South Africa, and other African countries. Compiled by Claire Englander of the Univ. of California-Berkeley, University & Jepson Herbaria/SMASCH Project, and Philip Hoehn from the Stanford University Branner Earth Sciences Library and Map Collections.

Eagle Environmental (Hillcrest, South Africa)
"...offer services as environmental consultants." Information for South African companies re compliance with environmental issues. Publishes the print Eagle Bulletin, an environmental newsletter for the professions. Access to articles requires payment but has the table of contents of a sample issue. The Director is Arend Hoogervorst.

Earthlife Africa (Johannesburg)
Based in South Africa (branch in Namibia), environmental issues such as toxic waste dumping in South Africa, air polllution, nuclear reactors, gill nets, the Nigerian Ogoni struggle, animals rights, flouridation. Has a mailing list for news on the environment in South Africa.

East London Zoological Gardens
Zoo close to the city centre of East London. Houses cycads an endangered plant.

Empowerment for African Sustainable Development (Cape Town)
"...a private, non-profit, ...focussing on the empowerment of African people and institutions operating in the areas of environmental management and sustainable development." Has many full text publications and links to related sites.

Green Industry of South Africa
Directory for the landscaping industry, includes waste management, has a "green industry product list, services offered, articles of note, the industries consultants, employment opportunities within the industry, links to institutes and magazines"

Groundwork. Environmental Justice Action in Southern Africa
Full text reports, articles from Groundwork, their newsletter. Includes activities of Royal Dutch Shell in Africa, a directory of media contacts in South Africa, fact sheets on environmental issues. Based in Pietermaritzburg. [KF]

Group for Environmental Monitoring (GEM)
An NGO "with a strong social justice commitment to the environmental sphere...." Has the text of the 1998 Non-Aligned Movement Civil Society Conference Declaration, a report from the Defense Related Industries Workshop, etc.

Kruger National Park
"The Kruger National Park boasts the world's greatest concentration of species and is the largest game reserve in the Republic of South Africa." Tour information, history, cultural heritage sites (rock art, Thulamela), wildlife photographs, etc.

Krugmann, Hartmut - Water Research Fund for Southern Africa (WARFSA)
Project evalutation. 02/02. In Adobe pdf. See also information on South Africa-Swedish development co-operation. Part of SIDA Evaluations, from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

Lubombo Spatial Development Initiative Mapping
"LubomboMapping provides access to spatial data-sets for the Lubombo region which can be viewed and analysed using basic GIS functions." LSDI "is a regional co-operation between the governments of South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique and is aimed at accelerating development, particularly with regard to agriculture and tourism within an area covering southern Mozambique, eastern Swaziland and north-eastern KwaZulu-Natal." Has GIS data-sets for community, environment, malaria, tourism, and on-line issues of Wetlands Wire, Official Newsletter of the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park Authority. Based in Pietermaritzburg. [KF]

Moon, B. P., "A Geomorphological approach to the ecological management of rivers in the Kruger National Park: the case of the Sabie River" by B. P. Moon, A. W. van Niekerk, G. L. Heritage, K. H. Rogers, and C. S. James
In Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, N.S. Vol. 22, No. 1, pp. 31-48, 1997. 18 page paper in Adobe Acrobat pdf format, concerns channel geomorphology, water resources. management

Panos - "Roads to the Summit"
Panos (London) and LEAD, Leadership for Environment & Development have published a joint report, which explores what six countries have achieved in sustainable development since the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio. The countries...are: India, Japan, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and the United States. "...each country has enacted an array of new mainly environmental legislation, but has largely failed to go the extra mile to integrate environmental protection with development. Most of the countries being reviewed, moreover, do not appear convinced by the concept of sustainable development."

Protea Atlas Project
Project based in Clarement, South Africa to "record the geographical location of Proteas throughout southern Africa for the benefit of Conservation, Rural Communities, Farmers, Reserve Managers, Tourism, the Cut Flower Trade and Botany."

Routes Travel Info Portal
Has a map showing the South African Provinces. Click on the Province map and find a list of places: cities, towns, villages, the day's weather, and the URL of the relevant tourism board. Click on a city name and find facts about the city. Find distances between towns, find national parks and reserves, eco-regions for South Africa, the border posts by road for neighboring countries , hotels, etc. [KF]

" a technical co-operation network between countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to promote and sustain realistic self-reliance in biosystematic services, particularly for invertebrates and other micro-organisms".

Site for the NGO sector in South Africa. Has an NGO directory, PRODDER. Provides Website Design, Hosting, Database Design for civil society organizations. Offers internet training, information communication technology (ICT) strategic planning, linux local area networks setup. Based in Johannesburg.

South Africa. Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (Pretoria)
Speeches, press releases, full text policy documents, white papers, regulations, National Waste Management Strategy and Action Plans, the Gaza-Kruger-Gonarezhou Transfrontier Park, U.N. World Summit 2002 in Johannesburg, State of the Environment reports, the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA), etc.

South Africa. Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism. State of the Environment
Has "all indicators included in the National State of the environment report."

South Africa. Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
Has full text policy documents, government acts, proposals, government notices.

South Africa. Environmental Information and Reporting
Has the National State of the Environment Report overview, environment reports for Cape Metropolitan Area, Durban Metropolitan Area, Johannesburg Metropolitan Area, Pretoria Metropolitan Area. Has the full text of "Vegetation of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. A companion to the Vegetation Map of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland." Edited by A Barrie Low and A (Tony) G Robelo. An ArcInfo version of the vegetation map will be online.

South Africa. Water Research Commission
Full text research reports, full text issues of their journal, Water SA, and more.

Southern Africa Environment Project
Alot of information, has the full text (and a summary in Xhosa) of Towards a New Environment Policy for South Africa, a discussion document instrumental in developing South Africa's new environmental policies. Also has policy documents on biodiversity, water law, sanitation and information on the environmental policy dialogue in South Africa. SAEP is a non-profit with offices in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Page maintained by Norton Tennille.

Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment
"...a non-profit Environmental Trust, support sustainable development in Southern Africa through promoting the effective and efficient use of Environmental Assessment as a planning tool." Has the full text of the book, "Environmental Impact Assessment in Southern Africa" compiled by Peter Tarr, with country reports for Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia. Zimbabwe. [KF]

Southern African Water Crisis, SAWAC (Schagen, South Africa)
Includes full text articles on grasslands, timber plantations, birds and tree plantations, Has a discussion list, SAWAC, on "the looming ecological / resource crisis. There is a strong focus on the negative impact of alien tree plantations on the Southern African environment. Project supported by the Wildlife and Environment society of S.A.
University of Cape Town. Avian Demography Unit - The Treasure Oil Spill. Effects on the Wildlife of Table Bay and Particularly on the Endangered African Penguin
Articles, a diary, photographs, maps on the rescue of African penguins after the oil tanker, Treasure which sank off Cape Town June 23, 2000.

World Weather Attribution, WWA
Reports on Africa - South Africa, Madagascar, Mozambique, Malawi, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia. Covers droughts, extreme rainfall, heatwaves, storms, cold spells.

  • "a collaboration between climate scientists at Imperial College London in the UK, KNMI in the Netherlands, IPSL/LSCE in France, Princeton University and National Center for Atmospheric Research in the US, ETH Zurich in Switzerland, IIT Delhi in India and climate impact specialists at the Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre (RCCC) around the world" Provides "assessments on the role of climate change...." Began 2014.
  • 2022 May report - "Climate change-exacerbated rainfall causing devastating flooding in Eastern South Africa" 31 page study  "On April 11-12, South Africa experienced catastrophic floods and landslides in the eastern coast of the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and Eastern Cape (EC) following exceptionally heavy rainfall. "

World Wide Fund for Nature South Africa, WWF-SA
" autonomous member of the World Wide Fund For Nature which it represents in South Africa." News on conservation and environmental work in the region, community based conservation, environmental education and sustainable development. [KF]