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Africa Regional Sexuality Resource Centre, ARSRC
Funded by the Ford Foundation. Has full text Seminar Papers, full text newsletter, Sexuality in Africa magazine with topics on sexuality and health, religion, violence against women and girls, adolescent education, HIV / AIDS, re-thinking masculinities. Countries of focus are Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. Lists conferences, events. Is compiling a database of Social Scientists, Anthropologists, Researchers. Based in Lagos, Nigeria. [KF]

Africa South of the Sahara - Health
Annotated directory of internet resources on health in Africa. From the Stanford University Libraries.

African Journal of AIDS Research (Grahamstown)
Journal on the social dimensions of HIV/AIDS in African contexts. Abstracts are online. Based at the Centre for AIDS Development, Research and Evaluation) Institute for Social and Economic Research, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa. [KF]

Extensive information resource on HIV/AIDS for researchers, the health profession, the public, infected individuals, educators and policy-makers. Daily news updates, significant full text documents, Events / Conferences, and links to HIV/AIDS-related sources. Has a southern Africa focus. Links to policies on HIV/AIDS adopted or proposed by governments, parties, lobbying groups, businesses and individuals. Free registration provides e-newsletters, discussion forums. Maintained by the Medical Research Council of South Africa (MRC). [KF]

AIDS 2000 Interactive, XIII International AIDS Conference, Durban
Official site for the XIII International AIDS Conference, Durban, July 9-14, 2000, Has news and reports about the conference, conference events, schedules, an e-mail information and alert forum, etc. Readers can send comments regarding the conference.

AIDS Analysis Africa Online
Free full text articles from 2004 April-May to date."bi-monthly electronic newsletter focusing on the wide-ranging impact of HIV and AIDS on Africa." You can subscribe for free. Published by Metropolitan Holdings. Based in South Africa.

AIDS Foundation of South Africa
"...established in 1988, was the first registered AIDS Non-Government Organisation (NGO) in South Africa. AFSA acts as a link between donors and Community Based Organizations (CBOs)" Describes their projects. Photographs (such as Elton John's visit with traditional healers). Based in Cape Town.

AIDS Law Project
Works to promote equal rights and justice for people with HIV. Information on the Legal system Health rights, Access to treatment, Workplace rights, Domestic workers, The Military, Women's rights, Children's rights, Gays, Lesbians and transgendered people, Customary rights, Criminal law, Prisoners, HIV/AIDS & discrimination cases (such as the case regarding the book by Charlene Smith, Patricia de Lille (New Africa Books, 2002), etc. Links to related organizations. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa. [KF]

Discussion forum to bring together all those working and living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Supported by the AIDS2000 Development Project, Centre for the Study of AIDS at the University of Pretoria and the AIDS Foundation of South Africa. To join send email to:
In the Message area put: subscribe aids-rsa

"Offers understanding & support to families and friends of problem drinkers. Our program is adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous and is based upon the Twelve Steps,..." Based in Cape Town, South Africa. [KF]

Anderson, Barbara A., and Phillips, Heston E. - Adult mortality (age 15-64) based on death notification data in South Africa: 1997-2004
Pretoria: Statistics South Africa, 2006. Report no. 03-09-05 (2006). Death rates for adults rose sharply from 1997 to 2004. "death rates for females age 20-39 more than tripled and for males age 30-44 more than doubled.  By 2004, for those age 20-44, female death rates were higher than those for males." "Death rates from diabetes and obesity rose for each sex – 35% for males and 18% for females." "The homicide rate in South Africa is very high, probably second only to that in Colombia."
See also New York Times article, Sept. 8, 2006, A8, "AIDS cited in the climb in South Africa's death rate" by Michael Wines.

Association François-Xavier Bagnoud
In English and French. Site of the Association François-Xavier Bagnoud on children affected and orphaned by AIDS. Reports on projects in Africa, a 28 page report in Adobe PDF, "Orphan Alert: Children Orphaned by AIDS," stories from the field, projects, facts on Africa, South Africa, Uganda, a video clip of "Nkosi: A Voice of Africa's AIDS Orphans" about 12 year old Nkosi Johnson's crusade to end the discrimination endured by HIV/AIDS sufferers, a mailing list and an AIDS Orphans Assistance Database. Based in Lutry, Switzerland. and [KF]

AVERT - HIV and AIDS in Africa
Extensive site. Includes statistics, personal stories, sections on Botswana, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia; each section covers "the impact of AIDS; a history of the government's response; information about funding; and accounts of prevention, treatment and care programmes." Sections on issues regarding HIV / AIDS worldwide. From AVERT, an international HIV and AIDS charity based in Horsham, UK. It operates especially in Southern Africa. [KF]

The Bezwoda Affair
Need to register (free) to access articles. "On Feb 3, 2000, the University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa) issued a terse statement noting that Prof Werner Bezwoda, head of its department of haematology and oncology, had been removed from his position..." "Bezwoda had admitted "a serious breach of scientific honesty and integrity" over the results of a breast-cancer trial he first presented at the May, 1999, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting." - information from The Lancet (London) medical journal. See The Lancet, March 18, 2000 v355 i9208 p999/

Bridges of Hope
Provides fund-raising for health, education, community development in South Africa. Dennis and Susan Wadley are co-directors of Bridges of Hope. Dennis Wadley is also Senior Pastor of Community Covenant Church in Santa Barbara, California.

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Atlanta, GA
Extensive information on the health situation in Southern Africa. Advice regarding malaria drugs.

Centre for AIDS Development, Research and Evaluation, CADRE
"...a South African non-profit organisation working in the area of HIV/AIDS social research, project development and communications." Full text publications including bibliographies online such as "Rape and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis in South Africa: A Review." "Gender-Based Violence and HIV/AIDS in South Africa," "Nelson Mandela/HSRC Study of HIV/AIDS:South African National HIV Prevalence, Behavioural Risks and Mass Media, Household Survey (2002)," "HIV/AIDS, Economics and Governance in South Africa," and other publications. Produced Tsha Tsha, a edutainment television drama series commissioned by the South African Broadcasting Corporation "depicting the lives of four young adults in an impoverished rural town in the Eastern Cape. The series explores the choices that young South Africans are faced with, and deals with AIDS, death, love, relationships, and sex and its consequences." Publishes the African Journal of AIDS Research. LInks to related sites. Based in Johannesburg. [KF]

Centre for the Study of AIDS, CSA
"The University of Pretoria (UP) established the Centre for the Study of AIDS (CSA) in 1999 to mainstream HIV/AIDS through all aspects of University's core business activities." Full text reports on-line - their annual AIDS Reviews, conference reports, book reviews, links to related sites.

Community HEART (Manchester, U.K.)
"Community H.E.A.R.T. (Health Education And Reconstruction Training), a UK based Registered Charity." Founded by Denis Goldberg who spent 22 years in prison in South Africa, sentenced at the Rivonia Trial. Has a book donation project for schools in South Africa, sends computers to schools, has math, art, nutrition projects.

Council For Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa
" independent, non-partisan not-for-profit section 21 company that assists healthcare facilities to provide quality health care to all Southern African citizens..." Has the full text report, “The Impact of Accreditation on the Quality of Hospital Care: KwaZulu–Natal Province, Republic of South Africa," 2003, 56 p. (in PDF). Links to South African health sites. Lists all accredited hospitals, clinics, hospices. Publishes the COHSASA News Bulletin. Based in Pinelands, South Africa. [KF]

Directories - South Africa Health
Ananzi - Health
Health24 - Health, Beauty, Fitness section, from M-Web.
Zebra- like a South African Altavista, use the keyword search

Edge Institute - [Health Reports]
" economic policy center in Johannesburg that does research to promote sustainable growth, development and distributional equity." Explores "policy alternatives for South Africa's economic and social development."
Full text reports online on Foreign Direct Investment, Developing Africa: South Africa and NEPAD, South Africa: Growth and Equity, SA and the WTO, HIV/AIDS, such as:

  • Fragile stability: State and Society in South Africa. 2005.
  • Intellectual Property Rights in South Africa: A Review. 2002. 75 pages in PDF.
  • HIV/AIDS, Economics and Governance in South Africa: Key Issues in Understanding Response: A Literature Review . 2002. 164 pages.
  • The Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS on South Africa and its implications for Governance: A Literature Review . 2001. 70 pages.

Emerging threat of drug-resistant tuberculosis in southern Africa : global and local challenges and solutions : summary of a joint workshop
By the Institute of Medicine and the Academy of Science of South Africa ; Steve Olson, Yeonwoo Lebovitz, and Anne Claiborne, rapporteurs" Pub. March 2011 by National Academies Press, Washington D.C. . "Lessons learned, best practices, and new approaches that can be used worldwide to treating and preventing TB." 147 p. in PDF.

Epstein, Helen - "The Mystery of AIDS in South Africa"
Full text article from the New York Review of Books, July 20, 2000.

Equinet - Network for Equity in Health in Southern Africa (Harare, Zimbabwe)
"...a network of research, civil society and health sector organisations working towards and influencing equity in health in Southern Africa." works with the SADC (Southern African Development Community), has a mailing list, an annotated health bibliography, the full text of a 1997 Kasane, Botswana health conference, summary of a report on the Training & Research Support Centre (TARSC), Zimbabwe, etc.

Gauteng Provincial Government. Department of Health
Strategic plans, annual reports, health advice, health and travel, etc.

Global Focus Films
GFF produced a documentary (fall 2000), "Not My Child: AIDS in South Africa" which covers the 13th International Conference on AIDS in Durban and the lives of people with AIDS in South Africa. Has photographs, accounts of South Africans with HIV/AIDS, role of traditional healers. Based in Denver, Colorado.

Health e
"...a news agency that produces news and in-depth analysis....Our particular focus is HIV/AIDS, public health and issues regarding health policy and practice in South Africa. Facts about HIV / AIDS. Find articles by topics such as HIV/AIDS Treatment, Health Economics, Health Management, Malaria, Mental Health, Nutrition, Occupational Health, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Policy and Legislation, Public Health & Health Systems, Reproductive Health, Rural Health, Traditional Medicine, Women's Health, etc. [KF]

Health Systems Trust (Durban, South Africa)
" independent non-government organisation established in 1992." Has full text reports, many in Adobe .pdf format. They operate Healthlink.

HealthLink (Durban)
A project of the Health Systems Trust, provides computer networking, e-mail, information to health workers in South Africa. Has an e-newsletter, Healthlink Bulletin, discussion lists, health statistics, over 500 reports, publications and papers, the annual South African Health Review (full text of older annuals). [KF]

HIVAN. Centre for HIV / AIDS Networking
An extensive resource. Has full text reports, articles, important documents, a database/directory of individuals and organisations working in the field of HIV/AIDS in KwaZulu-Natal, news, web sites esp. in South Africa. Established by the University of Natal in 2001, based in Durban, South Africa. [KF]

Human Sciences Research Council. Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS and Health
News, citations to publications.

IDASA, Institute for Democracy in South Africa - HIV/AIDS
On the implications of HIV/AIDS for democracy in Southern Africa and elsewhere. Articles, case studies. Governance and AIDS. Links to related sites. "Idasa is an independent public interest organisation committed to promoting sustainable democracy based on active citizenship, democratic institutions, and social justice." Based in Cape Town and Pretoria, South Africa.
Case studies include Parliament, Politics and AIDS: The Cases of South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya; Citizens find ways to deal with HIV/AIDS and Unemployment.

Knights of Malta
The Brotherhood of Blessed Gerard is the relief organisation of the Knights of Malta in South Africa. Site briefly describes their projects - nutrition scheme for infants, a hospice for the sick, a club for the elderly, a rural pre-primary school.

Kuper, Leo - Papers 1952-1966
Inventory of the Leo Kuper Papers microfilmed by CAMP, the Cooperative Africana Microform Project, based at the Center for Research Libraries in Chicago. Kuper, a South African sociologist, conducted interviews with over 100 South African black professionals in the 1950s/early 1960s for the book, An African Bourgeoisie. Interviewees included black nurses, doctors, medical school students, health educators. The microfilm may be borrowed from CAMP.

Site for teenagers and South Africa's national HIV prevention campaign for teenagers. Involves media campaigns, youth-focused television and radio programming, weekly youth news sheets, billboards, service and support programmes, including youth centres, etc.

Mandela - Nelson Mandela Children's Fund
Established when its Chairperson Nelson Mandela pledged 1/3 of his salary for five years to the fund. Report on its activities (includes feeding schemes for children, etc.), trustees.

Has links to South African medical journals, to medical lab related companies in South Africa, and to South African medical related organizations.

Medical Research Council South Africa (Tygerberg, South Africa)
Has policy briefs to government (traditional healers, care of rape victims, tobacco use by children and women, reducing malaria transmission, HIV prevention), research reports (1998 Demographic & Health Survey, abuses of gays and lesbians during the apartheid era, health and environment in Cape Town, Guidelines on Ethics for Medical Research), the 2001 report, Impact of HIV/AIDS on Adult Mortality in South Africa, which calculates that AIDS already accounts for about 40% of adult deaths in the 15 to 49 age category and 20% of all adult deaths. [KF]

Modern Medicine of South Africa (Cape Town)
A professional journal, written and edited by doctors Has the table of contents for the latest issue only. Other features are restricted to subscribers.

National Household Survey of Health Inequalities in South Africa
"The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, in June 1994, commissioned this national household health survey, the first of its kind in South Africa." The survey was prepared by the Community Agency for Social Enquiry (CASE).

Network of Researchers and Practitioners on Drug and Other Social Issues
South African "forum of researchers and practitioners that facilitates community-driven research-based policy formation....on drug-related prevention and treatment in South Africa." Full text documents in MS Word or Adobe PDF. A directory of related associations, online articles, links to members' sites. Documents include: National Strategic Action Plan for the Prevention of Substance Abuse Among the Youth in South Africa; The nature and extent of drug use among South African young people: A review of research; Alcohol, tobacco and other drug use: Young South Africans (10-24 years). [KF]

Information on infectious diseases in South Africa (and other countries). For South Africa discussues hemorrhagic fever and ebola. By registering (is free), one has access to more information.

Pathfinder International (Watertown, Massachusetts)
A non-profit founded in the 1920s. "supports family planning and reproductive health initiatives in 37 countries in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Asia and the Near East." Full text articles on Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, with photographs, statistics.

Project Umunhum
The Chapel Street Clinic treats the residents of the city of Cape Town's central district. Patients who are under going treatment for TB or HIV/AIDS can use their cell phones to receive SMS reminders about appointments, tests, and to take their medications.

PubMed Central
Has full text articles on traditional healers, TB, HIV in South Africa, etc. Use PubMed to locate articles in PubMed Central. Journals include the British Medical Journal, National Academy of Sciences Proceedings. Site from the U.S. National Institute of Health.

Rand Afrikaans University. Centre for Sociological Research
Has a full text report, in MS Word, HIV/AIDS and Students at RAU, Final Report, by Tina Uys, Lindsey Martin, Meera Ichharam, Peter Alexander, Riaan Els, Riëtte Eiselen. Pub. 2000. Based in Auckland Park Johannesburg. and

Some parts of the site work only in Microsoft's browser. South African AIDS education and awareness site. Includes a directory of South African AIDS education and training organizations. Has "HIV/AIDS and the Law: a Resource Manual" and "The Ecology of the AIDS Epidemic in South Africa" in MS Word format plus other full text documents.

Sahara, Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS (Cape Town)
Published by the SAMA Health and Medical Publishing Group. Full text abstracts online.

Sahara Resource Network. Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance (SAHARA)
Research reports (full text in pdf), HIV/AIDS social aspects, HIV/AIDS statistics, the SAHARA J: Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS (abstracts free only, full content requires a subscription). Based in Cape Town, South Africa.
Research reports includes - Impact of HIV on the Health sector, HIV/AIDS Prevalence Among South African Health Workers, Nelson Mandela/HSRC Study of HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS in the SADC region, HIV/AIDS/STD knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours in a rural South African adult population, Evaluation of Soul City School and Mass Media Life Skills Education. [KF]
See also Sahara, Bureau Regional de Dakar. In French and English. Based at the Université Cheikh Anta Diop. Includes statistics.

SANGOCO, South African National NGO Coalition
An umbrella body of South African NGOs. "The Coalition was formed in August 1995 to co-ordinate NGO input into the Reconstruction and Development Programme. It consists of provincial and sectoral affiliates, working in a wide range of development fields including health."

Site for the NGO sector in South Africa. Has an NGO directory, PRODDER. Provides Website Design, Hosting, Database Design for civil society organizations. Offers internet training, information communication technology (ICT) strategic planning, linux local area networks setup. Based in Johannesburg.

South Africa. Department of Health
Facts and Statistics on malaria, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, disabilities. Annual reports, legislation, full text policy documents (White Paper for the Transformation of the Health System in South Africa, drugs policy, child and women's health), reports, links to provincial health web sites. [KF]

South Africa. Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel Report
"A synthesis report of the deliberations by the panel of experts invited by the President of the Republic of South Africa, the Honourable Mr Thabo Mbeki." Pub. March 2001. Full text, includes Socio--economic factors in the context of HIV/AIDS.

South African AIDS Vaccine Initiative
"(SAAVI) was formed in 1999 as a lead programme of the Medical Research Council (MRC) of South Africa." . Co-ordinates the research, development and testing of AIDS vaccines in South Africa. Press releases, links to related sites. [KF]

South African Airways. Netcare Travel Clinics
Site does not work in older Netscape browsers. "SAA Netcare Travel Clinics can help you with all your travel health requirements....They are happy to offer advice to anyone planning to travel, whether by land, air or sea..." recomended Immunisations, health news, facts about malaria with a map showing prevalence in Southern Africa. [KF]

South African Business Coalition
Information for businesses. Programs, survey results, legal rights, etc. See also the AIDS Legal Network ( Hosted by the RedRibbon AIDS education and awareness site.

South African Institute of Race Relations
The SAIRR, a liberal research institute, was founded in 1929. Their site has, for members only, the full text of the highly regarded, Race Relations Survey. Members can also receive their journals, Fast Facts, and Frontiers of Freedom by email.

South African Medical Association
Publishes the South African Medical Journal. "The South African Medical Association was established on 21 May 1998. It was born out of a unification of the Medical Association of South Africa (MASA), founded in 1927, and the Progressive Doctors Group (formerly NAMDA), which was formed after severe dissatisfaction with MASA's response to the death in detention of Steve Biko in 1977." Has links to health sites selected by SAMA.

South African Studies Database, 1987 to present - NISC BiblioLine
Citations to articles in South African journals. For Subscribers Only by IP filtering. [Stanford, and other subscribers, click on - "BiblioLine.  Subscribers click here for databases"]. Includes the Index to South African Periodicals, South African Theses and Dissertations. Citations can be emailed to you. They offer certain databases free for 30 day trials. The National Information Services Corporation (NISC) is in Baltimore, Maryland

Southern Africa AIDS Information Dissemination Service (Harare, Zimbabwe)
SAfAIDS is an NGO established in 1994 whose "main role is promoting policy, research, planning and programme development around HIV/AIDS in the southern Africa region." Has full text issues of SAfAIDS News, Men and HIV In Zimbabwe (a report, in Adobe PDF), a newsletter Southern Africa Aids Action, its Annual Report, Factsheets.

Southern Africa Information Access, Inc. - Africa in Washington
Has a directory of Africa Related Agencies and Activities in Washington, DC in the fields of Health, HIV/AIDS, Medicine.

Site established by South African rape survivors and those with HIV/AIDS. What to do in a rape situation, conference news, book lists, letters from readers, news, legal aspects (police, legislation, party positions), survivors stories. [KF]

State of the Nation
Full text of this important annual reference source beginning with the 2003/2004 volume. The 2007 edition, State of the Nation: South Africa 2007, is edited by Sakhela Buhlungu; John Daniel; Roger Southall; Jessica Lutchman. Published by the HSRC Press. Use the Search box to locate the title. Access may be slow.

Treatment Action Campaign (TAC)
For affordable treatment for people with HIV. Has an FAQ about AIDS in South Africa, a mailing list, the full text of their magazine, Equal Treatment, fact sheets (ex. Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS in South Africa), speeches (for ex. Judge Edwin Cameron's speech at the second National Conference for People Living with HIV/AIDS, Winnie Mandela's speech delivered at the Global March for Treatment Access.) TAC campaigns against the view that AIDS is a 'death sentence'. Based in South Africa.

Triangle Project
"To contribute towards eradicating discrimination against and within the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, and to provide defined services to the LGBT community..." Has posters (downloadable). Links to related sites. Based in Mowbray, South Africa.

Tren, Richard and Roger Bate - Malaria and the DDT Story
Full text in Adobe PDF, 107 p. concerns malaria control practices in South Africa. Opposes banning DDT. (Occasional Paper 117 of the Institute of Economic Affairs, London, 2001).

University of Cape Town. AIDS and Society Research Unit (Rondebosch, South Africa)
"...supports research into the social/economic impact of AIDS and the challenges facing policy makers." Has many full text publications.

University of Cape Town. Centre for Social Science Research [Health]
"The Centre for Social Science Research is made up of ...... The Aids and Society Research Unit; the Data First Resource Unit; the Democracy in Africa Research Unit; the Social Surveys Unit and the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit." Has full text Working Papers.
Working Paper topics include:

  • Cultural obstacles to the rollout of antiretrovirals: language, region and the backlash against AIDS funding.
  • South African press reporting on children affected by AIDS.
  • Health seeking behaviour in Northern KwaZulu Natal.
  • Role of social grants in.......HIV/AIDS .
  • KHAYELITSHA / MITCHELL’S PLAIN SURVEY 2000; Survey Report and Baseline Information (98 p. in PDF).

University of KwaZulu - Natal. Centre for Civil Society - Research Reports
Full text reports such as:

University of Kwazulu-Natal. Health Economics and HIV/AIDS Research Division. AIDS Briefs
Series of 6-8 page guidelines and checklists, in PDF format, for specific groups - civil service, education, military, mining, prisons, sports, tourism, trade unions, human resource managers, insurance personnel, politicians, etc. [KF]

University Scholarships for South African Students, Inc.
" charitable organization that offers scholarship opportunities to South African students....Since 1990, USSAS has offered scholarships at South African universities and Technikons to more than twelve hundred young African, Coloured, and Indian men and women of South Africa. USSAS now focuses its support on young people who are committed through their studies and community action to the fight against HIV-AIDS in South Africa." Program history. Desmond Tutu is Honorary Advisor. Based in Pelham, Massachusetts.

World Bank - The Long-run Economic Costs of AIDS: Theory and an Application to South Africa
Pub. July 2003. "HIV/AIDS causes far greater long-term damage to national economies than previously assumed, for by killing mostly young adults, the disease is robbing the children of AIDS victims of one or both parents to love, raise and educate them, and so undermines the basis of economic growth over the long haul.....a country like South Africa could face progressive economic collapse within several generations unless it combats its AIDS epidemic more urgently." Report by Shanta Devarajan, Chief Economist of the World Bank's Human Development Network, Clive Bell, and Hans Gersbach. Full text, 118 pages, in Adobe pdf.

Yale University - After Apartheid, The Second Decade
April 2007 Conference. Full text of papers such as AIDS and the Scientific Governance of Medicine in Post-Apartheid South Africa, by Nicoli Nattrass (27 p. in pdf) and Health Care in a Democratic South Africa (22 p. in pdf).