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Adam, Heribert and Kogila Moodley - The Opening of the Apartheid Mind. Options for the New South Africa
Full text of the book. Berkeley : University of California Press, c1993. 277 p. Series: (Perspectives on South Africa). Text is keyword searchable. "Adam and Moodley offer a nonpartisan and controversial analysis of the social conditions and political restraints post-Apartheid South Africa, and propose options for a new South Africa and a new foreign policy for all of Southern Africa. They reject purely racial explanations for political violence....", discusses the Black Consciousness Movement.

African Activist Archive Project
The Project features "activism in the United States to support the struggles of African peoples against colonialism, apartheid, and social injustice from the 1950s through the 1990s." Historical documents, photographs, posters, interviews with prominent figures, the full text of "No One Can Stop The Rain: Glimpses of Africa's Liberation Struggle" by George M. Houser, videos including the "South Africa Now" TV programs, buttons, t-shirts. An extensive directory of collections on the anti-apartheid and independence struggle (held by U.S. and outside organizations). Based at Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. 

African-American Historical Linkages with South Africa, 1890-c.1965
A project to collect and publish primary documents illustrating ties between African Americans and Africans in South Africa. Has an essay, with photographs, on the "Historical Relationships of African Americans with South Africa." Directed by Profs. Robert Edgar (Howard University) and David Anthony (University of California, Santa Cruz).

Afrocentrism and Eurocentrism on the Eve of the 21st Century: African studies in World Context. Proceedings of International Conference in Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Prof. A. B. Davidson, Moscow 2000
In English and Russian. Papers in Russian has English abstracts.From Moscow State University. Russian Academy of Sciences. Institute of Asian and African Countries.
Papers include:

Allinson, Sidney - "Kruger's Gold"
Novel on the Anglo-Boer War. Free sample chapter online. 298 pages. Published by Xlibris Corp., Philadelphia, PA.

Anglo-Boer War Museum
History, chronology, photographs, biographies, the concentration camps, prisoners of war. The Museum is in Bloemfontein, South Africa. [KF]

Anglo-Zulu War Historical Society
"...formed by of experts and historians to educate, .........and to further their interest in that most fascinating of Victorian campaigns, the Anglo Zulu War of 1879." Has the table of contents of its Journal and a few full text articles, photographs, sells postcards. Based in Great Britain.

The Anti-Apartheid Movement: A 40-year Perspective, South Africa House, London 25-26 June 1999
Site has closed. Had full text papers.

  • The Anti-Apartheid Movement - what kind of history? Abdul S Minty
  • British and international relations with Southern Africa (1959-1994). Chair's introduction by Vella Pillay
  • 'Half-ally, half-untouchable at the same time': Britain and South Africa since 1959, Shula Marks
  • South Africa: beyond the miracle, Cheryl Carolus
  • A tribute to international solidarity support for Southern Africa, Peter Katjavivi
  • AAM and UN: partners in the international campaign against apartheid, E S Reddy
  • A common purpose: the Commonwealth's support for the AAM, Patsy Robertson
  • The AAM and the race-ing of Britain, Stuart Hall
  • Western media: mirroring whose reality?, Victoria Brittain
  • 'Making hope and history rhyme', Closing address by Kader Asmal

Atlas Mutual Heritage (Amsterdam)
A data-bank on the Dutch East India Company trading posts and settlements which will include paintings, drawings, maps, prints and photographs. "The first stage of the project involves the collation of illustrative data in the collections of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Rijksdienst voor de Monumentenzorg in Zeist and the Algemeen Rijksarchief in The Hague. Stage 2 will include the collation of illustrative data relating to Dutch East India Co. settlements in other collections in the Netherlands and abroad."
"The data-bank is primarily intended for storing information relating to VOC settlements in Africa and Asia as well as illustrations of these settlements. The AMH data-bank can also be adapted for supplementary modules: for example, the Portuguese East India Company, embassies and expeditions, Dutch monuments overseas from 1800 to the present day."

Besten, Michael Paul - Transformation and reconstitution of Khoe-San identities : AAS le Fleur I, Griqua identities and post-apartheid Khoe-San revivalism (1894-2004)
Doctoral thesis, Leiden University, 2006. "the dissertation examines changes in the articulation of Khoe-San identities in South-Africa." Full text online - 383 pages in PDF. Includes illustrations, maps (South Africa, 2004 and 1885, Map of East Griqualand, 1922 and Map of East Griqualand, 1879.)

British Anti-Apartheid Movement - Forward to Freedom
History of the British anti-apartheid movement, 1959-1994. Full text documents. Interview transcripts. Audio files. Posters. T-shirts. Pamphlets. Videos. Education pack for schools. Material is from Oxford University, Bodleian Library.

British Pathe Film Archive
A rich video news archive covering historical events, sport, social history and entertainment from 1896 to 1970. Obtain free low resolution video clips after the free registration. High resolution copies for PowerPoint Presentations and Web Publishing require a license fee.* The purpose of the site is mainly educational use. Commercial users who wish to order a videotape or DVD must order through a British Pathe librarian. The original film is 35mm. The free downloaded files may be e-mailed to others. By spring 2003, JPEG images will be available. For best search results, one needs to use a one word search such as Kenya or Nigeria and then look through the entire results. [KF]
Examples of video clips: visit to South Africa of the Royal Family, Commonwealth conferences, the 1964 OAU meeting in Tanzania, 1967 African leaders meeting in Kampala, the 1966 assassination of H. F. Verwoerd (President of South Africa). [KF] * Higher quality hard copy on VHS (PAL format only) can be ordered. "There are three options for purchasing clips; single stories can be bought for £18 each, up to 7 stories costs £75, and 8 or more stories costs £10 each, all inclusive of VAT. Postage and Packing is an additional £2.25 for customers inside the United Kingdom, £10.00 for customers outside the United Kingdom."

Cable and Wireless, a History - South Africa 1920's to 1960's
One page and a photo of the first direct wireless message from England to South Africa, 1924.

Canadian War Museum - Canada & The South African War, 1899-1902
The role of Canadians in the South African War or Boer War. Military units, battles, personalities military awards, uniforms, weapons, historical maps. Essay with reading list by Dr. Cameron Pulsifer. Based in Ottawa, Canada.

Cape Town Heritage. Cape Connected
Travel information, NGO directory, Cape Town's history from prehistory to the present, includes photographs (no captions). Site maintained by volunteers and by African Dawn Touring. Patrons include the former Mayor of Cape Town. [KF]

Catsam, Derek - "Those Who Command the Ones That Pulled the Trigger See Us As Less Than Human": The Langa Massacre and State Violence in South Africa"
On events 21 March, 1985 in African township of Langa, outside of Uitenhage. Paper presented at the Southeastern Regional Seminar in African Studies (SERSAS) Spring 2000 Conference. [KF]

Center for Research Libraries (Chicago)
The Center for Research Libraries, an institutional membership organization, has microfilm documents on South African history. See their online catalog.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
The Commission maintains graves / memorials throughout the world for members of the Commonwealth forces who died in World Wars I and II. Has statistics on the number of Commonwealth war dead commemorated by country, for ex. 50,000 + in Kenya, 8,000 + in South Africa,  5,000 + in Tanzania, 4,00 + in Nigeria, 900+ in Eritrea, etc. Select "Global Commitment" then "breakdown by country."

Community Video Education Trust, CVET
Online "digital archive of videos taken in South Africa in the late 1980s and early 1990s." "demonstrations, speeches, mass funerals, celebrations, and interviews with activists." Find videos by people, organizations, and genre (Interviews, Demonstrations, Speeches, Funerals, Meetings, Celebrations, Drama). Produced by the Community Video Education Trust and the South African Film and Video Project (SAFVP) at Michigan State University. Based in Cape Town.

Computers and the Apartheid Regime in South Africa
On the use of computer hardware and software from the United States and multi-national technology companies to aid apartheid. Prepared as a CS201 (Computers, Ethics, and Social Responsibility) Final Project by: Monal Chokshi, Cale Carter, Deepak Gupta, Tove Martin, and Robert Allen.

Conference on International Anti-Apartheid Movements in South Africa's Freedom Struggle: Lessons for Today. 10-13 October 2004, Durban, South Africa
Full text papers covering the history of the anti-apartheid movement world-wide.

Cooperative Africana Microform Project, CAMP - South African Trial Transcripts and Evidence. Index
18 p. in PDF. Brief index to the microfilm of South African trial transcripts held by CAMP. "CAMP has acquired numerous trial transcripts from political trials in South Africa, including the Treason Trial (1956-1961), Rivonia Trial (1963-1964) and the Steve Biko inquest (1977)." CAMP is based at the Center for Research Libraries, Chicago, lllinois.

Corbis - Photographs
Locate historic Africa-related photographs and send them as electronic postcards (when the site is working properly). Has photographs of Nelson Mandela, Robert Sobukwe. The Corbis photograph collection is owned by Microsoft's Bill Gates. To use the photographs in a publication, you need to pay a fee and fill out a long application providing bank and trade references.

Cornell University. Library. Making of America
"...a digital library of primary sources [mainly from 1840 - 1900] in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction." Has scanned images of the full text of books and articles. A search on Cecil Rhodes produces 102 matches in 57 journal articles. Examples of article titles: The Ultimate Triumph of the Boers, Briton and Boer in South Africa, Military Problems in South Africa, A French General's Defense of the Boers, The Historical Causes of the Present War in South Africa, Problems of the Transvaal, The Responsibility of Cecil Rhodes. [KF]

C-Span - Cable Television Station Video Library
Free online videos from the U.S. cable television station, C-Span. Very large selection on African figures and topics. Videos may also be purchased.

Cyndi's List - South Africa
Extensive links to South African genealogical sources.

Davis, Richard Harding- "Real Soldiers of Fortune"
Full text of the book (New York: C. Scribner's sons, 1911, 228 pp.) Includes:
Accounts of a young Winston Churchill's escape from a South African prison during the Boer War (South African War.
American Frederick Russell Burnham's participation in the 1st and 2nd Matabele Uprisings, the Boer War, his killing of Umlimo, and brief mention of his visits to Ashanti and East Africa. Part of Project Gutenberg Etext. [KF]

Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
Biographies of persons who died between the years 1000 and 1930. Use the Advanced Search. Under Geography, select Africa, then country. Find biographies of missionaries such as John Forbes of the White Fathers and Arthur Bouchard (Sudan), military personnel such as Duncan MacInnes (Ghana, South Africa), William Robert Wolseley Winniett (Ghana) and Frederick Charles Denison (Sudan), Richard Pierpoint (born in Senegal). There are fifteen biographies of persons connected to South Africa in some way. A joint project of the University of Toronto and the Université Laval. [KF]

Digital Innovation South Africa, DISA
Full text historical South African journals, books, theses, maps, legal documents online. Also articles, legal decrees, pamphlets, historical conference papers, political party constitutions, letters, historical interviews, poetry, music (including the national anthem), photographs, posters, programs, trial proceedings, etc. The Advanced Search covers the entire database.

  • "South Africa's Struggle for Democracy: Anti-Apartheid Periodicals, 1960-1990" Full text titles available are: Abasebenzi, Afra Newsletter, African Communist, Africanist News and Views, Amandla-Matla, Apdusa Views, Arise! Vukani!, Black Review, Clarion Call, Congress Resister, Cosatu News, Crisis News, Critical Health, Dawn, Democracy in Action, East Cape Update, Fosatu Worker News, Frank Talk, Grassroots, Ikwezi, Inqaba ya Basebenzi, Isisebenzi, Isizwe, Izwi lase Township Journal of Black Theology, Mayibuye, NUM News, Phakamani, Pro Veritate, Rixaka, Sash, SASO Newsletter, SASPU Focus, SASPU Nationa,l Sechaba, Speak, Speak Newspaper, TRAC Newsletter, Umsebenzi, Work in Progress.
  • Black Sash, 1960-1990 - [Stanford Students Please Note. Stanford has Black Sash print issues for 1959-1965,1967-1992, 1995 Jan.]
  • Clarion Call (Inkatha), 1983-1990 - "published as the official journal of the KwaZulu Government and Inkatha" - "a liberation movement committed to non-violence, peaceful change and a negotiated future for South Africa". [Stanford Students Note. Stanford has print issues of Clarion Call for v.1:no.9 (1984:Apr.) - 1991:Nov.]
  • Pro Veritate (Christian Institute of Southern Africa) , 1962-1977 - "relating to the Christian standpoint in the face of the anti-apartheid regime."
  • Sechaba (ANC, London), 1967-1990

Dinuzulu - "uDinuzulu wakwa Zulu 1868 - 18 October 1913 Exile in St. Helena" by Dr. Donal Brody
Account (1999) by antiquarian bookdealer, Dr. Brody, of Dinuzulu's exile on the island of St. Helena from early 1889 until late 1897.

District Six Museum
The South African museum's site seeks "to ensure that the history and the memory of forced removals in South Africa endures.....its mission is the documentation and imaginative reconstruction of the history, labouring life and cultural heritage of the District Six community." Background to the museum, history of the church, history timeline, etc. Based in Cape Town, South Africa. [KF]

Drew, Allison - South African Politics - an Introduction Using Internet Resources
This web course provides a "brief introduction to South African politics and political history using internet-based resources. Students can develop research skills using the web through simple web-based exercises." Includes a historical overview, reading lists, research exercises, two maps. Dr. Drew is with the Dept. of Politics, University of York, U.K.

Duff Gordon, Lucie, Lady, 1821-1869. Letters from the Cape
Published 1864. Full text, in the Bralyn Archives. Scanned and proofed by David Price. Second proof by Margaret Price.
Also at:

East London (South Africa) Urban History
"The Labyrinth of East London Lore" relates the history of a harbor town in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Features Cybertrails, "a walk back into history" which include historical analysis, primary sources, maps, photographs. Has related articles from other sources, a detailed index. Created by East London townspeople. Site maintained by Keith Tankard.

Site for "sharing information to assist with genealogy research in South Africa." Search on a name and locate South African archives (Cape Archives, Transvaal Archive, etc.) with relevant information. Has links to South African geneaology sites.

Evans, Ivan T. Bureaucracy and Race: Native Administration in South Africa
Full text of the book. Berkeley : University of California Press, c1997. 403 p. Series: (Perspectives on Southern Africa ; 53). "Bureaucracy and Race overturns the common assumption that apartheid in South Africa was enforced only through terror and coercion. Without understating the role of violent intervention, Ivan Evans shows that apartheid was sustained by a great and ever-swelling bureaucracy. The Department of Native Affairs (DNA), which had dwindled during the last years of the segregation regime, unexpectedly revived and became the arrogant, authoritarian fortress of apartheid after 1948..." Discusses the Tomlinson Commission.

FOB-LIST - 2nd Anglo-Boer War
An open, unmoderated discussion list, in English, featuring the 2nd Anglo Boer War (1899-1902), South Africa. Emphasis is on the Boers' position during the war. Includes discussion of the present day situation of the Boers. There is a separate topic for discussion in German. Archives are kept in monthly files. Email for the listowner is:
To subscribe, send the following command in the BODY of mail to:
subscribe FOB-LIST Yourname Yourlastname

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961-1963, Volume 9: Foreign Economic Policy. Editors: Evans Gerakas and others. Washington, D.C.: Office of the Historia, U.S. Dept. of State, 1995.
Full text. From the print volume. Covers aid to Africa, German-U.S. coordination regarding aid, relations with South Africa with regard to U.S. Strategic Materials and Commodities Policy during the administration of President John F. Kennedy. (Dept. of State Publication, 10229) [KF]

Foreign relations of the United States, 1964-1968. Volume 24, Africa. Editors, Nina Davis Howland, David S. Patterson.Washington, D.C. : Office of the Historian, U.S. Dept. of State, 1999.
Full text primary documents (letters, telegrams, memoranda, etc.) regarding U.S. relations with Africa. Includes the entire continent plus Ghana, the Horn of Africa, Nigeria, Southern Africa, South Africa, Portuguese Africa, Rhodesia. (Dept. of State Publication 10627). [KF]

Fort Hare Institute of Social and Economic Research, FHISER
Promotes " promote social, cultural and economic development in the Eastern Cape and the southern African region through the delivery of high-quality academic, applied and policy research." Based at the University of Fort Hare, East London, South Africa.
Full text reports such as -HIV & AIDS PROGRAMME BASELINE STUDY...2004/2005. 132 p. in PDF.

Freedom Charter
Adopted at the Congress of the People, Kliptown, on 26 June 1955. On the African National Congress web site.

Freedom Park Trust
A national heritage site to narrate the story of South Africa's pre-colonial, colonial, apartheid, and post-apartheid history. "...located on a 52-hectare site on Salvokop hill at the entrance into Pretoria from Johannesburg." "Salvokop hill,..... is located opposite the Voortrekker Monument." Speeches, press releases, photographs, reports. [KF]

From Protest to Challenge : a documentary history of African politics in South Africa, 1882-1990
Primary historical documents.

Frontline (Braamfontein, South Africa)
Articles (from the 1980s) from the former magazine, Frontline (published from Dec. 1979 thru May 1991). On-line are articles by Denis Beckett, Nomavenda Mathiane, Hermann Giliomee, Rian Malan, and others.
Other writings by South African (and other) authors are at

Gauteng Legislature
Site for the Gauteng Provincial Legislature. Online are issues of the Hansards, budgets, the full text of bills, the code of conduct, Committee reports. Has historical and recent posters and other art work owned by the Legislature, information on how to initiate petitions, etc. Based in Johannesuburg. [KF]

Genealogical Institute of South Africa / Genealogiese Instituut van Suid-Afrika
In Afrikaans and English. "established to collect and preserve genealogical source material ....and conduct genealogical research.... and to publish genealogical registers and family histories of all South African families." Links to many South African family web sites, a link to a South African family coats-of-arms site, related genealogical sites, an extensive library, an archive for genealogical data files of individual South African genealogists in the GEDCOM format. Publishes a journal, Familia, and sells its own publications. Based in Stellenbosch.

George Mason University. Center for History and New Media - Women in World History
Primary sources about women and gender with guidelines to using primary sources. Sources include excerpts from the 17th c. Journal of Jan van Riebeeck, letters of the grand-daughter of Jan van Riebeeck, rock art of the San, drawings, narrative of the Cape (Southern Africa) 1705 to 1713, the situation of slaves in the Cape, letter of Mary Moffat, narrative by Mary Kingsley, autobiography of Buchi Emecheta, African novels, excerpt from Tsitsi Dangarembga's novel Nervous Conditions.
Has a case study by Beverly Mack on Nana Asma'u, Muslim Woman Scholar and one by Jeremy D. Popkin, The Calling of Katie Makanya (South Africa 1873-1956) and a classroom module on Cultural Contact in Southern Africa (17th century including slavery). Holds online forums for teachers; the forum beginning October 1, 2005 is Women in World History. Beginning November 2005 is a forum on Women in Africa.

An electronic discussion group on all aspects of South African history. Includes job adverts, book reviews, conference announcements, information on new computer software, websites, films, and a key word search engine for past discussion topics. One can subscribe online. The list address is:

Heather's South African Genealogy Help List
Annotated guide to libraries, archives, museums and the types of records they hold. Directories of researchers, mailing lists related to Southern African genealogy / history, South African family home pages, guidelines for conducting genealogy research, family surnames with dates of arrival in South Africa or Namibia, etc. [KF]

Heinz III, H. John - Archives
Heinz was a Congressman (1971-1976) and U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania (1977-1991). Portions of his archival papers are keyword searchable and available in full text from Carnegie Mellon University Library. Included is information on international trade, Rhodesia, South Africa, articles from newspapers, journals, his correspondence, etc. [KF]

Helen Suzman Foundation
Promotes liberal constitutional democracy, conducts public policy research, founded 1993. Full text documents - memorial lectures, roundtable series, symposium series, the newsletter Focus, briefs, human rights dialogue, pharmaceuticals in South Africa, universal health coverage. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa. [KF]

Henderson, Jr. , Thelton - Lessons of the Civil Rights Movement
Judge Henderson is United States District Court Judge in San Francisco. The interview, by Harry Kreisler, is part of the Institute of International Studies, U.C. Berkeley, "Conversations with History" series. Includes being interrogated by the police in 1985 during a visit to South Africa under apartheid.

Historia, Journal of the Historical Society of South Africa
A subscription is required to access articles online. Subscribers through Sabinet can see the table of contents from 1992 + , abstracts and full text articles. Based at the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa.

Historical Graphics Gallery - Jim Zwick - Boer War
Extensive essays are included on some sites. Has political cartoons from the "Boer War." Maintained by Jim Zwick.

History Channel
The site for the U.S. TV program has brief audio files (in the Speeches section) of Christiaan N. Barnard, South African surgeon, describing the first successful heart transplant and of F. W. de Klerk, former South African president, speaking on the eve of Nelson Mandela's release from prison. You'll need Real Player, sound card, and speakers.

History Departments
There are sites with extensive lists of history departments, their faculty, courses, syllabi,etc. George Mason University has over 200 History Departments Around the World home pages
Rhodes University
University of Cape Town
University of Natal (Durban)
University of Namibia. History Department
University of the Orange Free State. Dept. of History
University of the Western Cape (Bellville)
The History Net
Site maintained by the National Historical Society, a U.S.-based membership organization of history enthusiasts. Mainly on U.S. history but has an article from Military History magazine on the 1879 Anglo-Zulu War. Readers should seek other sources outside of this website such as books on these topics as well. One can search their articles database.

Hodson, Timothy - "South African Land Tenure, Past and Present: A Country Report"
Includes land tenure history. Report prepared by a graduate student in a Spatial Information Engineering course at the University of Maine, "Cadastral and Land Information Systems."

Houser, George - "The International Impact of the South African Struggle for Liberation"
By the former head of the American Committee on Africa (New York City). Part of the ANC's Historical Documents site.

Houston, Lynn - "Serpent's Teeth in the Kitchen of Meaning: A Theory of South African Culinary Historiography"
"...explores the relationship between the South African culinary tradition and the country's history in oppression." In the e-magazine, Houston is a PhD candidate at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.

Howard University - South African Research Archival Project, SARAP
University of Fort Hare and Howard University project to document linkages between Americans and South Africans, principally African Americans, during the anti-apartheid movement. Search the database of collection nventories. Based in Washington, D.C. [KF]
Collections include:
African National Congress (Washington DC and U.N. Mission records)
Pan Africanist Congress United Nations Mission Records
Records of the U.S. House Sub-Committee on Africa in the Charles C. Diggs Papers
Southern Africa Support Project Collection
Southern African References in the American Society of African Culture Collection
The U.S. National Archives United States Economic Files (1945-1973)

Huguenot Society of South Africa (Franschhoek, South Africa)
Concerns the history of the French Huguenots who settled at the Cape of Good Hope in the 17th century. They maintain the Huguenot Monument and Museum in Franschhoek. Has a list of Huguenot surnames, links to family pages such as the Viljoen Family. [KF]

Hyatt, Stanley Portal - "The Northward Trek" (London : A. Melrose, 1909)
The full text of Hyatt's 309 page book "The northward trek." Includes some of the book's photographs, two maps (1888, 1890). Hyatt favored a British South Africa. Discusses Bechuanaland, attitudes towards Africans, missionaries, John Mackenzie, Cecil Rhodes, Lobengula, Umzilakazi, Khama, Portugal, Mozambique, Gungunhana, etc. The Appendices include the 1891 Anglo-Portuguese Treaty, Ordinances made by the British South Africa Company, 1889 Message to Lobengula, the 1889 Charter of the British South Africa Company. Site maintained by Ronald J. Wilson.

Ilanga (Durban)
Print KwaZulu Natal newspaper published in Zulu. The Independent Newspaper Group represents the newspaper. The paper was founded by Dr John Dube in 1903. A history of the paper. Northwestern and Yale universities have newsprint subscriptions.

Insitute of Security Studies - Apartheid Grand Corruption: Assessing the Scale of Crimes of Profit in South Africa from 1976 to 1994
Report by by Hennie van Vuuren on corruption under the National Party government. Pub. May 2006. 113 pages. Discusses the murders of National Party politician Robert Smit and his wife in 1977, the Broederband, the Department of Information scandal of the 1970s, corruption under P. W. Botha and F. W. de Klerk, corruption in the Homelands.

International Conference on a Decade of Freedom: Celebrating the Role of the International Anti-Apartheid Movement, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 10-13 October 2004
Activists from around the world attended; many full text conference papers are online. .

Interval Signals Archive. Southern African Clandestines
Has audio clips of Radio Freedom, the voice of the African National Congress during the 1970s. (requires a sound card, Real Player). The Radio Zambia clip has short segment of Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika. Also has clips from SWAPO's Voice of Namibia, the Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Voice, the Voice of Free Africa (a conservative station), UNITA's the Voice of the Cockerel, and the Voice of Free Africa (an anti-SWAPO station). Web site based in Reading, Berkshire, U.K. [KF]

Iziko - Museums of South Africa
 Iziko Museums operates 11 national museums in Cape Town, on natural history, social history, and art. Includes the South African Museum and Planetarium, South African National Gallery, Slave Lodge and Social History Centre, Maritime Centre. Has libraries on Art, Social History, and Natural History.

Joburg: A World Class African City
Official site. Johannesburg city government information, suburb / region descriptions and maps, culural events, news, tourism & business sites, tourist tips. How the city is run. City statistics. History. Soweto. Alexandra Township. 2010 World Cup (soccer). Maintained by the City of Johannesburg.

Kadalie, Dr. Clements, (1896 - 1951), "Champion of the African Workers" - Donal Brody
Profile (7 p.) by Dr. Brody (antiquarian bookseller) on the founder of the Industrial and Commercial Worker's Union (ICU). Has photographs and excerpts from letters with Arthur Creech-Jones, UK labor leader.

Karis-Gerhart Collection: South African Political Materials 1964-1990
Searchable inventory/guide to the 101 reel microfilm collection held by the Center for Research Libraries-CAMP. Selected documents from the collection were published in Volumes 5, 6, and 7 of From Protest to Challenge: a Documentary History of African Politics in South Africa 1882-1990, by Thomas Karis and Gail Gerhart. The inventory lists interviews, political trials, documents, (including trade union documents), biographical files documenting the struggle for freedom in South Africa. [KF]

Kathrada, Ahmed - Alongside Nelson Mandela
"South African Ahmed Kathrada served 26 years as a political prisoner of apartheid with Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu. He is now a member of South Africa's Parliament." Interview, by Harry Kreisler, part of the Institute of International Studies, U.C. Berkeley, "Conversations with History" series. Includes a biography and information on the Ahmed Kathrada Collection.

Kennedy (John F.) Executive Orders, 1961-1963
Contains one Executive Order (1962) excluding South Africa from the definition of "economically less developed countries". Site by Maria E. Schieda.

John F. Kennedy Library & Museum - National Security Action Memorandum
Memoranda, (in the Presidential Papers of John Fitzgerald Kennedy at the Kennedy Library in Boston, Mass.), by either President Kennedy or McGeorge Bundy, Kennedy's National Security Advisor. Topics covered include South Africa policy, CIA support of U.S. actions towards Portuguese territories in Africa, U.S. arms in Angola, Soviet training of Ghanaian troops, Volta Dam in Ghana, U.S. Fighter Aircraft in the Congo, Intelligence on Operations in the Congo. [KF]

Journal of Peace Conflict and Military Studies (Harare, Zimbabwe)
Published by the University of Zimbabwe. Centre for Defence Studies. Some full text articles from Vol. 1, Nos. 1-2, 2000. Topics include: Pre-colonial Fortified Settlements in Northern Zimbabwe, 1550-1750 AD, the History of Umkhonto We Sizwe Between 1961–2000, The Malawi Army and the Disarming of the Malawi Young Pioneers, The Making of South Africa’s Defence Policy, 1990-99, Critical Assessment of Zimbabwe’s Demobilization and Reintegration Programmes, 1980-2000.

The Khyber Pass, A Page Devoted to Victorian Era Colonial Wargaming
Has scanned jpeg files of Zulu War pictures from the Illustrated London News and The Graphic plus some articles (as jpegs) from the Illustrated London News. Maintained by Ed Allen. Part of the Colonial Wargaming Ring.

Kronos: Journal of Cape History=Tydskrif vir Kaaplandse Geskiedenis
"...published annually by the University of the Western Cape Institute for Historical Research. It is a forum for the presentation and discussion of original research relating primarily to Cape history from pre-colonial times to the present." Has the table of contents.

Kuper, Leo - Papers 1952-1966
Inventory of the Leo Kuper Papers microfilmed by CAMP, the Cooperative Africana Microform Project, based at the Center for Research Libraries in Chicago. Kuper, a South African sociologist, conducted interviews with over 100 South African black professionals in the 1950s/early 1960s for the book, An African Bourgeoisie. The microfilm may be borrowed from CAMP.

Library of Congress Country/Area Studies Handbooks
Has the full-text of the "Area Handbooks" long used as basic reference sources. Information on the history, society, economy, politics, national security of each country. Search across all countries or any combination of countries and browse the table of contents for a specific country.
The South Africa Country Study has an extensive history section.

Library of Congress. Inventing Entertainment.The Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings of the Edison Companies
Site about Thomas Edison's motion pictures, sound recordings, and related materials. Included are short, not terribly sharp, videos of the South African War, 1899-1902 (a Red Cross ambulance, the Battle of Mafeking, English lancers charging, Capture of Boer battery by British, Charge of Boer cavalry, Boers bringing in British prisoners, 2nd Special Service Battalion, Canadian Infantry--parade), Gold and diamond mines of South Africa. Copies of tapes may be purchased. [KF]

Life and Times of Sara Baartman - "The Hottentot Venus." A Film by Zola Masekoa
A page on the film, the "story of [a] Khoi Khoi woman who was taken from South Africa, and then exhibited as a freak across Britain. The image and idea of 'The Hottentot Venus' swept through British popular culture. A court battle waged by abolitionists to free her from her exhibitors failed." From First Run/Icarus Films, New York, NY.

Livingstone, David, "Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa"
Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa; Including a Sketch of Sixteen Years' Residence in the Interior of Africa, and a Journey from the Cape of Good Hope to Loanda on the West Coast; Thence Across the Continent, Down the River Zambesi, to the Eastern Ocean. (London, 1857). Full-text of the book with information on slavery. Part of Project Gutenberg. Includes an 1858 review of the book in Harper's Magazine. [KF]

Luthuli, Albert - A Brief Profile
A short biography, with photograph. Part of the online exhibit, Gandhi, Lutuli, King, Mandela : a legacy for the future. From the Gandhi-Luthuli Documentation Centre, at the University of Durban-Westville, South Africa. [KF]

"Mad Scientists" - South Africa's Chemical and Biological Warfare Projects
About Dr Wouter Basson who headed a 1980s effort to "develop chemical and biological weapons for the white-minority regime." Has full text articles, transcripts from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, political cartoons, etc.

Mandela, Nelson
Information about Nelson Mandela from "Africa South of the Sahara: Selected Internet Resources."

"Mandela Supports Ngwazi" - Donal Brody
Article (1998) with photographs (Banda and Vorster) by Dr. Brody, antiquarian book seller, on the former Malawi President's (Hastings Banda) South Africa policy.

Marothodi Institute for Archaeology in Africa
Non-profit engaged in research and conservation of Africa's heritage. Provides professional training in archaeological theory, methods and practice. Publishes Ukumba, a quarterly magazine and a newsletter, Simulizi. Grants and scholarships for African students. Offices in the U.K., California, and Cape Town, South Africa. [KF]
Site of South African writer, Mark Mathabane, author of "Kaffir Boy," "Kaffir Boy in American," "African Women," and "Love in Black and White." Has the full text of opening chapters of his books. Describes life in Alexandra township under apartheid. Mathabane lives in North Carolina and is available to speak on campuses, etc.

McGregor Museum (Kimberley, South Africa)
"...has departments actively engaged in research in history, oral history, archaeology and rock art, with a principal focus on the Northern Cape Province, South Africa." Is strong in "Military History, focussing on the Anglo-Boer War." Has an EnviroZone covering the natural environment of the Northern Cape and an exhibition on the human history of the Northern Cape from three million years ago, and departments of botany and zoology. Their library holds "unpublished diaries of ordinary citizens reflecting life during the Siege of Kimberley (October 1899-February 1900)." Its walking tour lists historical events in Kimberley. Has links to other museums in Kimberley.

Melville Village
A suburb of Johannesburg, one page history.

Memory and History, Cape Town, Aug. 9-11, 2000
Memory and History : Remembering, Forgetting and Forgiving in the life of the Nation and the Community, An International Conference. Has papers online (some are in French). Topics include African Modes of Self-Writing, Robben Island, the South African War, 1899-1902, the Creole experience (Mauritius), Afrikaner identity, a memory exhibit for the Lubumbashi Museum, les Luba, Rwanda, Burundi, urban women in Lubumbashi, Women and the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, curriculum development and History textbooks in South Africa after 1994, Ubuntu, the killing of Hintsa, Shaka, Ethiopia, etc. Writers wishing to cite the content of papers in their own work need to request permission from the paper authors.

Metropolitan Museum of Art. Timeline of Art History
The African Art section covers different regions (Central Africa, Eastern Africa, Guinea Coast, Southern Africa, Western & Central Sudan, Archaeology & Rock Art). Maps, bibliographies, timeline for the continent. Explanations of features in the works depicted. Covers pre-colonial African empires & kingdoms, Islam in Africa, African leadership, women, Trade among European and African precolonial nations, etc.

Mother Jones - Leica Documentary Photography Exhibition
The magazine, Mother Jones, honored 8 photographers' work June 5, 1997. Winners included Peter Magubane of South Africa for his "Images of the Soweto Student Uprising, 1976".

Museums Online South Africa
Database directory of museums and related organisations, by South African Province. Includes science and some art museums.

Natal Museum
In Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Carries out research in archaeology, historical anthropology, rock art studies. Current historical research includes the role of the UDF in the 1950s-1980s and the role of Indian women in the struggle. Its library holds a significant photograph collection.

National Geographic - First Footprints Found of Modern Man
Press release of the August 1997 discovery in South Africa.

National Geographic - In Search of Human Origins
A team from the U.S., Botswana, and South Africa hunt for fossils in Botswana, Sept.-Oct. 1998. How to interpret findings, why is Africa a hotspot for hominid development, classroom ideas for K-12, links to related sites.

National Library of Canada. Theses Canada
In English and French. "Search AMICUS, Canada's national online catalogue, for bibliographic records of all theses in the National Library of Canada theses collection, which was established in 1965. Access for free the full text electronic versions of Canadian theses and dissertations that were published from the beginning of 1998 to August 31, 2002;..."
Has over 50 full text titles, from various subject areas, relating to South Africa.

National Library of South Africa. Digital Collections
Digitized primary sources. Examples --

Southern African Newspapers - African Leader, Amanzimtoti Observer, Bantu World, Basutoland News, Cape Argus, Cape Indian, Cape Standard, Cape Times, Diamond Fields Mail, East London Dispatch, eGoli,
Journals - Burlesque (weekly family & society), Diamond Fields Herald, Elethu Mirror, Ezakwa Mashu, Ilanga lase Natal, Imvu Zabantsundu, Indaba, Indian Opinion, Izwi lama Swazi, Morning Star, Naledi ya Batswana, Spark, Torch, Transvaal Times, Umteteli wa Bantu, Workers Unity, and more.
Posters - Political, World War II, Shipping Lines
Postcards - Cape Town
Bleek Collection - African languages, plants

National Security Archive (George Washington University)
An independent research institute and library in Washington, D.C. which collects and publishes declassified documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act, FOIA. Their holdings include press clippings on Africa and a Horn of Africa refugees (1979-1984) collection. Their microfiche collection, South Africa: The Making of U.S. Policy, 1962-1989 (2,500 documents on 439 microfiche, cost U.S. $3,900. Sold by Proquest). The collection is held by at least 23 U.S. libraries and Oxford U.; check RLIN or the OCLC World Catalog for a list of these. The site provides information on how to use the FOIA.
The database, Digital National Security Archive, licensed by Proquest, has full text documents, mainly one page each, in Adobe PDF format, on U.S. foreign relations. Some libraries subscribe to this database for their students, faculty. Includes memos, cables re Angola, military training by South Africa for the Contras, African reaction to the Cuban missile crisis, Zambia, Mozambique, etc." The National Security Archive is a non-profit research institute and library in Washington, D.C., which provides .... public access to declassified government documents obtained through extensive use of the US Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)."

New Dictionary of South African Biography
Pretoria, South Africa. HSRC Publishers, 1995. Volume One. Full text of Volume One. From Google books.

Nobel Peace Prize
List of all winners including four from South Africa. Official site.

Nordic Africa Institute - Nordic Documentation on the Liberation Struggle in Southern Africa
Documents on the "late 20th century history of national liberation in Southern Africa and the role of the Nordic countries..... primary source material available in government, NGO and personal archives..... mainly in the Nordic languages, but when possible, English is indicated.....interviews with important actors, photographs, publications, posters and scanned newspaper clips from the period 1960-1996."Personal stories (such as Diary from Somafco 1986-1988 [on Solomon Mahalngo Freedom School in Tanzania] and I worked as a nurse at Somafco 1988-1991). The Nordic Africa Institute is based in Uppsala, Sweden. [KF]

North-East Workshop on Southern Africa, Burlington, Vermont, April 19-21, 2002
Has abstracts of all papers.

Northwestern University. Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies - African Posters
Has online images of 77 posters, part of a larger collection. Posters are from anti-apartheid movements, South Africa under apartheid, the 1994 South African election and Lusophone / Southern Africa liberation movements.

Ntantala, Phyllis. A Life's Mosaic: The Autobiography of Phyllis Ntantala
Full text of the book. Phyllis Ntantala is the wife of A.C. Jordan and the mother of Nandi, Ninzi, Lindi and Pallo Jordan. Berkeley : University of California Press, 1993.

Interdisciplinary discussion on African history including South African issues. List hosted by Michigan State and the History Dept., Univ. of Natal (Durban). The list owner is Keith Breckenridge (
To Subscribe, send e-mail to:
In the message area put: sub nuafrica YourFirstName LastName
To Unsubscribe, send e-mail to:
In the message area put: signoff nuafrica

Old Wynberg Village, Cape Town, South Africa
History of the Cape area, photographs, maps. The Khoisan, Dutch Reform Church, transport history, related sites. [KF]

O'Malley, Padraig - Heart of Hope: South Africa's Transition from Apartheid to Democracy
Very extensive site. "interviews conducted between 1985 and 2005 with....key personalities, who influenced South Africa's political history." Facts about events from 1902 to date. Short biographies of significant people. Full text of the annual South Africa Survey, 1934-2000, published by the South African Institute of Race Relations. Chronology of events from 1950s-1980s. Bibliography. O'Malley is Professor of Peace and Reconciliation, University of Massachusetts Boston, MA. [KF]

Online Archive of California
"...a searchable online union database of finding aids to archival collections."  Search the entire database by keyword (Malawi, Mandela, etc.) to retrieve inventories. Includes some of the finding aids from the Hoover Institution Archives and Green Library (Stanford University), UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, UC Santa Barbara, and other California institutions. Has for ex. a 1997 finding aid for the South African Subject Collection, one of the South Africa related collections in the Hoover Archives, Stanford University.

Parliamentary Millennium Project
Site works only in Microsoft's browser. Antiquarian Western maps (from South Africa's Parliament) and their view of Africa are contrasted with African history from an African perspective. Uses photographs of archaeological discoveries to illustrate Africa's history before Europeans arrived. Lukasa memory boards and "map" staffs are seen vis a vis Western maps. Different historical experiences influence "the way we make policy decisions and how we see our future society." Has audio files of speeches about the project by Frene Ginwala and Naledi Pandor. From South Africa's Parliament, Cape Town.

Pfister, Roger - "South Africa's Post-Apartheid Foreign Policy Towards Africa"
Bibliography which includes chapters in books, articles, monographs, bibliographies. Topics include ANC Foreign Policy in Exile, South Africa and the OAU, cooperation, peacekeeping, etc. Vol. 6, 2001 of the Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography, University of Iowa Libraries.

Philately News - Channel Africa (SABC)
Articles by Neville Gomm on South African philatelic history.

PictureNET Africa (Houghton, South Africa)
Its Gallery has contemporary and historical photographs. Licenses photographs of the late South African photographer, Ken Oosterbroek (1962-1994), Drum magazine / Baileys African History Archive, and photographs from South Africa's Sowetan newspaper.

Plaatje, Solomon Tshekisho - Native Life in South Africa, Before and Since the European War and the Boer Rebellion
Full text of the book (4th ed. Kimberley, South Africa, 1916?). Plaatje was "First Secretary-General of the South African Native Congress (forerunner of the ANC), and author of "Mhudi", "generally considered the first novel written by a black South African." Also at Project Gutenberg (Fourth Edition. Introduction, by Neil Parsons.) [KF]

[Reagan] Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
The Archives include the full text of speeches, statements. There are many texts on South Africa - U.S. relations during the apartheid era. Photographs include Reagan with Cameroon President Ahidjo, Liberia's President Samuel Doe, Ivory Coast President Felix Houphouet-Boigny, and Mali's President Traore. Video tapes (including state visits) can be ordered.

Reitz, Deneys - Commando
Full text of the book, Commando; a Boer journal of the Boer War (probably 1929). "Deneys Reitz served in the Boer forces during the South African War and, after fighting to the bitter end, chose exile in Madagascar rather than life under the British flag." Includes a Preface by General J.C. Smuts who wrote "We have not only an unforgettable picture of mobile guerrilla warfare, but also an accurate description of life among the Boer forces." [KF]

Research Institute on Christianity in South Africa (Univ. of Cape Town)
Has a project Social History of Christianity in South Africa "undertaken initially by John de Gruchy and Charles Villa-Vicencio...."

Rhodesia and South Africa: Military History - Richard Allport
Allport, based in the Netherlands, has a book business. His site contains his? reviews of books on "Rhodesia" and South Africa military history and vexillology (the study of flags). One can obtain a catalog of the books for sale. There are articles and links to other Rhodesia and South Africa pages. Has information on an Aug. 1997 South African Defence Force Symposium and Reunion, most of the text of a 1979 report by a Conservative Party (UK) election observer team to the first one man one vote elections, Ministry of Information pamphlets published during the civil war, articles on the wars in Angola and Namibia.
Has the Report on the 1980s Disturbances in Matabeleland and the Midlands. Compiled by the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe, March 1997. 106 pages in PDF.

Robben Island -
Covers history from the 1600s to the 1900s, apartheid, prisoners, Nelson Mandela, flora/fauna, tour information, related links.

Robben Island Museum
Robben Island was established as a National Monument and a National Museum by the Cabinet of the South African Government September 1996. Information on tours, history, exhibitions, Artists-in-Residency programme, the geology, etc.

Roll of Honour - Boer War

"Our intention is to create a comprehensive database of records and information relating to Jewish immigration to South Africa." The database used passenger arrival lists, naturalization lists, community records, records of marriages, births and deaths, family trees, etc. Based at the Kaplan Centre, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch, South Africa. [KF]

Sachs, Albie - Suffering, Survival, and Transformation. Conversation with Albie Sachs
Justice Sachs is a member of the South African Constitutional Court. He is "a leader in the struggle for human rights in South Africa and [was] a freedom fighter in the African National Congress." Interview, by Harry Kreisler, part of the Institute of International Studies, U.C. Berkeley, "Conversations with History" series. Includes an e-mail exchange with students from Marin Academy (high school) in San Rafael, CA; April of 2000.

E-mail list "for anyone interested in South African genealogy." Past messages are available.

Saunders, Christopher - "Cape Town and New Orleans: Some Comparisons"
In the e-magazine, Dr. Saunders is Professor of History, University of Cape Town.

Secrets of the Dead - Day of the Zulu
"In December 1878, Sir Henry Bartle Frere, the British High Commissioner in South Africa, issued an ultimatum to the Zulu ruler, Cetshwayo kaMpande, to disband his army and hand over control of his nation to a British representative." Questions for students. Interview with Ian Knight. Related web sites. Produced by Thirteen/WNET New York, Educational Broadcasting Corporation, Educational Broadcasting Corporation.

[Sinclair] Rebecca Sinclair, 'The official treatment of white, South African, homosexual men and the consequent reaction of gay liberation from the 1960s to 2000'
PhD thesis, University of Johannesburg, 2004. "It is concerned with the official treatment of white, gay men in this country by the governments of the day from the 1960s to 2000 and the government's control of hegemonic masculinity in order to maintain power." The full text is online.

Skotnes, Andor - People's History and the South African Struggle
Full text article on historical exhibitions and oral history in the new South Africa. From the Radical Historians Newsletter (Somerville, MA), No. 73, Nov. 1995. 5 pages.

Slavery @ the Cape of Good Hope in both Dutch and British South Africa
Contents include (from book sources) the Cape slave code of 1754, social conditions of slaves at the Cape, a timeline of slavery at the Cape, an extensive bibliography, scholars of slave history, etc. Hosted on the Dutch East India Company website of the University of Ghent (Belgium).Site by Mogamat G Kamedien.

Slovo, Gillian - Revealing is Healing
"Her mother, Ruth First, was assassinated by a parcel bomb sent by the South African security forces. Her father, Joe Slovo, helped create the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. And the commission let her mother’s assassin go free. Gillian Slovo confronts the contradictions." Full text article in the Spring issue (Vol 118 No 1) of the New Humanist print magazine. Based in London. [KF]

Discussion group on the genealogy and family history of African-ancestored people world-wide. [Formed October 1995 as a Usenet group.]. Includes messages concern African-American genealogy. Messages on South African genealogy, many from Steve Hayes.

Societies After Slavery: A Select Annotated Bibliography of Printed Sources on Cuba, Brazil, British Colonial Africa, South Africa, and the British West Indies
Edited by Rebecca J. Scott, Thomas C. Holt, Frederick Cooper, and Aims McGuinness. Originally published as a print book - Pittsburgh, Pa.: University of Pittsburgh Press, c2002. Full text. Covers British Colonial Africa and South Africa. Each section has an essay and annotated entries. Compilers include Fred Cooper, Pamela Scully, etc. "the definitive resource for scholars and students engaged in research on postemancipation societies in the Americas and Africa." Part of the Univ. of Pittsburg Digital Library.

South Africa - Annenberg Foundation / CPB
Brief history of South Africa (for young people) from European settlement to the post independence establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Site by the Annenberg Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to promote the video series, The Africans. Has a series of quizes which cannot be answered from information on the site alone. Has very useful links to related South African history web sites.

South Africa. Embassy. Washington. D.C.
Has a brief South African history section from the South Africa Yearbook (Pretoria: Government Communications (GCIS).

South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid, Building Democracy
" footage documenting mass resistance and police repression, historical documents, rare photographs, original narratives and essays" "interviews with 45 South African activists"; biographies; maps; "designed especially for high school and undergraduate students." Includes Black Consciousness Movement, Truth and Reconciliation Commission, post-apartheid era. Has a 3 minute preview video. An Educators section uses primary materials. Maintained by Michigan State University MATRIX ( and the MSU African Studies Center (

South African Air Force Museum
Unofficial site. "dedicated to representing the SAAF Museum and it's activities, as well as the activities of the volunteers and the Friends of the SAAF Museum." History of the museum, events, projects. Links to related sites. Maintained by Cameron Kirk Kinnear.

South African Concentration Camps During the Boer War
"An example of classes and types of British official documents in the Stanford libraries for the study of African colonial history." Uses examples of British documents to illustrate locating sources for research. Prepared by John Rawlings, Stanford Univ. Libraries' Africa Bibliographer.

[South African Defence Force] Unofficial SADF Information Page
"...information relating to the relatively recent history of the South African Defence Force." Has full text selections of personal accounts of South African military personnel who served in Angola, Namibia, and elsewhere. Maintained by Paul Anderson. Part of the South African Military Web Ring. [KF]

South African Genealogy
Page by C. Mercer on reseaching South African family history.

South African Heritage Resource Agency
"To provide for the identification, conservation, protection and promotion of our heritage for the present and future generations." Sets national policy for heritage resources management. Database of Early Architects in South Africa. Find for ex. Cape Town architect Franklin Kaye Kendall. Full text of the National Heritage Resources Act. South African history facts. Database on historical shipwrecks, full text of their Annual Report and newsletter, SAHRA News. and lists of library holdings. Based in Cape Town. [KF]

South African Historical Documents - African National Congress site
The site maintained by the African National Congress has the full-text of primary documents - speeches by Albert J. Lutuli, Oliver Tambo, Mandela, G. M. Naicker, Yusuf Dadoo, Olof Palme, documents from Umkhonto we Sizwe, the OAU and the UN, documents concerning women in the struggle, the text of leaflet bomb fliers, biographies of leaders, etc.

South African Historical Journal (Bloemfontein)
Bi-annual journal of the South African Historical Society. SA ePpublications provides paid subscribers access to full text online. Publishes articles on southern African history and 'A Select Bibliography of South African History.

South African History Archive, SAHA
" independent archive dedicated to documenting and supporting the struggles for justice in South Africa." Based at the University of the Witwatersrand, Braamfontein, South Africa. The collection includes documents, newsletters, pamphlets, posters, slides, sound recordings, t-shirts, banners, etc. from anti-apartheid organizations, political, community, trade unions, active in the 1980s. Its Freedom of Information Programme has reports, lists of documents released under the Promotion of Access to Information Act, links to related information access sites.

South African History Online
An NGO, people's history online, based in Sunnyside, South Africa. A large numbre of full text online books. Has a History of Film in South Africa (including a chronology), a history classroom section, This Day in History, a chronology of South African history, biographies, topics (African independence, Black Consciousness, Black education, Gandhi, Paul Kruger, Mandela, Umkhonto we Sizwe, passive resistance, the United Nations and apartheid, etc.). [KF]
The Online Wall of Remembrance has biographies / photographs of anti-apartheid leaders, a list of banned people. "We are inviting you to help us with biographical details, letters, diaries, articles, photographs and reminiscences on those South Africans, people in your family communities people who played a leading role in the struggle."

South African Jewish Board of Deputies
"The central representative institution of the community is the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD), to which most of the country's Hebrew congregations, Jewish societies and institutions are affiliated." Includes a short history of early Jewish Johannesburg, etc.

South African Maritime Museum (Cape Town)
Its Research Centre houses the library of the "John H Marsh Maritime Collection with its several hundred shipping reference books going back to the 1800's." Has information on the Maritime Archaeology Society South Africa "dedicated to the preservation of South Africa's Shipwreck heritage;" the Museum has the largest collection of shipmodels in Southern Africa. [KF]

South African Military History Society (Kengray, South Africa)
Founded in 1966 by a "group of amateur historians." Has issues of the national and branch newsletters from 1997, the tables of contents of Military History Journal and the full text of selected articles, and links to Southern African military history web sites. Pub. by the South African National Museum of Military History in assoc. with the Society.

South African Museum (Cape Town)
Features on rock paintings, terracotta heads, a history of the museum, the second oldest scientific institute in South Africa.

South African Museums
Websites compiled by the South African ZaZoo directory.

South African Registry of Wills and Testaments
Site to register wills - "By registering you will ensure that your Last Will and Testament are discovered at the time of your passing as the existence and location details of your Will are recorded in a central database affording your loved ones and those tasked with administering your estate easy access to vital information concerning your Will." Co-founder is Paul Kruger.

South African Voices
"...oral tales, histories, and poems from among the Nguni peoples: the Xhosa and Zulu in South Africa, the Swati in Swaziland, and the Ndebele in the southern part of Zimbabwe. Collected by Professor Harold Scheub, Department of African Languages and Literature, UW-Madison. From the late 1960s into the 1970s. Text is keyword searchable. Includes audio files. From the University of Wisconsin Library, Madison, Wisconsin.

South African War Virtual Library
Has a chronology of the war (cited in early histories as the Anglo-Boer War), biographies of major figures, many photos and maps, and more. Sources are often given. Has links to related sites. Pages by Robert Wotton, doing an honours degree at the University of Queensland.

Southern Africa and the World: the Local, the Regional and the Global in Historical Perspective. South African Historical Society Biennial Conference, University of Cape Town, 26-29 June, 2005
Full text papers. Draft copies only.

Southern Africa Jewish Genealogy Special Interest Group
"SA-SIG provides information of interest to those researching Jewish family history in the communities of South Africa, Lesotho (Basutoland), Botswana (Bechuanaland), Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia), Zambia (Northern Rhodesia), Swaziland, Moçambique and the former Belgian Congo." Has full text articles, sources for research, discussion forum, book list, the 1929 South African Jewish Year Book Database of biographies, etc.

Southern Africa Report (Toronto, Canada)
Long established print magazine, by the editorial collective of the Toronto Committee for Links Between Southern Africa and Canada. Full text articles from July 1992 to October 2000. Find articles by author, country, subject, full text search. Analysis of events in Southern Africa and the policies of Canada and other western governments relevant to Southern African countries.

Southern African Archaeology -
Academic departments, museums, topics, fieldwork. See his Archaeology page on the geocities site also.

Southern African Historical Society
Publishes the South African Historical Journal. Founded February 1965.

Southern African Legal Information Institute, SAFLII
"...collects and publishes legal materials from Southern and Eastern Africa for free online access. ,,,, includes superior court judgments from Botswana, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.....includes a full consolidated collection of Uganda legislation and Lesotho caselaw."

Soweto '76 Archive - Hector Peterson Museum
Includes a video about creating the digital Archive. A project of the University of Maryland, College Park and the Hector Pieterson Memorial & Museum.
Reports - Digital History and Virtual Heritage in the New South Africa: The Soweto ’76 Archive, by Angel David Nieves. 3 p. in PDF

[Speedy] Sarah Speedy: Daughter of Colonel Squire, Wife of Major Speedy ~ Recollections 1818 to 1859
Edited by Allan Lawrence Tristram Speedy. Full text account. 33 p. Sarah Speedy relates her travels in India, Mauritius, South Africa from 1818-1859, meeting with Robert Moffat, the missionary, helping Colonel Graham mark out Grahamstown, brief comments on slaves and other events. Allan Speedy, the great great grandson of Sarah Speedy, lives in New Zealand. [KF]

Stanford University - South Africa, Greece, Rome: a digital museum
"How have ancient Greece and Rome intersected with South African histories? This project uses architecture, texts, visual arts and witnesses of historical memory to shed light on an ongoing discourse of receptions of antiquity used in both colonial and postcolonial manifestations."   Shows South African architecture which displays classical elements. This project has grown out of a book by the same name: South Africa, Greece, Rome: classical confrontations, edited by Grant Parker  (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017).

Study Abroad in South Africa - History
Two page history of South Africa. From the site of Study Abroad in South Africa. Includes short pages on politics, culture, arts, geography. Information from a book which can be ordered. Co-published by the International Education Association of South Africa (IEASA) and Artworks Publishing, Durban, South Africa.

Sunday Times Heritage Project
The South African newspaper, Sunday Times, as part of its centenary celebrations, features South African people/events from 1906 - Brenda Fassie (singer) , Duma Nokwe (lawyer), Olive Schreiner (writer), Lilian Ngoyi (first woman member of the ANC's national executive), Raymond Dart (physical anthropologist), Tsietsi Mashinini (student activist), Bulhoek Massacre and more. Photographs. Video history of the newspaper. Slide show on the creation of sculpture memorials to the featured. [KF]

Switzer, Les and Donna Switzer - The Black Press in South Africa and Lesotho: a descriptive bibliographic guide of African, Coloured and Indian newspapers, newsletters and magazines 1836-1976
Full text on-line of the guide (G.K. Hall & Co. Boston, MA. 1979). 327 pages in PDF. Extensive history of the Black Press in South Africa and Lesotho. Lists publications from political parties, trade unions, pressure groups. Descriptions for each title. From the International Coalition on Newspapers (ICON) and the Center for Research Libraries, Chicago, Illinois.

Thulamela - Excavating in South Africa
Pages by Marius Loots describe the excavations at Thulamela located in Kruger National Park. Artifacts from Thulamela date from c.1240 AD to 1630 AD. Thulamela is linked with Great Zimbabwe. Photos include gold jewelry and skeletons excavated by Sidney Miller and, 3 years later, by the Univ. of Pretoria, Dept. of Anatomy. There is one page on Mapungubwe, another gold site in South Africa.

Traces of Truth. Documents Relating to the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, TRC
Selected full text online documents. Full text papers - TRC background, case studies of human rights violations, amnesty debates, reparations, etc. Links to related sites. "The Preservation and Access to Records and Stories relating to the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) is a joint Historical Papers (The Library, University of the Witwatersrand) and the South African History Archives Project." Based at the William Cullen Library, University of the Witwatersrand. [KF]

Transnational Poster Art: Former East Germany (GDR) and Latin America 1970-1989
Includes two posters of the 1970s and 80s from former East Germany expressing its solidarity with the South African anti-apartheid struggle. Posters are from the Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford University. Exhibit by Elizabeth Schwartz and Diana T. Swartz for the Stanford Libraries Germanic Collection.

Trewhela, Paul - "Inside Quadro"
Full text article about an ANC prison camp and a 1984 internal mutiny within the ANC. 25 pp. Originally published in Searchlight South Africa (London). No.5, July 1990. Includes a 1990 "Open letter to Nelson Mandela from Ex-ANC Detainees." On the website of the London print journal, Revolutionary History.

Tugela Books - Boer and Zulu War Books
"...specialises principally in contemporary material relating to the Anglo Boer War, together with material on the Anglo Zulu War, the Kaffir Wars and related Afrikaner. " Has a mailing list. Owned by Shaun Walbridge, based in Plymouth, England.

UNESCO. Africa Revisited
In  English and French. 1996-1997 exhibition on the "richness, the diversity, and the fragility" of Africa's cultural heritage. Includes mission settlements in South Africa. Exhibition catalogue - 80 pages in PDF. Lists World Heritage sites in Africa. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. [KF]

Unesco World Heritage: South Africa
"...information about the various World Heritage sites in South Africa complete with pictures and official documents supporting the descriptions" - Kathy Morgan. Sites include Robben Island, Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape, Fossil Hominid Sites, Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, Vredefort Dome, uKhahlamba / Drakensberg Park, and the Cape Floral Region Protected Areas. See also the National Heritage Council and the World Heritage in Young Hands kit (with student activities).

United States. Library of Congress - Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers
Find how African topics (including the South African War 1899–1902) were depicted in early 20th century U.S. newspapers (published 1900 to 1910), including U.S. comics, book reviews. Full text online. Searches can be saved. A project of the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP), a partnership between the Library of Congress and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).

University of Botswana. History Department. Boer War Pages - by Neil Parsons
The story of the war in Botswana. Page 1: The Boer War in Botswana; Page 2: The battle of Derdepoort, 24 November 1899; Page 3: Reports in The Times. Includes bibliographies, an appendix on British Soldiers' Graves. [KF]

University of California, Santa Cruz. McHenry Library - A Luta Continua: African Liberation Movement Posters from the Collection of David H. Anthony
Posters and background on the African anti-colonial struggle. Posters mainly from the personal collection of Professor Anthony. [KF]

University of Cape Town. Centre for Popular Memory
The Centre's work - Researching projects about popular memories and identities. Training students in memory studies, oral history and methodology. Archiving oral, visual and audio-visual forms of memory. Disseminating memories and stories to various audiences. "has more than 1100 hours of analogue audio recordings with people in 5 languages crossing race/class/gender and population lines. Covering topics from forced removals, life histories, immigration, health and HIV/AIDS to communities, trauma and contemporary popular culture." c. 150 hours of "unedited video footage on topics ranging from people involved with the 1960 Langa March; 1980's pass boycott, political activists such as Cissie Gool; affects of the 1999 hurricane on Manenberg and the Richtersveld Land Claims process." Research areas: South African Hip-Hop / Freestying scene; masculinity in rugby and its rituals; heritage sites in Langa; forest workers on Table Mountain; stories of 'Cape Malay' cooks; traditional Xhosa cooking and ingredients; and shebeens, beerhalls and liqour laws in Langa and Windermere during Apartheid. [KF]

University of Cape Town Libraries. Manuscripts and Archives
The Manuscripts and Archives Department has finding aids for some collections online - Black Sash (Cape Western Region) Archive, Neil Aggett Papers, Harold Wolpe Papers, etc. [KF]

University of Connecticut Libraries. African National Congress Collection. Finding Aid
1993-1999, .5 linear feet. Materials collected by University staff in prepartion for the UConn-ANC Partnership. "The governing party since 1994, the ANC has established its archives at the University of Fort Hare, an historically Black institution. In March 1999, the ANC and the University of Connecticut signed a Memorandum of Understanding establishing a partnership to foster training assistance and cooperation." See the Container Listing. Includes film of the A. B. Xuma Papers and O.R. Tambo Papers.

University of Durban-Westville. Documentation Centre
Includes, under the Documentation Centre, information on Indian South Africans, the text of a Message from Chief Albert J. Luthuli on Centenary Celebrations of Arrival of Indentured Indians 1860-1960, a biography of Ahmed Kathrada, an index to Fiat Lux (a publication by the Department of Indian Affairs), an index to a few obituaries and articles in Sechaba.

University of Durban - Westville. Gandhi-Luthuli Documentation Centre
The "Center is a unique archive and museum concerned with documenting the 'new' history of Kwa-Zulu Natal." Includes a biography section with profiles especially of South African Indian nationalists. Has online exhibits (Gandhi: Mahatma in the Making, 1893-1914 by K. Chetty, and Gandhi, Lutuli, King, Mandela : a legacy for the future.) and an index to Fiat Lux, a journal published by the Department of Indian Affairs. [KF]

University of KwaZulu - Natal. Centre for Civil Society - Research Reports
Full text reports such as:
South Africa’s Resurgent Urban Social Movements. The Case of Johannesburg, 1984, 1994, 2004, by Patrick Bond. Research Report No.22. 34 p. in pdf.
Black Consciousness 1977-1987: The Dialectics of Liberation in South Africa, by Nigel Gibson. Research Report 18. 28 p. in pdf.

University of KwaZulu-Natal. Campbell Historic Photograph Collection
"...some 30,000 images, [by Dr Killie Campbell] mainly black and white and sepia toned prints, a rich visual documentation of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, mainly of Natal and Zululand." Includes Bambata Rebellion 1906, Dinuzulu, King of the Zulu, "early Durban, including street scenes, architecture, harbour and environs in late nineteenth century," Cape Town; Stellenbosch; Pietermaritzburg; King William's Town, Sheba Mine and town of Barberton, Swaziland, raiilways, hunting scenes, military groups, cultural dress and traditions of Northern Zululand and Tongaland. Part of the Killie Campbell Africana Library. [KF]

University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban. History Department
Has information on staff, grad students, the table of contents of the latest issue of Journal of Natal and Zulu History, a history module on South East Africa (from the Cape through the Transkei, Natal, Zululand, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya),undergraduate web presentations, etc.

University of London. Institute of Commonwealth Studies. Library. Ruth First Papers
An inventory of the Ruth First Papers, deposited at the Institute, is available in MS Word. Covers the period 1889-1991 [predominantly 1946-1982]. Includes a biography of Ruth First. First was "one of the foremost campaigners against the South African apartheid regime. The papers include personal material relating to her family life in South Africa and later in England, her writing and newspaper editorships..." Also included are letters between First and her husband, Joe Slovo, their family and fellow activists, material from her research into the welfare of Mozambican miners in South Africa, tapes and transcripts of interviews of friends of Ruth First.

University of Texas (Austin), Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
Has South African maps and links to other map web sites. The South African historical maps include the former homelands and an 1885 map of South Africa. [KF]

University of Virginia. Jackson Davis Collection (1915-1930)
Has photographs of C.T. Loram, School Inspector of Natal, Durham, South Africa on a visit to Virginia. Over 100 photographs from various African countries (Uganda,  Zimbabwe, Liberia, Congo, etc.). Part of 4,000 photographs of African-American educational scenes in the southern United States. Photographs by Jackson Davis ca. 1915-1930 taken when he was with the General Education Board in New York, New York.

University of the Western Cape. Institute for Historical Research (Bellville)
"The Institute for Historical Research (IHR) at the University of the Western Cape initiates, conducts and promotes research and teaching of Southern African history, particularly the history of the Cape, from pre-colonial times to the present." Its "Mayibuye Centre for History of Apartheid, resistance, social life and culture in Southern Africa, collects and maintains archival material, films, videos and photographs, visual arts holdings and audio-taped interviews."

University of the Witwatersrand. Department of History

Vail, Leroy, editor. The Creation of Tribalism in Southern Africa
London, Berkeley: Currey, 1989. Full text of the book.

Values, Education and Democracy in the 21st Century, National Conference: 22-24 February 2001, Kirstenbosch, South Africa
A Ministerial Conference of the Department of Education. Has full text speeches and papers by Jacob Zuma, Nelson Mandela, Kader Asmal, Barney Pityana, Mandla Langa, Jeff Guy (The Value of History: the Price of the Past), Luli Callinicos (Reconceptualising the History Curriculum), Eddy Maloka (History Memory Values), Manila Soni-Amin (The Politics of Religious Education in South Africa, past and present), Azila Talit Reisenberger (The Importance of Religious Education for teaching Values and Ethics in the schools), Edward Said (The Book, Critical Performance, and the Future of Education), and Jonathan Jansen (Access and Values). On the site of the South Africa. Department of Education. [KF]

Van der Hoogt, Cornelius W., ed. - "The story of the Boers, narrated by their own leaders, prepared under the authority of the South African republics. Preceded by The policy of mediation, by Montagu White."
(New York and London, Harper & Brothers, 1900, 284 p.) Full text of the book. Montagu White was Consul-General of the South African Republic at London. Includes some photographs. Includes an 1899 letter from P. J. Joubert, a proclamation by M. T. Stein, official dispatches between Pres. Stein and the British High Commissioner, Cape town, Sir Alfred Milner, Boer govt's reply to Mr. Chamberlain, various conventions (Sand River 1852, etc.). Maintained by Ronald J. Wilson, Spokane, Washington. [KF]

Van Riebeeck Society
"...founded in 1918 with the purpose of making primary sources in South African history available.... Since then a volume has been published every year,..." See a listing of their publications by topics; many university libraries have their books. Issues of their Newsletter are online. Based in Cape Town, South Africa. [KF]

Washington Office on Africa Papers
The WOApapers are deposited at Yale University Divinity Library. Coverage is mainly from 1980 to 1996. "The Washington Office on Africa was founded in 1972 to support the movement for freedom from white-minority rule in southern Africa. Its activities have included the monitoring of Congressional legislation and executive policies and actions, as well as the publication of action alerts and other documentation designed to advance progressive legislation and policy on southern Africa. Supported by church bodies and unions, the WOA has worked in partnership with colleagues in Africa, the Africa advocacy community in the United States,..." The collection inventories are online. Finding aids for other South Africa-related Yale collections are online.

Watson, R. L. - "Prize Negroes" and the Development of Racial Attitudes in the Cape Colony, South Africa"
R. L. Watson, with the History Department, North Carolina Wesleyan College, presented this paper at the Southeastern Regional Seminar in African Studies (SERSAS) Spring 2000 Conference.

Wits Interdisciplinary Research Seminar in collaboration with the History Workshop
Has the full text of some papers. Seminars are held at the University of Witwatersrand, Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (Wiser).

  • The origins of FOSATU: the Trade Union Advisory Council, and the creation of a new trade union tradition, 1974-1979, by Nicole Ulrich
  • Before Communism: Rethinking the Early Left in South Africa, by Lucien van der Walt
  • The State-Sponsored and Centralised Institutionalisation of an Academic Discipline: Sociology in South Africa 1920-1970, by Shireen Ally
  • Love and troubled marriage in Kenyan popular fiction, by Tom Odhiambo
  • Editing Herman Charles Bosman, by Craig MacKenzie
  • Entertainment, Entrepreneurships and Politics in South African Football in the 1950s, by Peter Alegi
  • Tenure reformed: Policy and practice in the case of South Africa's landless people, by Deborah James
  • Moral Panic and Cultural Mobilisation: Responses to the crises of AIDS, crime and transition in a KwaZulu-Natal slum, by Preben Kaarsholm
  • Market Integration through Peasantization: The Economic Transformation of Africa, the Caribbean and India under Modern Colonialism, by Ralph Austen

Xuma, Dr. Alfred Bitini (1893-1962) - Donal Brody
Brief article on the life of the physician and President-General, African National Congress, 1940-1949. Includes an account by the late Malawi President, Hastings Banda on Xuma. In two parts, by Dr. Donal Brody, antiquarian bookseller.
Part One:
Part Two:

Yale Law School - South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission Videotape Collection
"...features 84 episodes of news broadcasts assembled by journalist Max Du Preez, covering the history and activities of the Commission. The site features finding aids to the collection, summaries of each tape, ...." Watch videos of news reports about human rights abuses (requires soundcard, speakers, fast connection). Index of People, Places, Incidents, Concepts, Events, Groups, Political Organizations. List of "Good Teaching Episodes". [KF]

Yale University Library, Manuscripts and Archives. Guide to the Benjamin Pogrund Papers
(Manuscript Group 1261). Guide prepared by Tom Hyry. " The papers document the career of Benjamin Pogrund, best known for his work as African affairs reporter, night editor, and deputy editor of the Rand Daily Mail. The collection includes Pogrund's correspondence, most notably with the activist Robert Sobukwe while Sobukwe was a political prisoner. Pogrund's writings also comprise a significant portion of the papers, particularly his extensive notes for an unfinished book on the Communist Party in South Africa from 1945 to 1960. Files documenting the Rand Daily Mail "Prisons Case," as well as prison conditions in South Africa under apartheid, comprise another important series in the collection.."