South Africa international relations

Africa South of the Sahara - International Relations
Directory of internet information on African foreign and international relations, conflict resolution, peacemaking, etc. Maintained at Stanford University Libraries.

African Security Review (Pretoria)
Quarterly journal of the Institute for Security Studies, Pretoria, South Africa. Has the table of contents for recent issues and some full text articles from older issues.

Centre for Policy Studies (Johannesburg)
" independent policy research institution committed to producing .....research on South Africa's most pressing political and social issues." Has online executive summaries of recent CPS research reports and the complete texts of their most recent policy briefs. Topics include foreign workers, the Africa Growth & Opportunity Act, the DRC and Great Lakes, foreign policy-making, xenophobia, etc.
Publishes - Synopsis, Newsletter of the Governance programme. Has the table of contents. The latest issue is online. Covers election, political party issues.

China Monitor (Stellenbosch, South Africa)
Monthly publication of the Centre for Chinese Studies, Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Full text articles on-line in PDF. No. 21, August 2007 is on The Chinese Community in South Africa (27 p. in PDF). No. 17, April 2007 is on China's involvement in African Infrastructure (20 p. in PDF).

Christopher, Warren - Speech at the Univ. of the Witwatersrand
Transcript of the October 1996 speech by U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher at the Univ. of the Witwatersrand on his Africa trip. Electronic Research Collection:

Diamond Mercenaries of Africa
Report, August 1996, by the Australian Broadcasting Corp. on Executive Outcomes, a South African-based company supplying mercenaries to mining companies in Sierra Leone.

Embassies of the South African Government
The South Africa. Department of Foreign Affairs has links to their embassies worldwide.

Executive Outcomes
"...established in 1989 as a wholly owned and registered South African company."  Supplies mercenaries who have fought in Angola, Sierra Leone, etc. Announced in Dec. 1998 that it was closing business in South Africa.

Global Witness - "A Rough Trade -- The Role of Companies and Governments in the Angolan Conflict
Full text (London, 1999) report that "diamonds have been UNITA's major source of revenue during the 1990's - gaining an estimated US$3.7 billion between 1992 and 19982 - which has enabled them to re-arm and maintain supplies despite the UN sponsored peace process. UNITA has sold its diamonds on the unofficial, 'outside'' market and has found willing buyers [De Beers, etc.] within the diamond industry." In English and Portuguese.

Institute for Global Dialogue (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Site does not work in older Netscape browsers. An "independent South African NGO public policy institute; "provides analysis on the changing global environment and its impact on South Africa for the benefit of government and civil society." Publishes a journal, Global Dialogue, several series with full text online (Occasional Papers, Global Insight series, African Dialogue series).
African Dialogue
(full text)
1.Transition to democracy in Nigeria: how can South Africa assist? Edited by Kato Lambrechts. 1998. 66 p. (MS Word)
2. Crisis in Lesotho: challenges of managing conflict in Southern Africa. 1999. 47 p. (MS World)

Institute for Security Studies
A strategic studies/peace research institute established 1990 with the assistance of Drs. Alex Boraine and Frederik van Zyl Slabbert. Has full text articles from its journal, African Security Review, the full text of its S A Crime Quarterly, the Institute for Security Studies Papers, Institute for Security Studies Monographs, lists of their publications, research projects, etc. Formerly the Institute for Defence Policy. [KF]

Jane's Defence Weekly Interviews
Use their Area Search to locate interviews with South African defense officials, South African defense / military news, from the well-known journal, Jane's Defence Weekly. Has interviews with the Chairman of Armscor, the South African Defence Minister, the Chief of the South African Air Force, the Chief of the South African Army. From the Jane's Information Group.

Klaaren, Jonathan - Interview on South African Immigration Law
Klaaren is Professor of Law, University of the Witwatersrand. Interview on South African immigration law. From the SAfm radio program web site for Sept. 4, 2000.

Lubomba Spatial Development Initiative
A multimillion dollar casino resort, game reserve, and lodge development by Swaziland, South Africa, and Mozambique, designed to make parts of Swaziland and KwaZulu Natal into a tourist destination.  Agricultural development is also a goal. Files may take a long time to load.

Mandela in Future of Hope Conference
Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, Elie Wiesel and Shimon Peres appeaed in an internet video conference live Dec. 6, 1995. Mandela spoke very briefly on Bosnia.

Mbeki, Thabo
The African Renaissance, South Africa and the World - South African Deputy President Thabo Mbeki speaks at the United Nations University, 9 April 1998. 16 p.
The African Renaissance Statement of Deputy President, Thabo Mbeki - SABC, Gallagher Estate, 13 August 1998. 3 p.

Michigan State Univ. Academic Partnerships with South Africans For Mutual Capacity Building, October 18 - October 21, 1998 Conference
Includes audio files of the presentations by Naledi Pandor, MP Deputy Chief Whip-ANC, Education; Portfolio Committee, South Africa Parliament, Colin J. Bundy, Vice Chancellor and Principal, University of the Witwatersrand, and others. The Resources on South African Higher Education directory below was prepared for the conference.

Monterey Institute of International Studies, Center for Nonproliferation Studies. South Africa's Nuclear Weapons Program
Includes a chronology, map of nuclear sites, links to full text articles on the program, photographs, legislation, maps, reports, policy documents, treaties, bibliography, and an article in Adobe pdf format, "Lessons for US Policy, An analysis" by Frank V. Pabian.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
A nonprofit NGO, based in Washington, D.C., which seeks to promote democratic institutions in new and emerging democracies. Has South African projects and reports on projects.

National Security Archive (George Washington University)
An independent research institute and library in Washington, D.C. It collects and publishes declassified documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act, FOIA. Information for researchers wishing to use their materials is at:
Holdings include press clippings on Africa and a Horn of Africa refugees (1979-1984) collection. A description of their microfiche collection, South Africa: The Making of U.S. Policy, 1962-1989 (2,500 documents on 439 microfiche, cost U.S. $3,900), is at:
This microfiche collection is held by at least 23 U.S. libraries and Oxford U.; check RLIN or the OCLC World Catalog for a list of these. The site provides information on how to use the FOIA.

Nobel Prize
Not an official site. Has brief information on South Africa's four Nobel Prize winners.

Pfister, Roger - "South Africa's Post-Apartheid Foreign Policy Towards Africa"
Bibliography which includes chapters in books, articles, monographs, bibliographies. Topics include ANC Foreign Policy in Exile, South Africa and the OAU, cooperation, peacekeeping, etc. Vol. 6, 2001 of the Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography, University of Iowa Libraries.

Program on Security and Development, SAND
"...focuses on documenting, investigating and consulting..." regarding the proliferation and indiscriminate use of small arms and light weapons. Hosts the Geneva 2001 database an electronic collection of official statements made and actions taken by governments regarding the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons. Includes actions by South Africa and Liberia's decision to destroy surplus weapons in 1999. Full text documents (in Adobe .pdf) are available such as the Tools for Arms Project in Mozambique by the Christian Council of Mozambique (1999). Affiliated with the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, Calif.

Project on Defense Alternatives, PDA (Cambridge, MA)
The PDA and the Study Group on Alternative Security Policy, (Bonn, Germany) provide the full-text of two reports, "Building Confidence into the Security of Southern Africa" and "Key Issues in Current South African Defense Planning". The reports concern the direction of South African defence planning and the development of regional military co-operation.

Safundi - Select Bibliography
Bibliography of books and articles on U.S. - South Africa relations, including cultural influences.

SAIMMIG.CALS - Southern African Migration Discussion Group
Discussion email list started by Jonathan Klaaren, while at the Centre for Applied Legal Studies, Univ. of the Witwatersrand, on legal and policy issues related to Southern African migration/immigration. To subscribe send email to:
In the message area put: subscribe saimmig.cals
Or send email to:

SANGOCO, South African National NGO Coalition
Is an umbrella body of South African NGOs. "The Coalition was formed in August 1995 to co-ordinate NGO input into the Reconstruction and Development Programme. It consists of provincial and sectoral affiliates, working in a wide range of development fields including land, health, urban and rural development." Has the tables of contents/selected articles from its newsletter, NGO Matters. Programs include the Apartheid Debt Campaign. "This campaign draws from the international doctrine of 'odious debt', which spells out that lenders who finance totalitarian regimes have no guarantees of protection from international law."

Sentinel Projects
A publisher of personal accounts of South African conscripts in the South African Defense Force between 1975 and 1994 with many references to Namibia. Has links to a web site which contains the discussion from Army-Talk, an email discussion list on the South African military (mainly recent events such as Cuito Cuanavale). Has a draft report by Barry Fowler of his South African Border Duty as a psychologist 22 June-Oct. 1, 1987. Maintained by Barry Fowler of Sentinel Projects.

South Africa Abroad Network, SAAN
For South African students and professionals studying and working abroad. Pages under construction.

South Africa. Department of International Relations and Cooperation
Very extensive site, government statements, speeches, white papers, acts, full text reports, profiles of bilateral relations with each country, multilateral relations, full text treaties, embassies, travel advice, etc.

South Africa. Embassy. Dakar, Senegal
Useful information for travelers to Senegal, business tips, health, transport, food and tipping, etc..

South Africa. Embassy. Seoul, Korea
In Korean and English. Official site. Has the full text of the Embassy's monthly newsletter, South Africa Today, basic information on South Africa, investing in South Africa, the South African provinces, etc .

South Africa. Embassy. Tokyo, Japan
In English and Japanese.

South Africa. Embassy. Washington, D.C.
Extensive site. News, investment and trade information, South African products for sale, maps, information on U.S. - South Africa relations, South Africa and the Olympics, etc.

South Africa. White Paper on International Migration

South African Consulate - Los Angeles
Link 2 South Africa is the web page of the South African Consulate-General in Los Angeles, California. Information on visas, immigration, tourism (Captour, Satour, South African Tourism Board, national parks), trade, investment, etc. Has issues of their newsletter, This Day in South Africa.
Offers subscriptions to their Daily News Bulletin which carries one paragraph per article on political, economic, and social topics. Articles are from South African newspapers.
To subscribe, send email to:
On the Subject line, put: subscribe
The message area can be left blank.

South African Cyber Treaty Series
"...aims to provide a comprehensive, and up to date, list of treaties South Africa has entered into, with, where possible, links to full text versions... [at the U. N. web site], as well as to ratification information. It makes no attempt at covering bilateral agreements, focusing, instead, on multilateral conventions." Maintained by Arnold Pronto a South African law graduate now with the U. N.

South African Exiles Home Page
"...welcomes all South African and Rhodesian expatriates (as well as other friends of the countries) who wish to see the re-establishment of civilised rule in Southern Africa." Meeting reports, news, links to related sites. Based in London.

South African Institute of International Affairs
A research institute at the Univ. of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Describes their research (landmines, drug trade, etc.), fellowships, publications.
Includes the full text of:

  • International Policy Updates - speeches/lectures on, mainly, Southern African issues. Includes a speech by the U.S. Ambassador to South Africa on "The United States and South Africa"
  • SAIIA Facts - briefings for corporate members, two pages on international issues, many on Southern Africa.
  • Global Best Practice Report series - Africa's Tsunami: Turning the Tide of Aids, External Engagement: Experiences from Ghana and Mozambique, Corporate Governance: South Africa, A Pioneer in Africa
  • China-Africa relations

South African Institute of International Affairs - APRM (African Peer Review Mechanism) Research and Training Centre
Everything about the APRM. FAQ, official documents from the African Union and Nepad, full text of governance codes and standards on political, economic, and corporate governance. Academic papers. Official country reports. Offers training - "SAIIA can assist organisations and governments to understand the APRM processes, how to prepare submissions and how best to influence the process." Based in Johannesburg. [KF]

Southern Africa Information Access, Inc. - Africa in Washington
SAIA has a directory of U.S. government Africa-related programs and activities, a directory of Africa-related agencies and activities in Washington, D.C., and parliamentary/legislative information, edited by Ray Copson. Maintained by Russell Ayers.

Southern African Migration Project
A research programme to facilitate the formulation of new policy initiatives on migration in Southern Africa and to promote awareness of the role/contributions of foreign immigrants of African origin in South Africa. The project is funded by the Canadian International Development Agency, CIDA. Partners include Queen's University (Canada) and the Institute for Democracy in South Africa, IDASA. Has the full text of some articles and reports.

Switzerland - "Die Beziehungen zwischen der Schweiz und Südafrika"
In German. July 1999 full text report on relations between the Swiss government and South Africa. Covers trade, investment, aid. Produced by the Interdepartementale Arbeitsgruppe Schweiz - Südafrika. On the web site of the Swiss Federal Dept. of Economy.

United States. Department of Defense. DefenseLINK
Retrieve reports, speeches, press releases, photos, issued by the US Defense Dept., about South Africa through DefenseLINK's Search News feature. Ex. a photo of Defence Minister Joe Modise at the Pentagon.

U.S. Export Council
Private organization which assists U.S. companies to market their products abroad, including to South Africa. Has information on the South African International Trade Exhibition (October 1996), Auto Africa, "Africa's First International Automotive Trade Show" (Johannesburg, Nov. 1996), and two publications, U.S. - South Africa Economic Yearbook and the South Africa Journal of Trade, Industry and Investment. No prices are given for the publications.

United States Mission to South Africa
Official site.

United States - South Africa Binational Commission
"Following the State Visit of South African President Nelson Mandela to Washington in 1994, Vice President Gore and South African Deputy President Thabo Mbeki announced the establishment of a binational commission in March 1995." Has committees on Agriculture; Conservation, Environment and Water; Defense; Human Resources Development and Education; Science and Technology; Sustainable Energy; and Trade and Investment. Includes contact asddresses.

United States-South Africa Leadership Development Programme
USSALEP has offices in Washington, D.C. and Johannesburg. Brief description of programes they fund.

United States. Strategic Studies Institute
The SSI is part of the U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, PA. Has the full-text in Adobe .pdf format, ASCII, or WordPerfect 5.1 of studies on sub-Saharan Africa. Topics include The African Crisis Response, Military Medical Operations in Sub-Saharan Africa, Armies and Democracy...Nigeria and South Africa.

University of Cape Town. Centre for Social Science Research - Publications

  • Raphael Kaplinsky, Dorothy McCormick and Mike Morris - Impacts and Challenges of a Growing Relationship between China and Sub Saharan Africa. 2009
  • Raphael Kaplinsky and Mike Morris - Chinese FDI in Sub Saharan Africa: Engaging with large dragons. 2009
  • Olu Ajakaiye, Raphael Kaplinsky, Mike Morris and Felix F. N’Zue - Seizing Opportunities and Confronting the Challenges of China - Africa Investment Relations: Insights from AERC Scoping Studies. 2009
  • Mike Morris and Lyn Reed - Review of the Impact of the China Restraint Agreement on the Clothing and Textile Industry in South Africa. 2008.