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Covers sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa Telecom 98, Johannesburg May 4-9, 1998
Exhibition and forum organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Has press releases,

African Cellular
Current and past news, statistics, cellular operators in Africa, satellite phone information, etc.

Bank for International Settlements. BIS Review (Basle, Switzerland)
Has the full text, in Adobe .pdf format, of a statement 22nd January 1999 by Dr. Chris Stals, Governor of the South African Reserve Bank, on the importance of the Y2K problem and the responsibility of central banks. 3 pages, 16303 bytes
" international non-profit organisation with a mission to help people in developing countries use information and communications technology (ICT) to improve their lives." Has an IT Guide to free resources (computers, web hosting, IT tech help, e-mail accounts, computer training, software. Provides case studies of projects bridging the digital divide, information "on what policies are considered relevant to digital divides, .....the kinds of policies currently in place, and [analysis of] current policy initiatives." Has volunteer opportunities. Offices in Durbanville, South Africa and Washington, D.C.

Building the Information Community in Africa, BICA, 22-25 Febuary 1999 - Pretoria, South Africa
"BICA 99 is a conference to bring together the experiences of telecentre practitioners and to assist the development of telecentres through sustainable partnerships in Africa. The conference will provide an opportunity to hear what is happening on the ground, to consolidate initiatives and to take them forward. The conference will also be a regional feeder event for Global Knowledge II, the Global Knowledge Partnership conference to be held late in 1999"

Business 2.0 - South Africa (Johannesburg)
New economy, ebusiness web magazine. Has some long articles on ebusiness in South Africa. ITWeb covers South Africa news. Web South African edition of the U.S. print magazine.

Business Leadership South Africa
" independent association of the Chief Executive Officers and Chairmen representing the diversity of South African big business leadership, as well as the major multinational investors in South Africa." Full text Occasional Papers and other publications online (Reforming Telecommunications in South Africa, Telecommunications prices in South Africa, Zimbabwe and South Africa, African Growth and Opportunity Act, Corporate Social Investment in South Africa, etc.). Formerly the South Africa Foundation. Based in Johannesburg.

Camp Amelia Technology Literacy Group Inc.
" international nonprofit organization that 1) creates freely downloadable open-source educational software, and 2) provides free afterschool and summer computer camps for youth and teachers in underserved communities." Programs in Ghana and South Africa. Based in East Palo Alto, California.

"This site aims to support action, discussion and research on Universal Access to ICTs, eg.Telecentres and other types of Community ICT projects in South Africa." Has a database of telecentres, full text reports (many in MS Word). Includes the report, Telecentre 2000 by Aki Stavrou and Peter Benjamin which "compares the impact and sustainability of different models for public access to telecommunications" in South Africa. Has a Directory of telecentre projects throughout Africa. [KF]

Computer Society of South Africa

Computer Week - South Africa
Electronic edition of Computer Week, with news on information technology in South Africa. Has past issues.

Creative Commons South Africa
"...dedicated to showcasing the work of local creators, educators and administrators who use Creative Commons licenses to distribute their ideas and creative expressions." Examples from Schoolnet Namibia, in Cape Town. Discussion, news about copyright and the internet in southern Africa, South African education, publishing, etc. Flash movie on using a Creative Commons license.

Cape Town, South Africa company provides internet service, web hosting, internet kiosks, internet access in farming communities and Web TV., hosts business web pages.

Cyber Java Internet Cafe & Info Centre - (Sea Point Cape Town)
Internet access, email, scanner, printer. Open 8 am til midnight. Tourism information.

Domain Name Registration for South Africa
"The .ZA domain space is administered by the Manager of the Uninet network, at the Foundation for Research Development [now the National Research Foundation]." See Namespace ZA for existing registrations.

e-Business Handbook
Annual which "explores the increasing and changing roles that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have to play in South African business." Published by Trialogue, Cape Town, South Africa. [KF]

Fuchs, Richard, "Little Engines That Did. Case Histories from the Global Telecentre Movememt"
Includes case studies from Senegal and Mamelodi, South Africa.  An IDRC/Acacia-commissioned study. June 1998. Also in .zip form, see page:

Goodman, S. E. - Computing in South Africa: an End to "Apartness"?
"The author gives a concise description of the political developments in South Africa and the effect they are having on the computing field." 5 pages, in Adobe PDF, from the Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery, Volume 37 , Issue 2 (1994).

Highway Africa
"An annual continent-wide conference looking at all aspects of new media in Africa. Sponsors include the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and the Journalism & Media Studies Department, Rhodes University.

Highway Africa News Agency, HANA
African media organisation with current ICT news by African journalists on ICT and information society issues. Publications include Youth Speak (newsletter of the 2007 Johannesburg World Summit on Media and Children). "The Highway Africa News Agency content is free to use provided you register on our site and link back to our site."

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Improved Service Delivery in the new South Africa
Program in the CSIR to "develop an ICT toolbox of tools and services that can be used to support service delivery at local community level within the African context with its unique conditions such as communication bandwidth limitations, skills scarcity and maintenance challenges." Assists small and micro (including survivalist) enterprises and community-based organizations.

Information Management, IT & Government Transformation: Innovative Approaches in the New South Africa, by Michael Kahn & Russell Swanborough
In Adobe pdf format. Manchester: Institute for Developoment Policy & Management, 1999. 20 pages.

International Development Research Centre, Acacia Initiative
IDRC (Ottawa, Canada) initiated project (with international partners) to empower sub-Saharan African communities to apply information and communication technologies (ICTs) for social and economic development. It has reports on rural connectivity, education (distance learning, cellular connectivity for schools, Uninet, SchoolNet), income generation, governance, health, internet access, national strategies for Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa. Has a discussion list, acacia-L; past discussions are on the website.

International Development Research Centre, South Africa Regional Office
Sponsors a Southern Africa Connectivity Project. Southern Africa Connectivity Project "designed to help identify an effective strategy for the promotion of Internet connectivity in the Southern African (SADC) region...". Includes an - Interim Report [120 KB] on a Pilot Project into the Use of Cell-data for Connectivity to Two Rural Schools in South Africa, by Yorke Rodda.
Connectivity Project:
Main Page:

Internet Cafes - South Africa
Milky Way Internet Cafe: Located in Johannesburg. Project
"The primary objective of the project is to assist in the development of the regulatory environment" in South Africa's internet access industry. It is producing a Blue Paper on a suggested regulatory framework for the internet industry to be presented to the South African Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, SATRA. Full text of legislation, regulations affecting the internet in South Africa. List of Wireless equipment suppliers in South Africa. Links to histories of the internet in South Africa. Maintained by Anthony Brooks.

Internet Service Providers Association, ISPA
Organization for ISP's in South Africa. Includes their "Complaint regarding Telkom's Activities in the Internet Service Provision Industry."

Internet Society - South African Chapter
The Internet Society is "the international organization for global coordination and cooperation on the Internet..." The chapter site includes "Namespace in South Africa. Who should be in charge of domains in South Africa?"

Internext- Computing Sites
Links to South African computing sites, internet service providers, organizations, magazines and journals, dealers, suppliers, etc.

South African information technology / telecom business magazine. Edited by Arthur Goldstuck. Published by Media Africa. Covers legal issues, etc. Has a free newsletter.

ITWeb (Rivonia, South Africa)
A rich source of info tech news from Southern Africa, esp. South Africa. Has a salary survey for South Africa, investment news, telecom, interviews, CareerWeb listing jobs for ICT workers in South Africa, etc. Will send a free email newsletter.

Lawrie, Mike - A South African National Research and Educational Network
"The history of Uninet can readily be traced back to the efforts of South African Universities, who tried to establish a research network in 1985. Prior to this, the CSIR had a nation-wide network for its own use, and there was a linkup of Wits/Potch/Pretoria universities....." (1995)

Mail & Guardian PC Review Online
PC Review is a supplement to the South African newspaper, Mail & Guardian. Includes Arthur Goldstuck's column, Webfeet on new internet resources, helpful PC and Mac info for the average user, an extensive collection of past articles on computers, a discussion forum on South African technology and other topics. Includes stories not in the printed edition.

Map of Southern African Internet Service Providers, by Gregory Massel

Max M-Web - Computer Magazines

Max M-Web - Computers and Internet
Directory of South African computing sites, internet service providers, organizations, magazines and journals, dealers, suppliers, etc.

Media Africa
Conducts surveys on the South African internet industry, has a guide to internet service providers in Africa, links to related sites. Headed by Arthur Goldstuck.

Media Toolbox
Bi-weekly email newsletter with news and commentary on South African internet developments in advertising, marketing, and publishing. Subscribe through their web site. Is part of Arthur Goldstuck's iStrategy, a weekly online magazine covering internet strategy, based in South Africa.

Microsoft South Africa
Microsoft's South Africa version of MSNet. Some South African news, computer news, sports. One can personalize the site.

Mureithi, Muriuki - African Telecommunications Infrastructures for Information Access
The report concentrates on Eastern and Southern Africa. The Acrobat pdf version has charts. Published July 1997 by Mureithi, formerly senior manager in International Relations at the Kenya Posts and Telecommunication Corp., now Director of Summit Strategies, Nairobi.

Namespace ZA
" organisation formed as a result of co-operation between the present administrator of the .ZA domain, Mike Lawrie, and ISOC-ZA in order to better represent the South African Internet community on issues pertaining to responsiblity for the .ZA domain." Has a directory of the ZA subdomains, information on other government administered top level domains worldwide, press releases, text of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Bill.

National Information Technology Forum
The NITF, formed November 1995, will provide policy options to ensure the development of all the people of South Africa and works to develop an information technology policy for a democratic South Africa. Site has the Jan. 1996 conference paper by the Dept. of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology.

National Research Foundation (formerly Foundation for Research Development)
The NRF manages Uninet, the computer network which "electronically links local researchers at teaching and research institutions." It is funded by the South African government and manages the South African Journal of Science.

New Horizons Computer Training Centre
Computer, networking courses (Windows, Linux, MCSD.Net, MCSE 2003, CIW, A+, N+, SCP, CCNA, CCNP, MS Office, etc.). Based in Cape Town, South Africa.

One Laptop Per Child - South Africa, OLPC-za

SA Computer Magazine (Constantia)
Has some South African computer news. Online edition of the print magazine.
News about e-commerce and the internet in Southern Africa. Based in Darien, Connecticut. " operated as a business unit of Mecklermedia Corporation until November, 1998, when Mecklermedia was acquired by Penton Media,..."
See also: South Africa News Daily Newsletter:

Site for the NGO sector in South Africa. Has an NGO directory, PRODDER. Provides Website Design, Hosting, Database Design for civil society organizations. Offers internet training, information communication technology (ICT) strategic planning, linux local area networks setup. Based in Johannesburg.

Shuttleworth Foundation (Durbanville, South Africa)
"...founded by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth [first African in space] in October 2000" to improve South African eduation focusing on mathematics, science and open source projects. "our focus is to encourage and promote an awareness of Linux and open source." "target beneficiaries for maths and science are Grades 4 to 9,..." Describes projects funded, how to apply for funding. [KF]

Shuttleworth, Mark - First African in Space
Shuttleworth, a 28 year old multimillionaire flies on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station. A guide to the mission, to the experiments conducted by South African scientists, to Shuttleworth's diary and to stories of his team members. Shuttleworth works with HBD, a "venture capital company investing in innovative technology projects that are based in South Africa." His non profit, Shuttleworth Foundation promotes innovation in education and the Linux operating system. He is a board member of Bridges (Durbanville, South Africa), a non-profit organisationto help people in developing countries use information and communications technology (ICT) to improve their lives. [KF]

Siochrú, Seán Ó, - Telecommunications and Universal Service: International Experience and the South African Effort
Full text. Project supported by the International Development Research Centre's (IDRC, Canada). September 1996, 104 pp.

South Africa. Green Paper on Electronic Commerce for South Africa
Co-ordinated and compiled by the Department of Communications, Republic of South Africa, November 2000.

South Africa. Ministry for Communications
Has full text telecommunications legislation, policy documents (white papers, green papers) on telecommunications, mobile communications, annual reports, speeches, etc.

South Africa. Ministry for Posts, Telecommunications and Broadcasting. White Paper on Telecommunications Policy
Submitted by Z. Pallo Jordan, at the time Minister for Posts, Telecommunications and Broadcasting.

South Africa National Information Technology Forum
The NITF, formed November 1995, will provide policy options to ensure the development of all the people of South Africa and works to develop an information technology policy for a democratic South Africa. Site has the Jan. 1996 conference paper by the Dept. of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology.

South African Information Technology Industry Strategy, SAITIS (Pretoria)
"...a joint bilateral project between the South African Government...and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)." "a three year, Cdn $3.5 million project to help develop a strong South African IT industry."

Southern African Online User Group
Concerned with online information, databases. Holds conferences of interest to information science and library professionals. Has a discussion list. Based in Pretoria.

Soweto Online
Brief article on the internet in Soweto and South Africa's Telkom. In the e-magazine, Salon (Nov. 16, 1998), by Andrew Leonard, Salon's Senior Technology Correspondent.

South African IT, telecom news. Site does not work with Netscape's browser. (Johannesburg)
Computer and internet news, e-commerce for South and Southern Africa. Has a buyers guide for computing needs, events calendar, discussion forum (need to register), weekly e-mail newsletter. "...launched by Metropolis Transactive ( in August 1999."
"A place for SA's technical people to exchange knowledge and ideas and market their services in a secure environment." "No risk of paying the techie and they don't deliver - we keep your payment in escrow until the work is delivered." "No risk of the buyer not paying - we receive the buyer's payment up front and keep it in escrow until the work is delivered." Many discussion forums.

Technologie sans Frontiere
In French. Has a South African project (in Ulundi) connecting schools to the internet. Organization started by Laurent Bardin, computer engineer, in Dec. 1999.

Telkom South Africa Ltd.
South Africa's telecommunications organization. In the process of being privatized over several years.

Universal Service Agency
"USA is a statutory body established by the telecommunications Act of 1996. The Act also established the South African Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (SATRA) that will regulate this sector. The job of the USA is to promote universal access to telecommunications for all in South Africa." Promotes telecentres, has full text discussion papers. Address: Private Bag X10, Wits, 2050, South Africa.

University of Cape Town. Centre for Educational Technology
Has the full text on-line of ICTs and Higher Education in Africa; see under PHEA Educational Technology Initiative. Chapters on Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda. Information covered can include telecom structure, mobile phones, electrical power, radio and TV stations, ICT access and costs, ICT policy, telecentres.

University of Manchester. Institute for Development Policy & Management. Information Systems for Public Sector Management: Working Papers
Has the full text of "Information Management, IT and Government Transformation: Innovative Approaches in the new South Africa" by Michael Kahn and Russell Swanborough.

Usenet and za Newsgroups
Includes South African discussion groups on networking. Many groups are no longer active. One active group is : Announcements and feedback from the Uninet-ZA office (Moderated). Your internet service provider needs to make these groups available on its news server for you to access them. Many universities provide access to the South African za hierarchy.

WaveStream (Pty) Ltd
South African wireless service and web hosting provider. "Wavestream will be dedicating service, support and most of our bandwidth and network towards adult basic education and training in South Africa." Produced the International Adult Learners Week (Cape Town 2004) site. [KF]

South African business and political news, Monday to Friday. Includes some internet, telecom, computing news. An online-only news source, (begun October 10, 1996), run by Kevin Davie, former editor of Business Times. Has a financial newsletter/website, Barney.

Y2K Cinderella Project
Information on Year 2000 compliance in Africa, patches, etc. Maintained by Chris Anderson in South Africa. They also have a discussion list on Y2K in Africa. One can subscribe at the web site.

Site on using the internet for research in the humanities and social sciences for South Africans. Also information on writing research proposals, evaluating information, etc. Prepared by the Centre for Science Development (HSRC) and Infolit, a project of the Adamastor Trust.

Print sources
Title: Cyberlaw@SA : the law of the Internet in South Africa /

Author(s): Buys, Reinhardt.
Publication: Pretoria : Van Schaik, Edition: 1st ed. Year: 2000
Description: xxi, 501 p. : p., ill., ports. ;, 25 cm.
Standard No: ISBN: 0627024513 (pbk.) :

SUBJECT(S) Descriptor: Computer networks -- Law and legislation -- South Africa. Internet -- Law and legislation -- South Africa. Electronic commerce -- Law and legislation -- South Africa. Note(s): "Welcome to the world."/ Includes glossary and index./ Bibliography of web links: p. 449-458./ Bibliography: p. 471-483.