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32 Battalion
"32 Battalion was the premier Unit of the Old South African Defence Force. From its inception in 1975 until it's disbandment in the 1990's it was the most feared Unit by it's foes in Angola and South West Africa, and accounted for more enemies than any other Unit of the South African Defence Force." Includes a history of the "Bushman Battalion," Cassinga May 4, 1978, the Portuguese who fought for South Africa, links to related sites.

African Security Review (Pretoria)
Quarterly journal of the Institute for Security Studies, Pretoria, South Africa. Full text articles are on-line .

Arms Deal
World Socialist web site article March 2001
BBC article April 2001
BBC article June 2001
SABC November 2001 - extensive report by the Auditor-General, video taken as the report was presented to the South African Parliament

Army Talk
A discussion list on the South African military. Maintained by John Dovey. :
To post to this group, send email to ArmyTalk at googlegroups dot com For more options, visit this group at

Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation
The Centre is a South African NGO which began operations in 1989. Has many full-text articles on prisons, crime, rape, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, human rights in Zimbabwe, Pagad Killing of Rashaad Staggie, Gangs, Arms Control, Children, Correctional Services, Death Penalty, Development, Elections, Gender, Globalisation, Hostels, Human Rights, Industry, Industry, International Comparisons, Land Issues, Mental Health, Militarisation, Policing, Political Violence, Postmodernism and Social Control, Racism, Reconciliation, Refugees, State Violence, Theory of Violence, Urban Safety,Vigilantism, Xenophobia, Youth. Based in Johannesburg.

Diamond Mercenaries of Africa
Report, August 1996, by the Australian Broadcasting Corp. on Executive Outcomes, a South African-based company supplying mercenaries to mining companies in Sierra Leone.

Executive Outcomes
Site closed. Announced in Dec. 1998 that it was closing business in South Africa. "...established in 1989 as a wholly owned and registered South African company."  Supplies mercenaries who have fought in Angola, Sierra Leone, etc.

Institute for Security Studies
A strategic studies/peace research institute established 1990 with the assistance of Drs. Alex Boraine and Frederik van Zyl Slabbert. Has the table of contents of the 1995-1996 issues of African Security Review, lists of their publications, research projects, membership information, etc. Formerly the Institute for Defence Policy.

Jane's Defence (Coulsdon, Surrey, U.K.)
Use their Search to locate articles.. Has Risk Pointers (country risk assessments), some free interviews, see articles listed in large type (such as interviews with the Chairman of Armscor, the South African Defence Minister, the Chief of the South African Air Force, the Chief of the South African Army). From the Jane's Information Group.

Military and Army Stores (Pretoria, South Africa)
Takes a long time to access. Sells new and used South African army equipment. "We Export to: Europe, Canada, Australia, Angola, Congo, Namibia, And Most African Countries!"

Military History (Rhodesia & South Africa) - Richard Allport
Allport, based in the Netherlands, has a book business. His site contains his? reviews of books on "Rhodesia" and South Africa military history and vexillology (the study of flags). There are articles and links to other Rhodesia and South Africa pages. Has most of the text of a 1979 report by a Conservative Party (UK) election observer team to the first one man one vote Zimbabwe elections, text of Ministry of Information pamphlets published during the civil war, the text of an article "Rhodesian Insurgency" by J.R.T. Wood covering events to March 1980, a "Brief History of the Rhodesian Army" by Allport, a 19 page press conference with Ian Smith in April 1997, etc.

Project on Defense Alternatives, PDA (Cambridge, MA)
The PDA and the Study Group on Alternative Security Policy, (Bonn, Germany) provide the full-text of two reports, "Building Confidence into the Security of Southern Africa" and "Key Issues in Current South African Defense Planning". The reports concern the direction of South African defence planning and the development of regional military co-operation.

Reitz, Deneys - Commando
Full text of the book, Commando; a Boer journal of the Boer War (probably 1929). "Deneys Reitz served in the Boer forces during the South African War and, after fighting to the bitter end, chose exile in Madagascar rather than life under the British flag." Includes a Preface by General J.C. Smuts who wrote "We have not only an unforgettable picture of mobile guerrilla warfare, but also an accurate description of life among the Boer forces." [KF]

Rhodesia and South Africa: Military History - Richard Allport
Allport, based in the Netherlands, has a book business. His site contains his? reviews of books on "Rhodesia" and South Africa military history and vexillology (the study of flags). One can obtain a catalog of the books for sale. There are articles and links to other Rhodesia and South Africa pages. Has information on an Aug. 1997 South African Defence Force Symposium and Reunion, most of the text of a 1979 report by a Conservative Party (UK) election observer team to the first one man one vote elections, Ministry of Information pamphlets published during the civil war, articles on the wars in Angola and Namibia.
Has the Report on the 1980s Disturbances in Matabeleland and the Midlands. Compiled by the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe, March 1997. 106 pages in PDF.

SA Medals Site
Lists medals, the date instituted, image of the medal, historical facts about each medal. Has the Official Table of Precedence whereby South African orders, decorations and medals should be worn. Maintained by John Dovey.

Sentinel Projects
A publisher of personal accounts of South African conscripts in the South African Defense Force between 1975 and 1994 with many references to Namibia. Has links to a web site which contains the discussion from Army-Talk, an email discussion list on the South African military. Has a draft report by Barry Fowler of his South African Border Duty as a psychologist 22 June-Oct. 1, 1987. Maintained by Barry Fowler of Sentinel Projects.

South Africa. Ministry of Defence
Press releases, the Annual Report, the Minister's speeches, speeches of the Chief of the SA National Defence Force, White Papers on Defence, the Code of Conduct in the 11 official languages. Full text issues, in PDF, of its magazine, South African Soldier. [KF]

South Africa. Parliament. Joint Investigation Report into the Strategic Defence Procurement Packages
Site takes a long time to access. Full text of the Nov. 14, 2001 report, in Adobe PDF. Concerns the investigation into the purchase of armaments for the South African National Defence Force. The report found no evidence of ``improper or unlawful conduct'' by the government in the procurement of arms.

South African Air Force Museum
Unofficial site. "dedicated to representing the SAAF Museum and it's activities, as well as the activities of the volunteers and the Friends of the SAAF Museum." History of the museum, events, projects. Links to related sites. Maintained by Cameron Kirk Kinnear.

South African Air Force Website
An unofficial site dedicated to the SAAF. Current news, a Diary of South African aviation events, aircraft photographs, medals & decorations, rank insignia, history, the South African Airforce Museum, book reviews, Top Scoring Fighter Pilots From South Africa (World Wars I and II). Join their discussion group. Website by Dean Wingrin. [KF]

South African Army Experience
An unofficial collection of information, stories and photos regarding the South African Defence Force, national service, and South Africa's border war (1966-1989). Annotated book list. Related sites. The owner is James Dekker.

South African Defence Force. Roll of Honour
"A roll of SADF personnel who died for their country; from the establishment of the republic until 1994 when the SADF was amalgamated into the SANDF." Has accounts of individuals, dedications. Maintained by John Dovey.

[South African Defence Force] Unofficial SADF Information Page
"...information relating to the relatively recent history of the South African Defence Force." Has full text selections of personal accounts of South African military personnel who served in Angola, Namibia, and elsewhere. Maintained by Paul Anderson. Part of the South African Military Web Ring. [KF]

South African Joint Air Defence Symposium, Fourth, 2003

South African Military Academy
"...the Military Academy today is a military unit of the SANDF housing the Faculty of Military Science of the University of Stellenbosch." "The Military Academy is situated on the West Coast in the town of Saldanha."

South African Military History Society
Based in South Africa, founded in 1966 by a "group of amateur historians". Has issues of the national and branch newsletters from 1997, the tables of contents from June 1985 of Military History Journal and the full text of a few articles, pub. by the South African National Museum of Military History in assoc. with the Society, and links to Southern African military history web sites.

South African Military Units - John Dovey
Database maintained by John Dovey based on the book, "The Armed Forces of South Africa with an appendix on the commandos" by Major G. Tylden.

South African War Virtual Library
Has a chronology of the war (cited in early histories as the Anglo-Boer War), biographies of major figures, many photos and maps, and more. Sources are often given. Has links to related sites. Pages by Robert Wotton, doing an honours degree at the University of Queensland.

Southern African Military Webring
"...aims to bring all the Southern African Military web pages under one roof." Over 80 sites. Maintained by John Dovey. See also

Southern African Centre for Defence Information (SACDI)
A joint project of the Centre for Conflict Resolution and the Institute for Democracy in South Africa. "established to deepen understanding of, and provide support for, debates surrounding defence and security issues in the sub-continent. To this end, it has established and maintains databases containing military and economic information for all the Southern African Development Community countries." Has the full text of Defence Digest, Working Papers and its Defence Digest Briefs. Based in Rondebosch, South Africa.

United States. Department of Defense. DefenseLINK
Retrieve reports, speeches, press releases, photos, issued by the US Defense Dept., about South Africa through DefenseLINK's Search News feature. Ex. a photo of Defence Minister Joe Modise at the Pentagon.

United States. Strategic Studies Institute
The SSI is part of the U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, PA. Has the full-text in Adobe .pdf format, ASCII, or WordPerfect 5.1 of studies on sub-Saharan Africa. Topics include The African Crisis Response, Military Medical Operations in Sub-Saharan Africa, Armies and Democracy...Nigeria and South Africa.