South Africa political parties

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Abolition of Income Tax and Usury Party - AITUP
Opposition party. Founded in 1994. Party leader is Stephen Goodson. "The Abolition of Income Tax and Usury Party holds that Income Tax is a Marxist invention...and should be done away with in a reconstructed South Africa functioning under a new economic system..." Excerpts from party manifesto and policy positions, on subjects such as banking, education, health, housing, feminism, sports, etc. List of books related to the party legal and monetary views. Links to related sites. Based in Claremont, South Africa. [CA KF] http://www.

Addresses of South African Political Parties and Organisations
Directory of political parties from the African National Congress.

African Christian Democratic Party
"The ACDP stands for: Christian principles, freedom of religion, an open market economy, family values, community empowerment and human rights in a federal system."

African Moral Party
Site has closed. "Our goal is to be a force in the moral upliftment of South Africa." Its leader is Salim Ncube; the party's first public meeting was in Dec. 1998. Based in Wierdapark, South Africa. [KF]

African National Congress
Major source. A wealth of documents on South Africa's history and the anti-apartheid movement worldwide.

African National Congress Archives - ANC Archives Public Site
Has a link to the Centenary 1912-2012 web site, speeches, etc.

African National Congress Archives
The blog has a history of the digitisation of ANC documents.

Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, AWB (Afrikaner Resistance Movement)
In Afrikaans and English. "a Nationalist Movement whose ideology and task it is to resist a total degeneration and destruction of its Western values. It is a Freedom Movement whose highest priority is to gain its own Sovereign Republic where its people can enjoy their freedom and the rule of its own government." Its leader is Eugene Terre'Blanche.

In Afrikaans and English. "Its mission, founded on Biblical principles is to serve and to contribute towards the development of the Afrikaans community to the level of excellence in all spheres of life and thus also serving the interest of all South Africans." Has full text documents, audio clips.

Agang SA
Political party launched June 22, 2013 by Dr. Mamphela Ramphele. Policy statements, press releases, blog, Was first announced February 18, 2013 - New York Times, February 19, 2013, A4 Based in Johannesburg. [KF]

Azanian People's Organisation
The black consciousness party. Information on its related bodies: Azanian Youth Organisation, Azanian Student Convention, Azanian Student Movement, history of the Black Consciousness Movement, biography of Bantu Stephen Biko and other leaders, policy documents, speeches, slides of Stephen Biko's funeral in 1977, its monthly newsletter, Letsetse, The Flea, press releases, links to related sites.

Bibliography of Material on the ANC - Peter Johansen
49 page annotated bibliography of journal articles, books, chapters in books on the African National Congress.  Compiled by Johansen for his dissertation. c. 1997.

Christian Democratic Party
"The CDP offers itself to the electorate as an alternative government, or alternatively as a responsible opposition party. We commit ourselves to ordering civil government according to Christian/Biblical principles, ..."

Congress of the People, COPE
Political party formed December 15, 2008, whose President is Mosiuoa Gerard Patrick "Terror" LEKOTA. COPE is a breakaway party from the African National Congress. See BBC Dec. 16, 2008 article, Party launched for 'all S Africa'.

Congress of the People, COPE - Facebook site
Based in Johannesburg.!/CopeFB

Democratic Alliance
Opposition party formed June 2000 from a merger of the New National Party (National Party until 1998) and the Democratic Party. Oct. 27, 2001 Marthinus van Schalkwyk, the leader of the New National Party, in a clash with Tony Leon (former Democratic Party head) pulled out of the Democratic Alliance with other senior members of the New National Party. [KF]

Economic Freedom Movement - EFM
Political party. Majakathata Mokoena is founder and party president. "The EFM supports the free enterprise system, and sees it as the basis of the REAL FREEDOM for all South Africans." News, documents, the party's economic, social, educational, health, foreign policy, environment, administrative, labour, security, and justice policies. Some biographical information on Majakathata Mokoena and other party members. Web site based in Randburg, South Africa. [CA KF]

Federal Alliance
Founded in 1998 by Louis Luyt. August 2000 Luyt announced he would leave politics. The Federal Alliance supports the Democratic Alliance.

Freedom Front Plus
In Afrikaans and English. Press statements, issues of their newsletter, etc.  Has a Facebook page.

Green Party
Promotes "the health of our planet, ecological awareness, social responsibility, non-violence, equality for women and men of all races, broad based involvement in decision-making, animals and all life forms, the welfare of people, and future generations,..." Has their constitution, discussion documents, policy positions, a discussion list, election results, news, etc. [KF]

Herstigte Nasionale Party
The party's web site includes articles, in Afrikaans, from their newspaper, Die Afrikaner (Pretoria). Has past issues from 1996-1997.

Independent Democrats, ID
Profile of Party leader, Patricia de Lille and other leaders. De Lille is the former Chief Whip of the Pan African Congress. Based in Salt River, South Africa. [KF]

Independent Electoral Commission
"...permanent body created by the constitution to promote and safeguard representative democracy in South Africa. Although publicly funded and accountable to Parliament, the commission is independent of the government. Its immediate task is the impartial management of free and fair elections at all government levels." Has a directory of registered parties, the full text of the "Electoral Act 73 of 1999" and detailed results of the 1999 election.

Inkatha Freedom Party
The IFP's site has speeches, press releases, the KwaZulu-Natal 1996 Constitution, an online form to join their mailing list, etc.

Nasionale Aksie / National Action
In Afrikaans and English. "The NA will fight for cultural and language rights of each group in South Africa and in particular, for the rights of Afrikaans and the Afrikaner." "The NA subjects itself to the supreme authority of God, acknowledges the Bible as norm and will guide its actions as such. The NA is committed to freedom of religion." The party derives from a split from the Afrikaner Eenheidsbeweging. See also:

New National Party
Party dissolved August 2004 with some members joining the African National Congress. Had press statements, policy papers, research papers. [KF]

The Organisation Party - TOP
Opposition party. Brad Wood and Larey Van der Westhuizen are party leaders. Works to combat crime, wants reintroduction of the death penalty, opposes illegal immigration. Party constitution, press releases, newsletter, news, articles, biographies, and photographs. Web site based in Cape Town, South Africa. [CA KF]

Pan Africanist Congress
"The PAC was formed in 1959 after a breakaway from the African National Congress. Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe was the PAC's first president,..." Based in Johannesburg.
For information on the PAC Records at the University of Fort Hare see

Real Freedom Movement
Libertarian South African movement. A member of the International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL). [KF]

South African Communist Party
Has policy documents, historical documents, press releases, selected articles from its journals, the African Communist and Umsebenzi, biographies of key leaders, photo of Chris Hani, the SACP logo, links to labor sites. One can order t-shirts.

South African Web - 2004 South African General Elections
Has a directory of registered political parties, election news for the 2004 election. See also parties registered for the 1999 election ("This is the list of all parties registered in South Africa as at 08 January 1999. The accuracy of the list below cannot be guaranteed.")

United Christian Democratic Party - UCDP
Political party headed by Kgosi Lucas Manyane Mangope. Aims to be "...the leading party in uniting all South Africans, Christians and non-Christians alike, in a truly democratic, non-racial and non-sexist partnership...." Party manifesto, constitution of the UCDP, of the UCDP Women's League, and of the UCDP Youth League. Party history, structure, news, speeches, press releases, photographs. Web site based in Mmabatho, South Africa. [CA KF]

United Democratic Movement
The President is Bantu Holomisa; Holomisa co-founded the UDM in 1997 with Roelf Meyer (now retired). The Deputy President is Dr Gerhard Koornhof. Speeches, party constitution, policy documents, page for Pres. Holomisa, AIDS page, election 1999 and 2000, etc.

Workers Party
The WP was established June 2, 1999. It is "open to all workers, trade unions, community based organization, NGO, churches, social movements and other peoples organizations." Its mission is "To promote, advance and serve the interests of all workers, independent trade unions, other peoples community based organisations, social movements, religions and organisations." Based in Johannesburg.

Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation, ZACF
A federation of anarchist groups in South Africa, founded in 2003 in South Africa, currently expanding into Swaziland. Is not a registered political party. (A descendant of the underground Anarchist Revolutionary Movement, ARM). It consists of Anarchist Black Cross, Bikisha Media Collective, Black Action Group, Zabalaza Action Group (now defunct).