South Africa women

Agenda (Durban, South Africa)
Quarterly South African feminist journal. Has the table of contents, selected full text articles, and a history of the magazine. Had an email factsheet.

Africa South of the Sahara - Women
Annotated directory of resources about African women on the internet. From the Stanford University Libraries.

Association of South African Women in Science and Engineering
Issues of their newsletter, information on their branches and members, etc. They have an email discussion list.

Baden, Sally, Shireen Hasim, and Sheila Meintjes, "Country Gender Profile: South Africa"
Full text, in Adobe pdf. Prepared for the Swedish International Development Office. Published by the Univ. of Sussex, Institute of Development Studies, BRIDGE (Briefings on Development & Gender). BRIDGE On-Line Report No. 45, 1998. 127 pp.

A Celebration of Women Writers
"Indexes" web sites on women writers by surname, country; includes birth/death dates where available. Search their database for South African women writers.Maintained by Mary Mark Ockerbloom, Department of Computational Science, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. [KF]

Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation
The Centre is a South African NGO which began operations in 1989. Has many full-text articles on prisons, crime, rape, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, human rights in Zimbabwe, Pagad Killing of Rashaad Staggie, Gangs, Arms Control, Children, Correctional Services, Death Penalty, Development, Elections, Gender, Globalisation, Hostels, Human Rights, Industry, Industry, International Comparisons, Land Issues, Mental Health, Militarisation, Policing, Political Violence, Postmodernism and Social Control, Racism, Reconciliation, Refugees, State Violence, Theory of Violence, Urban Safety, Vigilantism, Xenophobia, Youth.

Commission on Gender Equality (South Africa)
To "promote gender equality and to advise and make recommendations to Parliament or any other legislature with regard to any laws or proposed legislation which affects gender equality and the status of women." Has full text documents (such as Best Practice Guidelines for Creating a Culture of Gender Equality in the Private Sector) court submissions on gender discrimination issues, press releases, a discussion forum. Based in Johannesburg.

Community Agency for Social Enquiry (C A S E)
An NGO which conducts research in the socio-economic, political and developmental fields. Has full text reports online such as:

  • "Gender Opinion Survey"
  • "Pay Equity: Differences between Women and Men Farm Workers"
  • "The Budgetary Implications of the Implementation of the Domestic Violence Act"

Eloquent Elegance; Beadwork in the Zulu Cultural Tradition
Maintained by Dr Hilgard Stanley Schoeman. Includes A brief history of the Zulu Nation, A brief history of Traditional African Bead Craft, The Zulu Beadwork Language (Technical), How to get hold of true Zulu Beadwork. There are illustrations of Traditional Necklaces, Adornment of the head, Adornment of the chest, waist and lower body, Adornment of the limbs, Items worn by Izangoma (specialists in traditional magic).

Fair Lady
South African magazine, aimed at a white readership. Has the well-known cartoon, Madam and Eve, which features a madam and her maid, Eve. [KF]

Gender Links
"...primary area of focus is the transformation of gender relations in and through the media." Full text reorts and manuals such as Gender and Photojournalism in Southern Africa: a manual for trainers. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa. [KF]
Other full text reports:

  • Gender and HIV: A Training Manual for Southern African Media and Communicators.
  • Sixteen Days of Peace 2002 (on gender violence in South Africa).
  • Whose News, Whose Views: A Gender and Media Handbook for Southern Africa Media.
  • Gender and Advertising in Southern Africa.

Discussion list to facilitate discussion on gender-relations issues primarily, but not exclusively, in South Africa. To subscribe, send email to:
In the Message area put: subscribe gennet

Getnet, Gender Education and Training Network
"...a training institution formed in 1995, servicing organisations, institutions and clients in South Africa and the SADC region." "Our commitment is to gender equality with an emphasis on empowering women through transforming women and men’s lives in the process of democratising South Africa." Has their annual reports, issues of their newsletter, Network News, with articles such as "The Male Fear of Democracy." Has the full text, in Adobe pdf, of Men and Masculinities Conference 2003 (29 pages). Based in Cape Town, South Africa. [KF]

Gifts of Speech - Women's speeches from around the world.
Sweet Briar College (Virginia, USA) hosts a site with speeches by influential women including Kenyan environmentalist and activist, Wangari Maathai on "Bottle-necks of development in Africa", and Gill Marcus - Deputy Finance Minister, South Africa "On Women in South Africa". - chat rooms
Has a couple of chat rooms on women's issues. From the South African internet service provider, Based in Cape Town and Johannesburg.. - Her Life
Women's section. From the South African internet service provider, Based in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance - Women in Parliament
2002 edition. Full text. On obstacles for women, how to overcome barriers, how to make a greater impact in parliament. Case study on South Africa (4 p. in PDF). IDEA is an intergovernmental organization based in Stockhom, Sweden. [KF]

Inter-Parliamentary Union (Geneva)
The international organization of national parliaments, established in 1889.

  • Parline Database - directory of national parliaments with addresses (includes email), percentage of women, the electoral system, results of the last election, seats held by party, etc. One can search by country or region.
  • Parlit Database - citations to articles "on the role, structure and working methods of national parliaments, on electoral systems, constitutional law, history and political science....The database includes references to over 7,000 books and studies as well as 30,000 articles taken from 160 periodicals."
  • Women in national parliaments statistics, globally and by country.
  • The IPU's work on behalf of women in political life.
  • The 1998 IPU conference is in Windhoek which includes a meeting of women parliamentarians.
  • Their reports, some of which are free.

Keller, Bonnie - "Mainstreaming Gender Equality. Sidas support for the promotion of gender equality in partner countries. Country report South Africa"
Full text, in Adobe pdf. Published 2002. 178 p. Co-authors are Sarah Forti, Britha Mikkelsen, Susanne Possing, Kgotso Schoeman, Rose-Pearl Pethu Serote. (SIDA Evaluation 02/01:3). SIDA, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agnecy is Sweden's government development agency. Based in Stockhom, Sweden.

Maxeke. Dr. Charlotte Manye Maxeke, 7 April 1874 - 16 October 1993, A Tribute
The first South African woman to earn a Doctorate in Arts and Humanities and the first African teacher at Pietersburg in the Transvaal. Includes an account by Hastings Banda. By Dr. Donal Brody of Great Epic Books.

National Research Foundation (South Africa)
Locate women scholars in South Africa through the Nexus database. Click on Women in Research. [KF]

People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA)
To reduce violence against women through the process of research, lobbying, advocacy and education for women. Assists women facing domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape and incest, operates shelters. Online publications such as the Domestic Violence Act of 1998, facts about women abuse, the links between violence against women and HIV/AIDS in South Africa, the annual financial reports. Established 1979, based in Johannesburg. [KF]

Rape Crisis (Cape Town)
"...a women's organisation committed to ending violence against women." Provides counselling, education, advocacy. Has statistics, the annual report, a newsletter, links to related sites. [KF]

Resources Aimed at the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, RAPCAN
Campaigns and lobbies around "issues such as child labour or sexual exploitation, children infected and affected by HIV / AIDS, and the safety of children as pedestrians." Copies of their submissions concerning legislation. Annual reports, articles, links to related sites. [KF]

Site for the NGO sector in South Africa. Has an NGO directory, PRODDER. Provides Website Design, Hosting, Database Design for civil society organizations. Offers internet training, information communication technology (ICT) strategic planning, linux local area networks setup. Based in Johannesburg.

South Africa. Dept. of Justice and Constitutional Development (Pretoria)
Has the full text of selected Commissions of Inquiry, Discussion documents, National policy guidelines for victims of sexual offences, selected Bills, Acts, lnks to related sites.

South African Law Commission - Women / Gender
Has full text reports, Discussion Papers, Issue Papers, Research Papers on gender issues, the Commission's Bulletin, a searchable archive of its publications, a law reform discussion group, a notification service about their new publications, information on members, committees, etc.

South African Law Commission. The Harmonisation of the Common Law and the Indigenous Law
May 1998.. Full text. See also other Law Commission Issue Papers.

South African Studies Database, 1987 to present - NISC BiblioLine
Access by Subscription only. Citations to articles in South African journals - for ex. articles on women in development. Includes the Index to South African Periodicals, South African Theses and Dissertations. Citations can be emailed to you. From the National Information Services Corporation (NISC) in Baltimore, Maryland
[Stanford, and other subscribers, click on - "BiblioLine.  Subscribers click here for databases"]

South African Women for Women (Toronto, Canada)
"...dedicated to the empowerment of South African women -- those who live in South Afric and those who have settled in Canada..."Awards scholarships annually to qualified, financially disadvantaged students attending universities in South Africa, has a teacher mentoring program, sends teachers to South Africa, specialists on conflict resolution, has a program for women and children’s health care. Has biographies of South African women who have won its annual awards.

South African Women - Women's Struggles. Historical Documents
The site maintained by the African National Congress has documents concerning women in the liberation struggle.`s%20Struggles

South African Women's Charter for Effective Equity (African National Congress, South Africa)
"This is the second draft Charter drawn up through the National Women's Coalition structures, and approved at the National Conference on 27 February 1994."

Site established by South African rape survivors and those with HIV/AIDS. What to do in a rape situation, book lists, letters from readers, news, legal aspects (police, legislation, party positions), survivors stories, conference news. [KF]

Transformative Human Rights Unit, THRU
An "all female NGO", ......"THRU supports the human rights theory developed by Professor Costas Douzinas called an Ethical Approach to Human Rights." Uses comic strips to promote human rights, produces bill of rights training manuals, advocates on issues. Examples of court cases. Fights discrimination against those living with AIDS. Projects for South Africa, Kenya, Malawi. Has internships. Based in Cape Town, South Africa.

United Nations Research Institute for Social Development - [Gender]
Has full text reports. Go to the Publications section and use the Search box.

University of Cape Town. African Gender Institute
Established in 1996 to further gender equity in Africa. Describes their academic programs.

Women on Farms
An NGO "working with women in commercial agriculture, mainly in the Western Cape Province. The project grew out of a 1992 Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR) initiative aimed at meeting the specialised needs of women who live and work on farms (farmwomen). WFP was formally registered as an independent NGO in 1996." Based in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Women Waging Peace
"Women Waging Peace advocates for the full participation of women in formal and informal peace processes around the world." See the Africa section with case studies: From Combat to Community: Women and Girls of Sierra Leone and Strengthening Governance: The Role of Women in Rwanda's Transition. Profiles of African Women Peace Builders. Other reports: Policy Commission Case Study—Negotiating the Transition to Democracy and Reforming the Security Sector: Vital Contributions of South African Women. Directory of African Women's peace building organizations. [KF]

Women Warriors: Cultural Guardians of the Ndebele
Photographs of Ndebele women, their mural paintings, beadwork, etc. On the site of Home Girl, Inc. created by Adrienne Hoard. Based in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Program to "enable South African women to use the internet to find the people, issues, resources and tools needed for women's social action.".  Has news concerning African women, jobs. Covers human rights, health, violence against women, new technologies.