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Amnesty International
Use the Search box to locate reports on Togo such as, TOGO. Je veux savoir pourquoi on a tué mon fils (Jan. 2007) and Togo. Rule of Terror, full text report (5 May 1999. 29 pages).

Banque Ouest Africaine de Developpement (BOAD)
In French. The "(BOAD) est l'institution commune de financement du développement des Etats de l'Union Monetaire Ouest Africaine (UMOA), transformee en une Union Economique et Monetaire Ouest Africaine (UEMOA)." "Les Etats membres de la BOAD sont : le Benin, le Burkina, la Cote d'Ivoire, le Niger, le Senegal et le Togo auxquels se sont joints le Mali (Juin 84) et la Guinee Bissau (Mai 97)." Based in Lome, Togo.

Batir le Togo
In French. Political Movement. President Me Jean Yaovi Degli. Created in 1990 when "...cette grande espérance de la naissance d'un Etat de droit au Togo fut vite déçue à la suite d'une transition démocratique transformée en désastre sur les plans économique, social, politique, des droits de l'homme et des libertés. Cette situation a fait prendre conscience à bon nombre de Togolais et d'Africains qu'ils devront se prendre en charge, s'éduquer et œuvrer avec ardeur pour le développement de leur pays et du continent africain." Site has movement structure, declarations, interviews, articles, news, a human rights section. Web site based in New York city. Organization based in Paris.

Cafe, Informatique & Telecommunications [Togo]
First internet, web hosting provider in Togo. Offers telecom services. Based in Lome.

Centre for Democracy and Development (London)
The Centre, launched Oct. 1997, is a non-governmental, independent research, information and training institution concerned with democratic development and peace building in Nigeria and the West African sub-region.  Has a 20 page report (in PDF) on the Togo Presidential Elections [2005] . Full text articles on Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, Zimbabwe.

Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie du Togo (Lome)

Comité d'Action pour le Renouveau, CAR
In French. Opposition political party whose President is Yawovi Agboyibo. Based in Lome, Togo.

Commission Electorale Nationale Indépendante du Togo, CENI
In French. Independent body charged with organizing and supervising elections. Press releases, candidates lists, images of election education posters. Based in Lome, Togo.

Commission Nationale des Droits de l'Homme du Togo, CNDH

Convention Démocratique des Peuples Africains – Branche Togolaise
In French, German. Opposition party. The party seeks "La fin du pouvoir autocratique par le départ d'Eyadéma et la fin du système politique par lequel il a dominé le pays sans partage pendant plus de 32 ans." Communiques, party principles. The party was created in 1989 in France. Based in Lome. Web site based in Essen, Germany. [KF]

Council of Ewe Associations of North America, CEANA
Represents Ewe Associations throughout the U.S. and Canada, holds annual conventions. Ewe history, press releases. "The Ewe people inhabit the territory equivalent roughly to the south-eastern quarter of Ghana and the southern half of TOGO."

Danforth, Charles - Song of the Yovo: A White Man's Travels in Black Africa
Journal of Danforth who spent three weeks in Togo visitting his Peace Corps Volunteer sister. Visited Danyi and travelled as far north as Dapaong. Includes photographs.

Die Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft (DKG) Bildarchiv
In English and German. The Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt am Main has put on-line a large keyword searchable database of colonial era photographs, 1822-1936, from the archives of the Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft [German Colonial Society], a major organization behind Germany's colonial expansion. Covers Namibia, Tanzania, Cameroon, Togo, etc.  One can click on the small photos to see a larger version. The database can be searched by Region, Subject Areas, Keyword, Person, Photographer, People. The collection, of thousands of photographs, is also being microfilmed for preservation. Description of the Image Collection of the German Colonial Society.

Diaspora Togolaise Pour la Democratie
In French and English. Site of the Togolese Diaspora for Democracy (Diastode), based in Canada. "In 1993, some Togolese living outside of their native land, initiated the creation of a Network to mobilize compatriots of the Diaspora and support the internal democratic movement." Current news from PANA, Reuters, Amnesty, etc., news of Togo-related human rights activities. Has the full text of the book, "Democratisation a la togolaise" (Paris: Harmattan, 1998). The book has a chronologie (15th c. to aout 1998) and a bibliographie.

École Africaine des Métiers de l'Architecture et de l'Urbanisme (Lome)
In French. Etablissement Inter-Etats d'Enseignement Supérieur. L'EAMAU délivre un diplôme d'Architecte - Urbaniste (DEIAU), après 6 années d'études supérieures, ouvertes aux titulaires d'un baccalauréat. Includes report of a trip to Mali to promote the school, issues of the student journal, Esquisse, courses, etc. A directory of alumni includes their research topics. The participating countries are Bénin, Burkina Faso, Centrafrique, Côte d'Ivoire, Gabon, Niger, Togo, Cameroun.

Election, Presidential - March 4, 2010

Commission Electorale Nationale Indépendante du Togo, CENI - In French. Independent body charged with organizing and supervising elections. Press releases, candidates lists, images of election education posters. Based in Lome, Togo.

[Adjamagbo-Johnson] Brigitte Kafui ADJAMAGBO-JOHNSON - In French. Togo 2010 Presidential web site for the first woman candidate in a Togo Presidential election. She is a member of the Convention démocratique des peuples africains (Democratic Convention of African Peoples (CDPA) opposition party. She later withdrew her candidacy.

Fabre, Jean Pierre - In French. Presidential candidate for five opposition parties.
Faure President - In French. President Faure Gnassingbé's election site.
Gilchrist Olympio - In French. Presidential election web site for the leader of the largest opposition party, Union des Forces de Changement. Olympio subsequently threw his support to Jean Pierre Fabre. Olympio has a Facebook page.
European Union - Electoral Observer Mission to Togo Presidential Election 2010 -

France. Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres
In French and English. Use their Search / Recherche to locate press statements regarding Togo.

Friends of Togo Fufu Bar
Information on Togo from former Peace Corps volunteers, including issues of the Friends of Togo Newsletter. An African restaurant review (restaurants in the U.S., Africa, etc), vignettes of life in Togo, Togo glossary, book reviews, photographs. Begun by Jonathan D. Muehl.

See also - Togo Tweet

In Engish and French. The Friends of Togo (former Peace Corps Volunteers) twitter account.!/TogoTweet

Galerie du Galion
In French. Gallery in Montpellier, the south of France, owned by Emile Proust. Sells sculpture, masks, cloth, pantings of Togo artist, Joseph Amédokpo, games, musical instruments, weapons, etc.

Histoire de l'Afrique de l'Ouest
In French. Site created by historians from West African universities. Contents include un annuaire des historiens [with current research, publications, activities), news (conferences, publications, etc.), chronologies for West Africa and each of the countries covered: Burkina Faso, Togo, Niger, Mali, Sénégal. Has historical maps from the book, Afrique Noire. Histoire et civilisations, edited by Elikia M'BOKOLO (Paris, Hatier, 2004 - right click and open separately for a larger map) and a bibliography on West African history.

- a databases of citations to history theses (Mémoires, maîtrises, DEA et thèses) from West African universities completed from 1970 à 2004.
-  study on historiography - Sur les enjeux contemporains de l'histoire de l'Afrique by Pierre KIPRE.
- a study on historical methodology - Les sources européennes de l'histoire de l'Afrique noire du XVe au XIXe siècle. Quelle méthodologie ? by Simon-Pierre EKANZA
- links to related sites. The web site has support from the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie.

In French. News, statements from civil society organizations, diaspora organizations, news excerpts from the Togo press, yellow and white pages/directories, directories for embassies, hotels, restaurants, facts about Togo for travelers, national anthem, history, photographs, a bibliography, the Constitution, investment code, personals, classified ads, events, discussion forums, job board, information on the June 2003 Presidential election. Site based in Montreal, Canada.

ICT Profile for Togo - Mike Jensen
Togo information and communications technology profile plus connectivity information for the African continent. Has an online database of Countries, ISPs, ICT Services and Organisations.

Institut de recherche pour le développement. Laboratoire de cartographie appliquée (Bondy, France)
In French. Publishes printed maps, atlases, cdroms. On-line maps can be downloaded. Maps include Togo land degradation, African immigrants in the European Union, African immigration to the European Union, population and economic disparities between North / South, refugees. Has SPHAERA, a database of citations to African maps from sources world-wide; the same citations can be accessed through a clickable map. There is a catalog of maps produced by the IRD. Provides a GIS software program, Savane. The IRD, l’Institut de recherche pour le développement, was (formerly ORSTOM), based in Paris, France.

International Journalists' Network - Togo Media
Directory of Togo newspapers, TV, news agencies. The IJN is based in Washington, D.C.

Has a Togo country section reporting freedom of the press violations.

International Monetary Fund - Togo
Reports on the economy, selected economic indicators.

International Writing Program, University of Iowa
Has biographies of African writers participating in the famous Univ. of Iowa program along with samples of their writing. One of the 1996 African writers is from Togo, Adovi John-Bosco Adotevi Adotevi:

Main Page:

Internet Society - Togo / ISOC - Togo
In French. Web site for the Togo chapter of the Internet Society. Most sections of the site are open to members only. Based in Lomé, Togo.

Numéro spécial du 12 au 15 novembre 1997, produced for an internet expo by the Centre Culturel Français de Lomé.

In French. Short stories by the Togolese writer. Includes his biography. On the site of Togo internet service provider, C@fenet.

Kaplan, Robert D., "The Coming Anarchy"
Subtitle: "How scarcity, crime, overpopulation, tribalism, and disease are rapidly destroying the social fabric of our planet." Full-text of the article from The Atlantic Monthly, February 1994. Uses examples from West Africa (Sierra Leone, Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea) and other countries.

Life in Togo- as Peace Corps Volunteers
"A chronicle of our adventure in Togo as Peace Corps Volunteers. Wayne & Cate [Hillard] are part of the Small Business Development Program and are living in Atakpamé, Togo." Photographs of Togo.

Lois, Règlements et Jurisprudences du Togo
In French. Full text of acts, decrees from Togo's Journal officiel. Decisions and acts of the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court. Civil code (769 pages), etc. Maintained by Togo's Ministère de la Justice.

Miss Togo 2000
Small photos of the contestants. Main page uses Flash..

Mobbs, Philip M. - The Mineral Industry of Togo
In Adobe PDF format. Reston, VA: U.S. Geological Survey, 1997. 2 pages. "Agriculture, phosphate mining, and regional trade continued to dominate Togo's economy. In recent years, phosphate production and exports have accounted for 20% to 30% of export earnings, 10% to 13% of Government revenues, and 6% to 10% of the gross domestic product, respectively."

North American Convention for Togo / Convention des Togolais d'Amérique du Nord, NACT
Press releases, recommended books on Togo, Formed in 1999, based in Sioux City, Iowa.

Organisation internationale de la francophonie
La Francophonie is an inter-governmental organization for French-speaking countries created in Niamey in 1970 by Leopold S. Senghor, Habib Bourguiba, and Hamani Diori. Site has issues of Lettre de la Francophonie which carries news about Francophone African countries, French - African relations, and texts such as La declaration de Cotonou from the 1995 meeting of Francophone heads of state in Benin. Has news on conferences, election monitoring reports such as for the Togo élections présidentielles (21 juin 1998) in Adobe PDF format. Use the Search to locate other Togo information.

Parti pour la Démocratie et le Renouveau, PDR
In French. The Democratic Party for Renewal is an opposition political party. "Le PDR est d'obédience sociale-démocrate et s'organise pour adhérer à l'Internationale Socialiste." Party history, articles, communiques, related sites. The Party leader is Zarifou Ayeva. Web site based in Hainaut, Belgium. Party based in Lomé.

Port Autonome de Lome (Lomé)
Official site. In French and English. Has some editorials from Sirene, Revue trimestrielle du Port Autonome de Lomé.

Rassemblement du Peuple Togolais, RPT
In French. Ruling political party. Party history, party hymn, party flag, program, statutes, reports, had speeches of Président Gnassingbe Eyadéma who died February 5, 2005. His son, Faure Gnassingbe, became President.

Les Recettes Culinaires dans les Regions du Togo
In French and English. The table of contents for a recipe book of Togolese cuisine. Sold by the Sacramento Valley Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to aid Charité Action Directe. C.A.D. helps children with school fees, school supplies, a uniform, tutoring, or food. Book prepared by Charité Action Directe and Michael Cushing.

Republic of Togo - Official Government Page
Has a directory of Togo web sites. Write to the President or other government officials thru the web site. Togo portal (politics, economy, foreign relations, tourism, society, etc.)

Réseau de Partenaires des Médias Africains / African Media Partners Network (Paris)
The Network, based in Paris, is composed of donor agencies. Has the latest news on the media (newspapers / radio) in Africa, a directory of African journalist associations, directory of press centres, full text media status reports (the media sector in the country, including the media landscape and its stakeholders, the legal framework, the role of donors and the sector's support needs) for Burundi, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Niger, Togo. For each country, has a "List of newspapers, completed with indicators on the importance of their audience (frequency, average circulation, number of staff...) and addresses," a list of radio broadcasters, and two maps. Donors include governments, foundations and international bodies. Has a directory of African newspapers and a directory of media organizations by country.

Sites Media Togo
Directory of newspapers, radio, TV, journalists, professional associations in Togo from the Institut Panos Afrique de l’Ouest. Blogs by Togolese writers. Press legislation.

Togo Association des Coopérations
In French. Full text reports on cooperation between the European Union and Togo and other reports, directory of development organizations in Togo, links to Togo-related sites. Based in St Gallen, Switzerland. [KF]

Togo Contact
In French. From Centre SYFED-REFER de Lomé. Hosts Togo-Contact magazine, has information on the capital, Lome, newspapers, telecommunications, education, internet service providers, etc.

Togo Contact Magazine
Le premier mensuel électronique des étudiants du Togo. In French. News on campus activities, interviews with faculty, students, etc. The fevrier 1999 issue has a list of student organization addresses and addresses of other Lomé organizations.

Le Togo de l'un village a l'autre
In French. "Ce site n'a pas d'ambition professionnelle, ni commerciale. Il est le fruit du jeu concours dénommé "mon village comme si vous y étiez " organisé par C.A.F.E. informatique [internet service provider] pour les élèves des lycées et collèges du TOGO." Provides facts about each region and city. Students describe their own villages.

Togo. Embassy. United States
Official site.

Togo Forum
In French. Discussion forum on Togo.

Formerly Togonet. Discussion list formed in 1997 by the Friends of Togo, a non-profit organized by returned Peace Corps Volunteers and staff who served in Togo. The list is open to all interested in Togo. Togo-L also welcomes messages such as queries, appropriate announcements from non-list members. To join the list, send a blank e-mail message to:

The List Owner is Kelly J. Morris. To subscribe via the Web and have access to message archives etc., go to

Togo Nature Environnement (Lomé, Togo)
In French. "...une association de jeunes volontaires togolais en particulier et en général d'Africains, d'Européens, d'Américains, d'Asiatiques." An NGO involved in development projects. On the Web-Africa site, in France, which hosts many development-oriented organizations in Africa.

Togo - on the Human Rights Server
In German and French. Site opposed to the present government of Etienne Eyadéma Gnassingbe. Has reports on political developments, human rights violations, the text of the Togo Constitution, a brief history. Hosted on a human rights web site in Bremen, Germany.

Togo sur let Net -
In French. Directory to businesses in Lome. News, ads.

In French. Government telecommunications agency.

Togo, Terre de Nos Aïeux
In French. Site on the present political situation in Togo. Is opposed to the government of President Eyadéma. "Par les cyber-amis de Tavio Amorin." Web site based in Paris, France.

Togo Tweet
In Engish and French. The Friends of Togo (former Peace Corps Volunteers) twitter account.!/TogoTweet

UNESCO. Africa Revisited
In  English and French. About the "...richness, the diversity, and the fragility..." of Africa's cultural heritage. Includes German colonial architecture in Togo and Cameroun. Lists World Heritage sites in Africa. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Union des Forces de Changement
In French. Largest opposition political party. The UFC is opposed to the present Togo government. Its President is Gilchrist Olympio. Has the party platform, press releases, memoranda, statuts, a chronology to 1963, the national anthem, biography of Gilchrist Olympio. Emmanuel Bob Akitani, was the party's June 2003 presidential candidate, when Olympio was barred from running for office. Based in Lome, Togo.

United States. Central Intelligence Agency. Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members - Togo
Provides a list of the President, Cabinet members, the Governor of the Central Bank, the country's Ambassador to the U.S., and its U.N. Representative.

United States. Central Intelligence Agency. World Factbook - Togo
Basic facts (geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, transnational issues, a map).

U.S. Department of Justice. Foreign Agents Registration Act. Annual Reports
Lists for individuals or companies "engaging in political activities for or on behalf of foreign governments, foreign political parties and other foreign principals." Select the Semi-annual Reports, then select the country.

U.S. Department of State. Report on Human Rights Practices. [Togo]
The reports cover women, children, and labor.2011 Report, 2010 Report, 2009 Report, 2008 Report, 2007 Report, 2006 Report, 2005 Report, 2004 Report, 2003 Report, 2002 Report, 2001 Report, 2000 Report, 1999 Report, 1998 Report, 1997 Report, 1996 Report, 1993-1995 Reports.

United States. Embassy. Lome, Togo
In English and French. Has biography of the Ambassador, speeches, services of the Commercial Office, Consular Service, Public Affairs, the Peace Corps.

Universite du Benin
In French. Includes: Ecoles et Instituts, Facultes, Unite de Recherche Demographique.Also informatin on living in Lome, Togo, hotels, tourism.

Univ. of Pennsylvania Togo Page and Search Engine
Maps, an embassy directory, travel, language information, etc. created by Julie Sisskind, now maintained by Ali Dinar. UPenn has a search facility.