African studies programs

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African Studies Center, Leiden, The Netherlands
Founded in 1948, the Centre is the "leading Africanist research and documentation institute in the Netherlands." Research is organized in theme-groups. Has information on publications, seminars, their visiting research fellowship for which scholars from African universities are encouraged to apply. The Library and Documentation Department focuses on North and Sub-Saharan Africa, in the fields of social sciences, humanities and law." They distribute a free library acquisitions list and have published, since 1968, African Studies Abstracts (formerly Documentatieblad) which indexes articles in periodicals and edited works on Africa. RSS Feed for Center News.
Has Open Access publications, free online.

American University. Council on African Studies / Africa Council
Site is closed but has archived the web site. "...a group of scholars at American University whose research pertains to any part of the continent of Africa." Faculty. Full text papers from their Conference "Consequences of Political Inclusion in Africa". Based in Washington, D.C. [KF]*/%20

American University in Cairo. Office of African Studies
Includes information on courses, their newsletter, events, the 1997 meeting of the International Sudan Studies Assoc.

Ankara University. Center for African Studies
Founded on 3 December 2008. Published "Africa: Ankara University Journal Of African Studies" Based in Ankara, Turkey.

Bard College. African and African Diaspora Studies
" interdisciplinary program in which to study the histories, cultures and experiences of African peoples on the African continent and around the world." Includes an account of their study program to Senegal. Bard College is in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. The six-hundred-acre campus is located on the east bank of the Hudson River, about 90 miles north of New York City.

Boston University
Boston's African Studies Center site lists their faculty, courses, publications, programs, fellowships, the latest issue of their Africana Bulletin and other information.
Home of the Francophone Africa Research Group / Groupe de Recherches sur l'Afrique Francophone, which has a Bulletin GRAF Newsletter.

California State University, Sacramento. Centre for African Peace and Conflict Resolution
The Centre offers training, education and research.

Calvin College. African and African Diaspora Studies
"The primary mission of the African and African Diaspora Studies (AADS) Minor at Calvin College is to provide a liberal- arts- focused curriculum that will assist students in fulfilling the stated goals of the College as an institution of higher education rooted in the Reformed Tradition of Christianity." Faculty, courses, events. Has a semester in Ghana open to non-Calvin students. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. [KF]

Cambridge University, African Studies Centre
Information on the staff, research, teaching, seminars, publications, library, Cambridge's historical links with Africa, etc.

Carleton College. African/African American Studies
Brief description, list of faculty of the college in Northfield, Minnesota.

Central Connecticut State University, African Studies Program
Information on the program, courses, issues of their newsletter, Africa Update from 1993 to date.
Africa Update newletter:
African Studies Program:

Central State University. Center for African Studies
Based in Wilberforce, Ohio. Information on courses, the African studies library, programs, etc. They publish the International Journal of African Studies (which is also at:

Centre d'Etude d'Afrique Noire, Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux (Talence, France)
In French. Center devoted to analysis of political change in Africa. Has full text of its latest newsletters, Lettre du CEAN, in Adobe .pdf format. Publishes the journals, l'Afrique politique and Lusotopie the series, Travaux et documents, Études et Recherches. and in English:

Centre d’études des mondes africains , CEMAf
In French. "regroupait 36 chercheurs (dont 24 du CNRS)..." Participants from Université Paris I, EPHE (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes), Université de Provence, CNRS. Masters programs in African history, political science, law, anthropology. Workshops, seminars. The Annuaire is a directory of member scholars, their research interests and publications. Related journals - Afrique & Histoire, Politique africaine, Systèmes de pensée en Afrique noire, Les Cahiers de l’anthropologie du droit, "Clio en @frique", Le Bulletin de l’APAD. [KF]

Centre for the Study of African Economies, Institute of Economics and Statistics, University of Oxford
" of the largest concentrations of academic economists and social scientists working on Africa outside the continent itself", located at the Institute and St.Antony's College.  Publishes the Journal of African Economies produced by Oxford University Press (OUP). Publishes a Working Paper Series and White Papers (informal research papers).

Centro de Estudos Africanos, CEA (Lisbon)
In Portuguese. Established in 1990, part of the ISCTE, Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa. Full text online of its Occasional Papers Series. Publishes a journal, Cadernos de Estudos Africanos with table of contents online. List of Masters and Doctoral theses. Offers degree programs. Events, job listing. Based in Lisbon, Portugal. [KF]

Columbia University (New York City). Institute for African Studies
Information on faculty, Institute events, courses. See also African Studies at Columbia Blog.

Cornell University. Africana Studies & Research Center
Faculty, program, courses, links to the Library, African Literature Association, African Heritage Studies Assoc.

Cornell University. Institute for African Development (IAD)
The Institute for African Development (IAD) "fosters teaching, research, and outreach related to food security, human resource development including refugee assistance, environmental resource management, economic growth, and policy guidance in Africa." It "manages a fellowship program that assists students from Africa to come to Cornell for graduate study." IAD publishes the Africa Notes newsletter.

Duke University. African and African American Studies
Information on faculty, courses, and programs. Related resources such as the John Hope Franklin Collection for African and African-American Documentation.

East Carolina University (Greenville, North Carolina), African Studies Committee
Lists members of the African Studies Committee, has selected African studies internet resources including a paper by Kenneth Wilburn (History Dept.) "Fundamentals of Teaching with On-Line Resources".

Edinburgh University, Centre of African Studies
Includes faculty, the Directory of Expertise on Africa in Scottish Universities which has institutional profiles, the CAS annual conference, their publications.

Emory University, Institute of African Studies
Information on faculty, courses, campus events, film and video resources, links to the Sub-Saharan African Art collection in Emory's Carlos Museum, film and video resources, etc.

Florida International University. African - New World Studies Program
Faculty, academic programs, publications, newsletter, courses, teachers institute. Based in Miami, Florida.

Georgetown University. African Studies Program
Has a newsletter, Asubuhi. Lists faculty publications. Has the Georgetown University. Africa-China Initiative.

Ghent University. Interdisciplinary Research Group Africa
In Flemish and English. Has a lecture series, mailing list. Based in Ghent, Belgium.

Harvard University. Center for African Studies
Information on their programs, events, faculty/scholar directories, courses, Africa-related videos, etc.

Howard University. Center for African  Studies
Howard is a Title VI National Resource Center.  It established a graduate program in African Studies in 1953 and in 1969 became the first university in the United States to offer a Ph.D. in African Studies. Has a database of Africa-related dissertations.

Humboldt-University. Department of African Studies (Berlin)
In German and English. "African Studies in Berlin were established in 1887 when the Institute of Oriental Languages was founded at the Friedrich-Wilhelm-University (now Humboldt University at Berlin). In 1925 the first chair for African Studies in Germany was founded and Diedrich Westermann was appointed." "The Department is part of the Institute of Asian and African Studies and comprises three disciplines: African Linguistics, African literatures and cultures, and history in Africa.

Indiana University (Bloomington). African Studies Program
Lists courses, faculty, graduate students, has the latest Program newsletter, information on its annual graduate student conference, video holdings which can be borrowed by individiuals or institutions, a lending library open to institutions and teachers, K-12 Newsletter, graphics of the Library's Somali poster collection, and other information.

Institut für Afrika-Kunde (Hamburg, Germany)
In German and English. A research institute concerned with current political, economic and social developments in sub-Saharan Africa. Part of the Deutsches Übersee-Institut. Publishes the journal, Afrika spectrum, the annual Afrika Jahrbuch and monographic series, Arbeiten aus dem Institut für Afrika-Kunde and Hamburger Beiträge zur Afrika-Kunde, Hamburg African Studies. Has a database of internet articles and documents from African newspapers, governments, etc.; requires obtaining a password to access. Has an online bibliographies on - political parties in Africa, in Adobe pdf; New Partnership for Africa's Development, in Adobe pdf; Kindersoldaten in Afrika (Child Soldiers in Africa), in Adobe pdf. Also an online series of short studies, Afrika im Blickpunkt (Africa in Focus).

Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London

Institute of Social Studies (The Hague, Netherlands)
" international centre of social science education and research. It provides post-graduate education in development studies. Offers courses on Africa, scholarships for students from developing countries. Its Working Papers and Theses include African topics. Has the full text, in Adobe PDF, of its magazine, Development Issues.

Johns Hopkins University, African  Studies
African Studies faculty. China - Africa Research Initiative. Center for Africana Studies.

Johns Hopkins University, Program of African Studies Archival Records
The Johns Hopkins university library site has archival inventories for the university including the Records of the Program of African Studies, School of Advanced International Studies, 1951-1979. Includes a brief history of the program.

Kennesaw State University Center for African and African Diaspora Studies
Faculty, events, online newsletter, AADS News, etc. Offers B.A in African and African Diaspora Studies. Based in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Kyoto University. Center for African Area Studies
In English and Japanese. Information on the Center's research projects, publications, journal holdings, other activities. They publish African Study Monographs. Has links to Africa-Japan related web sites - the Japan International Cooperation Agency and its aid projects in Africa, Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (its embassies, cooperation projects), the Export-Import Bank of Japan and it's lending programs, etc. Based in Kyoto, Japan.
African Study Monographs and Supplementary Issues. Abstracts and full text articles are online

La Trobe University. African Research Institute (Victoria, Australia)
Has their Annual Reports from 1985 +

Leiden University. Research School of Asian, African, and Amerindian Studies (CNWS)
The CNWS "is responsible for the research of more than 140 senior researchers, and some 90 junior researchers (Ph.D. students)." The CNWS monthly Agenda lists completed Ph.D. theses, seminars, new students, etc. Publishes the journal, Itinerario and an Africa series. In Leiden, The Netherlands.

Maryknoll Institute of African Studies
Program designed for postgraduate students: 1) NGO personnel and missionary personnel including priests, sisters, seminarians, and laity assigned to apostolates in East Africa for primary acculturation and/or updating, 2) African students, and African pastoral and developmental agents for systematic introduction and/or updating in contemporary African life and reality, 3)neophyte lecturers and students from outside Africa for primary acculturation. Affiliated with Saint Mary's University of Minnesota /USA and Tangaza College, Nairobi, Kenya. Abstracts of M.A. theses. Based in Nairobi.

Michigan State, African Studies Center
Information on faculty, courses, the African language program, the outreach program, their publications, the African Studies Library, the study in Africa programs.

Montclair State University. Society of Research on African Cultures
Faculty, courses, newsletter, publications, etc.

Moscow State University. Institute of Asian and African Studies

New York University. Africa House
"Africa House is designed to become the intellectual center for NYU students and faculty who are studying Africa and the African diaspora." Houses the Development Research Institute, has a study abroad program in Ghana, the African History Project, and the Creative Writing Center. The African Expressive Culture Project includes Black Renaissance Magazine and the African Cities Documentary Series with film clips of Malian women discussing the world economy and controversial dance styles, Guinean scholar D.T.Niane on rural-urban migration, and visit to a traditional mask maker. [KF]

New York University. Africana Studies. Institute for African-American Affairs
Information on faculty, programs, events, etc.

New York University. Center for the Study of Africa and the African Diaspora, CSAAD
"Founded in 2018, CSAAD provides opportunities for research and scholarship concerning both Africa and its Diaspora." The Director is Michael A. Gomez. Sponsored an Africa~Diaspora Institute for Social Studies Teachers. Based in New York City.

Nordiska Afrikainstitutet/Nordic Africa Institute
In English and Swedish. Independent research institute financed by the Nordic countries. Information on the library, research program, seminars, and staff. Full text of their publication series, Current African Issues, Discussion Papers, Research Reports, Policy Notes and Policy Dialogues are online. There is a Guest Researchers' Programme for scholars at African research institutions. Based in Uppsala, Sweden.

Northwestern University. African Studies
Information on faculty, courses, the Institute for Advanced Study in the African Humanities, link to the Herskovits Library of African Studies. Has the full text of its Program of African Studies New and Events and its Working Papers. [KF]

Ohio State University (Columbus). Department of African American and African Studies
Information on faculty, undergraduate and graduate studies, the library, courses, African language program, study abroad program, Praise Poetry Video Database (Southern African oral literature), Community Extension Centre, etc.

Ohio University (Athens), African Studies Program
Information on faculty, courses, issues of their newsletter, Toguna. Home of the Institute for the African Child and the African Education Research Network (AERN). The AERN site has the Proceedings of the 12 AERN Symposium on Politics and Education in Africa, February 21-22, 1997 and links to many education-related sites. Ohio University Library is an official U.S. depository for Botswana and Swaziland publications. The Library has an African Studies Research Guide.

Open University. Ferguson Centre for African and Asian Studies
Faculty, events, etc. Based in Milton Keynes, U. K.

Oxford University. African Studies Centre
Facultyhistory of Africans at Oxford.  The library offers guides to African studies, information on their Commonwealth and African Collections. Lucy McCann is the Archivist for the Africa collections at the Weston Library and Sarah Rhodes is the African and Commonwealth Subject Consultant.  Has examples of African studies doctoral research at Oxford.

Peking University. Center for African Studies

Princeton University. Program in African Studies

Queens University. Southern African Research Centre
Research on international migration and immigration policy; municipal service delivery and privatization; regional integration, industrial policy and trade; environment and social policy; urban and rural food security; labour studies; women and health; evaluation of HIV/AIDS interventions; cultural representations of South and Southern Africa; democracy, human rights and xenophobia. Based in Ontario, Canada.

Rutgers University. Center for African Studies
Information on the faculty, Africa-related events, list of films / videos, etc.

School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Includes pages for the Dept. of History, Dept. of Linguistics, an issue of Middle East and African Water Review, African News, newsletter of the Center for African Studies, and web and telnet access to the library catalog.

Stanford University. Center for African Studies
Faculty, courses, fellowships, study abroad, etc.  Twitter page. Based in Palo Alto, California.

State University of New York. Binghamton University. Department of Africana Studies
Courses, syllabi, faculty, publications, research, etc.

State University of New York. Binghamton University. Institute of Global Cultural Studies
Site is closed. The Internet Archive has preserved the site's pages. The IGCS was founded by Professor Ali A. Mazrui in 1991 at Binghamton University. "Its primary purpose is to develop new multi-disciplinary approaches to the study of culture and cultural influences in the contemporary world." Has the IGCS Newsletter, a link to Mazrui's "The Africans" TV series, conferences, etc.

Syracuse University. African Initiative
Based in the Department of African American Studies. Focuses "on Africa as an important site of knowledge by highlighting teaching, research and publication work by Syracuse University scholars." The Director is Prof. Horace G. Campbell. Courses, events, conferences. Based in Syracuse, New York.

Tel Aviv University. Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies

Temple University. Department of African-American Studies
Information on faculty, programs, courses, etc. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. [KF]

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa
Established in 1964, the Institute conducts research "pertaining to the languages, linguistics, history, anthropology and ethnology of Asia and Africa". They publish the Journal of Asian and African Studies (Tokyo).

United States. Department of Education. National Resource Centers
"...provides grants to [U.S.] institutions of higher education or consortia of institutions of higher education to establish, strengthen, and operate comprehensive and undergraduate language and area/international studies centers." African Studies National Resource Centers (links to each university) Has an older 2003-2005 directory (33 p. in pdf) Title VI African and Middle East national resource centers.

Universidad Externado de Colombia. Estudios Africanos (Bogota)
In Spanish and English. "The African Studies Group - ASG - is part of the Centre for Research and Special Projects - CIPE - of the Faculty of Finance, Government and International Relations of the University Externado de Colombia. Since its creation in May 2000, the ASG became the only space for research and analysis of African Studies in Colombia." Has full text articles, mainly in Spanish, information on Colombia-Africa relations. Based in Bogota, Colombia. [KF]

Universidade de Evora. Núcleo de Estudos Sobre África NESA (Evora, Portugal)
In Portuguese. Part of the Centro Interdisciplinar de História, Culturas e Sociedades (CIDEHUS).

Universidade do Porto. Centro de Estudos Africanos (Porto, Portugal)
In Portuguese. Publishes Africana Studia, Revista Internacional de Estudos Africanos. News of Africa-related events, esp. in Lusophone countries. Has full text articles, books on-line; must register to access.

Universidade Eduardo Mondlane. Centro de Estudos Africanos
History of the Center, issues of its bulletin, Pesquisa Informa, an online catalog of the Center's library holdings. Publishes Estudos Moçambicanos. Universidade Eduardo Mondlane is in Maputo, Mozambique. Center email:

Universidade Federal da Bahia. Centro de Estudos Afro-Orientais (CEAO)
In Portuguese. Information on its museum, library, publications, courses, programs (Programa de Estudos da Alimentação, etc.) Based in Salvador, Brazil.

Universität Leipzig / University of Leipzig. Institut für Afrikanistik (Germany)
The Institute has a Small Enterprise Promotion and Training Project. One can order the University of Leipzig Papers on Africa through the web site. The Institute was founded in Dec. 1993. The university was formerly Karl-Marx-University.

Universität Wien, Institut für Afrikanistik (Wien, Austria)
In German. Publishes the Vienna Journal of African Studies / Wiener Zeitschrift für kritische Afrikastudien with full text articles online. Has faculty, the academic program, etc.

Université Laval. Groupe d'étude et de recherche sur les sociétés africaines
In French. The Université Laval is "l'institution universitaire québécoise qui compte le plus grand nombre d'étudiants africains inscrits dans des programmes d'études supérieures." "...un groupe de professeurs de la Faculté des sciences sociales a créé en 1997 le Groupe d'étude et de recherche sur les sociétés africaines (GERSA)."   Describes faculty, research, courses, financial aid, etc. Hosts an exhibit of historical postcards of Mali and West Africa, part of a cd-rom on West African postcards.

Université libre de Bruxelles - Afric@ULB
"réseau multidisciplinaire d’études sur l’Afrique de l’Université libre de Bruxelles" Network for those involved in African studies research, teaching, service at the University. Based in Brussels, Belgium.

Université Montesquieu - Bordeaux IV
Has a directory of Africa-related web sites.

Université Paris 1 / CNRS: Laboratoire MALD (Mutations Africaines dans la Longue Durée)
In French. MALD comprises three centers, Centre de recherches africaines (CRA), Centre juridique et politique des mondes africains (CEJPMA), and le Laboratoire d'anthropologie juridique de Paris (LAJP). Publishes the journal, Afrique & Histoire. [KF]
Gazette du MALD - In French. Monthly e-newsletter of the Laboratoire Mutations Africaines dans la Longue Durée (unité mixte de recherche CNRS-Université Paris-I). Older issues are online. Includes lists of theses. 

Universite Paris 7 - Laboratoire Societes en Developpement dans l'Espace et dans le Temps (SEDET)
In French. Multi-disciplinary research unit on comparative studies of the Third World. Information on members, research projects, list of theses (some with abstracts), publications, conferences.
L'Afrique à Paris 7 site covers activities at Université Paris 7:

  • Courses, their journal, Cahiers Afrique Noire
  • A 14 p. + list of "Maîtrises et DEA" by country
  • Bibliographies (Les Touaregs Kel Adagh by Pierre Boilley, 30 p. and L'enfermement en Afrique, 2 p.)
  • A searchable database on "L'inspection des colonies en Afrique subsaharienne" - Documents d'archives pour la redaction de l'histoire demographique de la Haute-Volta coloniale by Issiaka Mande (with information on archival holdings in Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, France, Burkina Faso)
  • Research (Maîtrise-histoire, DEA, Mémoire de fin d'études) from Universite Nationale du Benin, Universite de Ouagadougou, Universite Nationale de Brazzaville, Universite d'Abidjan, Universite de Conakry, Ecole Normale Superieure de Bamako, Universite de Niamey, Universite de Dakar.
  • Graphics of two colonial era postcards
  • Offers an e-Newsletter from CFEA (French Committee of African Studies), Lettre de diffusion du CFEA (Comité français des études africaines). To subscribe send e-mail to Pierre BOILLEY:

Site maintained by P. Boilley and I. Mande. [KF]
Paris 7:

Université de Provence. Institut d'Études Africaines UMR 6124 CNRS - Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l'Homme
In French. Publishes Clio en Afrique: Bulletin d'Anthropologie et d'Histoire Africaines en langue française. Information on doctoral and other research work. Based in Aix-en-Provence, France.

University of Bayreuth - African Studies
Based in  Bayreuth,  ‎Bavaria, Germany.

University of Bayreuth. Institute of African Studies, IAS
In German and English. "IAS promotes and coordinates African studies in 12 subject groups distributed over the six faculties of the University of Bayreuth." "Our university library houses the second largest collection of books and media on Africa in Germany,..."

Bayreuth e-Publications

University of British Columbia. Africa Awareness
student driven initiative, to establish an Africa Studies Institute at the University of British Columbia and increase the number of exchange programs between UBC and African Universities. Will hold a Conference and Symposium Jan 24-30, 2005, "Rethinking Africa and the Diasporic Connection: The Role and Responsibilities of the [Western] Academy." Based in Vancouver, Canada.

University of Calgary. African Studies Research Group
Lists Faculty Members involved in African Research, graduate students and their research topics, campus events, etc. The University of Calgary Press publishes in African Studies. and has the African Occasional Papers series. In Calgary, Canada. [KF]

University of California, Berkeley - Center for African Studies
UC Berkeley's Center for African Studies includes information on the Center staff, faculty, courses, etc. The Interim African Studies Librarian is Susan Edwards.  There is  a website on Understanding the Horn of Africa . 

University of California, Davis - African American and African  Studies
Faculty, courses, noon lecture series, newsletter, etc.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - The James S. Coleman African Studies Center
Academic and research programs, lecture series, directories for faculty, grad students, and Center staff, Ghana Exchange Program, the Marcus Garvey Papers project, the Institute for the Study of Gender in Africa, African Arts magazine, etc. The African Studies Librarian is Ruby Bell-gam.

University of California, Santa Barbara. Department of Black Studies
Includes faculty biographies, courses, study abroad programs. Based in Santa Barbara, California.

University of Cape Town. Centre for African Studies
Describes the academic program, visiting scholars and fellowship programs, the library, etc. Is the home of the Harry Oppenheimer Institute for African Studies. See also the African Studies Library.

University of Copenhagen, Centre of African Studies
Købmagergade 44-46 1150, København K.
Tel./Fax: +45 3532 2585, +45 3532 2590
The text is in Danish and English. Has the full text of a few Occasional Papers such as:

  • Lemarchand, René: "Ethnicity as Myth: The View from the Central Africa"
  • Van Dijk, Rijk A.: "Christian Fundamentalism in Sub-Saharan Africa: The case of Pentecostalism"
  • Reno, William: "War, Debt and the Role of Pretending in Uganda's International Relations"
  • Haar, Gerrie ter: "World Religions and Community Religions. Where does Africa fit in?"

University of Delhi. Department of African Studies

University of Florida, African Studies Program
Describes the academic programs, faculty, their e-journal, African Studies Quarterly, research, the library, outreach, study abroad, films, theses and dissertations 1956-1995, etc.
Directory page:
Main page:

University of Ghana. Institute of African Studies
University Main Page:

University of Ghent. African Studies

University of Ghent. Department of African Languages and Cultures (Ghent, Belgium)
In English and Dutch (Flemish). Information on staff, courses. Has full text online publications. Sponsoring a conference: Belgium's Africa: Assessing the Belgian Legacy in and on Africa: The Social Sciences. University of Ghent, Belgium 21-23 October 1999. Is home of the Interdisciplinary Research Group Africa (IDOGA).

University of Ghent. Interdisciplinary Research Group Africa (Ghent, Belgium)
Older site. No longer active. Promotes Africa-related research at Ghent University "IDOGA is rooted in the Departments of African Languages and Cultures, Modern History, Ethnic Arts and Third World Studies." Has a lecture series, links to Ghent departments such as the Africana Webserver of the Department of African Languages and Cultures.

University of Hong Kong. African Studies Programme
Offers a Minor in African Studies, headed by Dr. Adams Bodomo - in the School of Humanities. "the oldest tertiary education institution in Hong Kong. On March 16, 1910, Sir Frederick Lugard, the then Governor of Hong Kong, laid the foundation stone for the University, signifying the birth of Hong Kong's first tertiary institution."

University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Extensive information on faculty, courses, events, bibliographies on African topics, etc. Has a directory of U.S. African Outreach centers.

University of Iowa, African Studies Program (Iowa City, Iowa)
Information on the African Studies Program degree programs, faculty, exchange programs, library resources, African arts program, Ford Foundation grant programs. Home of the Interdisciplinary Project for Advanced Study of Art and Life in Africa, the WiderNet Project, the Stanley Collection of African Art, etc. 

University of Kansas, African & African-American Studies
Faculty, academic program, courses, history of the program, news, the Newsletter, etc.

University of Kansas - African Studies Center
Established in the 1980s-1990s. Hosts conferences and annual Teacher Summer Institutes on Africa. Publishes a Newsletter. Is a founder of the Mid-America Alliance for African Studies (MAAAS).

University of Maryland. Committee on Africa and the Americas (College Park, MD)
The Committee promotes the "study and understanding of Africa and the African Diaspora at the University of Maryland and throughout the Maryland-Washington region." Courses, events including the International Symposium, Africas of the Americas, April 18-20, 2002.

University of Michigan. African Studies Center
Has the African Presidential Scholars program which brings early career faculty from African universities to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

University of Michigan. Center for Afroamerican and African Studies
Information on faculty, courses, Center events.

University of Minnesota. African American and African Studies
Faculty, courses, languages taught, links to related sites. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

University of Mumbai. Centre for African Studies (Mumbai, India)
Information on faculty, courses, Documentation Unit, their Publications including the table of contents of African Currents. Lists titles of Ph.D. dissertations awarded or in progress.

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. African and Afro-American Studies
Information on faculty, courses, their annual report for 1995/96, the study abroad program, announcements, major and degree information.

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. African Studies Center
Events, faculty, courses, study abroad, a K-12 Outreach site - Images of Africa (24 p. in PDF), slides on Sufi Islam in Senegal, database of children's books.

University of Oregon. African Studies
Faculty, courses, events, study abroad, Africa in Oregon, etc. The University of Oregon is in Eugene, Oregon.

University of Pennsylvania, Africana Studies
See also the Center for Africana Studies and the Library's African Collection.

University of Pittsburg. Center for African Studies
Annual reports, Teach Africa Workshop, spring conference. Based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

University of Santa Clara
African studies faculty include Michael Kevane (Economics) and Leslie Gray (Environmental Studies). Based in Santa Clara, Califoria.

University of South Carolina. African Studies
Describes their program, courses, their study abroad course in Cameroon.

University of South Florida - Africa Initiatives Group
"...a group of USF faculty and staff with interests in Africa, established in 2008, ... working towards creating and expanding collaborative efforts between African and US universities. Its membership straddles many disciplines, including geography, anthropology, business, education, health, and information science."

University of South Florida. Africana Studies
Has a listing of African American Studies programs by rank. Host of the 2006 African Heritage Studies Association conference. Based in Tampa, Florida.

University of South Florida. Institute on Black Life
"The mission of the IBL is to serve as a resource center on the African American community and other peoples of the World African Community, and also on those issues that affect their interaction with the larger world community." Conducts and promotes research, holds conferences. The IBL has a Center for Africa and the Diaspora. Based in Tampa, Florida.

University of St. Andrews (Scotland) - Into Africa, St. Andrews Connections
Exhibition celebrating the links between St Andrews and Africa. Includes ancient maps from the university library, Tabwa sculpture (Zambia), etc.

University of Tennessee. Africa Semester
Information on courses, conferences, events, exhibits, etc. Based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

University of Texas at Austin. Africa Conferences
Conferences convened by Dr. Toyin Falola, beginning in 2002.

University of Texas at Austin. Center for African and African American Studies

University of Texas at Arlington, Africa Program
"Founded in 1994, The Africa Program seeks to promote business, educational, and technological relations between Africa and the State of Texas."

University of Toledo. Africana Studies
"The Africana Studies Program is a new program at the University of Toledo. The Board of Trustees approved a major and minor degree program (June 1997)." The program has started ArCA, Archive for a Curriculum on Africa - "We are building an Internet resource for courses on Africa composed on links to sites of relevance and new data sets that will be generated explicitly for ArCA." The site has course syllabi.

University of Virginia, The Carter G. Woodson Institute for Afro-American and African Studies
Information on faculty, courses, etc. http://minerva.acc.Virginia.EDU/~woodson/

University of Washington.  Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. African Studies (Seattle)
Faculty, courses, study abroad, K-12 teacher resources.

University of Wisconsin - Madison. African Studies Program
Programs, publications, courses, faculty, K-12 resosurces. The Land Tenure Center Library Acquisitions lists include journal articles. The lists can be searched by keyword. The Wisconsin African Studies Bulletin Board, begun by Patricia Kuntz, was discontinued Sept. 1, 1994.

University Web Pages
A large collection of U.S. university home pages is at:
International university pages are at:

Warsaw University. Department of African Languages and Cultures.
Includes the staff directory, academic program, history of African Studies at Warsaw University, information on their journal, Studies, and an article by Prof. Joanna Mantel-Niecko, "The Clash of Cultures in Ethiopia". Department specialties include Amharic and Giiz, Hausa and Swahili Studies.

Washington University, St. Louis. African and Afro-American Studies Program
Courses, faculty, etc. Has a summer in Kenya program (with journal) and one year post doctoral fellowships.

Woodrow Wilson Center Africa Progra
Promotes "dialogue between scholars and policymakers in Washington, DC and around the world. .....organizes public conferences and discussions in Washington, DC and offers fellowships and residencies to African and American scholars focusing on public policy in Africa wishing to study at the Wilson Center. The Africa Program also leads a major capacity-building initiative in Burundi, organizes the Congressional Staff Forum on Africa...."
Full text papers on urban governance in Africa and Building Healthy Cities: Improving the Health of Urban Migrants and the Urban Poor in Africa (138 p.). Short papers on topics such as Yet Another Transition? Urbanization, Class Formation, and the End of National Liberation Struggle in South Africa and Youth Explosion in Developing World Cities: Approaches to Reducing Poverty and Conflict in an Urban Age (141 p.)
The Africa Program has an Occasional Papers series. Papers include, Women, Muslim Laws and Human Rights in Nigeria, and From Moi to Kibaki: An Assessment of the Kenyan Transition. There are also trasncripts of talks at the Center by the Presidents of Rwanda, Botswana, Uganda and on the security situation in West Africa. Based in Washington, D.C.

Yale University. Council on African Studies
The Council "supports and coordinates the study of Africa within Yale University." Courses, faculty, students, outreach program, lectures, conferences, African language program.

York University - African Studies
The program began in 1974. Course information, faculty

Zhejiang Normal University. Institute of African Studies
The Institute was "co-founded by Zhejiang Normal University (ZNU) and the China Education Association for International Exchange on September 1, 2007." Programs on politics and international relations, economics, and education. Based in Zhejiang, China.