African diaspora - Middle East

Association des Nig?riens ?tudiant au Maroc, A.N.E.M
In French.

Communauté des étudiants nigeriens à Béjaia [Algeria]
In French. Has statistics on student areas of study.

Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews
"an Ethiopian-led advocacy and service organization representing Israel's Ethiopian immigrant community. Our goal is to assist in the full and rapid absorption and integration of Ethiopian Jews into mainstream Israeli society." Facts about the community, Ethiopian Jewish culture, history, education & employment initiatives. Based in Jerusalem, Israel. [KF]

Union des ?tudiants Nigeriens en Egypte, UENE
In French. " fondé en 1962. Elle est le réprèsentant de tous les etudiants Nigèriens en Egypte." Links to other Niger diaspora sites.

York University. Harriet Tubman Resource Centre on the African Diaspora
"focuses on the history of the African diaspora and the movement of Africans to various parts of the world, particularly the Americas and the Islamic lands of North Africa and the Middle East." Has a publication series, Studies in the History of the African Diaspora, conference programs and some papers, the full text of the African Diaspora Newsletter, the full text of "Ethnicity and the Slave Trade: 'Lucumi' and 'Nago' as Ethnonyms in West Africa" by Robin Law (from History in Africa, No. 24, 1997).

Research areas include: Nigerian Hinterland Project, Biographical Database of Enslaved Africans, Historical Atlas of Slavery, Ports of the Nigerian Hinterland, The Muslim Diaspora in the Era of the Slave Route, Ethnic Identities in Atlantic Africa and the Diaspora, Linkages between the Diaspora and Africa, Igbo Oral History Project on Slavery. The Director is Paul E. Lovejoy. Based in Toronto, Canada. [KF]