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Current news sources from Sierra Leone newspapers.

Awareness Times (Freetown)
"...a daily local print and daily online" independent newspaper. News, commentary, people profiles, public notices, obituaries, photographs, entertainment news, classifieds. The Publisher and Owner is Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden.

Independent newspaper.

Center for Media, Education & Technology, Sierra Leone Media Project
Site has closed. Full text articles from older Sierra Leone newspapers, directory of Sierra Leone newspapers, "News Archive contains nearly 1200 unedited newspaper articles from 32 local newspapers dating back to December 2000." Search news by keyword. "The Center for Media, Technology and Education (C-MET) is an NGO established in Freetown in June 2000 with a mission to build Sierra Leone's media capacity through training and education in new technologies and human rights awareness."

Online newspaper with Sierra Leone-based reporters. Press releases from political organizations. Based in Somerset, New Jersey.

Concord Times (Freetown)
Website of the print independent newspaper.

Cotton Tree News (Freetown)
Independent radio station in Sierra Leone. Created by Fondation Hirondelle.

Expo Times
Online newspaper. Includes diaspora news. Electronic version of a former print newspaper in Sierra Leone which was forced to close due to the war. List of other Sierra Leone newspapers. Based in the U.K. and Sierra Leone. The publisher is Ibrahim Seaga Shaw.

Global NewsBank
Subscription service. Some universities subscribe. Includes SLBS radio, Freetown, from the BBC Monitoring International Reports. Not the latest news but good for researching news from a week ago back to 1985. Selected reports from the BBC Monitoring Service (English translations of news), Agence France Presse, IPS, PANA, radio and/or TV stations.

Globe Newspaper (London)
Published by The Globe Publications. First published in Sierra Leone in 1978, now published in London. The Editor is Theo M. Williams.

Independent Observer
Independent newspaper. "Formed on August 9, 1997, the Independent Observer Newspaper believes Peace & Democracy Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin.... we have won several accolades including the 2002 Newspaper Of The Year prestigious award from the All Walks Of Life (AWOL). Our newspaper was also rated among BEST for our neutrality and objectivity of reporting during the 2007 Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Sierra Leone."

New People Newspaper

One World Online
Use the Search box at the top to locate news on Sierra Leone. From the UK, with political, social, development news.

Patriotic Vanguard
Online newspaper. News about Sierra Leone. Africa-related Canadian events. Analysis. Media news. Sports. Launched July 2005. The Editor and Publisher is Gibril Gbanabome Koroma. Based in Vancouver, Canada.

Peep (Freetown, Sierra Leone)
Site has closed. Sierra Leone satirical newspaper. "Independent, owned and edited by Richie Olu Awoonor-Gordon and team. Online since July 2007." Peep has an older Facebook page.

Pool (Freetown)
Internet edition of the independent print newspaper registered in Sierra Leone in 1992. The paper was twice forced to close thru political harrassment. Has selected articles, editorials.

Press United (London)
Independent newspaper. It is the successor of the former Freetown Daily News. The Editor/Publisher is Abu Shaw. {KF]

Salone Post "The Independent Online Voice of Sierra Leoneans & the African Diaspora"
Current news, business, sports, videos (music, comedy, events), the final report of Sierra Leone's Truth and Reconciliation Commission. " was registered in 2008. The publisher / editor-in-chief, Sahid Khan, Jr. was a founding member of For Di People Newspaper where he was News Editor from 1983 - 1988."

Sierra Express Media
Print and online newspaper. "An online news source..... provided to engage the Sierra Leonean community at home and abroad, in news, current events, entertainment, and sport, etc." Web site based in New York state.

Sierra Herald

Sierra Leone Daily Mail
Government newspaper. News, including from the press attaches in Sierra Leone's embassies and missions abroad, politics, economy, sports. etc. By veteran journalists.

Sierra Leone News Hunters
Compiles the news from Sierra Leone newspapers.

Sierra Leone View
Online newspaper, estab. 2011, based in the Netherlands. Diaspora in Europe news. African news. The owner is Ernest Smith.

Sierra Herald (London)
Based in London, England. or

Sierra Leone Telegraph
Current news, commentary, policy analysis. "Independent, non-partisan." Economic, social, political issues. Publisher & Editor: Abdul Rashid Thomas.

Sierra Leone Web - News
News sites with notes on content. Maintained by Peter Andersen.

Politics, music, celebrity news, relationship advice, sports, diaspora news.

Standard Times (Freetowown)
Current news. Site of the print independent newspaper established in the early 1990s. Published by the Standard Times Press. "an important regional daily newspaper before the civil war in Sierra Leone. The independent 'Standard Times' continued to operate throughout the majority of the conflict despite extreme conditions." - Afrol News. [In the U.S. issues of Standard Times are held by Northwestern University.]

Unity (Freetown)
Online site of the Sierra Leone People's Party paper.