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Adire African Textiles - Duncan Clarke
History, background, and photographs of adire, adinkra, kente, bogolan, Yoruba aso-oke, akwete, ewe, kuba, and nupe textiles. The symbolism of images is often provided. One can purchase textiles as well. Clarke's Ph.D. dissertation (School of Oriental and African Studies) is on Yoruba men's weaving. Based in London.

Africa Cartoons - Encyclopedia of African Political Cartooning
Find cartoonists by name, country. Interviews, articles, related links. Maintained by Tejumola Olaniyan, University of Wisconsin. [KF]

Africa e Mediterraneo (Roma : Istituto sindacale per la cooperazione allo sviluppo)
In Italian. A quarterly magazine about African culture and society. Has the table of contents. Topics covered: literature and theatre, music and dance, visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography), cinema, immigration. Owned by Lai-momo, a non-profit co-operative. Contact: [KF]

Africa: One Continent. Many Worlds
Extensive site for the traveling art exhibit from the Field Museum, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, and others. Includes video, photographs on the history and art of the Royal Palace of the Bamum (Cameroun), conflict resolution among the BaKongo (Congo-Brazzaville and Kinshasa, Angola), Benin history through elephant tusks and Benin bronzes, metal working, use of gold weights, commerce across the Sahara, the market in Kano (Nigeria), men's hats, combs/jewelry, rock art, a Liberian folk tale, the role of masks, drums, kora music from Senegal, the elephant as a royal animal, and more. Has a map of African languages, an African facts flashcard game, classroom ideas for teachers.

Africa Styles Clothing & Accessories
Clothing, fabric and accessories (hats) for men and women, outfits for couples. "Includes traditional Yoruba Aso Oke wedding attires, elegant outfits in tie-dye and causal clothing apparel for all occasions." Based in London, Canada.

African Anthropology: Journal of the Pan African Anthropological Association(Yaounde, Cameroon)
Has the table of contents and abstracts of articles. One can order photocopies of articles; $20 for up to two articles. Pay by cheque or money order in ?sterling or US$. Libraries pay $70 per year for subscriptions. [KF]

African Art Videos - Professor Christopher Roy
"...videos, filmed in rural villages in Africa since 2001..." "These DVDs are especially useful to those who collect African art, who teach African art history or anthropology,....." Topics include - A Day in the Life of a Village in Africa; Death of an African King: The Funeral of the Omanhene of Techiman; The Beauty Competition of the Wodaabe People of Niger; African Art as Theater (masks); The Talking Drums of Techiman; Brewing Millet Beer in Africa, Countries covered - Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger. Prof. Roy is Professor of Art History, University of Iowa, Iowa City.

African Community Information Center (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Offers cultural events (African-American and African). Has a fee-based membership.

African Cultural Festival (Sacramento, Califonia)
Sept. 2010 festival to "bring together all Africans from all cultures, regardless of religious denominations or social strata, in celebration and honor of our mother continent, Africa."

Offers free listing of African events and event related services worldwide. Businesses can add to their database. Find catering services (African food) and other services to plan your event. Based in Houston, Texas.

African Foods
Sells African foods, especially Nigerian food, in the U.K. Background on foods, how they are prepared. African cookbooks thru Amazon. Garri, Palm Oil, Banga Soup Sauce, Egusi, Ogbono, Maggi Cubes, Indomine, Plantain, Yam, Beans, Cassava Flour, Pounded yam, Curry, Thyme, Close Up toothpaste, Nigerian Indomine. A subsidiary of Bethelgroups Limited, Essex, U.K.

African Lives -_Washington Post
Stories of everyday life in Africa, by Stephen Buckley, for the Washington Post newspaper.Topics include urban young people in Kenya, an Ethiopian midwife, Senegalese fishermen, wife inheritance and AIDS in Kenya, urban family obligations in Cote d'Ivoire, child brides in Cote d'Ivoire, effects of civil war on the Dinka in the Sudan, funeral practices in Ghana. Includes photos.[KF]

African Marketplace - Los Angeles
Annual African festival in Los Angeles, California. African clothing, crafts, music, film festival, children's activities.

African Odyssey InterActive - Kennnedy Center for the Performing Arts
Site for a festival in New York of music, dance, and theater from Africa and the African Diaspora.  Has interviews with artists, a directory of web sites about Dance, Music, Literary Arts/Storytelling, Theater/Performance, K-12 teaching resources. [KF]

African Outlet
San Francisco store selling clothing, fabric, instruments, sculpture.

African Performance Clearinghouse
Promotes access to visiting African performers or troupes in North America by listing their schedules. Has an alphabetical catalog by artist which is also arranged by genre (music, dance, theatre), and by country. There is a list of agents and promoters and a bulletin board to leave requests. The service is provided by the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, African Studies Program.

African Philosophy
eJournal sponsored by the International Society for African Philosophy and Studies (ISAPS) and published by Africa Resource Center, Inc. Articles include: Language, Culture, Science, Technology and Philosophy - Art and 'Art' in Africa: Conceptual Clarification, Confusion or Colonization? - Race and Racism in the Works of David Hume.

African Philosophy - Bruce B. Janz
Site on "philosophy which focuses on Africa, philosophy done in Africa, and philosophy that is part of the traditional conversation among African philosophers." Includes links to full text documents, reading lists, course syllabi, African philosophers, conferences, journals, topics within African philosophy, etc. Prof. Janz is with the Philosophy Dept., Augustana University College, Alberta, CANADA.

African Philosophy - International Society for African Philosophy and Studies (ISAPS)
Site of the International Society for African Philosophy and Studies (ISAPS). The ISAPS holds conferences, publishes the electronic journal, Journal on African Philosophy, which is "devoted to the analyses of philosophy, art, literary writing, politics, sociology, legal theory, jurisprudence, economics, technology, and cultural experiences."

African Pottery Forming and Firing Techniques: A Virtual Slide Show
Slide show and paper by Christopher Roy, Professor of Art & Art History, Univ. of Iowa. Discusses the techniques of pottery making, the economics of pottery and the potter's relationship to the community.

African Sociological Review (Dakar, Senegal / Grahamstown, South Africa)
In English and French. A bi-annual publication of CODESRIA, Dakar, Senegal. Has the table of contents.

African Wedding Guide
How to plan an African wedding, fashions, gift ideas. Maintained by Eleanor Hudgins-Jordan and Vanessa Snyder.

African Writing System - Ayele Bekerie
Professor Bekerie provides information on Ethiopic, Meroitic, ancient Egyptian, and other writing systems.

Africom. International Council of African Museums
In English and French. "Fighting against the illicit traffic in cultural property remains one of AFRICOM's major priorities." Has a directory of museums in Africa. Published the Handbook of Standards Documenting African Collections (1996). Issues of AFRICOM News are online. Based in Nairobi, Kenya. [KF]

Afri-Phil - Philosophy of African Society
"A forum for the exchange of views, experiences, techniques, and professional information pertaining to the teaching and study of the philosophical thought of African and African-diaspora cultures." The listowners are: Emmanuel Eze, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania; Bruce B. Janz, Augustana University College, Alberta, Canada; Frank Wilson, Bucknell University. To subscribe, send email to: In the message area put: SUB AFRI-PHIL Yourfirstname Yourlastname

"...a one-stop information source about African Caribbeans in the Ottawa region in Canada." Find African or Caribbean eateries or groceries, hair salons, other black-owned businesses, events. Maintained by Vusi Moloi.

Has music tour schedules, workshops in dance and percussion, organizations, a discussion group, articles, race & identity in Cuba, films, photos, etc. Based in Arlington, MA.

Afropop Worldwide
Radio program by Georges Collinet of music from Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas. Has the program schedules, discographies, how to access African radio stations with links to African radio web sites, biographies of African recording artists, a glossary of African musical terms, an annotated bibliography of books and magazines, tour information, and African recipes!

Akan Cultural Symbols Project
Project "to utilize the pictograms and ideograms encoded in the arts of the Akan to decode some aspects of the history, beliefs, social organizations, social relations, and other ideas of the Akan of Ghana." "The Project... comprises a World Wide Web site, 'Akan Cultural Symbols Online' a series of books and catalogues, photo exhibitions; and multi-media CD-ROMs."   A site rich in illustrations of Akan symbols used in architecture, cloth (Adinkra, Kente, Asafo Flags, etc.), cosmology, economics, knowledge, political beliefs, gold weights/jewelry, wood carvings. The project is directed by Dr. George F. Kojo Arthur with Dr. Robert Rowe, Art Dept., Marshall University, West Virginia. [KF]

Anthropological Index Online
Web index of volumes 22-32 of the Anthropological Index to Current Periodicals in the Museum of Mankind Library (London). Search by keyword/subject, author, title, journal name. There is a list of the full titles of journals indexed by AIO.

Anthropology and Medicine
Journal published by Carfax Publishing Ltd. (UK) with many Africa-related articles. Has the tables of contents.

Appiah, Kwame Anthony - Stanford Presidential Lecturer
Appiah was the Fall 2004 Presidential Lecturer at Stanford University. Essay by William McPheron (William Saroyan Curator for British and American Literature), excerpts from Appiah's works, and a bibliography of his books, essays, articles, reviews, interviews.

Art and Life in Africa - University of Iowa Museum of Art
 "the collaborative efforts of more than fifty scholars, technicians, collectors and institutions around the world." The Key Moments in Life section describes events such as infancy, childhood, initiation, marriage, religion, leadership, elderhood, death and illustrates them with art in a mini-slide show illustrating front and side views of each piece. The Countries Database provides basic facts. A Types of Art database describes the art of each ethnic group and basic facts about the group. The Peoples Database includes the Ashanti, Bamana, Baule, Bwa, Dogon, Fang, Hemba, Ibibio, Kongo, Kota, Kuba, Lobi, Luba, Lwalwa, Makonde, Mbole, Mossi, Pende, Suku, Tabwa, Woyo, Yaka, Yoruba.  Has essays by scholars. The Media section includes photographs, videos, and audio. Includes the Stanley Collection of African Art which contains over 500 objects. The Project is directed by Professor of Art, Christopher Roy. [KF]

"...the website of ComMattersKenya Limited, a Nairobi-based arts, culture, communications and media firm......covers fine art, books, music & dance, film, video & television, fashion & beauty, puppetry, storytelling & theatre, entertainment, leisure and lifestyle in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania,..." Web magazine founded by Ogova Ondego. Articles on copyright in Kenya, homosexuality, festivals, etc. [KF]

Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK & the Commonwealth
Contains "Ethical Guidelines for Good Research Practice." Organises an annual conference, lists their publications, links to related organizations.

Baobab Project - Harvard University
An investigation into why certain cultures, places, and periods encouraged creativity and innovation in the arts, directed by Suzanne Preston Blier, Dept. of Fine Arts, Harvard. The Project Manager is Michael Roy. Has large graphics; it's best to access this when you have a fast connection. The web site is a glimpse of the project which includes narratives (case studies), an image and ethnographic database, and a geographic information system. The case studies are: Asante political expansion, Batimalliba two-story architecture, Islam and indigenous African cultures, Shawabtis and Nubia, Yoruba masking traditions, and Ife, an ancient Yoruba city state. [KF]

Bastian, Misty L.
Dr. Bastian is Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA. The web site for her course Peoples and Cultures of Africa has information on the Mande, Yoruba, and on Cameroon.

Bayelsa Council for Arts and Culture - (Nigeria)
"...dedicated to the preservation, promotion and fostering the appreciation, revival and development of Ijaw Arts and Culture." Facts about Bayelsa State, proverbs, description of dances / plays with photographs, performances given.

Beer Site - Africa
Has links to sites for African breweries.

Behind the Mask
News re gays and lesbians by country, achievements, activities, arts & culture, a library (books articles / web sites), commentary (articles / letters), funding sources, legal issues (legal status of homosexuality), religion, workplace, women. Based in South Africa.

BETUMI:The African Culinary Network
", document, and share information on the vast and fascinating culinary heritage of Africa." "Since 1997, a site connecting scholars, professionals and others who delight in African cuisine and food history." Full text articles on African food history, restaurants lists. Blog on African cuisine. Slides of "Sub-Saharan African Cuisine and Western Perceptions." Offers workshops/presentations. The owner is Fran Osseo-Asare. Based in State College, Pennsylvania.

Black Looks
Commentary on issues affecting Africa, especially social activist issues and women. Sokari Ekine and other bloggers produce Black Looks. Ms. Ekine writes - "I started writing Black Looks back in June 2004..."

Bradley, Candice - Pages on Kenya and Women
Candice Bradley, Associate Prof. of Anthropology, Lawrence Univ., has information on Western Kenya (a bibliography, film, Kenya popular music, Logoli children, links to Kenya related information, her Jan. 1996 lecture on Africa and Africans in Conrad's Heart of Darkness, links to resources on African women, folklore, etc

CafeAfricana is a center for Arts, Culture, Poetry, Politics, Films, News and Community. Special interviews such as with the President of the Association of Moremi Women in Southern California. The site, based in California, is owned by Funmi Tofowomo Okelola.

Cameroon Ethnography and History - "Mama for Story"
A festschrift for E. M. Chilver, appearing in three different publications, has been produced. The introductions to these three projects are online.

Camp, Sokari Douglas
Beautifully done exhibit by the Museum of Mankind (British Museum, London) of the sculpture of Kalabari-born artist Sokari Douglas Camp. Her work draws on the masquerades of the Kalabari and Yoruba. Includes a Quicktime movie clip for which you'll need a Quicktime viewer.

Cities/Buildings Archive
A online digital image archive of cities and buildings around the world. Includes Kenya. All files on this site are copyright controlled. Maintained by Meredith Clausen, Professor of Architectual History, Univ. of Washington, Seattle. Prof.  Simon Ottenberg is Africa section consultant and his collection of images will be added.

Conference - Theatre in Africa - Africa in the Theatre, 2007 July 10-14, University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Abstract submission deadline: 30 November, 2006. This is the Annual Conference of the International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR) / Fédération internationale pour la recherche théâtrale (FIRT).

Dar es Salaam in Delft Blue
Barend Schweigman, a Dutch photographer, taught photography at a local institution in Dar es Salaam. He presents an online exhibit of "ordinary people with their favourite objects in the streets of Dar es Salaam." Click on each individual to see the objects. In English, Swahili and Dutch.

A Day in the Life of Africa
A photojournalism project, directed by David Cohen and Lee Liberman, to produce a book and traveling exhibition. Feb. 28, 2002, a hundred professional photojournalists (Pulitzer Prize, World Photo prize winners, etc.) from 25 countries documented a day in the life of Africa. All photographers used five-megapixel Olympus E-20 and Olympus C4040 cameras. The book is to be published November 2002. All publishing profits from the project will fund AIDS education programs in Africa."

Diamano Coura West African Dance Company
"...a nonprofit cultural organization dedicated to the preservation, education, and appreciation of traditional West African music, dance, theater, and culture." Offers dance and drumming workshops. Based in Oakland, California.

Documentary Educational Resources
A non-profit which produces ethnography films/videos, based in Massachusetts. Claims to have the world's largest collection of films/videos on the !Kung San (Bushmen) of Namibia. John Marshall, President of DER, created the films The Hunters and N!ai, the Story of a !Kung Woman.

Eloquent Elegance; Beadwork in the Zulu Cultural Tradition
Maintained by Dr Hilgard Stanley Schoeman. Includes A brief history of the Zulu Nation, A brief history of Traditional African Bead Craft, The Zulu Beadwork Language (Technical), How to get hold of true Zulu Beadwork. There are illustrations of Traditional Necklaces, Adornment of the head, Adornment of the chest, waist and lower body, Adornment of the limbs, Items worn by Izangoma (specialists in traditional magic).

Encyclopedia Mythica
Mainly non-African entries on mythology, folklore, mysticism. African mythology is in the Other Mythologies section. Site maintained by Micha F. Lindemans based in the Netherlands. Accepts contributed articles. Its bibliography of sources lacks African-specific titles.
Other Mythologies:
Main page:

Ethiopian Broadcasting Service, EBS TV
In Amharic and English. "a privately held media company established in 2008 in Silver Spring, MD" News from Ethiopia, Africa, elsewhere. Diaspora reports. Some free sample programs are online. Subscription programs on Ethiopian history, culture lifestyle, sports, entertainment, tourism, and business. Based in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.

Ethnographic Arts Publications
1040 Erica Road, Mill Valley, California 94941
Supplies books, auction and exhibition catalogs, and serials on Africa plus other areas.

Fayemi, A. Olusegun - Voices from Within: Photographs of African Children
About the book of photographs taken in 12 African countries over a 17 year period. Includes descriptions of children's lives. Fayemi "studied photography privately, with Alex Harsely and Richard Sternschuss of New York and at the New School for Social Research, International Center for Photography and Zone VI studios."

Fesman III, Festival Mondial des Arts Nègre, World Festival of Black Arts, 2009 February 1-21
In French. Third World Festival (the first was in 1966) whose theme is La Renaissance Africaine. A celebration of the art, music, literature, cinema, dance, theatre, architecture of Africa and the African diaspora. African Press Agency article, April 21, 2008 - Brazil, guest of honour at Dakar world Negro festival.


  • Nierse, Rob - Introduction to Bao
    "This leaflet is meant for people who want to learn about the East-African game known as Bao, and who want to know how to play this fascinating game. The most important and most common rules are presented here in a logical order. Additionally, some notes on tactics and a few sample games from the Zanzibar 1994 Championship are presented."
  • Bawo - Simple Perplexity
  • "...bawo is the Malawian version of an ancient African board game based around a simple counting apparatus. Other names for the game are bao (Tanzania) and omweso (Uganda). Site has a computer game to plan online (source code is provided). How to play, rules, FAQ.
  • International Omweso Society (London)
    Non-profit society for the Ugandan board game. "Omweso is an ancient mancala game played in Uganda. Find the official mancala rules used in the Kampala Omweso tournaments here. Omweso rules are elegant and easy to learn, but it is said to be the most challenging mancala game in Africa." Has a research paper by Brian Wernham, links to related sites, sells a video on the game.

Gore, Charles - Bibliography on Benin
Dr. Gore, researcher on the Edo Kingdom/Edo people of Benin City,  has a  40 page bibliography on Benin which includes journal articles.

Guide du Theatre en Afrique et dans l'Ocean indien
In French and English. Directory, with a country index, of theatre companies, theatre facilities, events, drama departments, and organizations sponsoring theatrical activities. Based on a print directory by Media Port and the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (France).

Handbook of Latin American Studies Online
Keyword searchable bibliography from the U.S. Library of Congress Hispanic Division. One can find references to Africans and African influence in Latin America. Covers 1935 onwards. Provides Current Journal Abbreviations and Subject Terms (from Volume 50 onward).

Hanson, Holly - African Popular Culture
Syllabus and site for a history course which "uses popular music, dance, fiction, film, street art, bus slogans, newspapers and other sources to document African interpretations of the decades since “flag independence” in 1960." Includes a video bibliography, a Congo (DRC) timeline. Dr. Hanson teaches at Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts.

Hats Off! A Salute to African Headwear
Exhibit and cultural background from the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art.

Hodges, Ruth A. - "Kente Cloth: a Selected Bibliography" (1994)
Bibliography of books and articles. Ms. Hodges is Reference Librarian at Howard University's, Moorland-Spingarn Research Center.

Inagina, the Last House of Iron
About a documentary film on metallurgy work by the Dogon blacksmiths of Mali.   "In Mali, on the cliffs inhabited by the Dogon, an ethnoarchaeologist and a cameraman participated in an extremely rare event : the reduction of iron ore. The experience was filmed and is a unique testimony of a thousand-year-old technology which has now disappeared." Directed by Eric Huysecom, Department of Anthropology and Ecology, University of Geneva and Bernard Agustoni, of T?l?vision Suisse Romande. In English and French.

Indilinga African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (Pietermaritzburg, South Africa)
Published by New Dawn Publishers, Pietermaritzburg. Full text abstracts free. Full text articles require subscription. Libraries pay $30 for 2 issues per year. See also the African Journals Online site.

Integration and Conflict along the Upper Guinea Coast (West Africa)
On Facebook. Must be on Facebook to access site. Research group based at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle/Saale, Germany. "a scientific platform of communication for all those interested in this particular region, its global connections and diasporas world-wide." Dr. Jacqueline Knoerr is Head of the Group.

International Cultural Property Protection
Website for the Cultural Property Advisory Committee, United States Information Agency (USIA), which is responsible for implementing the Convention on Cultural Property Implementation Act. "This is the enabling legislation for the 1970 UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property." The site has a list of signatories to the UNESCO convention. The "USIA accepts requests from countries for import restrictions on archaeological or ethnological artifacts, the pillage of which places their national cultural heritage in jeopardy."

International Resource Network, IRN

Internet African History Sourcebook - Paul Halsall
Has full-text sources for African history arranged by topics. Includes under the topic, Homosexuality, links to mainly contemporary articles. Maintained by Paul Halsall, Fordham University. Africa

Islamic Architecture
Religious and non-religious structures (residences, markets, street views), from 26 countries including Egypt, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia. Part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Rotch Library web site "Textual & Visual Resources on Islamic Architecture."

Item 13: An African Food Podcast
Podcasts about African food. Yorm Tagoe is the founder and host.

G. I. Jones Photographic Archive of Southeastern Nigerian Art and Culture
Photographs taken in the 1930s by the late Gwilym Iwan Jones, Dept. of Social Anthropology, Cambridge Univ., on a web site produced by Southern Illinois Univ. anthropology professor, John C. McCall with Ursula Jones. Depicts the art and culture of the Ibibio, Igbo, Ijo, and Ogoni speaking poeple (Nigeria). Includes masks, household objects, shrines, musical instruments. architecture, has links to Nigeria and Igbo sites and McCall's course syllabi.

Journal des Africanistes (Paris)
In French. Site does not work in older Netscape browsers. Journal of the Société des Africanistes. Has the table of contents and abstracts, an index by ethnic group. Formerly Journal de la Societe des Africanistes.

Journal of Language and Popular Culture in Africa (Amsterdam)
Full text articles. Published by Language and Popular Culture in Africa, an internet project set up by Johannes Fabian and Vincent de Rooij of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Journal on African Philosophy
eJournal published by the International Society for African Philosophy and Studies (ISAPS). The journal is "devoted to the analyses of philosophy, art, literary writing, politics, sociology, legal theory, jurisprudence, economics, technology, and cultural experiences."

Kanuri Studies Association
Articles on Kanuri history /ethnography by scholars, photographs, current news, primary sources (oral histories), a bibliography, table of contents of the Borno Museum Society Newsletter, biographies of prominent figures. Primary health care project, "Borno Development Initiative." "founded in Maiduguri / Nigeria in 2003. The main aim of the association is to enhance and support the exchange of knowledge and information from and with Kanuri-speaking people and the academic community."

Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine : the authentic African cartoon magazine
Read the cartoons online. Join the community. Began in 2012? Based in Almere, The Netherlands.

Kinship and Social Organization - Brian Schwimmer
A tutorial developed by Assoc. Prof. Schwimmer of the Dept. of Anthropology, University of Manitoba, Canada. It uses Akan lineage organization as a case study.

"Where the West Meets Today's African Fashion Industry."
Website of Uduak Oduok, "an Attorney, Model, Journalist and Fashion Business Owner." See also her blog.with fashion news, interviews with African fashion industry entrepreneurs, African fashion web sites. and

Ladzekpo, C. K. - African Music and Dance
Page of the California-based musician/dancer/teacher, director of the African Music And Dance Esemble. Photos of Ewe rituals, audio clips, etc.

Language and Popular Culture in Africa
"The main aim of LPCA is to document and further the study of expressions of popular language and culture in Africa." Hosts the Journal of Language and Popular Culture in Africa. Maintained by Johannes Fabian and Vincent de Rooij of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Amsterdam.
Has full text archives such as:
Buntungu's "Mokingi mwa Mputu": A Boloki perception of Europe at the end of the 19th Century the Archives of Popular Swahili containing -

Lems-Dworkin, Carol - Video Bibliography
The website of Carol Lems-Dworkin Publishers has information on the 331 page Videos of African and African-Related Performance: an Annotated Bibliography, by Carol Lems-Dworkin. 1996. Price: U.S. $57

License Plates
Photos and explanations about African automobile license plates

Life in Africa Foundation
An NGO to promote "an increased international understanding of Africans, and life in Africa," supports microfinance institutions in Africa, "which make credit and savings services available to the poor, who otherwise have no access to money from banks." Offers free email subscriptions to their publications. Photos and accounts of living in Uganda, Gabon, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Tanzania by Christina Jordan-Haitsma, an American from California, who moved to Uganda in October 1998 with her Dutch husband, Epko, and their two small children,.

London. Africa Day. May 28, 2007
"Originally established in 1958 as African Freedom Day, Africa Day falls on 25 May each year. Inspired by the rich tapestry of colours and textures of a continent, Africa Day on Trafalgar Square is a free one-day festival celebrating the positive contributions of London’s African communities to life in the capital." London's official visitor site also has a 3 page pdf brochure.

Magical Modernities in Africa
Full text papers from the April 2001 conference at the Univ. of Wisconsin.
Contents: Magical Politics in Equatorial Africa [draft, Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon] (Florence Bernault)
On Unpacking the Occult: Why We Need to Go Back to Friuli (or Transylvania. for that matter) [Zambia] (Luise White)
Alien-Nation: Zombies, Immigrants, And Millennial Capitalism [South Africa] (Jean Comaroff)
In Adobe PDF.Pentecostalite Culture on Screen - Magic and Modernity in Ghana's New Mediascape (draft) (Birgit Meyer)

Maitres Fous
Website on filmmaker, ethnographer Jean Rouch, his interest in Africa. Biographical timeline, filmography, bibliography, film reviews, interviews, essays, photographs, glossary of "Rouchian" terms, related web sites. Maintained by Jamie Stockholm-Berthe.

Links to sites about the board game called mancala, oware, bao, wari, etc.

Maryam Garba International
Fashions by a Nigerian designer, Stanford graduate. Will also do custom design. Has a blog.

Mbira Music Page of Solomon Murungu
Extensive information provided by Mr. Murungu and others? on mbira music. Includes biographies and discographies for musicians such as Thomas Mapfumo, information on Shona and Ndebele religious beliefs, films on mbira music, etc.

McCall, John C., and Christey Carwile-Routon - "Other Africas. Images of Nigerian Modernity"
Online exhibit of Nigerian poster calendars, television and video movie trailers (with video / audio clips), photographs of Enugu urban scenes, a Y2K billboard, clothing motifs. Accompanies an exhibit at the University Museum of Southern Illinois University, January - April 2002. Maintained by John C. McCall, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL and Christey Carwile-Routon, doctoral student in anthropology.

Michigan State University Libraries. Comic Art Collection
Inventory of a fine collection of comics from all over the world including African comics.

Mode in Afrika
In German. African fashion events/exhibitions. Many photographs of beautiful dress designs. Links to related sites. Based in Hamburg, Germany.

Motherland Nigeria - Olubunmi O
Extensive information on Nigeria - foods recipes, dress, national anthem, languages, school life, music (with audio files), history, Nigerian humor, links to other sites. Has a Kid Zone with stories, proverbs, games, pictures, artwork, tourist attractions in Nigeria. By Olubunmi "Boomie", a Nigerian programmer analyst working in Minneapolis, MN. She grew up in Nigeria and the Midwest U.S.

Mountain Voices
A rich resource. "interviews with over 300 people who live in mountain and highland regions round the world. Their testimonies offer a personal perspective on change and development." To access the interviews, one needs to register and fill out a questionnaire. Interviews from Lesotho, Kenya, Ethiopia, gathered by the Oral Testimony Programme of the Panos Institute. Topics discussed include agriculture, community, conflict, culture, development, economics, education, employment, environment, family life, festivals, food security, forestry, gender, health, history, identity, industry, crime, land, migration, politics, spiritual beliefs, tourism, etc. [KF]

My Weku
Culture, entertainment, fashion (including 10 most influential fashion blogs), videos, current news.

Newark Museum - Power Dressing: Men's Fashion and Prestige in Africa, October 19 - January 22, 2006
Exhibit which "brings together fifty spectacular examples of male attire from across the continent, from Morocco to South Africa, representing over a century of fashion."

Nigerian Fabrics and Fashions
One can purchase styles for men and women including wedding outfits.Based in Brooklyn, New York; owned by Jonathan Adewumi and Gboyega Adewumi.

Nigerian Yoruba Naming Ceremony in the Washington, D.C. Area
From the Smithsonian Institution's African Immigrant Folklife Study Project. Includes Yoruba names and their meanings, Nigerian recipes, etc.

Nomad Foundation
"Dedicated to the preservation of cultural and artistic traditions" of nomadic people (Tuareg, Woodabe) in Niger. "Our goal to preserve artistic traditions focuses on the arts produced by women's co-operatives and music." Projects provide water wells, schools, microfinance, health, cultural preservation (sells a cd of the music of Tuareg musicians, Tidawt.) Video on the projects. [KF]

Northern Mandaras
Site for ethnographers, on the northern Mandara mountains of North Cameroon and North East Nigeria. Has a bibliography on the ethnography of the Northern Mandaras which includes journal articles and Ph.D. theses, a detailed list (with literature sources) and map of the ethnic units and sub-units, a bibliography, research issues, and photographs. Site based in London. [KF]

Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa, OCPA
NGO, created, in 2002, as a partnership of the African Union, UNESCO, and Ford Foundation. Monitors cultural trends and national cultural policies and enhances their integration in development. Has the full text of their newsletter, OCPA News, meeting reports, documents (such as - Language Policies in Africa [1997] (121 p. in PDF), South Africa's White Paper on Arts, Culture and Heritage 1996 (MS Word doc), the African Renaissance, South Africa and the World, by Thabo Mbeki). National cultural policies, and working papers, etc. Full text issues of their cultural newsletter, OCPA News. Based in Maputo, Mozambique. [KF]

The Other Africa / L'Autre Afrique
In French and English. "a new vision of the African continent far from the usual afro-pessimism of the Western Media" The African Middle Class, African Lights (cityscapes at night) and African DJs (portraits of African radio DJs. Covers Cameroon, Cape Verde, Gabon, Mauritania, Sao Tome, Senegal. Maintained by Philippe Sibelly (from Marseille, now based in London). or

Oware! National Game of Africa
Software program and 200 page book (history, cultural significance), to play oware (wari), a game popular in West Africa. For adults and children grade 4 and higher. Requires an IBM compatible computer. From Sapient Software based in Bolinas, Calif..

The Paideia Project On-line
Proceedings of the 20th World Congress of Philosophy, Boston, Massachusetts, 1998. Includes full text papers on Philosophy in Africa (Polygyny in Africa: A Male's Post-Original Sin or Rejection of the Primeval Monogyny and Affirmation of Sexual Inequality, by Zekeh S. Gbotokuma, Das Projekt einer globalen Ethik und die afrikanische Philosophie, by Anke Graness, The Meditations of Zara Yaquob, by Teodoros Kiros, Ubuntu: An African Assessment of the Religious Other, by Dirk J. Louw, and Who Counts as a Sage? Problems in the Further Implementation of Sage Philosophy [H. Odera Oruka], by Gail Presbey.)

Pan African Cultural Festival, 2nd, Algiers, Algeria, July 5-20, 2009

Pan-African Singles
" online community for Africans, both in Africa and throughout the Diaspora. It was started in the United States on December 1, 2004 with the goal of promoting African-centered love and friendship." Requires registration which is free. http://

Philosophia Africana (Chicago)
"Africans and Blacks have always had their own philosophical perspectives on the world. But only in the last two decades have these perspectives coalesced into a full-fledged movement: Africana Philosophy." Edited by Dr. Emmanuel Eze, DePaul University. Formerly called, African Philosophy. Libraries pay $150 p.a.

Pombe. Alcoholic Beverages in East Africa, 1850-1998
" of social and economic change in East Africa through the lens of alcohol." Making beer, selling it, taxing it, controlling it, beer wars, etc. A research project of the African Studies Centre, Cambridge University.

Quest, an African Journal of Philosophy (Leiden, Netherlands)
Site for the print journal. Full text articles are online. Quest was founded in 1987 at the Department of Philosophy, University of Zambia.

Radio Africa No. 1
Site of an FM Paris radio station. Lists some events in Africa and France. One can sent email to selected entertainment/arts figures and political figures.

Recipes / Foods
Listed on a separate page.

Revue Noire, African Contemporary Art (Paris)
Online site of the magazine. The table of contents of the magazine, in English or French, with a small sample of articles. Each issue focuses on art, photography, cinema, dance, theatre, or a geographic area.

Roy, Christopher - Videos
Thirteen videos (in Quicktime) of women in the market place, pounding millet, braiding hair, getting water from a town well, Mopti blacksmiths, boys playing with an innertube, Bobo and Bwa mask dances (Burkina Faso), etc. To hear the audio, requires a sound card and speakers / or headset. Christopher Roy is Professor of Art & Art History, University of Iowa. [KF]

Rumba-Kali Home of African Hip Hop
Covers hip hop groups from Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Zaire, Zimbabwe. Has examples of  South African graffiti. Site by Rahh Records of Leiden, Holland.

San Francisco Bay Area Organizations

  • Arts Africains - Owner Aicha Gomet sells crafts, mudcloth, drums, etc. Clothing sales only from Newark visits. Based in Newark, California.
  • KALW, 91.7 FM Radio - Thursday, 9 pm features "Kumpo Beat" ("For three hours every week, Henri-Pierre Koubaka hosts this program of African music, philosophy, and folk culture.")
  • Bissap Baobab - San Francisco restaurant connected with Little Baobab nightclub.
  • Chiefo's Kitchen - San Francisco West African cuisine catering. "We practice fair trade and support cooperatives in the villages where our products are grown, with an emphasis on woman-based small businesses"
  • KPFA 94.1 FM Radio - Africa Today with Walter Turner, Mondays from 7-8 pm. "A weekly half hour news program providing information and analysis about Africa and the African Diaspora. Africa Today seeks to update listeners on contemporary developments in Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and the United States. The program utilizes an interview and discussion format to explore political, social, economic, and cultural themes relative to the African experience."
  • Oriki Theater - Founded 1922, offers programs in dance, drama, music, poetry, chants, folk stories and the drum. Sponsors an annual African film festival. Based in Mountain View, California.
  • Scintilla Productions - Elouise Burrell, vocalist, dancer, percussionist. Based in Oakland, California.
  • Silicon Valley East African Diaspora Project - To support and bring visibility to Eritrean, Ethiopian, Kenyan, Somali, South Sudanese and Sudanese immigrant families in Silicon Valley. Has a photo-exhibit and digitized narratives, a newsletter, film screeings, tea ceremonies, etc. The Project Director is Dr. Ruth P. Wilson, Professor of African American Studies, California State University, San Jose,
  • Tropical Paradise Restaurant - Berkeley, California.

Schmidt, Nancy - "Africana Resources for Undergraduates: A Bibliographic Essay
An annotated guide by Dr. Schmidt (former Africana Librarian, Indiana University) to print and electronic database resources. In Phyllis M. Martin and Patrick O'Meara (eds.), Africa. Third edition. ( Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1995, pp. 413-434.)  " The author would like to point out that this essay, published in 1995 and written a year before, does not reflect some more recent publications and web resources."

Sierra Leone Web
Has over 400 Krio proverbs, Krio stories, lorry slogans, a directory of current Sierra Leone newspapers, radio and TV stations, a list of historical newspapers, and more. Pages by Peter Andersen.

Silverman, Raymond A. - Ethiopia: Traditions of Creativity. 1998
Autobiographies of artists, photographs of their art work (jewelry, baskety, paintings, pottery, sorghum models, woodwork, textiles), bibliographies. The site, by Prof. Silverman, is based on an art exhibit for the 12th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies, 1994. Has links to Ethiopian art, food, literature, language, and other sites.

Sister Sister African Hair Braiding Salon
"Adji and fatim From Senegal opened Sister-Sister African Hair Braiding and Weaving Salon in Houston Texas in December of 1997." Salon owners are Adji Marre and Fatim Marre.

Smithsonian Institution, National Anthropological Archives
Has a guide to the collections (includes fieldnotes, manuscripts recordings, photographs), with brief descriptions of collections such as the Aidan William Southall and Marshall Barron Clinard Material Relating to Nutrition and Crime in Kampala, Uganda; Peace Corps Volunteers Papers, etc. There is a guide to their film archives and links to other ethnographic archives.

Smithsonian Institution. National Museum of African Art
The Museum site provides a calendar of events, the Eliot Elisofon Photographic Archives, annotated color photos from their exhibits accessed through a clickable map of the museum, descriptions of museum programs, staff list, the library.
Features "Modern African Art: a Basic Reading List" by Janet L. Stanley. This is an internet version (with extensive annotations) of a bibliography originally compiled in 1990 and is being updated continually.
The National Museum of African Art Library site provides links to African art related resources. Their catalog, SIRIS is a great resource; search the Smithsonian Libraries and their Archives & Manuscripts catalogs.   Unlike most library catalogs, they includes citations to journal articles. Accessing their catalog thru - TN3270 or telnet is possible (To exit type: stop) but not as easy as using the web interface.

Sowunmi, Olumide - Invisible Mask
"In my thesis the focus is on masks of West African origin, and further exploration of the masking tradition in African culture. The objective is to view the masquerade from a postmodern perspective, and incorporate modern computer technology in preserving this ancient art form." Sowunmi uses the computer as a "medium of artistic expression, through three dimensional modeling and animation." [KF]

Stanford Summer Theatre 2007 - Africa on Stage: Let us tell you a story
Plays presented - Tings Dey Happen, Les Blancs, Farewell to a Cannibal Rage, Oda Oak Oracle. Casts. With a film series hosted by Prof. David Anthony (Univ. of California, Santa Cruz). Sponsored by Stanford University's Departments of Drama and Continuing Studies. Artistic Director is Rush Rehm. Producer is Amanda Gelender.

The Sukuma Museum (Mwanza, Tanzania)
Describes the revival of Sukuma traditional arts and culture taking place among traditional doctors, chiefs, artists, and dancers. Covers history, politics, and religion in Usukuma, Sukuma dancing, dance societies and ties to Denmark, healing practices, chiefs and royal history, a history and tour of the Sukuma Museum. Has many photographs including historical photos. By Mark and Aimee Bessire. M. Bessire was a Fulbright Fellow and Consusltant to the Museum.

Swaziland National Trust Commission
"...the parastatal organisation responsible for the conservation of nature and the cultural heritage of the Kingdom of Swaziland." On biodiversity, nature reserves, the programmes operated by the organisation, and legislation on conservation. Mantenga Nature Reserve, the National Museum, Swazi culture including kingship, archeology including rock paintings, Swazi history with a bibliography, biography of King Sobhuza II, King Sobuza II Memorial Park, tourism, a over all bibliography, etc. [KF]

Tamarin - Art and Africa On Line
Site, in French and English, of Tamarin Art Inc. Long Beach, New York. Interesting examples of popular culture in Africa.  Exhibits include:

  • Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria.
  • Kings of Africa - Photographs of reigning African traditional rulers by Daniel Lain?, with biographies for each ruler. From the book by Lain?, Rois d'Afrique (Paris: Arthaud, 1991, 156 p.).
  • Fode Camara - Senegalese contemporary painter
  • Gallery - a selection of African art and ethnographic objects

Tambo Tambulani Tambo
In English, Portuguese, Danish. "founded in 1995 in Pemba, Northern Mozambique to promote art and culture" Stages productions of drama, music, dance where traditional art expressions and culture are incorporated into modern settings and preserved for the future. Tambo International Art Camp and Festival - Celebrating Cultural Diversity - brings artists together from different cultural backgrounds to promote their different cultural heritages to communities, inspiring each other..." Video clips.

[Tempels] Placide Tempels
In French and some in English. Documents on the life and work of Tempels, author if "Bantu Philosophy" (1945). Contains "an exhaustive bibliography of Tempels's own publications, and secondly a bibliography of publications on Tempels and on Bantu Philosophy," full text papers on ethnographic issues in the Belgian Congo, on African philosophy, full-text papers on Tempels and on Bantu Philosophy by others. Most documents are prepared by Prof. Dr. A.J. Smet (Passionist Fathers), Professor Emeritus of the Facultés Catholiques de Kinshasa. "Ce site web est une projet de Dr. Michael Meeuwis de l'Université d'Anvers en Belgique."
"...supports tribal survival, the defense of human rights and cultural autonomy of indigenous people" Has "photographers...who want to offer their work in support of tribal survival. Reproduction of our images is available - at a minimal charge - to all those whose intent is to present positive support for cultural survival." Photos are from Ethiopia, Namibia, Niger, the Sahel. Photographers include John Watson. Has a list of "culturally sensitive tours."

Tribe - Discussion on usage of the word
Talking About "Tribe": Moving from Stereotypes to Analysis:8 page background paper 010 (November 1997) from the Africa Policy Information Center (Washington, D.C.). Topics include Zambia, Hutu, Tutsi, Zulu identity, the Yoruba people.
If It's Africa, It Must be a Tribe: Article published February 1, 1995 by Africa News Service.
See also:

T-Shirt Travels
"T-Shirt Travels takes us on to our local charity bin to the remote fishing villages in Southern Africa to introduce us to a people desperate to do anything to make ends meet. Focusing on Zambia, this journey investigates the second hand clothes business and seeks to understand the growing inequalities that exist between the first and third world." Has Suggested Readings, distribution sources, related web sites.

University of Virginia. Cape Coast Archive
Photographs of Ghana. Includes downtown Cape Coast, Cape Coast Castle, Elmina Castle, Asafo Shrine-Elmina, Kakum National Park, Government House 1998, architectural drawings 1999, local street signs / billboards 1999, historic photos of jails, churches, government buildings, children, Panafest 1999, boat building, Ko-sa Beach Resort, two early maps." For the Panoramic Images - Click on the far right symbol, place the cursor on the photo and hold the mouse button down to see a panorama of each photo. "a collaborative effort by the University of Virginia Library, the United States branch of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), and Ghanaian institutions to document the unique cultural landscape of the Cape Coast,..." [KF]

Urhobo Waado, Urhobo Historical Society
The Society formed in 1999 proverbs in pidgin (youth affairs), names and naming practices, short stories, a series of lectures honoring Mukoro Mowoe by Professor Peter P. Ekeh, Professor Obaro Ikime, and others. Has links to other Urhobo organizations and to sites about writer, Ben Okri. [KF]

van Binsbergen, Wim
van Binsbergen is a Professor at Erasmus University, Rotterdam and a certified spirit medium/ diviner/ priest in the sangoma tradition of Southern Africa. He is Chair of the Theme group on globalisation, African Studies Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands. Topics and photos on urban life, traditional healing, girl's puberty rites, divination and mankala board games - in Botswana, Guinea-Bissau, Zambia. Has the full text of "Virtuality as a key concept in the study of globalisation: aspects of the symbolic transformation of contemporary Africa," "'We are in this for the money' The sangoma mediumistic cult of Southern Africa: limitations and potential of an interpretation in terms of commodification," and "Witchcraft in modern Africa as virtualised boundary conditions of the kinship order." His "Ancient Models of Thought" site covers the Black Athena debate. [KF]

Virtual Institute of Mambila Studies
The Institute "seeks to collate and connect ...researchers with an interest in the Mambila people of the Nigeria-Cameroon borderland and their neighbours..." "...research is primarily of an anthropological and linguistic nature..." The site has a Mambila Riddle Machine, an interactive introduction to Mambila riddles using QuickTime for the video portion. Has reports on David Zeitlyn's research on kinship and language and his annotated version of C. K. Meek's early ethnological work in the region, and Bruce Connell's comparative study of Mambila dialects. There is a bibliography of anthropological, linguistic, and related research on Mambila. The site has a short story by Jonathan W. Mangbon, (from Mambila L.G.A.) "Drink and the Innocent Policeman" and the History and Customs of Ntem by P. M. Kaberry and E. M. Chilver. The site was established by Zeitlyn (Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, The University of Kent,) and Connell (Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford.)

Voices From an African Village
KRPS, a non-commercial, public FM radio station licensed to Pittsburg State University, (Pittsburg, Kansas) presents a series on Life in a Tanzanian village. During August 1997 - July 1998, John Couper, who teaches communications at the university, lived in the village of Ilakala. He describes weddings, the role of music, how children live, a traditional doctor, a local market, the local economy. Includes audio clips.

Wahlman, Dr. Maude Southwell
Dr. Wahlman, the Dorothy and Dale Thompson/Missouri Endowed Professor of Global Arts, Department of Art and Art History, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, MO has a site with her syllabus, exhibits of African beadwork, African charms, African art from many areas.

West African Wisdom: Adinkra Symbols & Meanings
High quality adinkra symbols with their meanings. Larger versions of the symbols can be supplied on request. Includes adinkra Valentine cards, an annotated list of books (plus books for children) and adinkra related sites. Created by Jean MacDonald of Well-Tempered Web Design in Portland, Oregon, a volunteer to Ghana with Geekcorps.

Working Group of Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa, WIMSA
NGO working to help the San, who are "sometimes still referred to as ‘Bushmen'". Concerns the San living in Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, and Angola. Free on-line publications - intellectual property rights, education, youth, cultural rights, annual reports. Links to related sites. Based in Windhoek, Namibia.

World Festival of Black Arts and Cultures - Festival Mondial des Arts Nègres, December 10-31, 2010, Dakar, Senegal
In English, French, Portuguese. Third World Festival. The first World Festival was held in Dakar in 1966. The second Festival was held in 1977 in Nigeria. Sponsored by the African Union. History & video. Brazil is the guest of honour.