Economic history

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African Economic History
A journal published by the African Studies Program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Table of contents of some issues.

African Online Digital Library
Project of Michigan State University, IFAN, and WARC.

Not active. Discussion list on African labor history. Was moderated by Carolyn Brown, Rutgers Univ. labor historian.

Center for Research Libraries - Documents on African Political History, 1938-1970: compiled by Ruth Schachter Morgenthau
An inventory of African political party materials (1945-1963) and government documents (1938-1970). Full text, in pdf. 18 pages. "The collection, comprising 23 microfilm reels, contains core documentation and important primary resource material used as a basis for Dr. Morgenthau's prize-winning book, "Political Parties in French Speaking West Africa." (1965 winner of the Melville J. Herskovits award)." Includes trade union publications, R.D.A. publications, French policy in Africa, pan-african conferences. Covers Dahomey (Benin), Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea, Senegal, Soudan (Mali), Belgian Congo, Cameroun, Ghana, Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland, Togo, Gambia, Uganda, etc. "The newspapers and serials contained within the collection have been cataloged separately and contain a number of unique titles not previously referenced in OCLC. A listing of these titles may be found by searching the Center's catalog with the series title "Documents on African Political History." The 28 reel collection can be borrowed by CAMP members and CRL members. Non-members pay $110 for interlibrary loan.

Current Value of Old Money
"A frequent question is "how much would a specified amount of money at a certain period of time be worth today?" The sources listed below are useful in attempting to answer this question. They are not about the value of old coins and banknotes." Has links to sites for European, U.S. currencies, etc. Examples for the U.S. are the Inflation Calculator which "adjusts any given amount of money for inflation, according to the Consumer Price Index, from 1800 to 2000" or the NewsEngin's U.S. Cost-of-Living Calculator.

Economic History Society of Southern Africa
" promote the study of and interest in economic and social history". The Society holds conferences at South African universities and publishes The South African Journal of Economic History.

GATT Digital Library 1947-1994
Full text documents from the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), precursor to the World Trade Organization. "The Stanford University Libraries have embarked on a multi-year project to capture digitally a significant collection of archival material , internal documents and selected publications produced by the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and its successor organization, the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva, Switzerland."
Examples of documents:

  • 1991 Statement by H.E. Mr. E.A. Azikiwe, Ambassador, Permanent Representative Date 1991-12-20 "...Nigeria has taken supplementary measures to strengthen its domestic legislation in order to prevent and forestall illegal dumping of dangerous goods, and hazardous and toxic wastes on its territory...." 2 p. (in PDF)
  • 1986 Nigeria : Statement by Mr. M.O.K. Williams. Permanent Secretary, Fedrral Ministry of Trade. He comments on the heavy agricultural subsidization in developed economies which hurt developing countries. 4 p. (in PDF)
  • 1984 Report on the 1984 Consultation with Nigeria. 13 p. (in PDF)
  • 1965 Development Plan Study Nigeria. 189 p. (in PDF)
  • 1991 Trade policy review mechanism. Nigeria. : Report by the Secretariat. 133 p. (in PDF)
  • 1995 Trade Policy Review Mechanism Senegal. Report by the Secretariat. 118 p. (in PDF)
  • 1994 Trade Policy Review Mechanism Senegal. Report by the Government. 76 p. (in PDF)
  • 1994 Senegal strives for Economic Stability and Growth. 8 p. (in PDF)

Liberia Past and Present
Political and economic history of Liberia, including cultural affairs, from 1822 to date. Includes a chronology of Liberia's presidents with biographical information, maps, photographs (19th c. colonists), section on Liberian money with images, a bibliography. Maintained by Dr. Fred Van Der Kraaij whose dissertation was on the role of foreign investments in the development of Liberia 1900-1977, published as "The open door policy of Liberia : an economic history of modern Liberia ." (1983). [KF]

Lydon, Ghislaine E.
Associate Professor, History, UCLA. Links to full text articles and book chapters. Examples: Paper Economy of Faith without Faith in Paper: A Reflection on Islamic Institutional History." and "Contracting Caravans: Partnership and Profit in Nineteenth-Century Trans-Saharan Trade."

Prestholdt, Jeremy G. - " As Artistry Permits and Custom May Ordain": The Social Fabric of Material Consumption in the Swahili World, circa 1450-1600
56 pages. In Adobe pdf. PAS Working Paper No. 3 (1998). How pre-colonial East African consumerism shaped global relationships from Bombay to Boston. [KF]

Review of African Political Economy
Table of contents for the 1996 + issues.  This quarterly attempts to "provide radical analysis and commentary on trends and issues in Africa. It has paid particular attention to class and gender analysis, and to marxist interpretations of change in Africa." Published by Carfax, United Kingdom. Library subscriptions are US$420.00 per yr.
See also Review of African Political Economy. Has a Database of abstracts of all articles (find articles by country, city, etc.) and an acronym identifier.

University of London. Institute of Commonwealth Studies / Institute for the Study of the Americas. Commonwealth and Latin America. Political Archives
Catalog of political ephemera (from political parties, trade unions and pressure groups) including from African countries. See the Commonwealth Author and Title Lists. "particularly strong holdings from South Africa and from the former frontline states." Online posters (African National Congress, Zimbabwe elections). Full text pamphlets (South Africa, Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia), and a paper by Danny Millum.
See also the one day workshop on 'Political ephemera from the Commonwealth and Latin America' July 4, 2005. Program (pdf) . Abstracts (pdf).