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Advocates for Human Rights - A House with Two Rooms: Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia Diaspora Project
Published by DRI Press, St. Paul, Minnesota. Full text of the report is online. "At the request of the Liberian Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC), The Advocates for Human Rights coordinated the work of the TRC in the diaspora, including the U.S. , U.K., and the Buduburam Refugee Settlement in Ghana. A House with Two Rooms, the final report of the Liberia TRC Diaspora Project documents the experience of human rights abuses and humanitarian law violations that forced Liberians to leave the country." The AHR is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Africa Faith and Justice Network (Washington, D.C.)
"...a community of advocates for responsible U.S. relations with Africa. AFJN stresses issues of peacebuilding, human rights and social justice that tie directly into Catholic social teaching. AFJN works closely with Catholic missionary congregations...".

Africa Files
Reprints articles (on AIDS, ecology, gender, NEPAD, youth, human rights, etc.) from the web such as Inter Press Service and stories plus original in-depth articles by its editors and others. . "a network of people committed to Africa through its promotion of human rights, economic justice, African perspectives and alternative analyses." The volunteer network included members of the former "Toronto Committee for the Liberation of Southern Africa (TCLSAC) which,... published the Southern Africa Report (SAR)." Based in Toronto, Canada. [KF]

Africa Fund (New York)
Closed to join Africa Action. "Founded in 1966 by the American Committee on Africa, the Africa Fund works for a positive U.S. policy towards Africa and supports human rights, democracy and development." Has press releases.

Africa Portal 
Policy research on Africa. Has a Digital Library and Experts Directory. Maintained by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI, Waterloo, Canada) and the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA, Johannesburg). [KF]

Africa Update, Quarterly Newsletter of the Central Connecticut State University African Studies Program, Fall 2002, Vol. 9, Issue 4
Has articles on Reparations, Human Rights, Apartheid and Reparations, and an Address on Reparations by Attorney Ed Fagan.

African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies
A pan-African, independent international NGO established in 1989 to support the OAU African Charter on Human and People's Rights. Has full text documents, publishes the African Human Rights Newsletter, civic education posters, reports, etc. Based in The Gambia.

African Child Policy Forum (ACPF)
"an independent, not-for-profit, pan-African institution of policy research... on the African child." Has a Data and Statistics section, a Directory of Child Rights Organizations.  Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia [KF]

African Commission on Human & Peoples' Rights (Banjul, The Gambia)
In English and French. Established by the former Organization of African Unity. "is charged with ensuring the promotion and protection of Human and Peoples' Rights throughout the African Continent." Has country reports, a directory of NGOs with observer status, final communiques of the Commission, mission reports, sections on women, prisons, refugees, death penalty, the full text of legal documents, etc.

African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights
A continental court originally established by the Organization of African Unity. "As at July 2017, only eight (8) of the thirty (30) States Parties to the Protocol had made the declaration recognizing the competence of the Court to receive cases from NGOs and individuals." Has case summaries and judgments, information on the Judges, activity reports. Has internships - " Priority given to the citizens of the Member States of the African Union." Based in Arusha, Tanzania.

African Democracy Forum
"...regional network of democracy, human rights, and governance organizations." "launched in Abuja, Nigeria, in October 2000." Directory of member NGOs, free e-newsletter. Web site based at Kabissa, in Washington, D.C. [KF]

African Human Rights Resource Center
A joint project of the Makerere Human Rights and Peace Center and the Univ. of Minnesota Human Rights Center. Includes the full text of the OAU African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights (OAU, 1981) and of the U.N. Convention Governing the Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa, a bibliography of books and journal articles, numerous cases of human rights violations brought before the Human Rights Committee, the full text of a report on African human rights NGOs reflecting the situation between November 1993 and March 1994, documents on children, refugees, inter-African relations, academic freedom, intellectual freedom.

African Human Security Initiative
One-year project for seven established African Non-Governmental Organisations "to embark upon a process of benchmarking the performance of key African governments in respect of human security issues, measured against the commitments taken at the level at OAU/AU heads of state meetings." The eight countries being evaluated are Algeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Uganda. Full text Project and Background Papers. Country Reviews. Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

African Immigrant and Refugee Foundation
Offers counseling and survival skills. Offices in Washington, D.C. and Silver Spring, Maryland.

African Immigrant and Refugee Resource Center
"...aims to successfully resettle and integrate African and non-African refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers and low-income people" ... "by providing comprehensive services like cultural orientation, counseling, crisis intervention, English language skills, citizenship, translation, immigration, and legal aid and referral services." Based in San Francisco, Calif.

African-Rapport, Human Rights for African LGBT People
" organization advocating for the civil, human and sexual rights of the african LGBT community." News, petitions, events, reports.

African Studies Quarterly (University of Florida, Gainesville)
Vol. 2, No. 3 is a special issue on "Human  Rights and Governance in Africa."

American Association for the Advancement of  Science.  Directory of Human Rights Resources on the Internet

American Refugee Committee
Programs in Liberia, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda.

African Refugees - Ukraine

  • Howard University. Center for African Studies. Experiences of Africans Escaping Ukraine, April 20, 2022
    • A Conversation with Activists in Poland
    • "Activists in Poland will speak about their experiences and the experiences of Africans and other people of color, whom they have helped, who had escaped the Russian invasion of Ukraine."
    • Webinar with Dr. Tade Daniel Omotosho, Chairman, Nigerians in Diaspora Organization in Poland
    • Dr. Margaret Ohia-Nowak, a Polish-Nigerian anti-racism consultant
    • Mr. James Omolo, founder of Africa Connect Foundation
  • Alliance for Black Justice in Poland
    In Polish.

  • Fundraiser for Black and Brown Refugees from Ukraine
    Allied with the Alliance for Black Justice in Poland.

  • African Union.
    Statement of the African Union on the reported ill treatment of Africans trying to leave Ukraine
    February 28, 2022

  • #AfricansInUkraine
  • Black Women for Black Lives
    Tokunbo Koiki, Patricia Daley and Korrine Sky, previously strangers, connected on Twitter and created a network to aid the African students and families stranded in Ukraine.

  • Nigerians in Diaspora Organization in Poland, NIDOP
  • Non-profit. "We advocate for equal rights and against institutional and systemic racism." Established in 2001 and registered in Poland 2021. The Chairman is Dr. Tade Daniel Omotosho who was on the April 20, 2022 Howard University panel on African refugees from Ukraine. Based in Warsaw.

Podcast about queer Africans living, thriving on the African continent and in the diaspora. Produced by Selly Thiam. AfroQueer is supported by The Wellspring Philanthropic fund and The Ford Foundation.

Amnesty International
Select a country to see all Annual Report entries and other reports by country.
Amnesty International - USA also has a web site; use the Search to retrieve press releases on Kenya.

Anti-Slavery Society (London)
Works to oppose "slavery and the buying and selling of people as objects; trafficking of women and the predicament of migrant workers who are trapped into servitude; debt bondage .....; forced labour; forced prostitution; abusive forms of child labour; and early or forced marriage..." Reports on trafficking of children in West Africa. Their 1998 Antislavery Award went to Prof. Cheikh Saad Bouh Kamara from Mauritania. Publishes a quarterly, Anti-Slavery Reporter. [KF]

Anti-Slavery International - Action on Cocoa
About forced labour in the production of chocolate in West Africa, including Côte d'Ivoire. [KF]

Article 19, the International Centre Against Censorship (London)
" international human rights organization which promotes freedom of expression and fights censorship all over the world. We take our name from Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights." The Centre does extensive work on African media freedom issues. Lists their publications. [KF]
Helps individuals win asylum. Has the legal requirements for asylum in countries around the world and full text documents to aid in seeking asylum. Example: Democratic Republic of Congo Assessment. Version 4 September 1999" prepared by the U. K. Immigration & Nationality Directorate, Home Office, Country Information and Policy Unit. 35 pages. Includes a history since independence, a detailed account of the human rights situation, a list of prominent people, a chronology (1885 to August 1999), a "glossary" of important organizations and terms, address directory of asylum related, organizations, reasons for granting asylum, etc. [KF]

Association of Concerned Africa Scholars
ACAS is an organization of scholars concerned with the policies of the U.S. govt. towards Africa, developing action networks with African scholars, and mobilizing support in the U.S. on issues related to Africa. Their web site includes addresses for key Senate and House members and information on Ken Saro-Wiwa. - United Nations Human Rights Treaties
Concerns the human rights treaty system which encompasses six major treaties, which countries adhere to the treaties, their compliance. Has a section "How To Complain About Human Rights Treaty Violations." was created through the financial support of the Ford Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
The six treaties are:

  • the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination
  • the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (CCPR)
  • the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
  • the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
  • the Convention Against Torture
  • the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Behind the Mask Facebook Page
On Lesbian and Gay issues. News, petitions, etc.. Based in South Africa.

BMC International Health and Human Rights (London)
Peer-reviewed online journal. Original research articles on health care in developing and transitional countries, and on health and human rights. Free articles include - Policy mapping for establishing a national emergency health policy for Nigeria, Paediatric referrals in rural Tanzania: the Kilombero District Study – a case series, High-tech and low-tech orthopaedic surgery in Sub-Saharan Africa, Evaluating Niger's experience in strengthening supervision, improving availability of child survival drugs..., Cross-sectional study of morbidity, morbidity-associated factors and cost of treatment in Ngaoundere, Cameroon..., A step too far? Making health equity interventions in Namibia more sufficient, Health and economic impact of HIV/AIDS on South African households: a cohort study, Survey of the knowledge, attitude and practice of Nigerian surgery trainees to HIV-infected persons and AIDS patients, Research that influences policy and practice – characteristics of operational research to improve malaria control in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. Published by BioMed Central Ltd., London. (ISSN 1472-698X) is indexed/tracked/covered by PubMed.

Child Rights Information Network, CRIN
Has databases of child rights organizations working in each African country. Find full text reports, articles by country, keyword, and topic, such as Child Protection in Darfur (paper details pressing protection issues such as gender-based violence against girls, and includes recommendations for action to the government of Sudan and donor agencies and NGOs). News, Events, use the Search to find information on child soldiers and child victims of armed conflict; trafficking; sexual exploitation and abuse, including prostitution, paedophilia and incest; educational access, especially for girls; street children; HIV/AIDS. Based in London, U.K.

Child Soldiers
Coalition to  Stop the Use of Child Soldiers. Has Reports on child soldiers. Find reports by region. the full text of related treaties and resolutions, links to organizations working on the problem, questions and answers, a bibliography, conferences. Based in Châtelaine, Switzerland.
War Child "War Child International is a network of independent organisations, working across the world to help children affected by war." Has reports on Child Soldiers.

Children's Legal Centre. Children and Armed Conflict Unit(Essex, U.K.)
Has links to sites on Africa and on education, girls, landmines, child soldiers, food security, health, refugees, etc. Established by the Children's Legal Centre, an independent NGO, and the Human Rights Centre, University of Essex to carry on the work of Graca Machel, former UN expert on the impact of armed conflict on children. Site has a Minority Rights Group report, "Armed Conflict and Minority and Indigeneous Children in the Horn and Great Lakes Region of AfricaReport of an International Workshop.  23-24 April 1998, Kampala, Uganda."  [KF] http//

Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI)
Based in Bergen, Norway, independent social science research institute working on issues of development and human rights in developing countries. Has an extensive publications list. Based in Bergen, Norway.

CNN African Journalist of the Year Award 2001
CNN African Journalist of the Year Award 1999

Coalition Against Slavery in Mauritania And Sudan, Inc. (CASMAS)
Site has closed. A New York based organization to "fight for the eradication of the chattel enslavement of black Africans."  Has articles, their newsletter, information on the film, "Mauritania and the African SlaveTrade: 1996. A Documentary", and links to related organizations.

Coalition for an Effective African Court on Human and Peoples Rights
A network of NGOs and independent national human rights institutions established 2003 to advocate for a fair, effective and independent African Court on Human and People's Rights (to be based in Arusha, Tanzania). Has an e-bulletin, full text papers. Offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and Lagos, Nigeria. [KF]

Committee to Protect Journalists
Based in New York city, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization which does not accept govt. funding. Has for Africa, extensive news, country reports, feature articles, and a searchable Press Freedom database of attacks on the press in Africa and elsewhere. See the Site Map.

Council for Assisting Refugee Academics (London)
"Applicants must satisfy the following: have been employed as a University Teacher or Researcher in their home country been offered facilities or a place in a university department..... be a refugee or have applied for asylum in the U.K."

Daily Maverick - Progress and setbacks on LGBT rights in Africa — an overview of the last year
By Graeme Reid. 22 Jun 2022. Graeme Reid is the LGBT rights director at Human Rights Watch.

Danish Institute for Human Rights (Copenhagen)
Has partnerships in Africa, a list of their publications (mainly in Danish), etc.

Derechos Human Rights (Oakland, California)
Extensive directory of resources on African countries. Hosts several human rights discussion lists, publishes Ko'aga Roñe'eta, an online journal of human rights, a newsletter Without Impunity." " with national and international human rights organizations and activists all over the world, though our current focus is Latin America."

Derechos Human Rights- Kenya
Reports on the current situation in Kenya with many links to information on human rights. Page by Margarita and Mike Lacabe.

Diallo, Amadou - Wikipedia Article
Amadou Diallo was a 22 year old immigrant from Guinea who was killed (while unarmed and holding his wallet) Feb. 1999 when four plain clothes New York city police officers fired 41 bullets at him while he was standing in the doorway of his apartment building. On Jan. 7, 2004, the New York Times reported, in an article by Alan Feuer that "New York Settles Lawsuit With Diallo Family for $3 Million." 'The City of New York today settled the civil suit involving the unfortunate death of Amadou Diallo, and has agreed to pay his family $3 million,' Michael A. Cardozo, the city's corporation counsel, said in a prepared statement." [KF]

DITSHWANELO - The Botswana Centre for Human Rights 
"...locally based advocacy organisation,...founded in 1993.....seeks to educate, research, counsel and mediate on human rights issues, with particular reference to people who are marginalised and disempowered." Concerned with Indigenous Peoples/The Basarwa (San), death penalty, HIV / AIDS, domestic workers, legal aid, refugees, Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals of Botswana. Based in Gaborone, Botswana.

Doctors Without Borders/Medecins sans frontieres/MSF
A private, non-profit, international organization which provides medical aid to populations in crisis worldwide. Carries information on the situation in Zaire, Rwanda.
International Office:
U.S. Office:
They have a mailing list. To receive their material, send e-mail to:
In the Subject area, put: English
If you want to receive material in English. [Put French in the Subject area to receive material in French.] In the message area put your e-mail address and name. Among African countries covered are Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Zaire.

Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres. Visit a Refugee Camp
"Learn about the basic needs in a refugee camp: Shelter, food, water, sanitation, and health care. Hear the personal stories of refugees and relief workers. Find out how 39 million people are forced to live today." Has a segment on landmines, extensive curriculum guides on refugee issues and famine for teachers, printable posters. From Doctors without Borders (winners of the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize.)

East African Journal of Human Rights and Democracy (Nairobi)
Published by the East African Human Rights Institute, an independent Non Governmental Organization. A few issues at Hein Online.

Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Rights
In English and Tigrigna. "a non-violent an[d] autonomous, non-for-profit, civic movement that strives for the promotion of human and democratic rights in Eritrea. EMDHR is voluntarily founded in December 2003 by a group of Eritrean students and exiles in the Republic of South Africa." Press releases, reports. Based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission
"an independent federal state body established as per the Federal Constitution and reporting to House of People’s Representatives" Has full text reports online. Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Assists non-profits and NGOs - produces learning materials, designs and manages websites, runs training courses (including on-line courses), and provides support for internet-related work. Publishes the e-newsletter, Pambazuka News, with news, commentary, analysis on human rights and development in Africa. Full text books on-line. Community Based Organisations: the Emerging Force Within the Third Sector (2004, 136 p. in PDF) on the human rights capacity of Southern African organisations.Based in Oxford, U.K. [KF]

Fédération internationale des ligues des droits de l'Homme, FIDH
In French, a few documents in English. "La FIDH regroupe 114 associations nationales de défense des droits de l'Homme en France et à travers le monde." Section on Africa, directory of African human rights organizations. Publishes La Lettre de la FIDH / FIDH Newsletter. Based in Paris, France. [KF]

File Room Censorship
Small number of older censorship cases re Africa from the 1970s to early 1990s.

Forced Migration Review (Oxford, U.K.)
In English, Spanish, Arabic. Journal of the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford. Produced in collaboration with the Global IDP Project of the Norwegian Refugee Council. Full text articles online include - women in Rwanda, Horn of Africa conflict warning, the UNHCR in Guinea, urban refugees in Tanzania. [KF]

Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (Kampala, Uganda)
" independent, non-profit organisation committed to the protection and promotion of human rights and democracy in Uganda." Has their programs, background on human rights in Uganda, publications, etc.

Freedom  Forum
"A nonpartisan, international foundation dedicated to free press, free speech" based in Arlington, Virginia with an African Center in Johannesburg. Full text - Press, Power & Politics, Africa Media Forum (in PDF); Media at the Millennium: 1999 African Media Forum (12 p. in PDF).

Freedom House
Full text reports - Freedom in Sub-Saharan Africa (2006, 15 p. in PDF. "This series of charts and graphs track freedom's trajectory in Sub-Saharan Africa over the past thirty years.") Freedom in the World annual reports. Freedom of the Press annual reports. Based in Washington, D.C.

Freedom in Speech - Kenya
Issues affecting the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community in Kenya and the Kenyan diaspora. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Global Initiative to Enfranchise People with Disabilities
Site produced by International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES), based in Washington, D.C. Includes Laws and Regulations - lists, by country, election laws, constitutions and related regulations and how these laws impact upon citizens with disabilities. Best Practices shows posters, t-shirts depicting people with disabilities (esp. for Ghana, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Zambia). [KF]

Global Issues That Affect Everyone
"...looks into global issues....and aims to show how most issues are inter-related." Links to related articles, reports. The Conflict in Africa section compares the response to conflicts in Africa to the response on Kosovo, examines corporate interests in Nigeria and oil, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Eritrea, AIDS in Africa. Other topics: Aid is a lever to impose Structural Adjustment policies on the Third World, Myths about Aid, use of children in the military, globalization, corporations, environmental issues, population, and other issues. Maintained by Anup Shah who is based in England. [KF]

Global Rights
Non-profit which works with human rights organizations and activists in Africa. Formerly the International Human Rights Law Group. Press releases on their programs, has an email list. Its Director is Salih Booker. Based in Washington, D.C. with offices in Africa. [KF]
Has the full text of Ending Congo's Nightmare: What the U.S. Can Do to Promote Peace in Central Africa. 2003. 40 p. in PDF. Full text issues of Voices, the Global Rights Magazine. No. 4, Summer 2005 covers Burundi's land crisis (also in French). No. 3, Fall 2004 covers Sudan and Nigeria. Publications in French on the independence of the judiciary in the Congo and Justice & Elections in the Congo.

Global South
E-magazine. Full text articles online. Articles such as "Patterns of Corruption in Institutions of Higher Learning in Zimbabwe", "Same-sex Marriage is African" in Vol. 5, No. 4.

Global Youth Connect
Non-profit "devoted to inspiring, supporting, and connecting youth who are working to protect human rights around the world." Has a program in Rwanda. Hafsat Abiola was one of the founders of GYC. Based in Woodstock, New York.

Discussion list on human rights, includes "civic, political, economic and social rights as defined by international law."
To subscribe or unsubscribe to the list, send a message to:
In the message area put: subsingle (if you want to receive the list by individual messages)
or subscribe (if you want to receive the digest). The list owners (who also have a human rights web site) are: Margarita Lacabe and Mike Katz-Lacabe

Human and Constitutional Rights
Includes Bill of Rights Comparative Law Materials with constitutional law cases from around the world including Namibia, Zimbabwe in matters of land and property, citizenship, cultural communities, emergency powers, security of the person, freedom of movement, etc. Maintained by the Diamond Law Library, Columbia University Law School. Has Namibia and Zimbabwe pags.

Human Rights Education Associates
The HREA publishes the Human Rights Education Resource Book which includes a directory of human rights groups in Africa, an overview of human rights courses and training for Africa, an annotated bibliography of human rights literature and a listing of funding agencies.

Human Rights First (formery Lawyers Committee for Human Rights)
"...operates the largest and most successful pro bono asylum representation program in the country. With the assistance of volunteer attorneys, the Lawyers Committee provides legal representation, without charge, to hundreds of indigent refugees each year." Works on Darfur, child soldiers. Free e-newsletter, Rights Wire. Its Lawyer to Lawyer Network supports endangered human rights lawyers overseas. Based in New York City. [KF]

Human Rights Internet
Database of organizations, find by country, issue. Based in Ottawa, Canada.

Human Rights Server
In German, English, French. Information on the Theophilus O.Emiowele Defence Campaign, concerning a Nigerian threatened with deportation from Germany, the deportation threat to Yenga Mangbau from Congo-Kinshasa, deportation threat to Pa Haruna Sanneh from the Gambia and others. Hosts a Togo human rights page. Based in Bremen, Germany.

Human Rights Watch  (New York)
Major organization, many full text reports on Africa. Earlier World Reports (back to 1989). Examples of reports - A Media Minefield: Increased Threats to Freedom of Expression in Uganda (May 2010), Unjust and Unhealthy: HIV, TB, and Abuse in Zambian Prisons (April 2010), State of Anarchy Rebellion and Abuses against Civilians (Central African Republic, 2007), Uganda: Press Homophobia Raises Fears of Crackdown (Sept. 2006), Clinton Administration Policy and Human Rights in Africa. Has a keyword searchable database. RSS Feed for Africa News Releases:

Human Rights Watch - World Report 2011
Full text online. Reports for each African country.

Huri-laws, The Human Rights Law Service (Lagos)
"...specialist provider of human rights and public interest law services in Nigeria. An independent, non-profit service, HURILAWS advances human rights in Nigeria " Works thru legislative advocacy and legal assistance. Includes the Huri-laws Newsletter, news and legal actions regarding Nigerian journalists and human rights victims. Covers some general African human rights events.

[Ibrahim] Mo Ibrahim Foundation
In English, French, Portuguese, Kiswahili, Arabic. Issues the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, a ranking of sub-Saharan African nations according to governance quality. The first Index appeared Sept. 2000. Awards the Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership to a former African head of state "who has demonstrated excellence in African leadership." Mo Ibrahim is the Sudanese founder of Celtel International, a mobile telephone company. [KF]

IFEX, International Freedom of Expression Exchange Clearing House
Issues Actions Alerts, tracks threats to freedom of the press, radio. Use the keyword search by country to retrieve current reports about African journalists and newspapers, and media related civil liberties issues. Has past alerts from 1995 to date.

Institut für Afrika-Studien (Hamburg, Germany) - Child Soldiers
In German and English. A research institute concerned with current political, economic and social developments in sub-Saharan Africa. GIGA Working Paper series are free on-line. Has a on-line bibliography, Kindersoldaten in Afrika (Child Soldiers in Africa), in PDF.

Institute for Human Rights and Developoment in Africa / Institut pour les Droits Humains et le Développement en Afrique
In English and French. "a non-profit, non-governmental pan-African organisation...." "The Institute works to strengthen the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights with whom it has observer status." Has Internships. Based in Banjul, The Gambia.

InterAction is a coalition of over 160 US NGOs. In the Members section, search Member Profiles using keywords such as Africa to locate relevant NGOs. Search The Library for documents and press releases on current African issues. The March 11-96 issue of its Monday Developments has an article on "...can NGOs and business work together in Africa..."

Interights, International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights (London)
"Through our work we help judges, lawyers, practitioners, non- governmental organisations and victims with the practical application of international and comparative human rights law in national, regional and international courts and tribunals." Has a database of recent decisions of tribunals applying international human rights law. Copies of all decisions reported in this database are available from INTERIGHTS.

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, IDMC
Very fine site. Profiles of internally displaced persons in over twenty countries (Angola, Burundi, DRC, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda). Extensive historical background, political situation, protection issues, international response, statistics, graphs, maps, sources used with links to online sources. ). From the Norwegian Refugee Council, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

International Association for the Study of Forced Migration
Held biennial conferences up to 2005. Its January 2001 conference was at the University of Witswatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development / Rights & Democracy (Montreal)
An independent non-partisan centre established by an Act of the Parliament of Canada in 1988. Has full text reports on Malawi (Human Right to Food in Malawi, 2006, 65 p. in PDF, Somalia, Tanzania, Congo-Kinshasa, the Great Lakes Region.

International Commission of Jurists - Kenyan Section
Press statements regarding human rights issues, the African Human Rights and Access to Justice Newsletter, the full text of some reports such as "Judicial Reform And Administration Of Justice In Kenya: The Way Forward" (72 p. in Adobe pdf), the full text of Bills such as "The Access To Information Bill 2000," "The Analysis Of The Privatization Bill, 2004" and a directory of Kenya NGOs. Based in Nairobi, Kenya. [KF]

International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty. The Responsibility to Protect
Report of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty. Co-chairs were Gareth Evans and Mohamed Sahnoun. Full text. (Pub. Ottawa, Canada: IDRC, 2001. 110 p. plus cd-rom) "The report's central theme is "The Responsibility to Protect", the idea that sovereign states have a responsibility to protect their own citizens from avoidable catastrophe, but that when they are unwilling or unable to do so, that responsibility must be borne by the broader community of states." Commission was established partly in response to the genocide in Rwanda.

International Committee of the Red Cross
Reports on their African operations. Includes photographs.

International Criminal Court
"...the first ever permanent, treaty based, international criminal court established to promote the rule of law and ensure that the gravest international crimes [genocide, war crimes, etc.] do not go unpunished." Crimes committed after July 1, 2002 are liable for prosecution by the Court. Has a Newsletter. Decisions on cases. The first two cases concern the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Central African Republic, and Darfur (Sudan). Based in the Hague, Netherlands.
See also: Coalition for the International Criminal Court -"...a network of over 2,000 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) advocating for a fair, effective and independent International Criminal Court (ICC)."
Press release re arrest warrant for President of the Sudan, March 4, 2009.

International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (Arusha, Tanzania)
Official site. Biographies of judges, press releases, full text judgments, annual reports, transcripts, photographs,  U.N.Radio broadcasts (need sound card, RealPlayer), etc. This United Nations tribunal  handed down "the first-ever verdict on the crime of genocide by an international court" and imposed the "first-ever sentence for genocide."

International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies
Directory of African national societies (address, phone, fax, staff list), their work in each African country, latest news from Africa, photographs.

International Federation of Journalists (Brussels, Belgium)
Directory of journalist member associations world-wide, reports (journalists killed each year, Africa HIV/AIDS Guide, IFJ Research Findings on Reporting HIV/AIDS in six countries in Africa and Asia, Live News Africa -- A Survival Guide for Journalists - 100 p. in PDF).

International Press Institute
A "global network of journalists, editors and media executives, dedicated to freedom of the press and improving the standards and practises of journalism." Its annual World Press Freedom Review documents press freedom violations. Full text reports such as Press Freedom and Globalisation: Scandinavia and East Africa Compared (Pub. 2005).

International Rescue Committee (New York, N.Y.)
An NGO which "helps people fleeing racial, religious and ethnic persecution, as well as those uprooted by war and violence." Describes their work in Eastern Africa, the Great Lakes region, West Africa. Has the summary and full reports of its Mortality Studies. [KF]

IRIN - In-depth Reports
Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), part of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) provides in-depth reports on humanitarian issues - Angola, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Sudan, Uganda.

Journal of Humanitarian Assistance (Medford, MA)
eJournal which "promotes the exchange of new ideas, previously unpublished research, and the critical write-up of field experience by field workers and researchers in humanitarian assistance". B ased at the Feinstein International Center, Tufts University (Medford, Massachusetts). Formerly at University of Bradford, Bradford, U.K .Full text articles on Burundi, Rwanda, Congo, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe,etc.

Journalists for Human Rights, JHR / Journalistes Pour les Droits Humains, JDH
In English and French. "focuses on improving human rights reporting in [West African] countries that already have a relative degree of freedom of expression." Full text report - Election Reporting in Sierra Leone (2007 Presidential and Parliamentary elections and 2008’s local council elections). Based in Toronto, Canada. [KF]

Justice Africa
"...research institute and advocacy organisation founded in 1999 in London to campaign for human rights and social justice across Africa." The directors are Dr. Alex de Waal, Dr Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem, and Yohannes Ajawin. Full text reports on the Sudan (Darfur), HIV / AIDS, and Security. Justice Africa Sudan section. Commentary by the late Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem. Based in London.
In French and English. Africa section. Covers justice initiatives in countries dealing with violence, a media outlet of Fondation Hirondelle, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Includes interviews, podcasts.

Kabissa (London)
Site for the African non-profit sector to promote networking, coalition-building and information exchange. Has a directory of African NGOs / civil society organizations by country and type or sector. Provides African non-profits free web space, domain hosting, publications, and workshops. Has an e-mail newsletter.

KAIROS, Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives
"...unites Canadian churches and religious organizations." Advocates for social change, human rights worldwide. Use the Search from to locate programs on the African countries. Based in Toronto, Canada.

Kenya Human Rights Commission
"...a non-partisan, non-profit making, membership non-governmental organization based in Nairobi, Kenya." Describes their programmes, publications. Has some full text reports such as Challenging Conditions: Strategies Toward Reform Of The Sugar Sector. Offers internships.

Knight, Richard
Consultant on Africa, Human Rights, Economic Justice, Corporate Responsibility. Mr. Knight worked for many years at the American Committee on Africa (ACOA). The site has documents about the U.S. anti-apartheid campaign, the Western Sahara, and the debt cancellation campaign for Africa. (Harare)
Has a huge directory of NGO, human rights, civic organizations in Zimbabwe (arranged by category or name). Features a Zimbabwe activist e-project (work through e-mail and the internet.) From the NGO Network Alliance Project which "aims to improve the accessibility of human rights and civic information in Zimbabwe." [KF]


Lawyers for Human Rights
NGO begun in 1979. Offices throughout South Africa. Works on Child Rights, HIV/AIDS, Penal Reform, Strategic Litigation Unit, Southern Africa Legal Cluster Assistance Project, Refugee and Migrant Rights Project, Security of Farm Workers, Rural Justice.

Legal Resources Foundation Trust
To promote "critical legal and human rights awareness and rule of law in Kenya." Works with the UNDP, Amnesty International. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Legal Resources Foundation of Zambia
Full text of some issues of The LRF News. Articles cover prisoners' rights, homosexuality, banning of a church, defence of the accused in a coup attempt, etc. Offers legal advice for Zambians by e-mail.

Liberia Human Rights Project
Accounts of human rights abuses in Liberia (1990s to 2003) including during the Charles Taylor period. Operated by the Liberia Human Rights Project, based in Frederick, Maryland, USA.

Liga Moçambicana dos Direitos Humanos
In Portuguese. Full text documents on-line. Links to related organizations. Based in Maputo, Mozambique.

Media Institute of Southern Africa
"(MISA) is a non-governmental organisation with members in 11 of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) countries. Officially launched in September 1992, MISA focuses primarily on the need to promote free, independent and pluralistic media,..."

Minority Rights Group International (London)
Has a Horn of Africa Programme (Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda), publications, a newsletter, Outsider, with an article on the Batwa of Rwanda.

Mouvement Africain des Enfants et Jeunes Travailleurs - MAEJT
In French. International organization for child rights. Has online newsletter. Based in Dakar, Senegal.

[Namibia] - National Society for Human Rights
"...a private, non-profit, non-partisan and para-legal human rights monitoring and advocacy organization in Namibia." Founded December 1, 1989. Has press releases, full text of the Constitution, annual report summaries, projects, publications list, etc. Has an e-mail list for their press releases or read them on the Yahoo Groups web site. [KF]

National Agency for Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other Related Matters, NAPTIP
Established by the Nigerian Government 2003 to stop the trafficking in persons in Nigeria. Reports, newsletter. Based in Abuja, Nigeria. [KF]

National Endowment for Democracy - Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program
Periodically offers fellowships for "Activists, human rights advocates, lawyers, journalists, and other civil society professionals from developing and aspiring democracies throughout the world with substantial experience working to promote democracy or human rights."

Independent, non-partisan "internet monitor working at the intersection of digital rights, cyber-security and internet governance." Measures network connectivity worldwide with an emphasis on human rights. Based in London, "a privately held business owned and run by British technologist and human rights advocate Alp Toker."

Network for the Defence of Independent Media in Africa (NDIMA)
Pan-African NGO which promotes freedom of expression. Founded 1993. Their Alerts report on attacks on the African press. Operation READom makes banned works by African writers available. Has reports on the Kenya black theatre, vernacular languages in Kenya, ethnic cleansing in Kenya, Ethiopian journalists, etc. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

[OAU] First OAU Ministerial Conference on Human Rights in Africa, 12-16 April 1999
In English and French.  The "Declaration and Plan of Action," full text speeches and statements. On the site of the Mauritius, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Trade.

PADA Foundation
Dutch based non-profit African Advocacy organization."support to refugees and immigrants, mainly in areas related to their legal asylum and immigration cases both within and outside the Netherland." Especially concerned with the African diaspora from Ethiopia. Its works is based on volunteers. Located in Leiden, The Netherlands.

Pambazuka News (A weekly electronic newsletter for social justice in Africa)
The free weekly newsletter contains news and articles on human rights, conflict, health, environment, education, social welfare, and development in Africa. Issues are c. 30 pages. News is from online sources (AllAfrica, irin, etc). Articles are by human rights lawyers, activists, academics and social commentators. Past issues are on their website. Supported by Kabissa, fahamu and SANGONeT. [KF]

Pambazuka News - LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex)
Articles from various sources on events, issues affecting LGBTI human rights. Pambazuka is the weekly e-newsletter on human rights, conflict, health, environment, education, social welfare, and development in Africa.

PARDS, Political Asylum Research & Documentation Service
Assists immigration attorneys and political asylum applicants. In Princeton, New Jersey.

Partnership Africa Canada
"...created in 1986 with the support of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and Canadian and African non-governmental organizations (NGOs)." Topics include blood diamonds, the African Peer Review Mechanism, NEPAD and development. Links to African civil society organizations. Based in Ottawa, Canada.

Penal Reform International (London)
In English and  French. Discusses juvenile justice, criminal justice system, health in prisons, Gacaca (Rwanda), death penalty, community service alternatives. Has organized projects in more than 20 African countries. Full text reports, on-line films, and issues of their PRI Newsletter. [KF]

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR)
PHR "mobilizes the health professions and enlists support from the general public to protect and promote the human rights of all people." Has an AIDS campaign, Sudan / Darfur campaign. Full text reports such as Epidemic of Inequality: Women's Rights and HIV/AIDS in Botswana & Swaziland and War-related Sexual Violence in Sierra Leone. Based in Boston, Massachusetts. [KF]

The Platform : for law, justice and society (Nairobi)
Monthly magazine. Commentary, opinion pieces, essays on governance, human rights in Kenya. The Publisher is human rights lawyer Gitobu Imanyara.  [KF]  Facebook Page.

Formerly the Catholic Institute for International Relations (CIIR) until the end of 2005. Conducts development work in Somalia/Somaliland, Zimbabwe and work in human rights, peace initiatives. Full text of Further steps to democracy: The Somaliland parliamentary elections (September 2005, 32 p. in PDF). Publishes Interact magazine. Based in London.

Project Muse
Full text articles, for subscribers only, to titles such as Human Rights Quarterly, Journal of Democracy, World Politics. Search thru all journals or selected ones only. A important resource for subscribers. From Johns Hopkins University Press.

Refugees International
This organization seeks to serve as an advocate for refugees, was founded in 1979. Conducts emergency missions, is privately funded. Information on Burundi, Rwanda, food shortages in Central Africa. Includes the 1995 issues of Rwandan Repatriation Report.

Reporters sans Frontieres
RSF (based in Paris) supports freedom of the press world-wide. Very current source on press freedom violations, reports of actions against journalists in Africa. Sign protest letters sent by the organization regarding violations in African countries, among others.

Rift Valley Institute
An independent association based in Kenya and the United Kingdom, founded in 2001 to support research, publishing and educational initiatives in the African Rift Valley region: North-East Africa, the Horn, the Great Lakes, East Africa and South Central Africa. "Fellows of the Institute include academic specialists from Africa, Europe and the Americas and local and international practitioners in the fields of aid, development, environmental conservation and human rights." Links to the Sudan Open Archive. Has a Sudan Abductee Database which can be consulted in Kenya or London. [KF]

Sané, Pierre - Human Rights Activism
An interview covering Sané's background, influence of the French 1968 student uprising, work with the International Development Research Center (Canada), African reseachers' dedication, his work as Secretary General of Amnesty International, human rights in the U.S., the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa. Part of the Conversations with History series from the Univ. of California, Berkeley, Institute of International Studies. [KF]

Saro-Wiwa, Ken
Ken Saro-Wiwa, a Nigerian writer, human rights activist and leader of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, was arrested May 1994 by the Nigerian govt. On Nov. 10, 1995 Mr. Saro-Wiwa and eight co-activists were hanged by the Sani Abacha military govt.. Nigeria was suspended from membership in the Commonwealth and ambassadors from numerous countries accredited to Nigeria were recalled. For information see:

  • Greenpeace - Ken Saro-Wiwa . Press releases, news articles, reports. To access go to Google and put in the Google search box - "ken saro-wiwa"
  • Public Broadcasting Corporation - Jim Lehrer News Hour - Use the Search box to locate transcripts of broadcast stories on the Nigerian govt.'s execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight others.
  • Remember Saro-Wiwa.
  • Sierra Club - Use the Search box to locate articles. Try Saro-Wiwa.

Scholar Rescue Fund
"...provides support and safe haven to scholars around the world who are threatened as a result of their academic work." "Academics, scholars and intellectuals from any country and any discipline may apply for fellowships to support temporary visits to institutions in any safe country, in any part of the world." Part of the Institute of International Education, Washington, D.C.

Scholars at Risk Network
"...a network of universities, colleges, and research centers to serve as hosts for scholars identified by the program as needing sanctuary outside of their home region." Arranges "temporary positions as visiting professors, researchers, lecturers and fellows for scholars who [are] threatened and unable to work in their home country or region." Has the full text of "International Human Rights Norms and Democracy in Africa: Kenya and Uganda in the 1990s" by Hans Peter Schmitz (1999, 25 pages). Based at New York University, New York, N.Y. [KF]

Six Degrees (Stanford, California)
Produced by Stanford University students. The Winter 2004 issue, in PDF, has an article on Gender Inequality and Child Abuse in South Africa, by Maya Adam. Fall 2003, in PDF, has an article on Liberian refugees in the Ivory Coast, by Nicolai Lidow; an article on violence against women in Cape Verde, by Teal Pfeifer, gender based violence during political conflicts, by Lisa Ehrlich. Based in Palo Alto, California. [KF]

Smit, Pieter - Slavery on World Bank Projects in Mauritania
November 2002 report, in English and French, on present day slavery on World Bank projects. "This report tries to analise the unwanted synergy between slavery and development in Mauritania, and it formulates recommendations to change development policies in a way that development might start to actively contribute to emancipation." Includes a bibliography and a link to SOS Esclaves. Smit is a political scientist and human rights consultant.

South African Human Rights Commission (Johannesburg)
"...the national institution established to entrench constitutional democracy." Has the full text of their 1998 national action plan, outlines their complaints procedure ("The SAHRC will help you if any of your rights in the Bill Of Rights have been violated or abused.)," has a simplified version of the Bill of Rights,

South African Journal on Human Rights
Has the table of contents of the latest issue. "Published four times a year by the Centre for Applied Legal Studies, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and Juta & Co, Cape Town."

Southern Africa Litigation Center
"...provides technical and monetary support to local and regional lawyers and organizations in litigating human rights and rule of law cases". Works in  AngolaBotswanaDemocratic Republic of Congo, LesothoMalawi,MozambiqueNamibiaSwazilandZambia, and Zimbabwe. Rights for women, the LGBT community, prisoners, etc, Its Trustees include Beatrice Mtetwa. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

"...maintained by the Sierra Leone office of No Peace Without Justice, an international non-profit organisation working for accountability for violations of international humanitarian law." Has, in zip format, the indictments against Foday Saybana Sankoh, Johnny Paul Koroma, Sam Bockarie, Issa Hassan Sesay, Alex Tamba Brima, and Sam Hinga Norman for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and violations of international humanitarian law. Has Special Court documents, reports of No Peace Without Justice in Sierra Leone. Based in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Special Court for Sierra Leone
" independent treaty based institution, established by an Agreement between the United Nations and Sierra Leone." The Court tries crimes against humanity committed during the civil war. Court documents, U.N. documents, press releases, etc. Based in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Sudan. Advisory Council on Human Rights of the Government of Sudan
"...official government information on human rights in Sudan." Has the full text of an unofficial English translation of the Proposed Constitution of Sudan.

Sudan Human Rights Monitor
Published by the African Centre for Justice and Peace, a non profit, NGO based in Africa, London and New York. Monitors human rights violations in Sudan.

Sudan Human Rights Quarterly (Cairo, Egypt)
Published by the Sudan Human Rights Organization - Cairo Branch. Full text issues online.

Sudan Organisation Against Torture, SOAT
NGO established in 1993. Rehabilitates Sudanese survivors of torture; provides legal assistance to survivors and individuals threatened with inhumane and degrading punishments. Annual human rights reports, press releases, issues of SOAT Newsletter, other full text reports (reformatories, prison, female genital mutilation, Darfur, etc.), gallery. Based in London and Khartoum, Sudan. [KF]

Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation for Africa, TRREE
" and capacity building initiative on the ethics of research involving humans conducted in Africa countries." Links to country programs on ethics research and to the Harvard Global Research Ethics Map which provides country guidelines for doing research. Free on-line ethics courses. Based in Switzerland.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Has the full-text of the 5-vol. Final Report, background documents, photos of the 17 commissioners, press releases from Nov. 30, 1995 to date, wire stories from the South African Press Assoc. (SAPA) from April 22, 1996 to date. One can register to receive their updates by e-mail. Has submissions from political parties, transcripts concerning Stephen Biko, Ahmed Timol, Amy Biehl, the Mandela United Football Club, and others.  Hosted by the South Africa Dept. of Justice and Constitutional Development.

United Nations Development Programme. Human Development Report
An annual report which ranks countries by level of democratic governance, life expectancy, educational attainment, real income, gender empowerment, etc.

United Nations. High Commission for Refugees
Use the Search form to locate maps, news, statistics on refugees. See the Research / Evalutation section for the full text of laws affecting refugees such as Refugees Acts, Sexual Offences Acts, Citizenship Acts, Immigration Acts, Constitutions, Prisons Acts, Extradition Acts. Country reports from various government and NGOs, extensive country Evaluation reports. [KF]

United Nations. Human Rights Council
Documents include The Universal Periodic Review.  "(UPR) is a unique process which involves a review of the human rights records of all UN Member States. The UPR is a State-driven process, under the auspices of the Human Rights Council, which provides the opportunity for each State to declare what actions they have taken"

United States. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Sierra Leone. Political, Military, and Human Rights Chronology: 1991-1997 Pub. 1998. 55 p. In Adobe PDF. Part of the Question and Answer Series. The series provides reports on human rights conditions for asylum and immigration officers. They are prepared by the Resource Information Center, Immigration and Naturalization Service, DOJ.

United States. Departmen of State. Human Rights Reports
Covers 1999-2020. Scroll down to see each Country.

University of Michigan Law School. Refugee Caselaw Site
Has the full text (in Adobe PDF) of immigration asylum decisions worldwide (U.S., Australia, Germany, Canada, Austria). Use the Search. Select the country of origin (Angola, Ghana, Congo-Kinshasa, etc.)

University of Pennsylvania. African Studies Consortium Workshop, March 24, 2000
The theme of the 7th Workshop is "Human Rights in Africa."

University of Pretoria. Faculty of Law. Centre for Human Rights
Offers masters degrees, short courses. Publishes Human Rights Law in Africa; with an extensive online bibliography covering African countries and specific issues (Rwanda Tribunal, etc.). Has links to related sites.
Also - African Human Rights System (full text, includes regional treaties)
African Human Rights Documents (full text)
Occasional Papers (full text)
Has the full text or extracts of Constitutions for Algeria -- Angola -- Benin (French) -- Burkina Faso (French) --Cameroon --Cape Verde -- Central African Republic (French) -- Chad (French) -- Comoros (French) -- Congo (French) -- Côte d'Ivoire (French) -- Djibouti (French) -- Egypt -- Eritrea -- Ethiopia -- Gabon (French) -- Ghana -- Guinea (French) -- Kenya -- Liberia -- Libya -- Mali -- Mauritania -- Mauritius -- Morocco -- Mozambique -- Namibia -- Niger (French) -- Nigeria -- Rwanda -- Senegal -- Sierra Leone -- Tanzania -- Togo (French) -- Uganda -- Zimbabwe.
Publishes African Human Rights Law Journal and the African Human Rights Law Reports.

Voice of Witness
"...a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit book series.....Using oral history as a foundation, the series depicts human rights crises around the world through the stories of the men and women who experience them." Published books on Zimbabwe and the Sudan. Based in San Francisco, California.

Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict
"...a network of local, regional and international non-governmental organizations working to protect the security and rights of children in armed conflicts." Has Country Reports on Angola, Burundi, DR-Congo, Liberia, and Sudan. The 6-member steering committee includes CARE, and World Vision. Based in New York city. [KF]

West African Journalists Association
"...a regional grouping of journalists associations and unions in the West African sub-region. It has 16 member unions in the 16 ECOWAS countries."

Whetten, Kathryn, et al. - A Comparison of the Wellbeing of Orphans and Abandoned Children Ages 6–12 in Institutional and Community-Based Care Settings in 5 Less Wealthy Nations
Article in PLoS One. "This analysis tests the hypothesis that institutional care for [orphans] OAC aged 6–12 is associated with worse health and wellbeing than community residential care using conservative two-tail tests" Study done in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania.

Witness (New York, NY)
"...strengthens local activists by giving them video cameras and field training" to expose human rights abuses. A non-profit, NGO founded by Peter Gabriel, the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights and the Reebok Foundation. Order videos from the Witness archive of "first-hand testimonies, interviews and imagery about rights violations and conflict sites around the world" or from the Store. Offers tips / techniques about video and on creating videos.

Women and Men of Zimbabwe Arise, WOZA
"Now with a countrywide membership of over 35,000 women and men, WOZA was formed in 2003 as a women’s civic movement." Campaigns, arrest reports, press releases, testimonies of police brutalities. Based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. [KF]

Full text documents such as the 1994 African Platform for Action, Dakar, information on South African organizations, submissions to South African parliamentary committees, a directory of Women's Net partners. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa. [KF]

Woodrow Wilson Center Africa Program
Promotes "dialogue between scholars and policymakers in Washington, DC and around the world. .....organizes public conferences and discussions in Washington, DC and offers fellowships and residencies to African and American scholars focusing on public policy in Africa wishing to study at the Wilson Center. The Africa Program has an Occasional Papers series. Papers include, Women, Muslim Laws and Human Rights in Nigeria. Based in Washington, D.C.

World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia & Related Intolerance, Durban, South Africa, Aug. 31 - Sept. 7, 2001
Official site.

World Organisation Against Torture (Geneva)
Swiss-based network of human rights organisations. Reports on human rights threats in Africa and elsewhere. Their Observatory program issues urgent appeals regarding violations. Their publications are free to "southern non-profit organisations." Maintained by Margarita Lacabe and hosted by Derechos Human Rights.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, ZLHR
NGO created to "foster a culture of human rights in Zimbabwe." Reports on the destruction of urban settlements, torture, political violence, attacks on journalists. Accounts of cases brought regarding government rights violations. Tracks government legislation. Assists people affected by HIV/AIDS about their rights. Publishes Zimbabwe Human Rights Bulletin . Based in Harare, Zimbabwe. [KF]


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Amnesty International