Clinton Arica trip 2000

See also: Clinton 1998 trip

Trip Schedule 2000
Nigeria, August 26-28
Tanzania, August 28
Egypt, August 29 - Clinton Africa Trip - Extensive coverage, includes articles from Nigerian newspapers.

BBC Africa (has video clips also)
Visit to Ushafa village
Photographs of arrival in Nigeria
Photographs of visit to Ushafa village
Karl Meier on Nigeria
Burundi Interim Peace Agreement

Issues surrounding Clinton's Nigeria visit
Clinton at Ushafa village
Chronology of Nigerian history, 1960-May 1999
Clinton heads for Tanzania
Arusha agreement

U.S. Department of State - President Clinton's Visit to Nigeria, Tanzania, and Egypt August 26 - 29, 2000. All content (transcripts, background, comment by Susan Rice, etc.) removed or relocated. Still has photographs.

  • Background Notes on Nigeria
  • Transcript: Clinton Speech to Nigerian National Assembly (08/26/00)
  • Transcript: Presidents Clinton, Obasanjo Remarks to Press in Abuja, Nigeria (08/26/00)
  • White House Fact Sheet: Nigeria (08/26/00)
  • White House Fact Sheet: Nigeria -- The Challenging Transition to Democracy (08/26/00)
  • White House Fact Sheet: U.S.-Nigerian Cooperation on Peacekeeping and Military Reform (08/26/00)
  • White House Fact Sheet: U.S.-Nigerian Cooperation in Energy, Labor, Other Areas
  • Transcript: Berger, Smith, Wolpe Aug. 28 Briefing in Arusha (08/28/00)
  • Text: Clinton August 28 Address at Burundi Peace Talks in Arusha (08/28/00)
  • Fact Sheet: U.S.-Tanzania Bilateral Relations (08/28/00)
  • Text: Clinton in Tanzania to Support Burundi Peace Efforts (08/28/00)

Washington Post
Nigeria Trip
Arusha Meeting (content gone)