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Adeya, Dr. Catherine Nyaki - Information and Communication Technologies in Africa: A Review and Selective Annotated Bibliography 1990-2000
Full text of the book. Section II: Select Annotated Bibliography. Extensive annotations with links to full text reports.

AFRALO-ICANN At Large Africa
The African Regional At Large Organisation is the "online home of the At-Large (individual Internet user community) community for the Africa region, providing news, key resources, and interactive features for information sharing for individuals and end-user groups in the African region interested in ICANN and shaping the future of the Internet. The portal is part of ICANN At-Large’s ongoing effort to be more inclusive and responsive to end-users."

Africa Civil Society Caucus Group' of the World Summit for Information Society (WSIS)
Discussion list "created to facillitate the exchange and sharing of information by African Civil Society Organizations on the WSIS Process and Summit." "This list will be facilitated by Emmanuel Njenga from APC as elected coordinator of the African Civil Society Caucus content working group."

Africa ICT Policy Monitor Project
From the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) to provide essential national and regional ICT policy information for communication advocates... Has a discussion list for African ngos, africa-ngos-infosoc. Features current news on the internet & telecommunications in Africa, a newsletter, Chakula, conference reports / papers, policy issues, campaigns & alerts, African ICT organizations, sources for African ICT statistics. APC is based in San Francisco, CA.
Its mailing list, Africa-ir-public, "highlights alerts and features from the ICT Policy Monitor website, including regular updates on Africa ICT policy,...The mailing list will also alert users to the availability of exclusive resources on ICT policy in Africa from the website, as well as the latest developments in African responses to global, regional and national Internet Rights campaigns."

A lates 1990s USAID project (part of the PSGE project) to establish electronic communication between US and African collaborators. Its goal was to connect to the internet more than 100 African institutions which work with PSGE. It was to coordinate with existing e-mail providers such as MANGONET, RIONET, CGNET. Many full text reports on the state of the internet in Africa in the late 1990s. or

Africa Network Operators Group (AFNOG)
A forum for the exchange of technical information for those running IP networks on the African continent.

Africa One
"Africa ONE (Africa Optical NEtwork). "An undersea fiber-optic cable system that will link the countries of Africa to one another and to the world." Site has closed. [KF]

Africa Online
An internet service provider and online service, founded by Kenyan engineers, formerly owned by African Lakes acquired by South African company Telkom SA Ltd., February 2007.

Africa Telecom 98, Johannesburg May 4-9, 1998
Exhibition and forum organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Has press releases,

Africa Web Content
No longer active. Last messages from 2003. A discussion forum on the use of Internet technologies in Africa. The list owner is Batsirai Mike Chivhanga, Comology Ltd. "Comology Ltd. has the control in terms of how the forum is run and the distribution of the output."

Africa Works
Blog of G. Pascal Zachary on African development, political, human rights issues. Other works by Zachary: a profile of Ghana's software entrepreneur, Hermann Chinery-Hesse; Black star: Ghana, information technology and development in Africa (2004); mini dams (microhydros) supplying electricity in Uganda; Global Media and the Development Story (International Food Policy Research Institute, 2007 how to improve media reporting on development). Zachary is a "Professor of Practice at Arizona State University -- working on social dimensions of technology and science, in ASU's Consortium on Science Policy & Outcomes." [KF]

African Connection Rally
Site no longer exits. Some information on the Rally can be found through Google. You can see some of the site through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. [KF] Put this URL in their search:
South Africa's Posts and Telecommunications Minister, Jay Naidoo drove from Africa's most northerly point to its southern tip in less than 3 weeks. He crossed 11 countries from Bizerte in Tunisia to Cape Agulhas in South Africa. "The rally aims to promote the development of information superhighways across the continent, highlighting the telecommunication needs and investment opportunities now being presented by efforts to improve connectivity in Africa."

African Development Forum (U.N.Economic Commission for Africa), 25-28 October 1999, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, "The Challenge to Africa of Globalisation and the Information Age"
"The Forum is expected to result in the adoption of 15-20 country action plans for the utilization of ICTs to accelerate social and economic growth."

African Domain Names (AfriDNS)
"AfriDNS is Africa's parallel organization to the DNSO of ICANN." Has a directory of domain name authorities, biographical information on some African internet figures, a table showing growth in African domains between Jan 1999 and Jan 2000, three lists of African countries arranged by country code, name and finally from North to South (unverified). "There is also an AfriDNS mailing list, set up to allow for collaborative support in dealing with domain issues. To subscribe, send an email message to, with 'subscribe afrdns' (without the quotes) as text in the body of the message."

African ICT Achievers Award
"To stimulate the growth of the ICT sector in South Africa as well as in the Black ICT environment, ForgeAhead in partnership with the [South Africa] Department of Communications launched an annual ICT Achievers Award programme." Based in Rivonia, South Africa.

African Information Society Initiative (AISI)
U.N. Economic Commission for Africa program to build Africa's information and communications infrastructure, adopted in May 1996.

African Internet and Telecom Summit, Banjul, The Gambia 5-9 June 2000
In English and French. Conference for senior personnel who have responsibility for Internet policy and operation in their countries. Has biographies of speakers, full text reports such as overviews of the internet by country. Some reports are in MS Powerpoint.

African Internet Development Action Team, AIDAT
This organization is no longer active. Had information on networking in South Africa up to 1995. The AIDAT Bulletin carried news on web sites and networking issues.

African Internet Service Providers - Mike Jensen
Excellent site for locating African internet service providers. Has a database searchable by country, organization, city/town of African internet service providers. Has internet connectivity maps and links to related web sites.

African IT Exhibitions and Conferences
The company, headed by Sean Moroney, sponsors computing / telecommunications conferences in Africa and elsewhere, publishes Computers in Africa, with selected articles online, Telecommunications in Africa, and the Africa Computing and Communications Yearbook which has some full text articles online such as "Communication in Africa" with statistics (computers, faxes, cellphones, radios, telephones, etc.), "Africa Goes Online" by Mike Jensen. Based in the U.K.

African Network Information Center, AfriNIC
"...a non-government, not-for-profit, membership based organization, based in Mauritius to serve African Internet Comunity. AfriNIC is the Regional Registry for Internet Number Resources for Africa." Maintained the AfriNIC WHOIS Data base (with IP address lookups) . Meeting reports, has a discussion forum

African Regional Centre for Computing, ARC
An NGO "to promote the development and usage of computing and communication technologies in Africa, with specific emphasis on Internet Technologies. The initial focus is on Kenya." Provided the first full internet access in Kenya. Dr. Shem Ochuodho is the Executive Director. Based in Nairobi.

African Signals
" dedicated to finding out and showing local rates for mobile phone and internet connections around Africa." Maintained by Erik Hersman, the White African.

African Technology Forum
The ATF provides "consulting services and networking opportunities for those involved in business and research ventures affecting science and technology in Africa." They publishes a quarterly, African Technology Forum. The tables of contents of some back issues are listed. Topics include business, textiles, health care, manufacturing, telecom, agriculture. Based at MIT, consists of professionals, students, faculty affiliated with East Coast educational institutions.

African Top Level Domains
"AFTLD is a project through which ISO 3166 Country-Code Top-Level Internet Domain (ccTLD) Registries in the African and Middle East geographical area intend to co-operate and to engage in concerted action on issues of common concern. " Has a directory of all members with administrative and technical contacts and an email list for ccTLD managers in the African region. [KF]

African Virtual University
Project, formerly led by the World Bank, now independent, to build world-class degree programs for the education of scientists, technicians,engineers, business managers, health care providers, and other professionals. "The AVU will offer university degree programs in science, technology, and medical fields; noncredit training and seminars; remedial instruction; and electronic library services." Lectures by professors in the US and Europe will be sent by satellite to African universities. Participants include the Univ. of Massachusetts, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Indiana University, and others. In French, Portuguese, and English. [KF]

African Wireless Communications
Online newsletter. News about ITC in Africa. Based in the United Kingdom.

Discussion, moderated, of electronic networking and information technology in Africa. Became a moderated list June 14, 1997 due to numerous unwanted messages. The messages used to be gated to the Usenet newsgroup - Subscribe:

In French. "Le projet Africa'nti se propose d'être un observatoire de l'insertion et de l'impact des technologies de l'information et de la communication en Afrique." It "est un projet en partenariat entre organismes de recherche européens et africains." Has the text of the introduction to the book, Enjeux des technologies de la communication en Afrique : du téléphone à internet, edited by Annie Chéneau-Loquay, and Pascal Renaud. (Paris : Karthala ; Talence : Regards, 2000, 402 p.) and a huge directory of Africa-related information technology sites.

Unmoderated list run by the African Network of IT Experts and Professionals for discussion on telematics in Africa. The list owner is Dr. Clement Dzidonu, Univ. of Dublin, Trinity College. Subscribe: listserv@IRLEARN.UCD.IE

Afrique Tandem
In French. "organise un concours de création d'entreprise, baptisé Innova'2000. Cette compétition aura pour but de permettre aux participants de former des équipes, concevoir des business-plans et construire des start-ups." Innova 2000 is sponsored by Jeune Afrique Economie, l'Organisation de Coopération et de Développement Economiques / Le Club du Sahel and others.

AfrISPA, African Association of Internet Service Providers
"...provide industry perspective on policy formulation and regulation as it relates to the Internet industry and to act as an interface with Governmental bodies and the public at large." Database of internet service providers (and their web sites) by country, Meeting minutes, article about Voice over IP in Africa. Founded in 2001. Based in Sandton, South Africa. [KF]

Afro@Digital. A Documentary on the Digital Revolution in Africa
Twp page article published 2002 about a 52 minute film directed by Balufu Bakupa-Kanyinda and produced by UNESCO. Gives examples of ICT in Africa such as Senegal's Metissacana site..

Attractive graphic illustrations of African economic, ICT, business facts. Maintained by Ivan Colic, an art director at Ogilvy Cape Town.

AFTIDEV, Afrique Technologie Information et Developpement
In French and English. Has abstracts of African internet initiatives in publishing online, market information, radio, etc. (also in a database). Had a discussion (Nov.-Dec. 2000), mainly in French, on information technology and Africa. The discussions are online as well as summaries.

Airtip (Africa Information Revolution Through Internet Power)
Gambia internet service provider. Offers web hosting, such as for Yellowgate Studios, Gambian music site and Science Notes for Gambia students by Dr. Paul Matthews, University of Gambia.

AISI Connect Online Database. Information and Communication Infrastructure in Africa
Internet service providers, the state of telecommuncations by country, locate internet / web services by type and country, list of countries with independent regulators, list of countries by number of fixed lines, list of countries by access costs, list of countries by population. Site supported by the U.N. Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) in support of the African Information Society Initiative (AISI).

AITEC, African IT Exhibitions and Conferences

Alabi, G. Al, "Empowering Socio-Economic Development in Africa, Utilizing Information Technology, A Critical Examination of the Social, Economic, Technical and Policy issues in Nigeria"
1996 case study for the African Information Society Initiative. 76 pages. - Science & Technology News
Very current news from a variety of African news sources. From the long established Africa News Service, headed by Reed Kramer.

American Association for the Advancement of Science
Published the 1996 print "User's Guide to Electronic Networks in Africa" (2nd revised ed.) which is no longer being updated. The print guide has background articles on networking in Africa.

ANLoc, African Network for Localization
"...established by Acacia to overcome the limitations of technology on language that prevent most Africans from participating in the digital age" - Martin Benjamin of ANLoc. Their Afrigen project will create locales for 100 African languages. Information on keyboards, fonts, etc. Works with Bisharat, Kamusi Project, Kasahorow and others.

Association africaine des utilisateurs de logiciels libres, AAUL
Promotes free, open source software. Information on Linux day, workshops.
See also Association Malagasy des Utilisateurs de Logiciels Libres:

Association for Progressive Communications (APC)
"Since 1990, Association for Progressive Communications (APC) has been working with all sectors of civil society to harness information and communication technologies (ICTs) in ways that support development and social justice."
APC offers the APC Africa Hafkin Communications Prize. The "competition for the USD$7,500.00 Hafkin prize is open to civil society organisations, government institutions, educational organisations, community-based groups, networks, social movements or individuals anywhere in Africa." The Prize honors the work of Dr. Nancy J. Hafkin. SANGONET, in South Africa, is an APC member.

Association pour le Développement de l'Internet dans les pays du Sud (A.D.I.S.)
In French. "...est une association française à but non lucratif...Elle est domiciliée à Uzès (département du Gard). Has an office in Ouagadougou, is working to put information from Burkina Faso online. Has links to sites about Burkina Faso.

Association pour le développement des Technologies de l'Informatique à Djibouti (ADTID)
In French. "pour la promotion de ce secteur et encourage l'apprentissage des nouvelles technologies de l'information et de la communication en aidant les djiboutiens......" Created in 2002 "par des jeunes informaticiens professionnelles." It is "composée de 17 bénévoles, propose d'apporter une soutien numérique aux structures à but non lucratif à Djibouti notamment les écoles, associations, collectivités locales, établissements de santé." Has Djibouti ICT news. [KF]

Atlas on Regional Integration in West Africa - Telecommunications
From the OECD, ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) and the Sahel and West Africa Club (SWAC). Maps, charts, graphs on: transport, telecommunications, the ecologically vulnerable zone of Sahelian countries, cotton, migration, transboundary river basins, languages, Africa-China, oil and gas. Maps can be saved and printed.
Includes - telephone / mobile subscribers, GSM coverage; migration inside and outside Africa.

Azur Développement
In French, English. "a non profit organisation founded by young women that works for the empowerment of women and children through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)." Programs on health, the environment, ICTs, etc.. Information on women pygmies, l’Association des Peuples autochtones du Congo (APAC). Based in Brazzaville, Congo. [KF]

Balancing Act
Telecom, broadcast news consultancy. Produces four FREE e-newsletters covering the telecoms, ICT and audiovisual-broadcast and film sectors in Africa. The latest issue and all previous issues are on the web site providing a historical record of the internet and telecom in Africa. Also publishes reports (a few free, others for sell) on the African internet market and ICT entrepreneurship. Maintained by Russell Southwood.

Sells reports such as Investors in TMT sectors in Africa, Mobile Financial Services in Africa, 4G/LTE Network Projects in Africa, Smartphone report, Broadcast Advertising in Africa, migration to digital terrestrial TV by country, investors in the media sector, TV channels in Africa, video on demand and Africa, the African Sports TV Market, Digital Music Platforms in Africa, Advertising in Africa, etc. [KF] 

Bamako 2000- Internet et plurilinguisme, Première conférence internationale du réseau ANAIS, Bamako, 21-26 février 2000
"La Rencontre a pour objectif de susciter une forte mobilisation des décideurs publics et privés en faveur des usages des technologies de l'information et de la communication (TIC) pour le développement."

BarCamp Africa
Informal group to "build the connections between people and opportunities in Silicon Valley and Africa." 2010 Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire site. 2009 site.

Barcamps in Ghana and BarCampDiaspora '09 in Washington D.C. Also BarCamp Ghana '09.

Barlow, John - Africa Rising, Everything You Know About Africa is Wrong
Wired magazine article (20 pages) about Barlow's summer 1997 trip to Ghana, Kenya, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Uganda, Congo-Kinshasa, writing on the computer scene, the internet in Africa, visiting Africa Online offices, etc.

Batik, Bulletin d'Analyse sur les Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (Dakar)
In French. Full text. Monthly e-newsletter published byOSIRIS (Observatoire sur les Systemes d'Information, les Reseaux et les Inforoutes au Senegal (Dakar) on information technology in Senegal. One can receive the newsletter by email.

"The Bellanet Initiative is funded by a consortium of development assistance agencies committed to working together using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in innovative ways to increase their relevance, effectiveness and efficiency." They sponsor several discussion lists. Began 1995, based in Canada at the IDRC. The Director is David Balson.

Benin, Office des Postes et Telecommunications, O.P.T.
The national telecom company offers, thru BENINET, full internet services in Benin.

"Betinho" Communications Prize to recognize socially meaningful use of ICTs
Sponsored by the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) APC and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC, Canada). Herbet de Souza (Betinho) was a "visionary Brazilian social activist and exemplary communicator." "The $7500 US prize is open to non-profit organisations, community-based groups, coalitions, working groups or social movements anywhere in the world that have successfully used ICTs as an essential ingredient in their development work." Nominations are open until January 31, 2000. Instructions and a nomination form are available at:

Bisharat, A language, technology & development initiative
Provides research, advocacy, and networking relating to use of African languages in software and web content. Focuses on rural development in West Africa. Has an annotated directory of sites on language and ICT, African languages, translation software, etc.

Bridge Builders: African Experiences with Information and Communication Technology
Full text. Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press, 1996. Sixteen case studies, first person accounts, of how information and communication technologies were introduced into institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Covers CD-ROM, desktop publishing, electronic networking, and local database development. The Staff Officer for this project is Wendy White,
The full text is also available online in the Humanity Development Library (Antwerp, Belgium). Use the Title A-Z index.
" international non-profit organisation with a mission to help people in developing countries use information and communications technology (ICT) to improve their lives." Has an IT Guide to free resources (computers, web hosting, IT tech help, e-mail accounts, computer training, software. Provides case studies of projects bridging the digital divide, information "on what policies are considered relevant to digital divides, .....the kinds of policies currently in place, and [analysis of] current policy initiatives." Has volunteer opportunities. Offices in Durbanville, South Africa and Washington, D.C.

Building the Information Community in Africa, BICA, 22-25 Febuary 1999 - Pretoria, South Africa
"BICA 99 is a conference to bring together the experiences of telecentre practitioners and to assist the development of telecentres through sustainable partnerships in Africa. The conference will provide an opportunity to hear what is happening on the ground, to consolidate initiatives and to take them forward." The conference was a regional feeder event for Global Knowledge II, the Global Knowledge Partnership conference held late in 1999.

Built in Africa
Media platform to showcase African entrepreneurs, developers, designers, content creators. Podcasts, articles, videos, newsletter.

"A mailing list for Africans who are computer geeks, wannabe geeks, or suffer from various forms of geek-envy. The list is also open to anyone interested in increasing Africa's programming talent pool, and contribution to the global IT revolution." Maintained by Katim S. Toura.

Bushnet Ltd. (Kampala, Uganda)
Information management and internet connectivity for organizations and companies in Uganda and East Africa. Uses HF radios thru Starcom International. Costs start at $7,500 for setup plus $100 a month. The Directors are: M. R. Brew (UK) , K. F. Brew (UK) , G. Bruni (Italy) , C. Musisi , C. D. Wilson (UK). Contact Gianluca Bruni:

Busy Internet (Accra, Ghana)
Internet cafe, video-conferencing, e-mail, web hosting, provides computer, internet courses / lectures,

"...a small research and development team, established to identify opportunities in the local African context using new technologies. Our focus is on agriculture, public internet facilities, internet service provision, and community resource directories." Based in Accra, Ghana.

Cafe, Informatique & Telecommunications (Togo)
First ? internet, web hosting provider in Togo. Based in Lome.

Camp Amelia Technology Literacy Group Inc.
" international nonprofit organization that 1) creates freely downloadable open-source educational software, and 2) provides free afterschool and summer computer camps for youth and teachers in underserved communities." Programs in Ghana and South Africa. Based in East Palo Alto, California.

Campbell, John, "Technology, Social Media, and Nigeria's Elections"
July 6, 2011 article by Campbell. Mentions the study by Judith Asuni of Academic Associates Peaceworks and Jacqueline Farris of the Shehu Musa Yar'Adua Foundation on "Tracking Social Media: the Social Media Tracking Centre and the 2011 Nigerian Election."

Canadian International Development Agency, Information & Communication Technologies for Sustainable Development
Two week discussion, ending March 29, 1996, on the impact of information and communication technologies on sustainable development. Send in your thoughts on the use of the internet, radio, TV, satellites, telephones, remote sensing, GIS for development. Input received will be published on CIDA's website.

Cape Verdean Informatics Project
Volunteer effort to "promote the understanding, utilization, and application of computer and computer communication technology by the worldwide Cape Verdean community." Part of the Cape Verde Page maintained by Richard Leary.

CARI'98, 4e Colloque Africain sur la Recherche en Informatique / 4th African Conference on Research in Computer Science
Website has been removed. Dakar, Senegal conference, October 12 - 15, 1998. The Internet Society sponsored a workshop, in French, 5-10 octobre in Dakar.

Cavegoat - Africa News Headlines
Headlines of latest news on Africa and each African country, topics - business, technology, startups (world-wide), entertainment, sports, health. Submit your Startup information. Maintained by Val Besong, Stanford University MSEE 2006 .

Subscription required for access. Chakula is a newsletter of the Association for Progressive Communication's (APC) Africa ICT Policy Monitor. The Africa ICT Policy Monitor aims to mobilise African civil society in ICT policy for sustainable development and social justice.

Chisenga, Justin "Y2K and Computerised Library Systems"
This paper discusses how the Y2K problem is likely to affect computerised library systems.It was presented at the Standing Conference of African National and University Libraries in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (SCANUL-ECS) 1998. Chisenga is Lecturer, Department of Information and Communication Studies, University of Namibia.

Extensive directory on all aspects of ICT for development in Africa. Essential Books, Reports and Articles; Essential Institutions; Essential Mailing Lists; Essential Portals - Search engines; Essential Research Centers; Essential Research Questions on ICT for Development. Full text documents on policy issues. Links to ICT sites. Has syllabi / reading lists for courses in information technology offered by Dr. Adam, one of the pioneers of ICT in Africa. Maintained by Adam's Resource Center for Information Technology in African Development, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

City University of Hong Kong. Dept. of Information Systems. Developing Countries Page
Information about IT in Developing Countries. Includes links to journals, conferences, web design issues, an Africa section, etc.. Maintained by Dr. Robert Davison of the faculty at CUHK.

CODESRIA Conference: Electronic Publishing and Dissemination, September 1-2, Dakar, Senegal
Full text conference papers are online. Includes:

  • Impact of the ICT Revolution on the African Academic Landscape
  • Old problem, New Strategies: Internet as a Tool for Research in Africa
  • Etude sur les TIC et les pratiques de recherche d’information, chez les enseignants et chercheurs universitaires ivoiriens
  • The Challenges and Possibilities of New Media in African Scholarship: The Case of Safundi and U.S.-South African Comparative Studies
  • Free Access and Reasonable Remuneration: Electronic Publishing and the Copyright Question
  • Scientific content creation and dissemination: opportunities for African universities in electronic publishing
  • The Role of Information Professionals in the Digital Age : The Role of Librarians
  • The Database of African Theses and Dissertations (DATAD)

Communication for Development
The Food & Agriculture Organization's Sustainable Development Dept. site has information on the development of rural radio in Africa and a report by Dr. Don Richardson on The Internet and Rural Development. The report includes an extensive list of websites listed in the text. Richardson Report: 
Introduction by Stein Bie. Community main page:

"This site aims to support action, discussion and research on Universal Access to ICTs, eg.Telecentres and other types of Community ICT projects in South Africa." Has a database of telecentres, full text reports (many in MS Word). Includes the report, Telecentre 2000 by Aki Stavrou and Peter Benjamin which "compares the impact and sustainability of different models for public access to telecommunications" in South Africa. Has a Directory of telecentre projects throughout Africa. [KF]

Computer Week Online - South Africa
Electronic edition of Computer Week, with news on information technology in South Africa. Has a couple of weeks of past issues.

Computers for Africa (Omaha, Nebraska)
"...a non-profit that refurbishes used computers, networks them, and ships ready-to-set-up labs to non-profit organizations in East Africa. We work to bridge the international digital divide in an area that has only 3 computers per 1000 people. We focus on the most disadvantaged groups-generally women and youth-and organizations working for positive social development." Statistics compare U.S. and Africa computer access.

Computing and Communications Africa
Published by African IT Exhibitions & Conferences (AITEC). Offers free subscriptions to computer professionals. Based in the U.K.

Conférence des ministres francophones chargés des inforoutes, Montréal, 19-21 mai 1997
Conference sponsored by Agence de la Francophonie and the govts. of Quebec and Canada. On the site of l'Agence universitaire de la Francophonie.


Past Conferences

Connect Africa
Supports affordable connectivity and the development of ICT infrastructure in Africa. "organized by the International Telecommunication Union, the African Union, the World Bank Group and the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development" Launched Oct. 2007 at the Connect Africa Summit.

Country Code Administrators
From IANA, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Also provides links to the administrators of the top-level domains (org, com, net, edu, etc.).

Country Code List - Email Accessability
Olivier Crepin-Leblond provides a list of all countries with e-mail access (internet or non-internet e-mail). Has a history of e-mail access from 1993 based on the FAQs he created and a clickable Africa map based on the list.

CSDPTT, Coopération Solidarité Développement aux PTT (Paris)
In French. Has full text reports (such as Internet au Mali, feasibility study in phone installation in Burkina villages); its newsletter, Lettre de CSDPTT, covers telecom, the internet in Africa. Has projects in Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and other countries and a discussion forum.[KF]

Databases of cybercafes by city and country. Based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

DevMedia, Media for Development
Has annotated directories to international sites on development communication organizations, radio, electronic networking, telecommunications for rural development. A service of the TeleCommons Development Group in collaboration with the Don Snowden Program for Development Communication.

Site listing jobs in international development, information technology jobs. " is a Voluntary Initiative and aims to cater to the specific needs of Professionals in ICT, KM and Environment and Development Field." Based in the U.K.

Dierks, Dr. Klaus - Namibia Library - Telecommuncations History
Has a history of Namibia telecommunications (Telecom Namibia, etc.). Dr. Dierks is former Deputy Minister of the first Ministry of Roads and Transport (later Mines and Energy) in Namibia (until March 2000). Is now Chairman of Namibia's Energy Control Board.

Mailing list with "updates on Internet & Telecommunications actvities and progress in Africa as-they-unfold." Sources are African newspapers, ITWeb (Johannesburg), etc.

Digital AfricaI, Information Technology and Social Change in Afrika
In English and Kiswahili. A blog about the information revolution in Africa. By Ndesanjo Macha.

Digital Diaspora Network - Africa
"...a collaborative effort between the United Nations ICT Task Force, the United Nations Fund for International Partnerships (UNFIP), the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), Digital Partners, and Gruppo CERFE seeking to promote development in Africa......through mobilizing the technological, entrepreneurial and professional expertise and resources of the African Diaspora." Agenda of July 12, 2002 meeting, speakers, case studies, participants, etc.

Digital Divide Network
Mainly concerns the U.S. but includes a report, "The Global Digital Divide: an Egyptian Perspective," by Mugo Macharia. Site sponsored by the Benton Foundation (Washington, D.C.) in association with the National Urban League.

Digital Freedom Initiative
Projects include assistance to cyber cafes and small businesses in Senegal. "A joint program of the US Department of Commerce, US Department of State, US Agency for International Development, USA Freedom Corps, and Peace Corps." Promotes free market based regulatory and legal structures, places volunteers in businesses and community centers to provide small businesses and entrepreneurs with ICT skills. Includes a video & transcript of President Abdoulaye Wade’s Speech at the Digital Freedom Initiative Announcement, March 2003. [KF]

Digital Opportunity Channel
" from around the globe, campaign actions, success stories, opinion pieces by leading commentators, in-depth analysis and research, events listings, a beginner's guide to digital divide issues, funding information, email digests and a dedicated search facility on ICT for development." Search for reports (from International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) by country or topic. Report (from One World, such as - a telecenter in Owerri, Nigeria, using handheld computers to conduct public health surveys in Ghana, how wind-up radio helps rural Zambian children with language and other skills, infrastructural neglect in Nigeria's telecom development. Full text reports on e-government in developing countries, wireless applications for Africa. The Channel is a joint initiative of OneWorld and the Benton Foundation, a Washington-based non-profit organization. Site maintained by Andy Carvin and Kanti Kumar.

Digital Opportunity Taskforce (DOT Force)
Prepared a report (May 2001) with recommendations on how the G8 can contribute to bridging the global digital divide. The final report was presented to the G8 Summit in Genoa, Italy, July 2001. Members include government, business (Siemens, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, etc.), IDRC, One World (U.K.). The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the World Bank provide the Secretariat. Documents include comments from Senegal and Egypt.

Digital Partners
Nonprofit organization based in Seattle, Washington with chapters in New York, Silicon Valley, and New Delhi, India. "Digital Partners for Africa links entrepreneurs from the IT sector in Africa and the United States to social entrepreneurs and start-ups that are experimenting with the use of digital technology for health care, literacy, and grassroots empowerment of the poor." Has issues of its Newsletter online in Adobe pdf.

[Dodo] Brian M. Dodo
Zimbabwe graphic artist and web designer. Has examples of his work.

Domain Name Administrators
From IANA, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Provides links to the administrators of the top-level domains (org, com, net, edu, etc.). Also has a directory of country code administrators.

Domain Name Registration - Directory
NORID, the Norwegian Internet Domain Name Registry, has a list of sources, by country, for domain name registration.

Domain Name Registration - Burundi, Congo-B, Congo-K, Rwanda
Information on registering internet domain names for Burundi, Congo-Brazzaville, Rwanda, and Congo-Kinshasa. Further down the main page are links to information on registering domain names in South Africa and Uganda. From a Swiss company. Alliance
The Alliance consists of three USAID funded cooperative agreements - 1. dot-GOV: Promotes policy and regulatory reform, 2. dot-ORG: Extends ICT access to under-served communities, 3. dot-EDU: Strengthens education. dot-EDU includes an Educational Exchange with the University of Bamako, Mali. All three projects work in Rwanda.

Duncombe, Richard & Richard Heeks - "Information, ICTs and Small Enterprise: Lessons from Botswana"
Univ. of Manchester, Institute for Development Policy and Management, Development Informatics: Working Papers, No. 7, 1999. Includes an educators' guide for use with individual or group training.

Dune Télécom
In French. Internet and telephone service provider in Niger. "Dune Télécom est née de la libéralisation du marché des télécommunications au Niger en 2005..." Based in Niamey, Niger.

East African Internet Association
A non-profit, promotes cooperative electronic communications and networking in East Africa. Members are electronic service providers in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda as well as partner networks and interested individuals. For more information, send email to: You will receive an automated reply.

Econet Wireless
The third largest panafrican telecom operator. Started as a Zimbabwe cell phone company. Now based in South Africa. Its founder, Strive Masiyiwa, was featured in the Christian Science Monitor, March 1, 2000 as a young entrepreneur who had "mounted a constitutional legal battle in the courts of Zimbabwe which led to the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe declaring the telephone service monopoly unconstitutional."
See also:

NGO "comprised of education and business professionals" Supports school partnerships in South Africa with curriculum development, community building, and philanthropic giving. Present partners are Saint Mark's School, San Rafael, CA, and eSibonisweni Primary, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. History of the NGO. Works with One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) and Facing History and Ourselves. Based in Berkeley, California.

eLearning Africa
"...the largest gathering of eLearning and distance education professionals in Africa" 2010 Conference in Zambia. The 2007 conference in Nairobi, Kenya, had interviews with Faith Macharia, National Director of the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE), Kenya Chapter; Gladys Muhunyo of Computer Aid International; Dr. Elija Omwenga, Director of ICT Services at the University of Nairobi, Kenya; Mor Seck on Global Development Learning Network; Shafika Isaacs of SchoolNet Africa; Kuzvinetsa Peter Dzvimbo on the African Virtual University. [KF]

Electronic Journal on Information Systems in Developing Countries (Sarawak, Malaysia)
Has full text papers in Adobe PDF format. "A Champion in Our Midst: Lessons Learned from the Impacts of NGO's Use of the Internet" by Scott McConnell (in Vol. 2) uses examples from Uganda. A joint publication of the Universiti Malaysia, Sarawak City; University of Hong Kong, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands; Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.

Elimu Imara - Impower Yourself(Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)
Offers online distance learing (business courses, computer courses, web design). Owned and operated by E-Academy Ltd, a company based in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Co-shareholder is Star Telecom Tanzania Ltd., operators of Tanzania's largest ISP, based in Dar-es-Salaam. [KF]

ELODIA, Electronic Online Databases & Internet Access
Internet service provider in Cotonou, Benin. ELODIA is a trademark of SECNI Sarl. Hosts discussion forums, hosts web sites.
In French. "le premier service de messagerie internet congolaise." Features a "congolais du mois" (May 2001 was a Congolese artist). Internet in Brazzaville.

Empowering Minds Foundation
" narrow the technological divide that exists between the modern and developing regions of the world." "Computer hardware is sourced from around the world, modified to meet local standards and distributed through the foundation's network." Works with the U.S. Peace Corps. Starts with Cote d'Ivoire to create a "model for expansion."

enda-synfev (Environnement et Developpement du Tiers-Monde, Synergie Genre et Developpement) based in Dakar, Senegal seeks to improve the lives of African women thru programs such as femmes-afrique-info, an electronic network concerning the rights and health of Francophone African women.   [An IDRC report by Sophia Huyer includes information on SYNFEV.]

Entre tradition orale et nouvelles technologies: ou vont les mass médias au Sénégal? - Martin Taureg & Frank Wittmann, Editors.
In French. Full text. Pub. 2004. 172 p. In pdf. (Arbeitspapiere (Working Paper, No. 47) of the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Institut für Ethnologie und Afrika-Studien). On Senegal's newspapers, also mention of Senegalese radio, television and the internet. Includes Baba Thiam: Joko ­ L¹histoire d¹un échec [internet project of Youssou Ndour]. [KF]

In English and Kiswahili. Technology non profit, enables civil society organizations to create and maintain their own web sites using mobile phones. Works in Tanzania, partners with the Foundation for Civil Society and Peace Corps Tanzania. Founders include Stanford university engineering graduates and a Tanzania journalist. Based in San Francisco, California.

Ethiopia - African Regional Symposium on Telematics for Development, April 3-7, 1995
Papers and proceedings on electronic networking, the internet, telmatics in Africa from a conference of over 200 participants from Africa, Europe, the Americas. Sponsored by the UNECA, the ITU, and the IDRC.

Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation
Provides "basic telephony, mobile and Internet and Multimedia services. Provide training, education and research in the field of ICT." Historical background.

Assists non-profits and NGOs by producing CD-ROM based learning materials, designing and managing websites, running training courses (including on-line courses), and providing support for internet-related work. Specially assists Southern African human rights organisations. Has a 17 page paper, in Adobe PDF, on strengthening human rights organizations, a directory of websites the Fahamu Open Directory, co-publishes the Kabissa-Fahamu Newsletter. Based in Oxford, U.K.

Burkina's national internet service supplier. Under the Office National des Telecommunications du Burkina Faso (ONATEL). Information on the directors/staff, a history of the internet in Burkina, connection costs, and links to other Burkina Faso websites.

Fete de l'Internet en Afrique
Special events to promote the internet in mainly Francophone countries. Describes the Point d'Accès aux Inforoutes pour la Jeunesse (PAJE) to promote the internet in Gabon and year 2000 activities in each country. Part of the world wide Internet Fiesta 2000 supported by the French Ministere des affaires etrangeres.

Francophone Africa - Networking
Gael Serandour of the Ecole d'Ingenieur de l'I.N.T. prepared information on internet, Fidonet, and UUCP connections in Francophone Africa for the May 1996 South Africa G-7 Conference. Has a connectivity map and table.

Free and Open Source Foundation for Africa
FOSSFA supports software that guarantees users the following four freedoms:

  • The right to access the software source code.
  • The right to alter and improve the source code.
  • The right to make copies of the software.
  • The right to freely distribute the software.

Fuchs, Richard, "Little Engines That Did. Case Histories from the Global Telecentre Movememt"
Includes case studies from Senegal and Mamelodi,  South Africa.  An IDRC/Acacia-commissioned study. June 1998. Also in .zip form, see page:

Gambia Domain Name Administration
"Physical presence in The Gambia is the general rule, but there is a provision to allow multinational companies to protect their trademark or name." History, internet service providers, prices.

A non-profit assisting businesses in developing countries with information technology, works with the International Executive Service Corps, IESC. Read accounts of volunteers' work in Ghana and Rwanda. Volunteers help small businesses with IT training and computer networks. Founded by Ethan Zuckerman (founder of Tripod), based in North Adams, Mass.

Gerster, Richard and Sonja Zimmermann - "Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Poverty Reduction?"
Full text, in Adobe pdf. 20 p. Its Annex 1 has Case Study 4: A land licensing and planning system for Beira City, Mozambique.

Ghana Computer Literacy and Distance Education and  Discussion List
The conference will focus on the use of information technology to enhance the economic, social, cultural, educational development of African countries.
The discussion list on distance education in Ghana (and Africa) is sponsored by GhaCLAD (Ghana Computer Literacy & Distance Education Volunteers) and ProjectSCOPE. The listowner is Carolyn Manjourides -
Or contact: Max Freund,
To subscribe send email to:
In the message area put: subscribe ghaclad-scope

Ghana Cyber Group
Begun by Ghanaians in the U.S. and Ghana to nurture the IT economy in Ghana. Supports a Ghana Technology Park project. Has a non-profit division, the GCG Foundation.

[Ghana] ICT for Government
Annual Conference and workshops on eGovernment and ICT for Development. The 4th conference was held 2006, Jan. 31-Feb. 2 in Accra, Ghana. Organized by CTN on behalf of the Ghana Government. ICT for Government brings top government officials from all levels. Full text presentations (in Powerpoint and MS Word) such as ICT in the rural community of Twifo Hemang, Lower Denkyira District (paper by Hon. Abraham Odoom).

Ghana. ICT Policy and Plan Development Committee
The National Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy and Plan Development Committee was "set up ... to develop for Ghana an ICT-led Socio-economic Development Policy...." Reports include Deployment and Exploitation of ICTs in Gov't Ministries and Public Sector Organizations, E - Readiness Strategy for Ghana, ICT Policy for Ghana - A Contribution, ICT Policy guidelines for Ministry of Health, A Draft ICT Policy Statement - Ghana Prisons Service, Media Policy for Ghana - Ghana Media Commission. Chaired by Professor Clement Dzidonu. Under the auspices of UNECA and AISI.

Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT
An institution under Ghana's Ministry of Communications. "The Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT (AITI-KACE), Ghana's first Advanced Information Technology Institute works to stimulate the growth of the ICT Sector in ECOWAS. Established in 2003, through a partnership between the Government of Ghana and the Government of India,..." Based in Accra, Ghana.

Ghana Industry and Technology Fair, 4th - Indutech '97
Trade fair, Feb. 28 - March 10, 1997. Includes a marketing conference. Expected to have many telecommunications and telematics exhibiters.

Ghana Internet Service Providers
Email addresses and access in Ghana with a history of networking efforts there are at:

Ghana. Ministry of Transport and Communications
Telecommunications in Ghana - includes overview of Ghana Telecom
Telecommunications Policy for an Accelerated Development Programme 1994-2000 - full text
National Communications Authority Act, 1996 - full text

Ghana National Committee on Internet Connectivity, GNCIC
Has full text reports, on the internet in Ghana, computer literacy in Ghana, internet workshops, "Telematics usage for Ghana's Development" (in Adobe PDF, 73 leaves, Univ. of Ghana. Institute of Statistical, Social & Economic Research, 1998), "Implementation of the Ghana Infodev Project" In Adobe PDF, 43 leaves, 1998), etc.

Ghosh, Rishab Aiyer - Licence fees and GDP per capita: The case for open source in developing countries
"...the open source development community provides an environment of intensive interactive skills development at little explicit cost, which is particularly useful for local development of skills, especially in economically disadvantaged regions. Further, this note argues that the controversy over total costs of ownership (TCO) of free vs. proprietary software is not applicable to developing countries and other regions with low labour costs, where the TCO advantage lies with open source, and the share of licence fees in TCO is much higher than in high labour cost countries. The note concludes with a table comparing license fees for proprietary software against GDP per capita for 176 countries."

Gitta, Samuel and J.R. Ikoja-Odongo - "The impact of cybercafes on information services in Uganda"
Full text article in the e-journal, First Monday, Volume 8, Number 4 - April 7th 2003.

Global Connectivity for Africa
Conference, June 2-4, 1998, in Addis Ababa hosted by the U.N. Economic Commission for Africa. Has a toolkit "to enable decision makers in African countries to assess the economic impacts to be expected from the new cable and satellite projects."

Global Information Technology Report 2001-2002: Readiness for the Networked World
Managing Editor, Geoffrey Kirkman with Jeffrey Sachs, Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum and Peter Cornelius. (New York : Oxford : Oxford University Press: 2002). About the 352 p. book. Has the table of contents, some full text chapter summaries, sample data, 75 country profiles (Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe), ordering information. The printed book has a Networked Readiness Index, which ranks 75 countries according to their capacity to take advantage of ICT networks and 75 Networked Readiness country profiles. [KF]

Global Knowledge Partnership
Promotes access to "knowledge and information as tools of sustainable, equitable development." Originated out of the Global Knowledge 1997 Toronto conference. Has a lively discussion list on info technology / the internet in developing countries, publishes a newsletter, Partners. Its April 2002 Addis Ababa conference has the presentations online (mainly in Powerpoint). Sponsored by the World Bank, Washington, D.C. [KF]

Global Road Warrior
Very useful information for the business traveler or tourist. Has a section on using modems and appliances. Based on the reference book of the same name published by World Trade Press, Novato, California.

The Global Seminar on the Information Society, Stanford Center for Telecommunications, October 21-Dec. 2, 1998
Online free seminar "to provide students and other interested individuals from around the world with the opportunity to learn about and discuss the emerging information society." One of the projects discussed was "Access to Namibian Government Libraries" (      The seminar was run by Profs. Dale Harris (Stanford) and Björn Pehrson (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, KTH).

Global Urban Observatory
A worldwide information and capacity-building network established by the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements. Has a Global Urban Indicators Database whose list of cities includes many in Africa. Includes only city level data and indicators. Statistics are incomplete for some African cities. [KF]

  • Background Data Module: basic demographic, household and income data
  • Module 1: Socio-economic Development: poverty, employment, health, education
  • Module 2: Infrastructure networked services including water, sanitation, electricity and telephones
  • Module 3: etc.

Has the percent of internet users in the total population by country, the total number of internet users, the number of internet service providers per country, internet country codes. Also Telephones - Main Lines In Use, Telephones - % Of Population With Main Lines, Telephones - Mobile Cellular, Telephones - % Of Population With Mobile Cellular Phones. Globastat is owned by Azer Ibadov.

Google Africa Blog
Google activities re Sub-Saharan Africa. Google's digitization work, developer news, student ambassador program, reports - Best Practices for Liberia's Internet Ecosystem. Also Google Jobs in Africa.

Google Scholar
Find articles and citations to articles on the internet, computers in Africa, telecommunnications, etc. from academic and research journals.

GottaQuirk - Rob Stokes
Blog posts by Rob Stokes, the South African founder of Quirk, an online marketing company.

GSM World
The GSM Association is responsible for the development, deployment and evolution of the GSM cell phone standard, the standard used in Africa. Has a directory of GSM operators worldwide, with clickable maps showing GSM coverage in Africa (select Coverage). Based in Dublin, Ireland and London, UK.

Guinea-Bissau Telecom
The country's first internet service provider.

Heartbeat Online Tanzania (HOT)
Internet service provider for Tanzania, based in Dar-es-Salaam. Offers email via satellite, chat rooms, etc. Hosts web sites for companies.

Heeks, Richard, "Building Software Industries in Africa"
"This 2,000-word paper looks at different strategies for the development of African software industries: export market- vs. domestic market-orientation; software services vs. software packages. It draws conclusions about the most viable strategy, about the current constraints to development of these industries, and about the need for government policy action." An ASCII version of this paper is available. Heeks is at the Univ. of Manchester. To receive a copy via email, send the message: Software Africa to:

High Impacts
Company offering web site design and maintenance. Established in 1996 by Elou Marre. Based in Houston, Texas, Canada and Senegal.

Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
"...the writings and experiences of [African] students and resulting recommendations for concrete policy actions to help 1) expand university access in Africa, 2) strengthen university education and training, and 3) retain university graduates. Interviews with African students in math and science. Linke to country sources about African education. The state of computer and internet access. Economics of Higher Education: National Income and Spending. Education exchanges. [KF]

Highway Africa
"An annual continent-wide conference looking at all aspects of new media in Africa. Sponsors include the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and the Journalism & Media Studies Department, Rhodes University.

Highway Africa News Agency, HANA
African media organisation with current ICT news by African journalists on ICT and information society issues. Publications include Youth Speak (newsletter of the 2007 Johannesburg World Summit on Media and Children). "The Highway Africa News Agency content is free to use provided you register on our site and link back to our site."

Huyer, Sophia - Supporting Women's Use of Information Technologies for Sustainable Development
Full text of a Feb. 1997 study for the IDRC of "African women's use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). This includes issues of access, the benefits African women experience and can expect to experience from ICTs, and the role they can and do play in the production and dissemination of information." Includes case studies.

Hyperia - International Network Communication, Africa Limited
Nigerian internet service provider based in Lagos. "Africa Limited is an associate to Nigeria's second International carrier- MOTOPHONE [second to NITEL]. INCA obtained an Internet License in 1997 from the Nigerian Communications Commission."

i3afri Global
Offers website development, mobile and e business consulting. Has daily tech news from and CNet. Based in Alexandria, Virginia.

ICANN - 2004 December 1-5 Meeting
The meeting schedule is on the ICANN site.

iConnect Africa
"...a quarterly web, paper and email service that aims to raise awareness in the wider African development community regarding the possibilities offered by ICTs in development." Published by the U. N. Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD)."
Full text articles such as - Gender and the Information Revolution in Africa, Local languages and software development in Ethiopia, Local health content in Nigeria blends tradition and science.

On ICTs as a tool for sustainable growth and development. A joint venture of AITEC GHANA, International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) and IICD’s local partners. Has an ICT profile of Ghana, Newsletter articles. [KF]

ICT Focus (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
Ethiopian magazine on information and communications technology. Selected full text articles online. Issues have "news analysis, product, and company profiles, feature articles, and regular columns analyzing the latest technology trends," links to related sites, Ethiopian technical colleges, Ethiopian ICT companies, ICT government & academic organizations. [KF]

InfoDev - Information for Development Program
A World Bank grant program for "innovative use of information technolgoy". It "shares world-wide experience with and disseminates best practices to governments and key decision-makers, both public and private, on the economic development potential of communications and information systems. infoDev channels policy advice and other technical assistance to governments in emerging economies on privatization, private entry and competition, and on improving the policy, regulatory and business environment for investors in communications and information systems. infoDev conducts feasibility and pre-investment studies and prepares experimental applications in communications and information systems."

Infomail Ltd.
Uganda's first online internet service, uses satellite connectivity through a Avon, Colorado company, NSN Network Services. INFOMAIL, P. O. Box 11468, Kampala, Uganda, Fax: 256-41-236256.

Information Systems in Developing Countries - Mike Kabjian
Many links to programs, projects, organizations and documents on information systems and technology in developing countries. Maintained by Mike Kabjian

Information Technologies and International Development
Journal published by MIT Press. Edited by Ernest J. Wilson, III and Michael L. Best. Has the table of contents.

Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement (Paris)
Formerly ORSTOM. IRD is the long established research organization funded by the French govt. Includes information on RIO, Réseau Intertropical d'Ordinateurs their electronic networking initiative.

Institut francophone des nouvelles technologies de l'information et de la formation (INTIF)
In French. Large directory of resources concerning Francophone Africa and France. Includes discussion lists, Actes des réunions des instances de la Francophonie (1969 - mai 1997), Inforoutes et technologies de l'information, education, youth, culture et communication, Economie et Développement, etc. For an overview see:
Part of l'Agence intergouvernementale de la Francophonie.

Institute of Advanced Technology
Private computer training. Is registered with the Directorate of Industrial Training (Kenya). Microsoft, Cisco training. Bachelor's degree in computing and internet systems. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Provides international satellite communications services to Africa. Over 45 African countries use INTELSAT for Internet service. Use their search to locate articles on Africa. Based in Washington, D.C.

Intercom Data Network
Ghana internet service provider. The company is wholly owned by individuals who are Ghanaians or of Ghanaian descent. Was shut down in 2000 by the government for providing voice over IP (VOIP). Based in Baltimore, Maryland and in Achimota - Dome, in the Ga-South Constituency, Ghana. [KF]

International Development Research Centre, Acacia Initiative
IDRC (Ottawa, Canada) initiated project (with international partners) to empower sub-Saharan African communities to apply information and communication technologies (ICTs) for social and economic development. It has reports on rural connectivity, education (distance learning, cellular connectivity for schools, Uninet, SchoolNet), income generation, governance, health, internet access, national strategies for Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa. Has a discussion list, acacia-L; past discussions are on the web site. and

International Development Research Centre, South Africa Regional Office
Sponsors a Southern Africa Connectivity Project. Southern Africa Connectivity Project "designed to help identify an effective strategy for the promotion of Internet connectivity in the Southern African (SADC) region...". Includes an - Interim Report [120 KB] on a Pilot Project into the Use of Cell-data for Connectivity to Two Rural Schools in South Africa, by Yorke Rodda.
Connectivity Project:
Main Page:

International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD)
"...assists developing countries to utilise...information and communication technologies (ICTs)..." Projects in education, the environment, health, e-commerce, telecentres in Africa. Has full text accounts on the internet and computers in Africa. Has an E-Journal with full text articles on Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, WorldSpace's Health Channel, etc. Has a monthly e-mail bulletin. The Institute was established by the Netherlands Minister for Development Co-operation in 1997 and is based at The Hague, Netherlands. [KF]

International Open Source Network - Free Software for use in Higher Education in Africa
The University of the Western Cape (UWC), in 2004, received a R3.7 million grant from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada for the establishment of a network of African universities to build Free Software for use in Higher Education on the Continent.

Internet Fiesta
" international celebration, born of a European initiative which was based on a French idea."
See also: Fete de l'Internet en Afrique for events in Benin, Gabon, Senegal. and Project
"The primary objective of the project is to assist in the development of the regulatory environment" in South Africa's internet access industry. It is producing a Blue Paper on a suggested regulatory framework for the internet industry to be presented to the South African Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, SATRA. The site has overviews of the South African internet industry, information on mailing lists related to the South African internet industry, etc. Maintained by Anthony Brooks.

Internet Service Providers Association, ISPA
Organization for ISP's in South Africa. Includes their "Complaint regarding Telkom's Activities in the Internet Service Provision Industry."

Internet Society
Established in 1991 the Internet Society  is "the international organization for global coordination and cooperation on the Internet..." The African Regional Bureau has a chapter directory. Holds annual Network Training Workshops for Countries in the Early Stages of Internet Internetworking and a Developing Countries Networking Symposium. See the INET 1997 African Symposium for full text papers.
The Jon B. Postel Award was presented to Dr. Nii Quaynor, professor of computer science at the University of Cape-Coast, Ghana, at the 70th IETF in Vancouver, Canada, on 5 December 2007.

Internet Society - Directory of Chapters
Has directory of the Africa chapters.

Internet Society - Benin Chapter

Internet Society - Burundi Chapter, ISOC-Burundi
In French. "Founded by 36 pioneers and chartered on February 16, 2007"

Internet Society - Cameroon Chapter
For more information, contact Derek Ajesam Asoh: adasoh at camnet dot cm

Internet Society - Chad Chapter

Internet Society - Congo [Brazzaville] Chapter
In French and English.

Internet Society - Cote d'Ivoire
In French. Includes Members Directory.

Internet Society - Gabon Chapter ISOC-Gabon
Formed by Alain Ba Oumar and others.

Internet Society - Gambia Chapter
Chartered May 2000 Contact: Isatu Jah: isatu dot jah at gamtel dot gm

Internet Society - Ghana Chapter
Based in Accra, hosted by Network Computer Systems Ltd.

Internet Society - Liberia Chapter
Based in Monrovia, Liberia.

Internet Society - Mauritius Chapter
A non-profit, founded 2000, "dedicated to promoting the use of the Internet for research, communication and collaboration." The Mauritius Chapter of the internaitonal Internet Society. Based in Pointe Aux Sables, Mauritius.

Internet  Society - Nigeria Chapter
Based in Port Harcourt. Held a conference20-22 January 1999, "Internet: Information Revolution in the Third Millennium."

Internet Society - Senegal Chapter
In French. ISOC Senegal is the Senegal chapter of the international Internet Society. Includes a history of the internet in Senegal, activities, workshops.

Internet Society - Sierra Leone Chapter
"ISOC.SL was officially chartered by the Global Internet Society ( in April, 2007." The Partners section links to Sierra Leone ICT companies and NGOs.

Internet Society - South African Chapter
The Internet Society is "the international organization for global coordination and cooperation on the Internet..." The chapter site includes "Namespace in South Africa. Who should be in charge of domains in South Africa?"

Internet Society - Sudan Internet Society, SIS
In English and Arabic. Maintains the Sudan Country Code Top Level Domain ".SD" Registry. Provides "leadership in addressing key issues about the roles and uses of Internet." Lists the domain name categories with prices. Based in Khartoum. [KF]

Internet Society - Togo / ISOC - Togo
In French. Web site for the Togo chapter of the Internet Society. Most sections of the site are open to members only. Based in Lomé, Togo.

Internet Society - Other African Chapters
ISOC-MALI - For more information, send e-mail to Martine Keita at
ISOC-UGANDA - For more information, send e-mail to Caroline Wieland at

InternetWorldStats - Internet Usage Statistics for Africa
From Miniwatts Marketing Group. Based in Bogota, Columbia.

Internetology - Olivier Crepin-Leblond
Maps showing the history of the Internet's worldwide spread since Nov. 1993 including in Africa.

Internews [telecom policy project]
" international non-profit organization that supports open media worldwide." Has an Africa section. Its Southern Africa Telecommunications Policy and Regulatory Support Project works to "to harmonize a common framework of telecommunications policies, regulations and procedures. Offices in Arcata, California and New York city. [KF]

Into or Out of the Digital Divide? Perspectives on ICTs and Development in Southern Africa
Edited by: David Lush and Helliate Rushwaya. Executive Editor: Fackson Banda. (114 pages. Panos Southern Africa, 2000) Full text is online. Has case studies of Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe.

Non-profit, supports ICT entrepreneurs in Africa and elsewhere. Created a phone which uses a stationery bicycle to generate electricity and a wireless Internet radio. Make VoIP phone calls in areas without electricity and phone lines. Organization founded by a former network engineer, Mark Summer. The device was tested 2005 in Uganda. Articles about Inveneo. Based in San Francisco.

i-Pass Alliance Inc. - Email while traveling
Internet roaming provided by i-Pass Alliance can provide email, for the cost of a local phone call, while one is traveling in Africa. Your internet service provider must be a partner of i-Pass Alliance. Their partners include BBN and UUNET. A Feb. 1997 article from Boardwatch magazine discusses this service. Thanks to Jeff Cochrane for this information.

IST-Africa. Regional Impact of Information Society Technologies in Africa
ICT Research Cooperation between Europe and Africa. Report (11 pages in PDF) of an eHealth 2005 workshop. "a collaborative initiative between IIMC International Information Management Corporation Limited (“IIMC”, Ireland), Commonwealth Network of Information Technology for Development (“COMNET-IT”, Malta), ICT Policy Implementation Technical Unit (“UTICT”, Mozambique) of the ICT Policy Commission (CPInfo), the Meraka Institute of Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (“CSIR”, South Africa), and Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (“COSTECH”, Tanzania). Maintained by IIMC International Information Management Corporation Ltd., Dublin, Ireland.
IST-Africa 2006 Conference & Exhibition, Pretoria, South Africa, May 3-5, 2006 - ICT research conference.

"IT news, Telecom news and Mobile news from an African perspective." "aggregates technology and telecoms news relevant to Africa’s development." The publisher is Abby Wakama. Based in Gauteng, South Africa.

Jagboro, K. O. - A study of Internet usage in Nigerian universities: A case study of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria
In the ejournal, First Monday, Volume 8, Number 2 - February 3rd 2003.

Jensen, Mike - African Internet Status
The state of the internet and telcommunications in Africa. or

Jensen, Mike - Guide to Improving Internet Access in Africa with Wireless Technologies
IDRC Study, August 31, 1996.

Jensen, Mike. "Sub-Saharan Africa." In UNESCO World Communication and Information Report 1999-2000
Chapter 13, Sub-Saharan Africa. 17 pp. from the UNESCO World Communication and Information Report 1999-2000. Full text, in Adobe PDF. The UNESCO report includes "Arab countries" by A. M. Hallouda and A. Ghonaimy, "Evolution of the Internet" by R. E. Kahn, a Statistical Annex, etc. [KF]

Jidaw Systems Limited
Lagos, Nigeria company providing Web Services, IT Training, Internet / Web promotion, Consultancy, IT Career services. Has the text of Nigeria's national information technology policy, a directory of internet service providers in Nigeria, telecom providers in Nigeria, software developers, cybercafes and other IT information. See their digital Nigeria resource page. [KF]

Kabissa (London)
Site for the African non-profit sector to promote networking, coalition-building and information exchange. Has a directory of African NGOs by country. It provides African non-profits free web space, domain hosting, publications, and workshops. Has an e-mail newsletter.

Kargbo, John Abdul - "The Internet in Schools and Colleges in Sierra Leone: Prospects and Challenges"
Sierra Leone is introducing the Internet in its educational institutions in the year 2002. This article discusses some of the prospects and challenges that the Internet will bring to these institutions. "John Abdul Kargbo is in the Institute of Library, Archives, and Information Studies at the University of Sierra Leone."

A discussion group on the transfer of technology (esp. computer technology) to Kenya. To subscribe, send e-mail to:
In the message area, put: subscribe kci-net

[Kenya] Communications Commission of Kenya
Regulates telecommunications services, postal service, fixed and mobile phone operations, internet service providers, radio & TV. License fees, speeches, contact addresses, etc. [KF]

Kenya Network Information Centre, KENIC
Non-profit in charge of registration for the .ke domain. Use the whois to locate domain owners. The .ke top level domain was originally administered by Dr. Shem Ochuodho of ARCC and by Randy Bush (technical contact). Based in Nairobi.

Kenyan Internet Exchange
"KIXP allows Kenyan Internet Service Providers to easily exchange traffic within Kenya, while improving connectivity and services for their customers. KIXP is run and operated by the Telecommunication Service Providers of Kenya (TESPOK)." Has the full text of the Kenya Communications Act, 1998.

Kenyan Netwatch (Nairobi)
Online edition of the print magazine. Published by Raytom Information Services, Nairobi. News on the internet in Kenya, feature articles such as "How the web has changed Kenya," directory of Kenyan internet service providers, articles on useful Kenyan web sites, links to Kenyan sites.

Kenyaweb (Nairobi)
Internet service provider and directory to Kenyan web sites. in Kenya and East Africa; formerly Form-net.

Khartoum Information Technology Exhibition
Information and communications technology (esp. mobile technology) for conservation in developing countries, emphasizing low-cost, grassroots, sustainable solutions. Work in Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Uganda and Mozambique. Includes the report, Mobile Phones: an Appropriate Tool for Conservation & Development ? (17 p. in PDF), and Ken Banks blog. Ken Banks is Managing Director.

Korver, David - E-mail/Internet in Lusophone Countries in Africa
Has a draft version of a case study (55 pages) by Korver (while at the Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen) on the development of e-mail and the internet in Mozambique from its beginning until the end of 1997. Includes interviews from the Mozambique study. Also case studies on Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau.

Leland Initiative
A USAID five-year $15 million project to connect up to 20 African countries to the Internet. Also called the Africa GII Gateway Project. One of the goals is to create an Internet service provider industry. As of spring 1996 the focus was on end user applications for sustainable development activities.
Leland Initiative in Mozambique -

Limeline's High Speed Internet Service
Broadband internet service provider in Sierra Leone. "Uses satellite-linked pre Wi-Max infrastructure." Offers internet telephony. The owner is Limeline (Sierra Leone) Limited.

Internet service provider in Lagos.

In French. Discussion on linux in Africa. List owner is Bertil WILLOTTE.

LinuxChix Africa
Launched 24th February 2005 "to provide Africa women with a forum where they can share and grow within the FOSS [Free and Open Source Software] movement." It is the African chapter of LinuxChix. Co-founded by Anna Badimo and Dorcas Muthoni.
Has a list of companies or individuals who offer commercial support and solutions for Linux in South Africa, discussion lists, links to related groups such as the UCT Linux Enthusiasts Group.

Lohento, Ken - Le Bénin et l'Afrique dans la société de l'information
In French. On information technology in Benin and Africa. Reports on the internet in Benin, links to related sites. Designed to assist ITC development in Benin and Africa. Includes Lohento's memoire, "Radioscopie de la connexion du Bénin à l'internet"; the Annex includes "Chronologie de l'évolution de l'internet au Bénin." [KF]

Lohento, Ken - Radioscopie de la connection du Benin a l'internet
In French. Older site; see new site above. A 1997 memoire de fin d'etudes en sciences de l'information for the Universite Nationale du Benin. Describes use of the internet in Benin, present projects. Research has been updated to 2000. Has a chronology of the evolution of the internet in Benin and a bibliography.

Lund, Helen - Bridging the Gap? Access to Internet and E-mail within Universities in Developing Commonwealth Countries
Published Sept. 1998. Full text in Adobe PDF. 63 pp.On the site of the Commonwealth Higher Education Management Service (CHEMS).

Mail & Guardian PC Review Online
PC Review is a supplement to the South African newspaper, Mail & Guardian. Includes Arthur Goldstuck's column, Webfeet on new internet resources, helpful PC and Mac info for the average user, an extensive collection of past articles on computers, a discussion forum on South African technology and other topics. Includes stories not in the printed edition.

Making Broadband Accessible for All
62 pages in PDF. Moving the Debate Forward. Policy Paper Series • Number 12 • May 2011. On Kenya, East Africa.

MalawiNet Ltd.
Malawi internet service provider, offers web hosting, runs a Blantyre internet cafe. Links to Malawi education sites, travel sites including a restaurant guide, link to the Oanda currency converter, etc.

Malawi SDNP, Malawi Sustainable Development Network Programme
Malawi internet service provider. "...a UNDP funded Malawi Government Programme executed by the National Research Council of Malawi to assist with development of Internet and Information Services with emphasis on sustainable development" Hosts discussion lists such as ecoagric, ecological, agriculture mailing list, a civil society list, etc. Target group: development agencies, research and extension workers, natural resources managers, organic farmers etc.) Offers training, e-mail, web hosting. News on telecom developments in Malawi.

Malinfo Technologies
Computer "Consulting, Web Site Design, Custom Made PCs, and Tutoring for personal, small and midsize businesses, from metro cities in Georgia, in New York City, and metro cities in Mali-West Africa." Based in Marietta, Georgia (US).
In French. News on information and communication technology in Mali, directory of internet service providers, reports and interviews. Part of Afribone Mali.

Mallard Concepts (Brixham, Devon, U.K.)
Sells solar powered FM radio transmitters. Has one paragraph descriptions of projects in African countries using these radios.

Map of Southern African Internet Service Providers, by Gregory Massel

Markle Foundation
"The Markle Foundation and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have kicked off the Global Digital Opportunity Initiative (GDOI) to assist developing nations with pro bono expertise and resources." They begin work in Bolivia, Tanzania and Mozambique.

Mauritania. Office des Postes et Télécommunications (OPT)
Mauritania had full internet access as of Aug. 1997.
The site provides:

For those in Mauritania, how to obtain RealAudio, EudoraLight, and Acrobat.

Mauritius. Ministry of Economic Development, Financial Services & Corporate Affairs [IT Report]
Basic statistics, Full text reports - Report on Demand in IT Sector (2001-2005), Mauritius: The Singapore of Africa?, speeches of the Minister, etc. Based in Port Louis. [KF] or

McConnell International
An international technology policy and management consulting company on e-business and e-government, works with the U.N. Published a report "Risk E-Business: Seizing the Opportunity of Global E-Readiness" (Aug. 2000, 24 pp.) rating countries re their connectivity, tech leadership, info tech security, human capital and business climate. It included 6 African countries. [KF]

McCormick, Patricia K. - Internet Access in Africa: a Critical Review of Public Policy Issues
5 p. in PDF. In Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Vol. 22, Nos. 1/2, 2002.

Media Africa
Conducts surveys on the South African internet industry, has a guide to internet service providers in Africa, links to related sites. Headed by Arthur Goldstuck.

Media Toolbox
Bi-weekly email newsletter with news and commentary on South African internet developments in advertising, marketing, and publishing. Subscribe through their web site. Is part of Arthur Goldstuck's iStrategy, a weekly online magazine covering internet strategy, based in South Africa.

Mining Weekly
News on the mining and telecommunications industry, mainly South Africa but covers Southern Africa. Includes company profiles, conferences, business leader profiles, cartoons. Based in Bedfordview, South Africa. [KF]

In French. Guinean internet service provider. Has Conakry Pratique (a directory of hotels and restaurants).

Mishra, Manish Kumar - Use and importance of the Internet at the University of Maiduguri, Nigeria
Study to evaluate the use of the Internet at the University of Maiduguri, Nigeria. In the online newsletter, First Monday, Volume 14, Number 3, 2 March 2009.

Mobile Web East Africa, 2010 February 3 - 4
Limited to 120 attendees.

Sells Swahili domain names. Links to web sites about Swahili, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Maintained by Robert Jordan.

Mozambique. Comissão para a Política de Informática / Commission for Information Policy
In Portuguese. Official site. ICT politices, news, reports.

Mozambique On-Line - Wim Neeleman
In Portuguese. Annotated directory of web sites about Mozambique. Includes the internet in Mozambique. Maintained by Wim Neeleman.

Offers web design, web hosting, domain registration, email service etc. Based in Bamenda, Cameroun.

Mureithi, Muriuki - African Telecommunications Infrastructures for Information Access
The report concentrates on Eastern and Southern Africa. The Acrobat pdf version has charts. Published July 1997 by Mureithi, formerly senior manager in International Relations at the Kenya Posts and Telecommunication Corp., now Director of Summit Strategies, Nairobi.

NairobiNet Ltd.
Nairobi-based internet service provider. Its Kenya Information Centre hosts a Directory of Business and travel/tourism information.  Owned by Kenyans.

National Museum of Kenya Web Site Design
The Museum offers web site design services to non-profits and educational organizations.

NationLink Somalia
In Somali. A Somali telecommunications company, GSM mobile service, internet service provider, provides local dial-up service, offers 24-hour unlimited access. Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

NCN 2000 Financial and Business Network
News on telecommunications in Africa. From Marek Enterprise, Inc., a northern Virginia-based information services firm focused on Africa. Its President is Edward S. Marek.

Independent, non-partisan "internet monitor working at the intersection of digital rights, cyber-security and internet governance." Measures network connectivity worldwide with an emphasis on human rights. Based in London, "a privately held business owned and run by British technologist and human rights advocate Alp Toker."

Network Computer Systems Ltd. - Accra, Ghana
The internet service provider and networking company which established the first internet connection in Ghana.

Network Information Services
Claremont, South Africa internet service provider, web page design service, hosts business web pages.

Network of Mobile Election Monitors
"...a non-partisan non-profit project coordinated by Human Emancipation Lead Project. The project goal is to involve Nigerians with mobile phones to monitor the forth coming Nigerian presidential election through SMS to ensure impartial elections." Used technology from kiwanja. See article from Pambazuka News, May 16, 2007.

Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC)
A major site for information on electronic networking in Africa, run by Randy Bush, John Klensin, Steven Huter, Michael Downhill. "The NSRC works in collaboration with the Advanced Network Technology Center (ANTC) at the University of Oregon to provide pro bono technical and engineering assistance to international networking initiatives providing access to the public Internet, especially to academic/research organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)."
Has a map of public Internet eXchange Points in Africa

NGO-NET : Internet for NGOs in East Africa
NGONET's objectives are improving communication with the North at the lowest cost for NGOs, enabling NGOs to distribute their own information, and enabling them to co-operate on a local and regional basis.
International :
South America :
Europe :

Nigeria Internet Forum - Nigeria ICT Forum of Partnership Institutions
"Initiated by the six Nigerian universities that are grantees of the Carnegie Corporation and MacArthur Foundation, the Nigeria ICT Forum of Partnership Institutions (the Forum) has a mission to develop the internal capacity of Nigerian higher education institutions." Hosts ngNOG, Nigerian Network Operators Group - "a forum for cooperation and the exchange of technical information between operators of Internet-connected networks in Nigeria." Based in Abuja, Nigeria.

Nigeria Internet Group
"...a non Governmental organisation with the mission statement of promoting and facilitating full access to the Internet in Nigeria."

Nigeria-Stanford Educational Resources Organization, NS-ERO
A student organization at Stanford University founded in 1998. Their Accelerated Educational Technology Initiative (AETI) collects and ships used and new computer equipment and software to Nigerian educational institutions.

Nigerian Communications Commission
" the Regulatory Authority for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria." Publishes The Communicator journal. Has telecom statistics, information on cybercrime, child protection. internet service providers,  the text of legal acts. [KF]

NiTech Consulting
"Technology consulting firm for Nigerian businesses. NiTech consultants source and procure technology products and services, staff and manage special projects, provide training and support, and develop e-commerce and web-based applications." Houston company founded by two Nigerians.

NTCA-World Bank First International Conference on Rural Telecommunications: There Are No Boundaries, November 30 - December 2, 1998
At the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill Hotel, Washington, D.C. Will discuss case studies and real-life experiences on providing telecommunications service in rural areas. For: Policy makers, regulators, telecommunications company employees, NGOs, community development groups, bilateral and multilateral donors, and others.

Northern African Wireless
Online newsletter. News about ITC in Africa. Based in the United Kingdom.

NUA Internet Surveys
Has news on the internet in Africa, the number of people online by continent. Has a country breakdown for Africa for 1999, for 2000, for 2001.

African ICT developments. Articles, statistics, internet-related maps, country information. Began in 2009 by Tim Katlic Based in California.

Office Pro
"...a Common Initiative Group established in 1997 to acquire, develop and provide quality Computer Literacy Training, as well as provide Documentation and Telecommunication Services to the public." Cybercafe, sells cell phones. Based in Kumbo, Cameroon.

On The Internet (Reston, VA), Internet and Emerging Nations, Special Issue 2001
Edited by Wendy Rickard. Has "African Chapters and Their Role in Internet Development in African Countries" by Tarek Kamel and Terry Weigler and "Rural Access by Radio and Internet Helps Close the Digital Divide" by Lynne Gallagher and Djilali Benamrane on rural radio in Niger and "Paving the Way for Internet-Rich Environments in Developing Nations" by George Sadowsky on the network training workshops. Pub. by the Internet Society, ISOC.

One Laptop Per Child, OLPC
Project initiated by Nicholas Negroponte to provide low-cost laptop PCs for children in developing countries. Nigeria is one of the first countries. "OLPC has created the XO laptop at a very low cost,... It has been designed explicitly for children of the elementary classes (ages 6-12)." See also the OLPC Wik.i

One Laptop per Child South Africa
Describes projects in South Africa.

One World Africa
Information and Media and ICT for development. "OneWorld Africa is part of the international network of OneWorld that aims to Bring together a network of people and groups working for human rights and sustainable development from across the globe."

Open Swahili Localisation Project - Kilinux (kln X)
Produced a free Office software suite in Swahili, "Jambo OpenOffice". The suite is based on OpenOffice; the Swahili project was led by Alberto Escudero. They also produced a Swahili version of Tux Paint, a popular free and open source drawing program for children; its called TuKsi Koti la Rangi. Is also producing a Swahili IT glossary.
Open Swahili Localization Project:
Jambo Open Office:

ORIDEV - "Communication for Development"
In French and English. An NGO created in 1998 to promote development thru ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Has the full text of its e-newsletter, Orit@ Its first President is Ken Lohento and it is a member of the ANAIS network. Based in Cotonou, Benin. [KF]

OSIRIS (Observatoire sur les Systemes d'Information, les Reseaux et les Inforoutes au Senegal (Dakar)
In French. "OSIRIS se propose de produire des analyses, d'informer et de sensibiliser sur tous les sujets qui sont en relation avec l'utilisation et l'appropriation des technologies de l'information et de la communication au Sénégal." Publishes a free e-newsletter, BATIK, Bulletin d'Analyse sur les Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication, "qui traite de l'actualité des TIC au Sénégal." Has full text reports.

Pan African Development Information System, PADIS
Includes its Newsletter, from 1993, and the 1995 African Telematics Symposium (Addis Ababa).
See also the PADIS information at UPenn - Papers from the 1995 African Telematics conference in Addis Ababa, information on CABECA, the PADIS initiative to provide electronic connectivity in Africa. Material made available by Julie Sisskind and Ali Dinar.

PanAfrican Localisation Project
In English and French. Wiki on African writing systems, profiles of African languages, ICT and localisation situations of all countries of Africa, sources for fonts, keyboards, language maps, legislation, country ICT profiles. Supported by the IDRC, Kabissa, and Bisharat.

Panos Institute - The Internet and Poverty: Real help or real hype?
In English and Spanish. Full text article of 24 pages. Discusses internet growth in Africa, rural access, phone and computer access, role of development assistance, rural education in South Africa, the African Virtual University, HealthNet/SatelLife's role, etc. (Panos Media Briefing No. 28 April 1998). [KF]

Panos Institute - The Internet and the South: Superhighway or Dirt-track?
Full text article (1995) by the Panos Institute (London) on the opportunities and perils of the internet for developing countries. (Panos Media Briefing No. 16 / October 1995).

Partnership for Higher Education in Africa - ICT in Africa Study
The Bandwidth Consortium of four major U.S. foundations, the African Virtual University (AVU), 11 African universities and two higher education organizations work with satellite service provider, Intelsat, "to bring vastly expanded Internet bandwidth capacity and capability, at approximately one-third the cost, to academic institutions on the continent." Full text of Securing the Linchpin: ICT for Teaching, Learning, and Research, a Workshop for African Universities 2002. The Grants Database provides information about information and communication technologies grants by country, grantee, donor, amount, duration, purpose of grant, and keywords on grants received from the Partnership members: Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Ford Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation. Based at New York University, New York city. [KF]

Partnerships and Participation in Telecommunications for Rural Development: Exploring What Works and Why, Conference October 26-27, 1998
Sponsored by the Don Snowden Program for Development Communication Rural Extension Studies, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada to improve telecommunications for participatory rural development in Canadian and international contexts.
The conference has two components:

  • A two day face-to-face conference on October 26 and 27, 1998 on the campus of the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
  • A free online pre-conference located at from October 1 to 21, 1998 provides "opportunities to discuss past, present and future uses of communication technology in rural areas."

Patriensa, Asante Akim MultiPurpose Telecentre
"The primary mission of the Asante Akim Multipurpose Community Telecentre is to bring the benefits of the information and communication technologies to rural communities in Ghana." Video clips of a girls' festival, kente and adinkra symbols, people and panoramas of the village (need to move your cursor), photographs of a community forum. "On August 4, 2001, the village launched the first solar-powered telecentre, the Asante Akim Multipurpose Community Telecentre (AAMCT), in Ghana." Includes graphic images of health problems. The village has an 8-room bed and breakfast inn. A project of the Ghana Computer Literacy & Distance Education, Inc. (GhaCLAD), Greenstar, and the village.

PC World East Africa
Sept. 1996, Vol. 1, No. 1 was the first issue for the East Africa edition of PC World. Info tech news and short summaries of a few articles.

PC World Zimbabwe
The "IT People" section has a survey of IT salaries in Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe $$. [KF]

Peace Corps - "Every City is a Village: Recommendations for the Digital Freedom Initiative"
12 page article by Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Trevor Harmon. Through the U.S. govt. sponsored Digital Freedom Initiative 100 volunteers will assist small businesses in Senegal. If the project is successful, it will be expanded to 20 other countries. On the state of computer technology in West Africa as of early 2003.

Press, Larry
Larry Press, Professor of Computer Information Systems, California State University, Dominguez Hills has on his site many full-text articles on Networking in Developing Nations including Africa at INET, a report on the Internet Society's 1997 African Networking Symposium. [See also Papers from the Symposium.] There are links to articles on networking in African countries. He was Editor of GNET, an archive and journal on computer networks in lesser-developed nations and is Editor of the Developing Nations section, of OnTheInternet, pub. by the Internet Society.

Project for Information Access and Connectivity (PIAC)
The Project, begun in 1998 by the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, awards grants for the use of technology to improve the dissemination of African information. Includes web sites of grantees. The latest project will be a directory of African information in digitized form. Its director is Lisbeth Levey.
Examples of projects:
Through a Child's Eye: Photos of and by African Children on the Internet
Wired for Information: Putting the Internet to Good Use in Africa - lists internet guides in Arabic, French, Portuguese, has a directory of research oriented web sites
Database of African Theses and Dissertations: Report of a Feasibility Study - "A feasibility study for a pilot project to index and abstract theses and dissertations completed at African universities." Includes the state of internet connectivity at the universities surveyed (1998).

Rencontres Africaines des Logiciels Libres, RALL
In French. "une initiative de l’AAUL (Association africaine des Utilisateurs de Logiciels Libres) et de l’OIF (Organisation internationale de la Francophonie) à travers son Institut de la Francophonie Numérique." Workshops in Linux administration, etc.

Resourcery Group
Systems integrator, provides enterprise-wide ICT solutions and services. "Founded in 1985, Resourcery has grown to a staff strength of over 100 professionals with offices in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt".

Reuters Foundation Digital Vision Fellowship Program
"...enables outstanding technologists to use their vision and talent to build information and communications technology solutions that empower developing world communities."

RINAF, Regional Informatics Network for Africa
Based in Pisa, Italy, "initiated in 1992 as a framework for UNESCO's support for African co-operation to promote academic and public sector computer networking... RINAF started with support from Italy, and complementary assistance from the Netherlands and the Republic of Korea and UNESCO's Regular Programme. Today, RINAF is the framework of all UNESCO's telematics support activity for development in Africa..."

RIO, Reseau Intertropical d'Ordinateur
Organization which provides electronic connectivity in Francophone Africa. Articles on the internet in Africa, etc. Under the French government funded Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement, Paris.

Rowing Upstream: Snapshots of Pioneers of the Information Age in Africa
Edited by Lisbeth A. Levey and Stacey Young. Developed by the Project for Information Access and Connectivity (PIAC). (Johannesburg, South Africa: Zann Hoad Sharp Sharp Media (Pty) Ltd., 2002.). Full text of a book on the history of the internet in Africa, with a timeline (and maps). Covers the role of African NGOs, especially SANGONET, a photo essay (includes community radio in Mozambique, women's enterprises), African content on the web including from the Diaspora, ICT in African universities, ICT funding in Africa, accounts of the beginnings of the internet in Africa by some of its pioneers. [KF]

Samara Internet Services
Internet service provider in Zimbabwe. Has links to Zimbabwe sites.

The Southern African NGO Network provides Website Design, Hosting, Database Design for civil society organizations. Offers internet training, information communication technology (ICT) strategic planning, linux local area network setup. Based in Johannesburg.

Satellife, Healthnet
A non-profit, based in Massachusetts, which provides an electronic network for health professionals in Africa and other countries. Has 16 locations in Africa. Their services include e-mail, discussion forums, publications, exchange programs. Email:

SchoolNet Namibia
"SchoolNet Namibia's objective is to provide appropriate computer technology and Internet access to ALL schools in Namibia." Has a Schools Database of educational institutions. They received the 2002 APC Africa Hafkin Communications Prize for people-centred information and communications technology (ICT) policy.

Science / health / IT news and articles, opinion pieces (from print sources) on Sub-Saharan Africa. "sponsored by Nature and Science in association with the Third World Academy of Sciences. It is published with the financial support of the UK Department for International Development, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and the International Development Research Centre in Ottawa, Canada."

SD Development Newsletter (U.S. Agency for International Development, Washington, D.C.)
Articles on USAID's projects in Africa on governance, economic growth, agriculture, information technology, the environment, education, health, humanitarian assistance. Quarterly published by the Office of Sustainable Development, Bureau for Africa, U.S. Agency for International Development.

Company will provide the first undersea fibre optic cable connecting Eastern Africa to South Africa, Europe and India. The less expensive faster internet connection replaces expensive satellite internet access. Connects Djibouti, Kampala, Kigali, Mombasa, Maputo, Egypt, Tanzania, Madagascar to India (Mumbai) and Europe (France). 75% funded by African investors, 25% U.S. Work was delayed by Somali pirate activity. Based in Mauritius.
Article: BBC July 23, 2009 - East Africa gets high-speed web

Sierra Leone internet service provider.

Smart Cape Access Project
Full text report. 32 pages. In pdf. (Washington, D.C.: Council on Library and Information Resources, 2004.) 2002 Project to provide free Internet access to six Cape Town, South Africa public libraries in disadvantaged areas.The report describes the impact on the lives of Cape Town residents. The Project received the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Access to Learning Award 2003. [KF]

Social Science Research Council. Transnational Civil Society Organizations and Information Technology
Has a report, "NGOs and ICTs use in Republic of Congo" by Sylvie Niombo Ngouémé, published May 2003, 9 pages. Covers telecom, internet service costs, infrastructure with respect to NGOs in the Congo. In Adobe pdf. "The SSRC is an independent, nonprofit organization. Based in New York City."

Societe des Telecommunications Internationales du Niger
Government telecom organization and Niger's first internet service provider.Their first web site customer was the African Centre of Meteorological Applications for Development (ACMAD) in Niamey.

Software technical support company. Originally S.O.F.T. Company Ltd. Established in 1991 by Hermann Chinery-Hesse and Joe Jackson. Based in Accra, Ghana.

Sohne Net
Blog of software developer/consultant, Guido Sohne. Articles on the African software industry, open source in Ghana, etc . Maintained by Guido Sohne. [KF]

SONATEL (Societe Nationale des Telecommunications du Senegal) is the national Senegal telecommunications company and provides telephone and telex services.

South Africa National Information Technology Forum
The NITF, formed November 1995, will provide policy options to ensure the development of all the people of South Africa and works to develop an information technology policy for a democratic South Africa. Site has the Jan. 1996 conference paper by the Dept. of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology.

South African Internet Survey
A project by Dr. Jonathan Miller, Centre for Information Systems, Univ. of Cape Town to compile statistics on the internet in South Africa

South African Telecommunications
Transcript of Aug. 15, 1995 session with former South African Minister of Posts and Telecom. Pallo Jordan on the Green Paper on Telecommunications Policy

Southern African Regional Telecommunications Restructuring (RTR) Program
The program is under the auspices of the SATCC of the SADC, it is funded by USAID. The RTR helps businesses wishing to enter the telecom market. It's site has figures for 1990-1993 for network statistics, economic indicators, telecom financials, etc. HTTP://

Southern African Wireless
Online newsletter. News about ITC in Africa. Based in the United Kingdom.

Station Africa
"Station Africa is a Seychelles International Business company with an operational base in South Africa, controlling various telecommunication subsidiary companies throughout Africa. Station Africa is a service provider for INMARSAT, IRIDIUM and V-SAT services, as well as agent principal for Thrane & Thrane hardware for sub-Saharan Africa." Based in South Africa and the Netherlands.

Sustainable Initiatiaves
A look at sustainable ICT activities by NGOs. Site funded by the U. K. Department for International Development (DFID), developed by Gamos Ltd and Big World (UK Charity).
Case studies included:

  • Deniva, a case study of how ICTs can enhance existing networking activities among NGOs in Uganda.
  • Digital Village, case study of a telecentre in Soweto, South Africa, one of the oldest telecentres in Africa.
  • Gobal Voices, Kenyan communities using video to increase awareness among government and their fellow community of the community needs.
  • Kuminfo, use of GIS for natural resource management in Ghana.
  • UDS, how Uganda Development Services set up centres which offer access to ICTs and training services for small business.

"We provide professional web hosting services to ISPs and Internet consultants in Africa. Tangaza was designed to assist small-to-medium sized African companies." Based in Mauritius. Works with Comtrends "an American company who offers advanced Internet services to ISPs around the world. Based in Atlanta Georgia, Comtrends operates the servers and network that are the backbone of Tangaza's service."

TanzaNET Ltd. is an Internet Service Provider based in Dar es Salaam which hosts the Java internet cafe where one can set up an email account. They plan to produce a travel online magazine and a business online magazine.

TechKnowLogia (Oakton, Virginia)
"International Online Journal of Technologies for the Advancement of Knowledge and Learning." Pub. by Knowledge Enterprise, Inc., in collaboration with UNESCO, OECD and Global Information Infrastructure Commission (GIIC). Free registration. 1st issue includes "Ghana: Networking for Local Development...." on telecenters in Ghana.

ICT news from Kenya and East Africa. Social media, mobile, computer hardware/software news, related Kenya videos.

Use their Search Engine to find articles on telecommunications in Africa. Produced by CMP Media Inc.

TED Conference, Arusha, Tanzania, June 2007
"TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become ever broader. The annual conference now brings together the world's most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes)." See also Africa: Blogging TEDS Global, by Benin Mwangi. Ted Africa 2008 was canceled.
In English, French, Spanish. News about telecentres world wide. Use the Search box to find information by country or topic.

[Telecentre] Farahan's Rombo - Kilosa Rural Services Telecentre/Cybercafe
Telecentre and cybercafe. "One of the only rural cybercafes in Tanzania, based in Kilosa, Morogoro Region.  Services include telephone, IP telephone, Internet, fax, photocopy, messaging, word processing, desktop publishing, secretarial services, Internet & computer training, digital photos, and scanning.  The service generates profits through making many villagers capable of earning more money and enhancing their livelihoods."  Owned by Mark Farahani.

Telecom Namibia Limited
"...the national telecommunications operator, established in August 1992 and wholly owned by the Government of the Republic of Namibia. Telecom Namibia is functioning as a commercialised company and as a subsidiary of its parent company, Namibia Post and Telecom Holdings Limited." Phone tariff costs. List of locations with wifi (mainly hotels).

TeleCommons Development Group (Guelph, Canada)
Has some full text papers from "Partnerships and Participation in Telecommunication for Rural Development: ....October 1998 Conference." Examples:

  • Tunde Adegbola, "Nigeria Infocommunes: Blending Modern Information and Communications Technologies with Traditional Practice"
  • Frank Tulus, "ACACIA: Communities and the Information Society in Africa"
  • Esme Modisane (Project Manager), "South Africa Community-based Access to Information and Communication Technologies
  • Bruce Lusignan, "Rural Telecommunication Projects of Stanford University's Communication Satellite Planning Center"

Has access to documents:

  • Ghana - Rural Stakeholder Consultations and Rapid Market Assessment for Expanded Rural Telecommunication System (1998)  NGOs and Internet Use in
  • Uganda: Who Benefits? (1999)

Telecommunication Service Providers of Kenya (TESPOK)
An association of Kenya's internet service providers. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Telecommunications in Africa
Article in English with graphics (95K) by Michiel Hegener, a journalist specializing in telecommunications (esp. satellite). Lots of information about internet/telecom developments in Africa (in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, RASCOM project, Africa One of AT & T). The article originally appeared in Nov. 1995 in a Dutch weekly, Vrij Nederland.

Timbuktu Chronicles
Blog by Emeka Okafor on Africa's young entrepreneurs, technology for development in Africa, development successes and failures. "A view of Africa and Africans with a focus on entrepreneurship,technology,practical remedies and other self sustaining activities." Links to related sites. [KF]

Titan Corporation
Titan has a "50 percent ownership position in an African-based telecommunications company, AFRONETWORK," (in Benin), which will build a satellite-based telephone system in Benin. Use their Search to locate articles on Benin. Based in San Diego, CA.

Total Telecom (London)
Once you register, you have free access to articles on telecommunications. Has a keyword search which includes the current and past issues of Communications Week International (London) and Communications International (London).

Tyler, Michael, Janice Hughes, and Helena Renfrew - "Telecommunications in Kenya: Facing the Challenges of an Open Economy"
26 pages paper located on the Virtual Institute of Information, a non-profit research facility on telecommunications, computing and the mass media. Based at Columbia University, New York City.

"CE is a broadband wireless network initiative that will transform 100 Nigerian universities into digital campuses by connecting them to each other and to the world. The digital campuses will serve as hubs for digital cities whose success will fuel a regional rollout." Initiated by Nam Mokwunye, a 2007 Reuters Digital Vision Fellow, Stanford University, California.

UgaBYTES Initiative
Non-profit working to reduce the digital divide especially for rural areas. Developed software for telecentres. Works with other Uganda NGOs. Has a 2003, 26 page draft report, Rural ICT Utilisation in Tanzania Empirical Findings from Kasulu, Magu, and Sengerema, by Olaf Nielinger (in PDF). Working to set up an African HELPNET (international African help desk). Based in Kampala, Uganda. [KF]

UNESCO. On-line Governance
Information on applying ICT technologies to governance. Has country replies to a questionnaire on topics such as "Government Launched Initiatives To Promote The Use Of Informatics And Telematics In Government And Public Service," percentage of the population witn access to a telephone at home, Does your country regulate electronic data with Copyright Legislation, What proportion of government departments have access to the Internet, etc. Has media / ICT statistics. Compare replies to each question by country and compare statistics such as the cost of a local call. A joint UNESCO & COMNET-IT Research Project. [KF]

UNESCO. Webword. Communication and Information. Activities by Region / Country
UNESCO's activities in the field of communication and information technology.Workhops on ICT for Africa, UNESCO films on the internet in Africa.

Unité de Formation, de Recherche et de Documentation en Sciences Sociales et Humaines (Yaounde)
In French and English. "Réseau pluridisciplinaire de recherche, d'Ingénieur sociale et de partenariat pour le bien-être socio-économique des populations et le développement durable en Afrique." Information on Cameroon, photographs, articles (on the internet in Cameroun, the cybercafe). UREDS runs a cybercafe in Yaounde.

United Nations Development Programme. Sustainable Development Networking Programme
"...initiative to kick-start networking in developing countries...Initially launched in 12 pilot countries in 1992...the SDNP currently offers assistance in establishing connectivity to national networks and the Internet, content provision and aggregation, and user training in 40 developing nations and 36 small island developing states." Describes programs in Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Gabon, Malawi, Mauritania, Mozambique, Togo.

United Nations Development Program. Sustainable Development Networking Programme - Malawi
Has "SDNP Malawi Project Document. Draft." prepard by Dr. Paulos Nyirenda, Dr. Joseph J. Uta, Richard Labelle (1995.36 p.) which covers environmental issues, the state of telecommunications, role of SDNP in Malawi. See also Malawi SDNP, Malawi Sustainable Development Network Programme.

United Nations. Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)
Based in Addis Ababa. Held a number of conferences on information technology, the African Information Society Initiative, AISI and the Pan African Development Information System, PADIS and its Newsletter, 1993--. Has a Search facility.

U.N. Economic Commission for Africa. African Information Society Initiative
Founded 1996. See the section on NICI [National Information and Communications Infrastructure] in Africa with NICI Indicators providing statistics on the Telecommunications sector, ICT networking, Telephone and cellular penetration by country, Internet Connectivity by Country. Has brief Country Profiles. [KF]

U.N. Economic Commission for Africa. Development Information Services Division (DISD)
Has a report on GIS in Africa, maps illustrating phone density, internet density, cellphone density, number and type of internet service providers, and the state of broadcasting in Africa, full text of the PICTA (Partnership for Communication and Information Technologies in Africa) Bulletin, and other full text documents (on ICT, geo-information, statistics) going back to 1993 including PADIS Newsletters.

United Nations. Economic Commission for Africa. Informatics Policy Instruments in Africa
A draft survey of Information Policy in Africa by Marius Francisco for the UN ECA. Covers the history and current state of information technology and computerization in Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, Cote d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Tanzania, Senegal.

United Nations. Economic Commission for Africa. NICI [National Information and Communications Infrastructure] in Africa
NICI Indicators provide statistics on the Telecommunications sector, ICT networking, Telephone and cellular penetration by country, Internet Connectivity by Country. Has brief Country Profiles and National Information and Communications Infrastructure (NICI) Policies for countries, such as the Nigerian National Policy for Information Technology (Full text, in Adobe pdf. 59 p.) [KF]

United Nations. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Task Force
Established to help bridge the global digital divide. Has a Regional Network for Africa - "An African Stakeholders Network (ASN) has been launched to ensure that United Nations-efforts to bridge the digital divide in Africa are better co-ordinated, more inclusive...." Has full text documents of ICT developments in Africa.

United Nations Information Technology Service, UNITES
A global volunteer programme aimed at bridging the digital divide between the industrialized and the developing world. Includes reports, cyberfacts on the digital divide.

United States Congress, House Committee on International Relations Subcommittee on Africa
Bridging the information technology divide in Africa : hearing before the Subcommittee on Africa of the Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives, One Hundred Seventh Congress, first session, May 16, 2001. Washington : U.S. G.P.O. 2001. 35 p. [KF]
Speakers included Mr. Lane Smith [USAID Leland Initiative], Gail Ifshin, Ph.D.[Discovery Channel], Ernest Wilson, Ph.D. [Univ. of Maryland], Mr. Noah A. Samara [Worldspace Corp.], Christine Hemrick [Cisco Systems]. Hearing Transcript E (.TXT format). Hearing transcript (PDF - 149 kb, 39 p. takes a long time to download).

United States, Dept. of State, Global Technology Corps
"...a public-private partnership that recruits high tech volunteers for short term projects worldwide. The GTC works with companies, individuals, and organizations who are willing to volunteer their time, expertise and resources to help spread the social and economic benefits of access to information technology." Seeks volunteers for projects in Kenya, Nigeria, Swaziland, Zimbabwe. "...while the program has had little trouble finding experts to volunteer their time, getting equipment is more of a challenge...." - N.Y.Times, Jan. 4, 2000, article Jeri Clausing..

University of Cape Town. Centre for Educational Technology
Has the full text on-line of ICTs and Higher Education in Africa; see under PHEA Educational Technology Initiative. Chapters on Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda. Information covered can include telecom structure, mobile phones, electrical power, radio and TV stations, ICT access and costs, ICT policy, telecentres.

University of Ibadan. African Regional Centre for Information Science, ARCIS
Regional centre for information technology training, research and advisory services. Offers M.Sci., M.Phil., and Ph.D. degrees, workshops, seminars. Includes a list of Masters degree projects and Phd Theses. Courses in record management, internet publishing, software and information systems project management, business information systems design and applications, CDS/ISIS, etc. Based in Ibadan, Nigeria. [KF]

University of Jos Project
Cliff Missen from the University of Iowa spent September 1998 through July 1999 at the University of Jos as a Fulbright Scholar, teaching about computers, networking, and the Internet. His project assisted "with establishing Internet connectivity, setting up the university's first local area network, training technicians, and teaching about multimedia while digitizing materials for the World Wide Web."

University of Manchester. Institute for Development Policy & Management. Rural Resources / Rural Livelihoods: Working Papers
Has summaries and the full text of a Working Paper, "Information Management, IT and Government Transformation: Innovative Approaches in the new South Africa."

University of Manchester. Institute for Development Policy and Management. Development Informatics: Working Papers
Full text reports in html, Adobe PDF, Wordperfect. Example - "Information and Communication Technologies, Poverty and Development" by Richard Heeks

An open source platform that "allows anyone to gather distributed data via SMS, email or web and visualize it on a map or timeline." Using user-generated reports and Google Maps, Ushahidi created a map showing citizen generated crisis information after the post-election violence in Kenya." Now used in many countries including for Haiti earthquake relief. Created by Kenyans.
See the original 2008 project. and the New York Times article March 14, 2010, "Africa’s Gift to Silicon Valley: How to Track a Crisis"

Van Der Merwe, D. P. - "Computers and the Law"
Has full text of the book on the Jutastat site. Difficult to read online. (2nd ed. Kenwyn [South Africa] : Juta & Co., 2000. 292 p.) Guide to the legal ramifications of information technology. D.P. van der Merwe is Professor in the Department of Criminal Law at Unisa.

Wananchi Online
Internet service provider (also web hosting, design). Commenced business in March 2000. Based in Nairobi.

White African
Blog about high-tech mobile and web technology change in Africa. By Erik Hersman who grew up in Kenya and Sudan, now lives in Kenya. Hersman is also an editor for AfriGadget about low-tech ingenuity and microentrepreneurs in Africa.

"The WiderNet Project is a service program at the University of Iowa that works to improve digital communication in developing countries. Our current focus is in Africa and our closest ties and connections are with Nigerian universities. The WiderNet Project focuses on the improvement of educational communication systems in Africa by providing faculty and students with access to computers, email, and the Internet.""
The eGranary Digital Library provides millions of digital educational resources to institutions lacking adequate Internet access. Through a process of garnering permissions, copying Web sites, and delivering them to intranet Web servers INSIDE our partner institutions in developing countries, we deliver millions of multimedia documents that can be instantly accessed by patrons over their local area networks at no cost."

Wilson III, Ernest J. - "Globalization, Information Technology, and Conflict in the Second and Third Worlds A Critical Review of the Literature"
Literature review which seeks to answer the question, "What is the impact of globalized information and communications technology and services on the politics and society of developing countries, especially on the issues of conflict and cooperation?" Part of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Project on World Security. 44 p. Paper in Adobe pdf format. [KF]

Win Informatique (Dakar)
"...une SARL fondée en 1997, née du regroupement d’informaticiens sénégalais et suisse associant les meilleures compétences techniques en architecture client/serveur, mainframe et réseaux."

Windows Live Academic
Find articles and citations to articles on the internet and computers in Africa from academic and research journals. Export citations to BibTeX and Endnote. About Windows Live. From Microsoft.

Winneba Linux User Group
Supports the use of open source software for educational purposes. Based at the University of Education Winneba, Ghana. See also OpenGhana.

"Wiring African Universities Proves a Formidable Challenge" by Andrea Useem,
From the Chronicle of Higher Education, April 2, 1999, page A51-A53. "How 2 African Universities Have Moved Ahead in Information Technology" [about Eduardo Mondlane University and the University of Zambia].

World Bank - Global Knowledge 97 Conference
World Bank and Govt. of Canada June 1997 conference, Knowledge for Development in the Information Age, to harness information as tools for sustainable/equitable development. Has a Virtual Conference web site and a discussion list. To join, send email to:
Leave the Subject area blank. In the Message area put: subscribe GKD97
Do not include your name.
The Canadian International Development Agency also sponsors a discussion list for the conference, Village Well:

World Bank Internet Connectivity Projects
Reports on Bank computer networking projects in Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Senegal.

World Bank - Tanzania and the Knowledge Economy: Preliminary Assessment
July 2004 "Powerpoint" report (49 p. in PDF). "which regions of the world will be the most economically successful in the 21st century, ...... many scholars and pundits believe those regions will be the ones that can most successfully attract the so-called "knowledge" areas, such as information technology, nanotechnology, and a host of other fields."

World Computer Exchange
"We collect working computers which are too often discarded and place them with educational organisations in Africa [18 countries], Asia, and Latin America." Based in Hull, Massachusetts.

World Resources Institute. Digital Dividend Project
Its Clearinghouse is a large database of Africa-related and other projects. Its goal is to help projects find partners, financial resources, technical advice. Search for projects by region, country. Covers approximately 600 projects worldwide, about 50 projects are added every month. Includes a directory of related digital divide sites. Has a free e-newsletter.

"Based in Washington D.C., the Worldspace Enterprise was founded in 1990 to provide direct satellite delivery of digital audio communications services to the emerging and undeserved markets of the world, including Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and the Middle East . By the end of the decade, Worldspace will have three satellites in orbit to transmit information, education and entertainment programming to a service area that includes over 4.6 billion people."
See also: Business Week, June 30, 1997 article on WorldspaceChief Executive, Noah Samara and the State of the World Forum press release (Oct. 1999) on solar-powered digital radio for Africa. Print Sources: Opiyo, Vincent. "Noah Samara's WorldSpace Vision" Market Intelligence (Nairobi), February 2000, 27-28. Includes photograph.

World Summit on the Information Society
In English, French, Spanish. Sponsored by the U.N. and International Telecommunication Union. Held in two phases: in Geneva from 10-12 December 2003 and in Tunis 16 to 18 November 2005. The 2nd Africa Regional Preparatory Conference is in Ghana Feb . 2005 (see also A Regional Africa Conference May 2002 was in Bamako, Mali.
See also:

World Universities' Ranking - Websites
Ranks university web sites world-wide, including the top African university websites. "The "Webometrics Ranking of World Universities" is an initiative of the Cybermetrics Lab, a research group belonging to the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), the largest public research body in Spain." Based in Madrid, Spain.

Site on using the internet for research in the humanities and social sciences for South Africans.Also information on writing research proposals, evaluating information, etc. Prepared by the Centre for Science Development (HSRC) and Infolit, a project of the Adamastor Trust.

Youth and Press Development Organisation, YPDO
An NGO provides ICT and secretarial training to youth (many of whom are orphans) in Zambia.

Young Rudd International Trust
"...a charitable company that is committed to promote the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in development by disadvantaged young people and other members of the community, first in Zimbabwe and throughout Africa." Established by Batsirai Mike Chivhanga.

ZCP informatique, Zongos Consulting and Productions
In French. Internet service provider, web host, web design, network management, GIS, database expertise, and other information and communications technology services. Founded by Sylvain ZONGO who established the first internet connection to Burkina Faso. Based in Ouagadougou.