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Search two separate databases, African Women's Bibliographic Database and Africana Periodical Literature Bibliographic Database.

  • The African Women's Database has citations to English language articles, books, govt. documents, theses, etc. from 1986 to date.
  • The Africana Periodical Literature Bibliographic Database has citations to journal articles from the mid-19th c. to date and indexes the e-journals - Africa Update, African Studies Quarterly, Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography, Internet Journal of African Studies, Jouvert, a Journal of Postcolonial Studies, West African Review.

A list of journals indexed is provided. Maintained by Davis Bullwinkle. http://WWW.AfricaBib.Org

African Index Medicus
Online index to citations to medical-related articles. From the World Health Organization.

African Journals On-Line
Offers the tables of contents and abstracts of articles to journals in agricultural sciences, science and technology, health and social sciences, published in Africa." A keyword Search covers all journals. Project started by the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (London), a cooperative network to improve access by developing countries to scientific information. Order photocopies of articles.
In cooperation with Bioline International , one can also pay for access to the full text of selected journals, African Crop Science Journal (Uganda), African Journal of Food and Nutritional Security, the African Journal of Neurological Sicences (Kenya), the Central African Journal of Medicine (Zimbabwe), the East African Medical Journal (Kenya), Ichthyological Bulletin (South Africa), Journal of Food Technology in Africa, Transactions of the Zimbabwe Scientific Association, Zimbabwe Science News, Insect Science and its Application (Kenya), and others. A Search across all journals for articles is free.

African Studies Abstracts Online (Leiden, Netherlands)
Excellent annotated index of articles from periodicals, chapters from edited works and collective volumes on Africa in the field of the social sciences and the humanities. To be published four times a year. "Each issue also contains a geographical index, a subject index, an author index, and a list of journals and edited works abstracted in that issue." The first issue was No. 1, 2003. Compiled by the Afrika-Studiecentrum in Leiden, Netherlands.

African Studies Centre. Library (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Their online catalog is a excellent source for locating journal articles. The Catalogue includes annotated citations to articles, chapters from edited works acquired since 1988 and published in African Studies Abstracts.

African Studies - NISC Database
Subscription only. Provides citations to articles from the following sources: African Studies Abstracts (1988- African Studies Center, Leiden); Africa Institute, Pretoria Library; South African Institute of International Affairs; Namlit (articles on Namibia); Bibliography on Contemporary African Politics & Development (UCLA). Other sources in the database may or maynot cite articles.     [Stanford users, select Subscribers at the web site. Then select African Studies.]

African Studies Review/Bulletin and the ASA Review of Books, 1958-1990, Index
Site is closed. Full text issues are available on subscription through JSTOR. By John Bruce Howell with the assistance of Steven James Browne and Barbara M. Howell. The index is by subject and author. For the ASA Review of Books, citations can be found by book author and name of reviewer.
The table of contents for issues of the African Studies Review from Vol. 23, 1980 + are at:

Agricola (National Agricultural Library)
Search their database for citations to books, serials, journal articles, book chapters, reports.  "The database covers materials dating from the 16th century to the present." The records cover ...agriculture and allied disciplines, including plant and animal sciences, forestry, entomology, soil and water resources, agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, agricultural products, alternative farming practices, and food and nutrition. Auxiliary subjects that support NAL's Information Center activities, such as agricultural trade and marketing, rural information, and animal welfare, are also included." For example one can locate citations to articles on cocoa in Nigeria.

Air University (U.S.) Library. Africa : Selected References
Bibliography of journal articles, books. Compiled by Joan Phillips. Topics: Economic Conditions, Foreign Relations, Foreign Relations - United States, Health, History, Military Aspects, Natural Resources, Politics and Government, Social Aspects, Organization of African Unity, Somalia - Operation Restore Hope, regions of Africa, individual countries. The Air University is at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala.

Anthropological Index Online
Web index of volumes 1-32 (from 1957 + ) of the Anthropological Index to Current Periodicals in the Museum of Mankind Library (London). Search by keyword/subject, author, title, journal name. There is a list of the full titles of journals indexed by AIO. Has a Journal Alerting Service to "receive by email journal contents listings and entries relevant to a keyword that you have chosen, whenever new entries are added to the Index."

ARCHway Database.
"The ARCHway "Citation Index" indexes the tables of contents from Britain's 14 most popular archaeological journals." "References range from as far back as 1770, and as recently as 2001." The ARCHway Journal Locator provides the archaeology journal holdings of over 20 UK university, museum and private libraries. Covers over 2000 journals. "provides the title of the journal, contact details for each of the libraries that hold it, the volume numbers of each journal they hold, and the years covered by these collections." Also provides publisher addresses, ISSN. A project led by the University of York Library.

Article First and ECO
Subscription only; many universities subscribe. Part of FirstSearch, OCLC. Locate citations to journal articles. [Stanford users see the Databases page.]

Black Newspapers Index (Ann Arbor, Mich. : University Microfilms International)
Some libraries have this quarterly print index which covers from 1977-present. [Stanford users see Socrates.]

Black Studies on Disc
Some libraries may have this cd-rom. "Information on materials by and about African Americans, Africa and peoples of African ancestry. Includes catalog of the Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture and citations from the Index to Black periodicals, 1989-. " Iowa State University Library has a description of it. [Stanford users can find it on the CD-ROM Terminals next to the Information Centre].

British Library for Development Studies, Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK - Journal Articles Database
Information on economic/social development. The library's online catalog, BLDS, includes journal article citations.

In French. Full text journal articles from Afrique contemporaine, has abstracts and some articles from Afrique & Histoire. "Cairn est né de la volonté de quatre maisons d’édition (Belin, De Boeck, La Découverte et Erès) ayant en charge la publication et la diffusion de revues de sciences humaines et sociales..."

Centre for Development Research (Copenhagen)
"CDR, is an autonomous institution under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs." Search their database for citations to monographs and journal articles. Holdings are strong on Tanzania. Also has the full text of many Working Papers.

Columbia International Affairs Online
Subscription only; some universities subscribe. Use their Search to locate many full text articles, reports, conference papers, books, briefings, by keyword, author, date, institution. Has an events section. Full text books include: Anthropology of Anger: Civil Society and Democracy in Africa, (1996) by Celestin Monga and Linda Fleck and Hemmed In: Responses to Africa's Economic Decline (1993) by John Ravenhill and Thomas M. Callaghy.

Conference Papers
To locate conference papers, try:

Connecting Africa
Free database of researchers, publications, organizations. You will get the most results by selecting All Fields and Whole Word(s) if your first search does not yield results. Maintained by the African Studies Centre, Leiden, Netherlands. [KF]
Went out of business September 28, 2001. Sold books, dissertations, journal articles, historical documents, program transcripts, etc. Worked with the Ingram Book Group, Bell & Howell, Libris. Funded by CBS, NBC, and others.

Current Geographical Publications
A small number of  "bibliographical references to books, periodical articles, pamphlets, government documents, maps and atlases in the American Geographical Society Collection of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee..." Has an Africa section.

Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library
Locate citations to journal articles, technical papers, etc. EEVL is a "gateway... to facilitate access to high quality information resources in engineering." Sponsored by U.K. academic institutions.

Find citations and full text reports on development issues (administration, agriculture, culture, education, environment, finance, health, industry/technology information, intl. cooperation, labour, population, society, trade, transport).

To retrieve full text articles on many Africa-related topics, search the ELDIS database (on development and the environment) from the British Library for Development Studies at the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK. See the Country Profiles page.

Electronic Journals by Subscription
Many universities pay for access to full text electronic journals which are therefore available only to members of the university community. Please check with your librarian about electronic journals at your institution. For example, Stanford users may find full text e-journals at:

ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center)
Provides citations and abstracts to education-related documents and journal articles. ERIC is "operated for the U.S. Department of Education by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)."

In French, some English. Find full text journal articles (also books, theses) through a keyword Search. Examples of articles online:

  • Sida, ONG et la politique du témoignage en Afrique de l’Ouest
  • African Unions Under Structural Adjustment Programs
  • Développement des langues africaines : De Yaoundé à Zanzibar
  • Statut de l'interprète dans l'administration coloniale en Afrique francophone
  • Mobilizing Victimization: The Construction of a Victim-Centred Approach in the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission
  • L'(in)satisfaction au travail des professeurs du second degré du Sénégal
  • Des lexiques en langues africaines (sängo, wolof, lingala) pour l'utilisateur de l'ordinateur
  • Famille nucléaire et accueil de parents dans les ménages urbains au Gabon
  • La traduction en anglais de la littérature francophone : perception du phénomène au Nigéria
  • Literary Translation in Africa : The Nigerian Experience
  • Vue sur la violence. Les frontières du conflit pastoral au Kenya

Erudit is a Canadian university sponsored project to disseminate the results (journals, books, theses, preprints) of university research.

Ethiopian Journals Online
Hosted by Addis Ababa University. Selected issues of journals.
Hosted by Ethiopia's Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Selected issues of journals. Includes the articles, "Entoto St. Mary Museum: the Oldest Ethiopian Church Museum" and "Rock art at Bete Mariam, Lalibela: Biblical and Archaeological Interpretation".
Database / index to full-text articles published in over 300 magazines and journals published from 1998 + . Some results give commercial ad links at the top.

Forest History Society
Has a searchable Environmental History Bibliography with over 32,000 entries compiled by the Forest History Society. Mainly contemporary cases but includes historical cases such as - Schabel, Hans G., "Tanganyika Forestry Under German Colonial Administration, 1891-1919" in Forest & Conservation History 34 (July 1990): 130-41. "The Society was "established in 1946 and incorporated as a nonprofit educational institution;" it is affiliated with Duke University.

H-Africa Tables of Contents
The academic discussion list has an ever growing tables of contents listing for academic journals.

Handbook of Latin American Studies Online
Keyword searchable bibliography from the U.S. Library of Congress Hispanic Division. Find references to Africans and African influence in Latin America. Covers 1935 onwards. Provides Current Journal Abbreviations: and Subject Terms (from Volume 50 onward):

HighWire Press
Has some free full text articles. Select Search Journals and then Words Anywhere in Article for best results. Topics of full text articles found include "excellent HIV/AIDS prevention projects in Africa," food crisis in Ethiopia, change in South Africa. Serials indexed include Age and Ageing, American J. of Public Health, Annual Review of Anthropology, Annual Review of Energy and the Environment, Annual Review of Political Science, Annual Review of Psychology, Annual Review of Sociology, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Science. "A list of journals with free issues and free trial periods -- and the timing of the release of each free issue -- can be found at:" [KF]

ICAAP Journals Database and Distribution Centre
Find full text articles in quality scholarly journals. Most are free access. Use the Advanced Search. Categories are Environmental Studies, History, Humanities, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology, Biology, Mathematics, Medicine. From the International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication (ICAAP) in association with Sociosite, affiliated with Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada.
" is an online index of articles published in Nairobi newspapers." Subjects covered include culture, law / governance, reproductive health, and other topics. "The index will ultimately include details of articles published since 1980. The actual content of an article is not provided, rather online citations describing the articles. Hard copy of any article indexed can be ordered directly from the Kenya Indexing Project. This database will be updated on a regular basis." The Thesaurus database can be helpful in looking up citations for topics. Based in Nairobi, Kenya. [KF]

Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement. Horizon Database
Retrieve citations to journal articles, chapters in monographs, reports published by IRD (formerly ORSTOM) researchers from 1944 to date. Has a few full text articles (in Adobe PDF). Subjects covered are: Earth Sciences, Human Health, Oceanography and Hydrobiology, Economics & Social Sciences, Animal & Plant Biology, Fundamental Sciences & Techniques, Engineering & Information Sciences, Most publications are in French. Has abstracts for citations.

Inter-Parliamentary Union (Geneva)
The international organization of national parliaments, in Switzerland, has a Parlit Database - citations to articles "on the role, structure and working methods of national parliaments, on electoral systems, constitutional law, history and political science....The database includes references to over 7,000 books and studies as well as 30,000 articles taken from 160 periodicals."
Parlit Database:
Main page:

Journal des Africanistes Tables of Contents
Site does not work in older Netscape browsers. Journal of the Société des Africanistes. Has the table of contents and abstracts, an index by ethnic group. Formerly Journal de la Societe des Africanistes.

JSTOR (full text journal articlels)
Search for full text articles from academic journals, thru subscription only. A Members list is available. The latest issue of journals is not online. Includes Journal of Black Studies, Transition, Callaloo, and others. Covers journals on ecology, economics, education, history, political science, population studies, sociology. A important resource for subscribers. Use the PAGE menu item to advance. The entire article can be printed in Adobe Acrobat PDF format

Liberation Journals Index
"...index covering the interwar Pan-African periodicals La Revue du Monde Noir, Légitime Défense, L’Étudiant Noir, the wartime Tropiques, and the postwar Présence Africaine, as well as the Québécois journal Liberté......originally conceived both as a public research tool and as a practical component of Meadow Dibble-Dieng’s dissertation, a comparative study that considers the various ways in which literary periodicals have served in liberation movements throughout the Francophone world." Descriptions of each journal, with references. Search by author, theme, genre (biography, interview, folklore, play, poetry, review, etc.). [KF]

Military Education and Research Library Network, MERLYN
Find citations to journal articles on military / defense related topics. From the Publications section, click on Search Digital Materials.
The database covers:

  • Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals (AULIMP). Includes citations to journal articles in English language military journals. Covers 1990 to date. Updated quarterly.
  • Staff College Automated Military Periodical Index (SCAMPI). Includes selected citations to journal articles and selected documents and reports supporting the curriculum of the Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, VA. Covers 1960 to date.

Search for mainly citations to books, on a topic. The contents are created by individual scholars inputting their books, etc. into the online database at

Natal Law Society Library
The Natal Society Library is the Legal Deposit library in KwaZulu-Natal. Through its database catalog locate journal articles and books on South African legal related topics. Their newsletter provides information on new print and internet documents such as recent judgements from the Supreme Court, the labour and land claims courts.

New York Times Book Reviews
Search for past book reviews from 1980 to date from the New York Times Book Review section by author, title, subject. Full-text of the reviews is given. Seaching on an African country generally pulls up one or more titles.

Northwestern University Conference Paper Index
Northwestern has an online index to conference papers from the 1940s to date - Africana Conference Paper Index, AFRC. Select Special NU Databases. Page down to the databases box and select Africana Conference Paper Index. Click on Connect.

PCI, Periodicals Contents Index
Subscription only (some universities subscribe).Find citations to journal articles and book reviews (in Western European languages) published from 1770 to 1990/91.  Search by keyword, subject, title, author. Africa (London), Africa Today, African Studies (Johannesburg), International Journal of African Historical Studies, Anthropological Review, and Foreign Affairs are among the over 1,000 journals indexed. Aimed at libraries; the annual subscription for the complete service is $10,000. Subscriptions covering articles from1960-1990/91 (in 550 journals) are less expensive. From Chadwyck-Healey.

In French. Full text articles online from academic journals. Includes Cahiers d'etudes africaines, Annales de geographie, Revue francaise de science politique. From Aliacom and l'université Lumière Lyon 2 with the French Ministère de l'éducation nationale, de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche.
Examples of articles:

Population Index on the Web
Annotated bibliography, searchable by keywords. The online database covers all issues of Population Index from 1986-1999 and a broad range of subjects: women's issues, fertility, migration, child mortality, economic development and population, nutrition and health, urban and rural spatial distribution. Included are citations to monographs, journal articles, govt. documents, dissertations. From Princeton University's Office of Population Research.

Project Muse
Full text articles, for subscribers only, to titles such as Africa Today (Indiana University Press), Callaloo, Human Rights Quarterly, Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, Journal of Democracy, Journal of World History, Research in African Literatures, Transition (edited by Kwame Anthony Appiah and Henry Louis Gate, Jr.), World Politics. Has a Search thru all journals or selected ones only. A important resource for subscribers. From Johns Hopkins University Press.
A database of over 150,000 periodical titles from throughout the world. Information comes from Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory and other sources. One can look up journals on Africa or by country and/or topic, by title, ISSN, publisher.  The database lacks many titles published in Africa. Searching on Niger retrieves only Nigerian journals. Includes journals in electronic form and government serials., is a privately funded company based in Rockland, Mass founded by Frederick Bowes, III.

Quarterly Index of African Periodical Literature (Library of Congress Office, Nairobi)
The online version of the print index published by the U.S. Library of Congress Nairobi Office. Since 1991 the Library of Congress Office, Nairobi, has indexed over 300 journals from 24 eastern and southern African countries. ((In 1997 the LC Nairobi Office began adding publications from Cameroon, Gabon, Ghana, and Senegal and citations from these countries are now included.) or

RAMBI, Index of Articles on Jewish Studies
Free index to journal articles. Find articles on Jews in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, etc. Indexes Jewish Affairs. From the Israel Inter-University Library Network, Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, Israel.

Review of African Periodical Articles (RAPA)
A free tables of contents service by JEPS Publishing. Begins June 2001. African journal publishers can submit their tables of contents & abstracts online. Based in Alexandria, VA Phone: 1 (703) 768 5962. Email:

Review of African Political Economy
Site for the UK journal on the politics of imperialism; development; agrarian, popular and democratic struggles; class, gender and social justice. Has a Database of abstracts of all articles (find articles by country, city, etc.). Has an acronym identifier, etc.

SAePublications (Centurion, South Africa)
SABINET Online provides, through subscription, full text access to South African journals. Articles are indexed by keyword, broad subject, author(s), and title. A list of the journals is available. It has "the tables of contents of more than 500 South African journal publications dating back to 1988." [KF]

Seventh Day Adventist Periodical Index
Indexes about 40 Seventh Day Adventist journals and magazines. Search for citations to articles by keyword, author, title, obituaries. The index is produced at the James White Library, Andrews University.

Smithsonian Institution Libraries - Art, Museums, Culture
Select Search Catalogs, then Libraries, then Smithsonian Libraries. Indexes articles on art, artists, art auctions, repatriation of art, personal adornment, textiles, biographies, obituaries, photography, museums, oral traditions, traditional medicine, religion, history, cultural development, African diaspora, music, children's books.

South African Studies Database, 1987 to present - NISC BiblioLine
Subscription only. Citations to articles in South African journals. Includes the Index to South African Periodicals, South African Theses and Dissertations. Citations can be emailed to you. A description of the 11 different databases in the South African Studies database is available. They offer certain databases free for 30 day trials. The National Information Services Corporation (NISC) is in Baltimore, Maryland. [Stanford users, select Subscribers at the web site. Then select African Studies.]

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Articles Databases
One can retrieve citations to journal articles through a keyword search. Topics include internal military conflicts, peacekeeping, structural adjustment, etc.

U.S. National Library of Medicine. Medline, PUBMED, etc.
PUBMED -"over 15 million citations for biomedical articles back to the 1950's. These citations are from MEDLINE and additional life science journals. PubMed includes links to many sites providing full text articles and other related resources."

Universidade Federal da Bahia, Faculdade de Filosofia e Ciências Humanas, Centro de Estudos Afro-Orientais, Salvador, Brazil. Biblioteca
In Portuguese. The library has a searchable database of online full text articles from newspapers.

University of Wisconsin (Madison). Land Tenure Center Library
Has citations to journal articles on African topics.

Viva: a Bibliography of Women's History in Historical and Women's Studies Journals
From the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Includes historical citations to articles from 1995 onwards on women in African history from AfricaBib, compiled by Davis Bullwinkle.