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Africa Portal 
Policy research on Africa. Has a Digital Library and Experts Directory. Maintained by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI, Waterloo, Canada) and the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA, Johannesburg). [KF]

African Newsletter on Occupational Health and Safety
Has the full text of articles published from 1995 to date. Published by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (Helsinki).

Business Times
South African newspaper published every Sunday. Has a feature "Labour Guides"  on South African issues and links to labor-related sites.

Butterworths South Africa (now Lexis Nexis Butterworths)
Wealth of information, for paid subscribers, on South African law, taxation, accounting. A free sample of their databases can be seen on Butterworths Express. Databases include: South African Law Reports, Constitutional Law Reports, Labour Law Reports, Exmployment Law Journal.Also has the IR Network, available thru paid subscription only. This includes Labour Court Judgments, Labour Relations Act Judgments, labour legislation, labour news, a trade union directory with union media statements, and collective agreements.

Centre for Democratic Communications
Information on the South African labor movement and COSATU, Congress of South African Trade Unions.Press releases, key discussion documents, articles from The Shopsteward, photos. Also links to the South African community radio sector and the South African film industry.

The Changing Face of Trade Unionism in Africa
Article by Debra Percival from The Courier ACP-EU, March-April 1996, No. 156.

Conference - New Research on Lusophone Africa, London, 16-17 May 2002, King's College
Has full text papers on Angola, Mozambique. Hosted on the site of the Dept. of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, King's College London. All papers include a bibliography. [KF]
Papers include: Corrado Tornimbeni - "'Working Boundaries'. Boundaries, colonial controls and labour circulation in Beira District, Mozambique, 1942-1960s".

COSATU, Congress of South African Trade Unions
Labor federation founded in 1985, a partner with the African National Congress in the Tripartite Alliance. Has their journal, The Shopsteward, speeches, parliamentary submissions, articles, a directory of affiliate trade unions with union logos, COSATU Information Digest, COSATU Campaigns Bulletin, meeting minutes, the 1997 national congress proceedings, press releases, a directory of Southern Africa unions with links to labor web sites.  They will have online discussion forums.

Focus International - Labor Statistics
Focus International, a Canadian consulting firm, provides labor statistics for Africa mainly taken from the International Labor Organization. Part of their Women in Development Network site.

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung - Foundation for Social Democracy
In German. Based in Bonn, Germany, a non-profit which promotes political education, the democratization of social structures, free trade unions, offers scholarships. Has information on their African programs.

Global Labour Journal - African Trade Unions (guest edited by Mark McQuinn) (Special Issue)
Vol. 13 No. 2 (2022): May 2022.  Published 2022-05-31. The Journal is an online, open access, academic journal.

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (Brussels, Belgium)
Use the Search box. Has an Annual Survey of Violations of Trade Union Rights including in African countries, a database of ICFTU affiliated trade unions in Africa.

International Labor Rights Fund (Washington, D.C.)
A labor rights group working to ban cocoa imports from Cote d'Ivoire because of child labor / child slavery used in Cote d'Ivoire cocoa production. Has a May 2002 report on "Violence against women in the workplace in Kenya" concerning sexual harassment in the manufacturing sector. [KF]

International Labour Organization
Includes a page on the ILO Regional Office for Africa: African Labour Information System (ALIS).

International Labour Organization - e.quality@work
An Information Base on Equal Employment Opportunities for Women and Men. For the African countries covered (Egypt, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia) provides information on all or some of the following - equal employment legislation; collective agreements; case law, customary law, labor courts, workers' and employers' organizations, national guidelines, government programs, links to related sites.

International Labour Organization. Governmand and Labour Law and Administration
Use the ATLAS database to locate African country information: key labor and employment facts. [KF]

International Labour Organization. Southern Africa Multidisciplinary Advisory Team, ILO/SAMAT
Covers Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. "giving policy and technical advice, conducting training workshops and seminars,...providing information, developing and executing technical cooperation projects...." Its SamatData is a database on employment and labour in the SADC countries The database includes annual data from 1980 onwards and covers the SAMAT countries plus Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mauritius, the Seychelles and Tanzania. [KF] Has the full text (in MS Word) of its Discussion Papers series. Papers are around 20-30 pages.

International Sociological Association, Research Committee 44 on Labour Movements
Includes links to sites on labor movements and labor studies, the latest RC44 Newsletter which has information on the South African Sociological Assoc. July 1996 conference, a directory of labour researchers which includes their research interests, tables of contents of recent labor journals; there are some Africa-related articles. The site is maintained by Michael Shalev. [KF]

Kadalie, Dr. Clements, (1896 - 1951), "Champion of the African Workers" - Donal Brody
Profile (7 p.) by Dr. Brody (antiquarian bookseller) on the founder of the Industrial and Commercial Worker's Union (ICU). Has photographs and excerpts from letters with Arthur Creech-Jones, UK labor leader. [KF]

[Kenya] Open Kenya (Transparent Africa)
"...public government data .... High quality national census data, government expenditure, parliamentary proceedings and public service locations ...... maps....interactive charts and tables .... raw data for technical users to build their own apps and analyses." Health, poverty rate, education, electricity, development projects, urbanization, employment, land ownership, sanitation, population, age groups, parcels under irrigation, credit borrowing, child nutrition, crop farming, housing, disability, county statistics. Download datasets. Tech tools, apps for your own data. [KF]

Labour Resource and Research Institute, LaRRI
Founded to "provide continuous training and policy research in areas such as labour legislation, collective bargaining, affirmative action, gender equality, Namibia's political economy and globalisation,..." Has full text reports: Export Processing Zones in Namibia, Playing the Globalisation Game: The implications of economic liberalisation for Namibia; NGO Survey, Privitisation, Pay Equity, Workers Rights, the SME Sector in Namibia, Foreign Direct Investment in Africa. Also has full text Workshop Papers such as on Globalisation and Employment. Based in Windhoek, Namibia. [KF]

LabourStart - Africa
Recent African labor news gathered, via RSS, from other web sites. [KF]

Limb, Peter - " Alliance Strengthened or Diminished? Relationships between Labor & African Nationalist/Liberation Movements in Southern Africa"
Full text. A paper from the conference on "The Dynamics of Change in Southern Africa," University of Melbourne 18-20 May 1992.

Malawi Industrial Relations Court
The Industrial Relations Court has original jurisdiction over labour disputes and other issues relating to employment in Malawi. Includes many full text sample cases. Based in Limbe, Malawi.

Maquila Solidarity Network
Articles on workers' rights issues at Lesotho textile factories which supply to Hudson Bay Company of Toronto, Canada.
See also:

Mauritius Labour Party (Port Louis)
Mauritius political party founded in 1936. Is a member of the Socialist International.

National Register of Archives (London)
The NRA provides an information sheet on Sources for labour history, which has a brief guide to labor history archives in the UK and a list of important reference works.

National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
An excellent resource for locating U.S. archival holdings on Africa. For African labor history, see the Maida Springer Kemp and Jay Lovestone collections. NUCMC is a database operated by the U.S. Library of Congress providing information on archival holdings in the U.S. To search select:  NUCMC Z39.50 Gateway to the RLIN AMC file . If you can't tell from the record which repository has the collection, select the Tagged Display option at the bottom of the page and scroll to the end of the Tagged Display screen. [KF]

National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa
The "largest metalworkers union in South Africa.". Members are auto workers, mechanics, steelworkers, and others. Includes press releases, officers, a history, a directory of their regional offices, an issue of NUMSA News, reports, speeches, resolutions from their Fifth National Congress, resolutions from 1987 to 1996, etc. [KF]

National Union of Mineworkers (South Africa)
Their site has the NUM's Mining and Minerals Policy, press releases from 1995-1997, other NUM documents, and a directory of its offices and staff.

NEHAWU, National, Education, Hdealth and Allied Workers Union
South African union founded in 1987, affiliated to COSATU. Claims to be the biggest public sector union. Has a magazine, NEHAWU. Based in Johannesburg.

Nigeria Employers' Consultative Association
"NECA is the umbrella organization of employers in the Organised Private Sector of Nigeria. It was formed in 1957 to provide the forum for the Government to consult with private sector employers on socio-economic and labour policy issues." See also NECA's Network of Entrepreneurial Women.

Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals
"...a technical arm of the National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria (NISCN) which is a tripartite organization comprising (The governments, Employers and Labour) established by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 1964 to monitor industries/factories activities to ensure Safety of people and advise on the need for legislation." Membership database. Based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Norwegian Trade Union Solidarity Work in Africa
Article by Terje Kalheim in the Internet Journal of African Studies (Bradford, U.K.) No. 1, April 1996.

Pistes et recherche, Revue Scientifique (Institut Sup?rieur P?dagogique, Kikwit, DRC)
In French. Has full text articles from Volume 12, Num?ro 3, 1997, such as "Contribution ? l'histoire du recrutement de la main-d'oeuvre indig?ne au Congo-Belge. Cas du colonat europ?en au Kwilu (Bandundu) et ? Kalima (Maniema)" by SUNKEYI-DA Yekama-Yeyu. [KF]

SA Law Online
Extensive information on South African legal issues. Has labor court judgments,   links to related sites (labor relations, etc.) Edited by Lance Michalson from Cape Town.

SANGONET - Labour and Economy
Directory of Southern Africa and international sites.

Social Conflict in Africa Database, SCAD
"(SCAD) provides information on over 6,300 social conflict events across Africa, including strikes, riots, protests, coups and communal violence from 1990 and 2009." "CAD does not include civil and interstate conflicts." Charts, codebook, dataset. Team headed by Cullen Hendrix and  Idean Salehyan. From the Climate Change and African Political Stabilityprogram, Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law, University of Texas at Austin.

South African Democratic Teachers Union
"...a union of organising teachers - irrespective of race, creed, or gender - nationally throughout South Africa." Has the code of conduct, articles and cartoons from its journal, Educator's Voice.

Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions
Has their address, list of officers, a solidarity letter supporters can send to govt. officials, press releases regarding the 1997 strike.

United States, Department of Labor, Bureau of International Labor Affairs
Has an International Child Labor Program, a 2002 report on child labor on West African cocoa farms, the full text of the publication, "By the Sweat and Toil of Children," Vol. 5, "Efforts to Eliminate Child Labor." From February through June 1998, U.S. Department of Labor officials traveled to 16 countries including Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania. "Chapter II described the nature and extent of child labor. Chapter 4 discusses access to primary education, education laws and policies, education data, including data on educational attainment and government expenditures on education, factors limiting access to primary education, government initiatives to overcome limitations to access and increase primary school accessibility, enrollment, retention, and completion.
Also use the Search of the U.S. Dept. of Labor International Child Labor Program.

United States, Department of Labor - Child Labor Reports
Annual Department of Labor Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor in each African country including Western Sahara. Has Summary of Findings from the Child Labor Surveys in the Cocoa Sector of West Africa - 2002.

United States, Department of State, Human Rights Reports, 1993-2004
Reports for each country have information on workers' rights.

University of London, Institute of Commonwealth Studies / Institute for the Study of the Americas. Commonwealth and Latin America. Political Archives
Catalog of political ephemera (from political parties, trade unions and pressure groups) including from African countries. See the Commonwealth Author and Title Lists. "particularly strong holdings from South Africa and from the former frontline states." Online posters (African National Congress, Zimbabwe elections). Full text pamphlets (South Africa, Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia), and a paper by Danny Millum.
See also the one day workshop on 'Political ephemera from the Commonwealth and Latin America' July 4, 2005. Program (pdf) . Abstracts (pdf).

The Worker
"Voice of the labour movement." Newsletter of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions. Full text articles, includes older issues of the newsletter. See also their other site, Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions. Based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions
Has the Union constitution, position papers, press statements, articles from The Worker.

Zimbabwe Labour Party (Harare, Zimbabwe)
"We are dedicated to the logical completion of the workers' and peasants' struggle, which has been hijacked in Zimbabwe by the ruling ZANU(PF) nationalists and their international collaborators."