Congo-Kinshasa news


In French. Political, economic, education, health, culture, sports, society news.

Actualite CD  (Kinshasa)
In French. Political, economic, security news. Audio and video reports.  Created 2016, "un média du Groupe Next Corp."
Facebook page 

Agence Congolaise de Presse
In French and English. Government press agency. Created August 12, 1960 by then Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba.
Current news. Created by a merger with the former Africa News from Durham, NC.

L'Avenir (Kinshasa)
Web site for the print daily newspaper.

BBC - Africa News
Current news. Video, radio news.

Beni Lubero
In French, English, Spanish. Human rights news from the Eastern DRC.  Website started by Catholic priest Rev. Vincent Machozi while he was a Boston University School of Theology graduate student. Machozi was assassinated in 2016. 

Business et Finances
In French. Business news on the DRC.

Cap Sud Infos
In French. Political, sports news.  " est une propriété de « CAPSUD CONSULT », une entreprise de droit congolais"  

 In French. News of the Congolese diaspora in Belgium.  Political, social, economic and cultural news of the DRC.

In French. Political, economic, sports news.

In French. "Créé en 2008 par un collectif de professionnels des médias" News of the Congolese diaspora. Offices in Montreal, Kinshasa,  Brussels. 

Congo Vision - News
In English and French. News from various U.S., European, and African sources. Based in Brattleboro, Vermont. [KF]
In French and English (computer translation). Current politics, economy, sports, music, culture. Its Revue de la Presse Congolais reprints articles from Congolese newspapers. Has hotel, restaurant, hospital listsing. "un service d'information sur le net fournis par Multimédia Congo s. p. r. l (MMC)." Based in Kinshasa. [KF]

Forum des As
In French. Daily national, culture, society, sports news. 

Global NewsBank
Subscription service. Some universities subscribe. Does not have the latest news but good for researching news from a week ago back to 1985. Iincludes selected reports from the BBC Monitoring Service (English translations of news), Agence France Presse, IPS, PANA, radio and/or TV  stations.

In French. "Web Magazine d'actualité pour la promotion du Kongo-Central"  "une Association sans but lucratif (ASBL) composée de professionnels des médias et d’informatique." Has a Facebook page. 

Kasai Direct 
A Wordpress news blog. See also

Kinshasa Times (Kinshasa)
In French and English. Political, economic, security, culture, sports news. Video interviews.

Matin Infos
In French. Political, economic, security, culture, sports news. Reprints articles from other news sources.

Le Maximum
In French  "un bihebdomadaire d'informations générales paraissant à Kinshasa" Political, economic, society, sport, culture news.

In French. Political, economic, culture, health, sports news. Diaspora news. Rental & for sale housing notices. Job offers. Based in Kinshasa.

Le Monde Diplomatique
Small selection of older articles on the Congo from this major French newspaper.

Phare (Kinshasa)
In French. Web site for the print newspaper.

In French. Political news. Video news. Has lots of non-relevant ads.

Le Potentiel (Kinshasa)
In French. "Quotidien indépendant pour l'action et la démocratie." Online edition of the print major daily newspaper.

La Prospérité
In French. Daily political, economic, society news. Lists job openings at the U.S. Embassy in Kinshasa. Partners with Radio Okapi and the UN Mission in the DRC.
In French.  Aggregates news from other Congo sources and radio stations such as Radio Okapi ("la radio des Nations unies en République démocratique du Congo, co-gérée par la Monusco et la Fondation Hirondelle.")  

Refworld, United Nations, High Commissioner for Refugees
United Nations news, news from human rights groups, NGOs.,COUNTRYNEWS,,COD,,,0.html

ReliefWeb - DRC News
Extensive information on the Great Lakes Crisis (Rwanda, Burundi, Congo (Kinshasa)), an extensive collection of newspaper articles, newswire stories, UN reports, etc. Maintained by the UN Dept. of Humanitarian Affairs.

Le Soft International
Web site of the print independent Kinshasa newspaper. " Published by Finpress Group Afrimages Kinshasa Bruxelles Paris."

La Tempête des Tropiques
In French. Current political, economic, social, cultural, sports news.

La Voix du Paysan Congolais
In French. Bimestriel d'informations du monde rural et de l'environnement en DRC. Created in 2005 by CENADEP (Centre National d’appui au Développement et à la Participation Populaire), an NGO. and  Facebook page