Eritrea news - Eritrea
Current news from the well-known news publication. Sources: Ethiopian newspapers, the U.N.

News on Eritrea, historical profiles, interviews with prominent Eritreans, articles, photos of martyrs of the Eritrean Struggle for independence, announcements. Site administered by Gadi Enterprises, San Jose, CA. 

BBC - Africa
May have Eritrea news. Also use the Search.

Dehai, Eritrea News Online
News from online sources.

Denden Media
In Tigrinya  ERi-TV news. TV programs from Eritrea.
News of Eritrea and the Eritrean diaspora.

Eritrea Alhaditha
Eritrea Ministry of Information newspaper.

Eritrea Daily
Current daily news. Has the Eritrea Constitution, brief Eritrea history, links to related sites. "Some of the articles on Eritrea Daily are accessible by subscription only."

Eritrea Profile
In English. Eritrea Ministry of Information newspaper.

Eritrean Press
Independent news on Eritrea. Includes videos. Created by an anonymous editor. The BBC Feb. 27, 2019 reported it is "the largest page on Facebook reporting news from his home country, Eritrea." "covers the broad sweep of Eritrean life." Founded 2014.

Haddas Ertra
Eritrea Ministry of Information newspaper.

Subscription only; some universities subscribe. Has selected Lexis-Nexis databases. For best results, select the tab "More Options," then the pull down menu "Headline and Lead Paragraph."

Current news, news of the Eritrean community in the U.K. Interviews with prominent individuals. Videos, including music videos. Business directory (U.K. businesses). Jokes.

Meskerem - "The Eritrean Political Opposition"
In Tigrinya / Tigrigna, Arabic, English. The Eritrean National Alliance. The Alliance comprises the Eritrean Liberation Front and other organizations. News, political commentary, press releases, a discussion forum, audio of radio programs such as the Voice of Democratic Eritrea, opinion pieces (some from, letters re political prisoners, links to Eritrean sites. [KF]

Missionary Service News Agency (MI.S.N.A., Rome)
In English, Italian, French. May have Eritrea news. MISNA is produced by EMI (Editrice Missionaria Italiania) and FESMI (Federazione Stampa Missionaria Italiana).

Le Monde Diplomatique (Paris)
In French and English. Use the Search box to locate articles on Eritrea.

Reemna News Network
News on Eritrea from other online sources (identifies the original sources). Owned by Reemna Inc. Based in Asmara, Eritrea.

U.N. Integrated Regional Information Networks, IRIN
Horn of Africa and Eritrea news, mainly on disaster and humanitarian issues. and

U.N. Reliefweb - Eritrea
Current news especially development related news..