Ghana news
Current Ghana news (from Ghanaian newspapers, etc.) Formed from a merger with the well-known Africa News of Durham, NC.

Chronicle (Accra)
Online edition of the Accra weekly newspaper.

CNN - Africa News
May or may not have news on Ghana.

Daily Graphic (Accra)
Selection of news stories from the long-established Accra print newspaper. By the same publisher are Graphic Showbiz and Graphic Sports.

Ghana News Agency, GNA
"established on March 5, 1957, i.e. on the eve of Ghana's independence and charged with the "dissemination of truthful unbiased news". It was the first news agency to be established in Sub-Saharan Africa."

Ghana Review (London)
Online and print magazine published by Micromedia Consultants Ltd., London, U.K. Current news, sports, business, news from Parliament, an Election 2000 page, court news, arts & culture, education, health. Includes links to Ghana-related pages.

Ghanaweb - News

Ghanaian Times (Accra)
Online edition of the daily newspaper, published by New Times Corporation. First established by Kwame Nkrumah in 1957. New Times Corp. also publishes the weekly, The Spectator, and The Sporting Times.

Current news. Web site for the print newspaper.

Joy Online
Local news from Accra based Multimedia Broadcasting Company (MBC) which also operates a radio station.

The Mirror (Accra)
Link not made as the web site activates a lot of advertising popups, etc. Online edition of the Accra print weekly newspaper. Published by Graphic Communications Group Limited, also publishers of the Daily Graphic.

News Ghana
Online news business news, sports, etc. Based in Accra, Ghana.

Public Agenda (Accra)
Web site of the print newspaper.

News, religion, fashion, sports, etc.

The Statesman (Accra)
The daily print newspaper was established in 1949 by a founding member of the United Gold Coast Convention. "The paper shares the liberal philosophies of the Danquah-Busia tradition." Supported the opposition New Patriotic Party.

Topix - Ghana News

Vibe Ghana
Current news articles from Ghana and other newspapers. Videos on Ghana, Uganda (Idi Amin), etc. Readers may comment on articles.

Washington Post
Recent articles from the Washington Post, AP wire stories. March 7, 2007 article on Ghana's 50th Anniversary. and