Rwanda news

Africa Confidential- Rwanda (London) 
Subscription required for full text access to the newsletter. Some universities subscribe, see your university E-Journals. [Stanford e-journals.OCLC ECO is the easiest to use.] This well-known political newsletter was established in 1960. - Rwanda News
Current news sources (including PANA, the Dakar news agency created to provide an African perspective on news events). has merged with the publishers of former Africa News (Durham, NC). RSS Feed:

British Broadcasting Corporation - Africa News
May or may not have Rwanda news.

British Broadcasting Corporation - Great Lakes
News in Kinyarwanda. To listen to the audio, you'll need a sound card, speakers, Real Player on your computer.

CNN - Africa News
Use the Search to locate articles on Rwanda.

Global NewsBank
Subscription service. Some universities subscribe. Does not have the latest news but good for researching news from a week ago back to 1985. Has selected reports from the BBC Monitoring Service (English translations of news), Radio Burkina, Agence France Presse, African newspapers, IPS, PANA, radio and/or TV stations. [KF]

The East African (Nairobi)
A selection of articles from the latest issue of the print Kenya newspaper. Also covers Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda news.

East African Business Week (Kampala, Uganda)
Published by East African Business Week Limited. Site of the print weekly newspaper. Business and investment news and opportunities. Technology and health news. Covers Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Founded May 2005. [KF]

Fondation Hirondelle, ICTR Online
News up to April 2004 about the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR). The Foundation, based in Lausanne, Switzerland, is an organization of journalists which sets up and operates media services in crisis areas.

Imvaho Nshya (Kigali)
In Kinyarwanda. Government newspaper. Published by ORINFOR, Office Rwandais d'Information.

IRIN News - Rwanda
Current news from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Kigali Today
In Kinyarwanda.

Kigali Today YouTube
In Kinyarwanda and English.

KT Press
Current news. Part of the Kigali Today Ltd group including KT Radio and, a news site publishing in the Kinyarwanda. Founded 2014.

In Kinyarwanda, a little in English.

Le Monde Diplomatique
In French. Small selection of older articles on Rwanda from this major French newspaper.

New Times (Kigali)
The only tri-weekly and English newspaper in Rwanda. In print and online editions. News, features, opinions, sports, magazines etc. Appears Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Plans to go daily. Published by The New Times Publications in Kigali. See also their Sunday Times.

La Nouvelle Releve (Kigali)
In French. Government newspaper. Published by ORINFOR, Office Rwandais d'Information.

Current news on the Great Lakes Crisis (Rwanda, Burundi), an extensive collection of newspaper articles, newswire stories, UN reports, etc. Use their Search to locate articles. Maintained by the U.N. Dept. of Humanitarian Affairs.