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Access World News  - Newsbank Inc.
Subscription only. Some universities subscribe. News from newspapers, Agence France-Presse,  All-Africa, etc.  [KF] https://searchworks.stanford.edu/view/8159714

AllAfrica.com - Swaziland News
Current news from African newspapers, the U.N.'s IRIN, etc. http://allafrica.com/swaziland/

Nexis Uni
Subscription only; some universities subscribe. Full text articles from the BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, Agence France Presse, New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Post, Guardian (London), Africa News, Associated Press, TV transcripts, and many more sources. [KF] https://searchworks.stanford.edu/view/12328632

SAK-Swazinewsletter ? Swaziland Newsletter
"News from and about Swaziland appearing twice monthly, compiled by Southern Africa Contact (Denmark) from international and local press sources, and sent to all with an interest in Swaziland - free of charge." Past messages are online. http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/SAK-Swazinewsletter/

Swazi Observer
The newspaper was forced to close in mid February 2000, but was to be relaunched Jan. 2001. See AllAfrica.com article. Was the first Swaziland newspaper on the internet. [KF] Swazi Observer: http://www.realnet.co.sz/real/observer/today/observer.html Weekend Observer: http://www.realnet.co.sz/real/observer/weekend/observew.html

Swaziland News

Times of Swaziland
Site of the print daily newspaper published by published by African Echo (Pty) Ltd. Has a history of the paper. [KF] http://www.times.co.sz/

United Nations. ReliefWeb - Eswatini - Swaziland
News on food security, health. Maintained by the UN Dept. of Humanitarian Affairs.  https://reliefweb.int/country/swz