Uganda news
Current news. Formed from a merger with Africa News Service, estab. in 1973, the former publishers of the well-known Africa News.

Buganda Post
"News source on and for the people of the Buganda kingdom in Uganda." The owner is Patricia Nakato.

Bukedde (Kampala)
In Luganda. Daily newspaper. Published by New Vision Printing and Publishing Co. Limited. "the only daily newspaper with a dedicated section on the KABAKA, the Buganda cultural king,...".

The East African (Nairobi)
A selection of articles from the latest issue of the print Kenya newspaper. Also covers Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda news.

East African Business Week (Kampala, Uganda)
Published by East African Business Week Limited. Site of the print weekly newspaper. Business and investment news and opportunities. Technology and health news. Covers Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Founded May 2005. [KF]

Etop News (Kampala)
In Ateso. Weekly newspaper. Published by New Vision Printing and Publishing Co. Limited. Mainly circulates in North Eastern Uganda, Soroti, Katakwa and Kumi.

The Independent (Kampala)
News magazine founded by Andrew Mwenda December 2007. Mwenda is a former journalist on The Monitor and a former Stanford University Knight Journalism Fellow (2007).

The Monitor (Kampala)
Highly-regarded independent Kampala newspaper. The day's news, business, gender articles, health, sports, kids, chat room, etc. Past issues are available in Adobe pdf format.

New Vision (Kampala)
Main pro-government newspaper. Selected full text articles online. The paper is published in three other local languages.

News Station - Media Monitoring Network, MEMONET
Aggregates Uganda and African news and commentary from on-line newspapers and blogs. "Formed in 2008, ... is a consortium of media organisations aimed at fair media coverage of diverse subjects including democracy related issues in Uganda. Memonet is supported by experienced media content analysts, journalists, researchers, academics and lawyers in Uganda." The owner is The Print, Radio and Television Observatory (Prato) LLC and I-Sytems Inc. Based in Kampala, Uganda.

Observer (Kampala)
Independent print newspaper formed, in 2004, by a co-operative of journalists (formerly from The Monitor and elsewhere). Politics, business, special reports, sports, humor, book reviews, etc.

One World Online
Use the Search form to locate articles. OneWorld International Foundation is a non-profit company in based in London.


Pan African News Agency
Based in Dakar. Search PANA's past issues for articles on Uganda.

Radio Katwe
Currrent news, commentary on Uganda affairs. Often critical of the present government.

Red Pepper (Kampala, Uganda)
Daily Uganda print newspaper. Politics, business, gossip, entertainment news. Photographs (weddings, social events). Facebook page. Subscription through PayPal. Published by Pepper Publications Ltd. Vol. 1, No. 1 was (June 19-25, 2001.


Sunday Vision (Kampala)
Sunday edition of New Vision, the print Kampala pro-government newspaper.

Washington Post - Uganda Page
Has Washington Post newspaper articles on Uganda (though at times there may be no news), Associated Press stories on Uganda, links to U.S. State Dept. background notes, the CIA World Factbook, the current exchange rate, and internet links.