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Recipes & foods - Recipes
In French. Recipes from Ivory Coast and other African countries. Read comments people have posted about the recipes. Based in El Cajon, Calif. [KF]

Abwenzi African Studies
"...a registered nonprofit educational corporation promoting friendships between Americans and Africans."  Links American and Malawi children. Has a few recipes.

Addo, Reverend Peter E. Adotey
"I am a Storyteller and a Poet from Ghana, West Africa. The focus of my stories are the traditional folk tales about Ananse, The Spider. He constantly tricks all the animals in the forest." "Usually Ananse Stories teach a lesson to a selfish or bad person." Rev. Addo shows the "links between West Africa and the African American cultures." Information on the Ga people, their language and wisdom, Christmas in Ghana, recipes (adapted with ingredients available in the U.S.), etc. [KF]

Afri Chef
Site for Michael Tracey's book, Afri Chef African Recipes Cookbook. Sold as an eBook. Many sample recipes online, especially from South Africa. A section - "All about Okra" with recipes.

African Chop, by Elizabeth Jackson
Sample recipes from West Africa, East Africa, and Ethiopia, food descriptions with photographs, a directory of African food sources & stores in the U.S. (including online stores), a directory of African restaurants in the U.S. Site by Elizabeth A. Jackson, author of the cookbook, "South of the Sahara, Traditional Cooking from the Lands of West Africa." (Hollis, NH : Fantail, 1998. 204 p.) [KF]

African Cookbook, by Bea Sandler
Recipes by country, food in the country, how to present a dinner. Extracted from the book, African cookbook by Bea Sandler (Secaucus, N.J. : Carol Publishing Group., 1993 1970). On the Univ. of Pennsylvania African Studies site. [KF]

African Dinner
Directory of African restaurants in the United States and Canada. Founded by Kenneth Yarbrough.

African Foods
Sells African foods, especially Nigerian food, in the U.K. Background on foods, how they are prepared. African cookbooks thru Amazon. Garri, Palm Oil, Banga Soup Sauce, Egusi, Ogbono, Maggi Cubes, Indomine, Plantain, Yam, Beans, Cassava Flour, Pounded yam, Curry, Thyme, Close Up toothpaste, Nigerian Indomine. A subsidiary of Bethelgroups Limited, Essex, U.K.

African Hut
Sells South African food, especially for South African expatriates. Based in Laguna Niguel, California.

African Recipes Secrets
"African food and dessert recipes - A lifetime collection of African recipes presented by a native Liberian. Includes instructions, personal experiences, and insights into African cultures." Baking tips.

" African, Caribbean ethnic store. We specialize in the distribution and sales of premium quality African and Caribbean foodstuff." Sells beer from Ghana. Supplies to California and the West Coast. The owner is K.Macaulay. Based in San Pablo, California.

Site for the book, Afrodizzy, a collection of simple South African recipes. A few South African recipes, need to request most recipes. Maintained by Fiona Soukup, a food columnist for Santa Clarita Valley Living.

Offers free listing of African events and event related services worldwide. Businesses can add to their database. Find catering services (African food) and other services to plan your event. Based in Houston, Texas.

Africaserver -Food and Drink
The Amsterdam web directory has links to African recipe sites.

AfroFood TV
African Food TV, Recipes, watch videos on food preparation. Chef/hostess - Yetunde Ezeanii. Based in Marietta, Georgia.

BETUMI:The African Culinary Network
", document, and share information on the vast and fascinating culinary heritage of Africa." "Since 1997, a site connecting scholars, professionals and others who delight in African cuisine and food history." Full text articles on African food history, restaurants lists. Blog on African cuisine. Slides of "Sub-Saharan African Cuisine and Western Perceptions." Offers workshops/presentations. The owner is Fran Osseo-Asare. Based in State College, Pennsylvania.

Celtnet African Recipes
Fnd recipes by region and country. Site has a lot of ads. Maintained by Dyfed Lloyd Evans.

Congo Cookbook
Warning, site has a lot of advertising, popup ads
. If you click on ads, you may start receiving unwanted email ads. Active links in this annotation have been removed; if you wish to access the site use the URL below. Recipes, information on African cooking, foods all over Africa. Recipes by country and region, recipes by ingredients and type, excerpts from African literature citing particular foods. [KF]

Cultural Orientation - Somalis, Their History and Culture
Information on the people, land, economy, history, society, education, values, religion, art, food (no recipes), festivities, names, language. Has a glossary, bibliography. From the Cultural Orientation Resource Center, Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, D.C.

Djibnet - Recipes
In French. Recipes from Djibouti. From an extensive annotated directory on all aspects of Djibouti, Somalia. Has a discussion forum. Based in Villejuif, France. [KF] - Cameroon Recipes
In French. "un espace de rencontre et d'animation culturelle entre tous les fils, filles et amis du Cameroun en général et du département de la Menoua en particulier." Has a discussion forum, recipes, photographs (including contemporary artists), and many other features.

Ethiopian Restaurants - Listings and Food Guide
Find Ethiopian restaurants by U.S. state and city. Dining suggestions. About Ethiopian spices and coffee, the coffee ceremony. Recipes. Ethiopian wine. Ethiopia's celebrity chefs. Meaning of restaurant names. Ethiopian holidays. Ethiopian calendar, Ethiopian Jews, Amharic phrases. Directory of restaurants in Ethiopia. [KF]
In French. Current news, message board, personalized postcards, Burkina facts, audio file of the national anthem, recipes, etc. [KF]

Gift of Grace. Grace Kerry - Cookbook Author and Educational Consultant
Dr. Kerry is an education consultant from Nigeria, now living in the U.K. Sells a cookbook, Magic with Black-Eyed Beans and Other Recipes - A Nigerian Cookbook. Many dishes are vegetarian.

Holambe Comores
In French. Some pages in Comorian. Commentary on events, politics, culture, science in the Comores. Contributions are signed. Recipes (in French) . Song lyrics. Comoran names. Photographs and more. Annotated links to related sites. Maintained by the Comorian Diaspora.

Item 13: An African Food Podcast
Podcasts about African food. Yorm Tagoe is the founder and host.

Kassoumay. Casamance et S?n?gal
In French. About the history, people and village of Carabane and about the Casamance. Has an extensive section on the 2002 disastrous sinking of the ferry boat, Joola and its aftermath. Tourism, sport fishing, food and recipes (in French), music (traditional and contemporary), general travel information, many photographs. [KF]

Kenya Page of Richard Bowen
Has the flag, national anthem (audio file), biographical information on President Daniel A. Moi and Jomo Kenyatta, recipes, an active discussion group, an email database, facts about the government, economy, people, cities, photos, a guestbook. Lists internet service providers in Kenya. Maintained by R. Bowen.

Motherland Nigeria
Olubunmi O has information on food and drink and recipes for dodo, jollof rice and puff-puff. She is a Nigerian programmer analyst working in Minneapolis, MN who grew up in Nigeria and the Midwest U.S.

Musow, le magazine (Bamako)
In French. Magazine for women. Interviews with prominent women, the law and women in Mali, health, recipes, fashion, photographs, letters, personals and penpals section. Part of the Afribone Mali company. [KF]
In English and Swahili. Site on Swahili culture. Historical postcards. History of Tarabu/Taarab Music. Taraab and Swahili videos from Youtube. Cuisine including recipes. Swahili song lyrics. Superstitions, and more. [KF]

nu?u?u: food
African recipes (mainly West Africa, Ghana), where to buy African food "restaurants (mainly in Ghana), bars and joints" Blog on African food.

Priority Africa Network
Has the most extensive list of San Francisco Bay Area African restaurants.

Recipe Source - SOAR, Searchable Online Archive of Recipes
A searchable database of African recipes. SOAR is created by individuals at the Univ. of California, Berkeley.

Recipes from Mauritius - Madeleine Philippe
In English. Recipes with photos. Has a mailing list for new recipes and tips on Mauritian cooking.

Rhodes Food Group
A commercial food products company. Has some South African recipes. Based in Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

In French. Senegal Online Community. News from Senegalese newspapers online, sports. photographs, chat, recipes, Espace de rencontres (FriendFinder) et Forum de discussions, links to other Senegal web sites. Maintained by Assad Niang. Site based in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
The 1997 Festival has "A Taste of Home: African Immigrant Foodways" by Nomvula Mashoai Cook & Betty J. Belanus and "Kele Wele: Ghanaian Spicy Fried Ripened Plantains Recipe" by Veronica Abu. [KF]

Soup of the Evening
Includes some African soups with background, recipes.

[South Africa] Traditional African and South African Recipes
Recipes plus where to buy South African food and goods in other countries. Part of the Funky Munky site maintained by Pete who lives near Johannesburg, South Africa. - Recipes