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Exchange rates

  • The Oanda Exchange Rates provide rates on any day from 1 January 1990 to the present. Includes many African countries including the CFA franc.
  • -Universal Currency Converter. Lacks many African currencies.

50plus Expeditions
Adventure travel for people 50 or older. Kenya and Tanzania national parks, Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb. Based in Toronto, Canada.

Aba Tours
"The focus of our tours are the art, culture and people of Ghana. We take small groups and build the itinerary around the participants' interests. We specialize in village stays. This is not a tour for people who want to look out the window of a tour bus." "...arranges visits to teachers and schools, health care professionals, traditional healers, drummers and dancers." Has a traditional housepainting tour. Site has profiles of Ghanaian artists, news articles about the tours, a paragraph each on pottery, coffins, fabrics, carvings, etc.

Africa South of the Sahara - Embassies
Directory of embassies.

Air Fares

Airline Safety

  • New York Times article, 2007 April 15, by Matthew L. Wald, "Safety Records a Click Away".
  • European Union - List of Airlines Banned within the EU  - "To improve safety in Europe further, the European Commission – in consultation with Member States’ aviation safety authorities – has decided to ban airlines found to be unsafe from operating in European airspace."
  • United States. Federal Aviation Administration - International Travel  - Provides IASA ratings. "Category 1 means the air carriers from the assessed state may initiate or continue service to the United States in a normal manner and take part in reciprocal code-share arrangements with U.S. carriers." "Category 2 means the air carriers from the assessed state cannot initiate new service and are restricted to current levels of any existing service to the United States while corrective actions are underway."
Compare countries of the world. For ex. for most populated Nigeria is No. 10. Also find Nigeria under these categories: Christian Population, • Natural Gas Reserves, • Muslim Population, • Oil Reserves, • Poverty, • Population, • Number of Workers. Also find Richest (per capita) countries in Africa, Military Expenditure in Africa.From "an independent, privately operated website based in Montreal, Canada." There are pop-up ads on this site. [KF]

Anotherland. East African Cultural and Wildlife Safaris
Trips to Tanzania, Uganda, Zanzibar. Has a Myths and Legends of Tanzania tour led by Tanzania folklore scholar, Dr. Joseph Mbele, a 2001 New Year's tour to rural Uganda, etc. Offers custom tours. Based in Minneapolis, MN.

Association of Business Travellers
ABT was started in 1980 by travel and insurance professionals. Uses popups. Has hotel listings in Africa, will make reservations for you if you are a member. Membership is $97.50. and

Avis Car Rental in Africa
Select Rental Information by Location, then click on Africa. There are at least 35 African countries listed with Avis rental offices. Provides rental requirements, special services, insurance available, local policies.
Bazaar, its magazine, features backpacking in Africa. Has a search facility, pick a city to find the address of its cybercafes; for Africa covers only South Africa. Offers free web email.

Baobab Travel
"...founded to promote an ALTERNATIVE form of TRAVEL (ecotourism) that benefits local communities economically and is sensitive to the natural environment."

Benin. Tourism
In French. Official site.Travel advice, places to go, food and lodging, embassies, history, government, culture, economy, geography, photographs, etc. [KF]

Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports
Information on African airports. Add your own experiences.

Bushtracks African Expeditions, Inc.
Based in Menlo Park, California offers big game and cultural safaris to Southern and East Africa. Has custom-designed tours and scheduled tours to Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe by private train and air (DC4).

Cameroon Online
In French and English. News links to sites such as the BBC, sports news, discussion forums, recipes,online polls, travel tools, links to related sites. Send SMS messages to mobile phones in the USA and Canada. Interactive, well-designed site. [KF]

Canada. Dept. of Foreign Affairs & International Trade. Travel Information & Advisory Reports
Travel advisories, reports for Africa.

Cape to Cairo: African Business and Adventure Travel
Operated by Barbara Levedahl, a South African living in Washington, D.C. Offers personalized, specialized trips to Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Arranges business conferences. Has some travel stories.

Cape Town
New York Times, Jan. 1, 2006 article on Cape Town, Where Anything Goes, And Usually Goes Together. Restaurants, hotels.

Convert It!
Converts to and from metric units.

Country Codes - International Phone Codes
AT&T: provides phone country codes -
Country Find phone country codes, by country.
Country Calling Codes:

Djuma Gamer Reserve
In Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga, South Africa. .Ranger diaries about the lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, buffalo, cheetah and wild dog.

EcoCultureTours Zanzibar
A non-profit making NGO. "The objectives of our organisation are to foster sustainable economic development on Zanzibar and to protect the environment....the organisation implements a micro enterprises development project funded by the Austrian Government." "Our aim is to encourage local micro entrepreneurs to enter into environmentally and cultural friendly income generating activities that cater for the growing tourism industry on the isle." Based in Zanzibar.

EcoFarm Holidays
"Under EcoFarm Holidays, you shall be hosted by ordinary Kenyan families, with whom you shall cook, go fishing and even engage in leisurely work on the coffee or tea farm during your stay in their farmhouse and home area." "will organize for you a homestay holiday in any part of Kenya. Our principal destination is Kiamariga, an idyllic farming hamlet at the edge of the Mount Kenya Forest."

Adventure travel company designed exclusively for people 50 and over. North Africa, Mali & Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Southern Africa and Madagascar.

Electronic Embassy
Has the street address, phone, fax of embassies in Washington D.C. Also links to the web pages of embassies.

ETN -  Africa Airfares

Experience Africa
Education programs and "positive tourism." "For study and work trips or safaris to Uganda, educational school resources and original hand made African crafts. Based in Devon but providing services throughout the UK." Information on the African drum, information about and photographs of Uganda. Founded by Ugandan Denis Kigongo.

The Great Outdoor Recreation Pages are mainly about U.S. outdoor recreation/travel but includes Africa. One can order the Lonely Planet guide books and African country maps, a Swahili phrasebook and tapes.Links to other Africa-related sites.

Hertz auto rental offices in Africa. Has address, phone, fax, telex, hours open.

Hostel Guide for Africa
Find hostels by city. Has for example hostels in Dakar, Nairobi, cities in South Africa, Zimbabwe and more. Read extensive travelers tales and tips.

Insight Travel & Tours Limited
Eco tourism and home stay packages to Ghana. Started by a former Volunteer Services Organization (VSO) Field director for Ghana. "Since 1989 we have specialized in tailor made individual holidays and group tours to basically Kumasi the capital of the Ashanti Region as well as other parts of Ghana. The emphasis of the holiday is on meeting people, experiencing the culture and family life and pursuing your personal interests (e.g. seeing traditional law in action, spending some time learning about Kente Weaving, Traditional drumming and dance or just savoring a flavor of the many aspects of Ghanaian culture." Based in Accra, Ghana.

InterKnowledge Travel Network
Travel to Botswana, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Morocco, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe.

Journal of African Travel-Writing
A semi-annual print journal, based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, "presenting and exploring accounts of past and contemporary African travel". The tables of contents of issues and excerpts from articles are online. Has accounts by African writers, Peace Corps volunteers, and others.
P. O. Box 346, Chapel Hill, NC 27514. E-mail:

Khayalethu Guest House (South Africa)
In Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa. Near the University of Pretoria. The owner is Pearl Cochrane.

Kilimanjaro Adventure Travel
Offers many tour packages to East Africa, information on the mountain gorillas and numerous links to related gorilla and primate sites including the Jane Goodall Institute. Has a list of diplomatic representatives in Nairobi.

Adrie Kraaij - Africa Trip
Kraaij sold his house, quit his job and is traveling thru Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, and Mali, Dec. 1996-April 1997, with a laptop and digital camera. Site is in Dutch and gives an account with photos of his trip.

Lonely Planet
Travel tips from travelers for each African country at:
A list of their well-known African guidebooks including Amharic and Swahili phrasebooks is at:

Nature's Wonderland Safaris
"Birding safaris [in Kenya], Wildlife safaris, Adventure tours and Camping safaris. Biographies of their ornithological guides. Travel tips for Kenya. Site owner is Joseph Mwangi. Based in Nairobi, Kenya. [KF]

Nomade Voyage
In German and English. Trekking (including on camel) and river boat tours to Mali including a senior citizen tour. Offers individual tours. "Since 1984 Juan Dobler has been working as a tour guide in Mali and Mauritania for German travel agencies." With Malian partner, Ammadou Yaya, a Mali travel agency was formed. Based in Mali.

Overseas Adventure Travel
Safaris to Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe. Mainly American clientele. From the Grand Circle Corporation.

Pelton, Robert Young - The World's Most Dangerous Places
Candid comments on selected countries such as Congo-Kinshasa, Nigeria, Uganda. Short profiles of key issues in each country. Information from Robert Young Pelton's book, The World's Most Dangerous Places (New York : Harper Resource, 2000).

Peponi Hotel - Lamu
"Peponi is a small hotel on the exotic island of Lamu, in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Kenya, the very root of Swahili culture."
Usenet discussion group on all facets of travel in Africa. The group was formed November 1995.

Routes Travel Info Portal (South Africa)
Has a map showing the South African Provinces. Click on the Province map and find a list of places: cities, towns, villages, the day's weather, and the URL of the relevant tourism board. Click on a city name and find facts about the city. Find distances between towns, find national parks and reserves, eco-regions for South Africa, the border posts by road for neighboring countries , hotels, etc. [KF]
Covers Southern and Eastern Africa. " does not sell safaris. We simply link you the viewer to the information you need to plan your safari in Africa." Includes eclipse tours. Based in the U.K.

Salon Magazine - Travel Articles
Articles from Salon e-magazine on travel in various African countries.

[Sierra Leone] Country Lodge Complex
Freetown, Sierra Leone hotel. "offers first class accommodation, leisure and conferencing facilities for individuals and businesses." Rooms have internet connections, TV.

Skytrax Airline Quality
Passenger comments on African airlines and African airports. Comments are dated and signed. Ranks quality of airlines.

Soleme Guesthouse
In English, Portuguese, French. Hotel in Luanda, Angola. Has e-mail. "Installed in a colonial house built in 1920, we aim to provide a house to lodge people coming from different cultures and places wishing to meet other people visiting Angola, either for professional reasons or for recreation."

Soul of America
Mainly African-American events, historical sites, etc. in the U.S. but includes African art museums, festivals, restaurants, shops, etc.

South African Airways
Flight schedules, seating diagrams, business travel information for African countries, cargo rates, flight status, baggage information, flight movies, meals by class, frequent flyer program 'Voyager'. [KF]

Spector Travel
Boston travel agency specializes in travel to Africa. Offers discount fares, roots & culture tours, custom tours. Email:

Student & Youth Travel Organisation, SYTO
Provides volunteer opportunities, internships (through the Centre for Cultural Interexchange), homestays, summer study abroad, student group tours to Ghana. "provides homestay or independent accommodation." Based in Accra, Ghana.

Tam Tam Femme
An NGO open to all women, helps women going to Africa, and African women who move from one African country to another. Members provide practical information, support upon arrival, information about  women's associations in different African countries. Offers practical advice about Destinations: Accra, Conakry, Kinshasa, Nouakchott, Addis Abeba. Based in Milan, Italy.

Tanzania Cultural Tourism Programme
In English, French, German. From the Cultural Tourism Programme, Arusha, Tanzania. Offers tours to the Arusha area, Mbeya, Dar es Salaam. The site says profits from tourism benefit local schools, health clinics, and other development purposes. Project supported by SNV, Netherlands development organisation.

Temba Safari
Offers tours in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana.. Has a Zimbabwe hotels price list (British pounds or U.S. dollars).

Time - World Time Server
The time around the world. From iSBiSTER International, Inc., Garland, TX.

" electronic information system that enables companies to obtain on-line export assistance and international trade and market research information. Information, by country, on the investment climate, economic trends, political environment, commercial overview, trade financing, travel conditions, etc. "TradePortTM is a operated [sic] by TradePort Partners, LLC, an international trade/defense conversion initiative of BAYTRADE, managed by the Bay Area Economic Forum, and LA TRADE, managed by the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce,..."

Travel Document Systems
A visa/passport expediting service for U.S. citizens. One can print out a visa application form in Acrobat or Common Ground format. Uses the CIA World Factbook information though did not have the latest edition. Provides useful information on history, foreign relations including U.S. relations though sources are not given.

Travel Guide to Africa by Bicycle
Page by the International Bicycle Fund a non-profit, NGO which promotes responsible tourism. Has information about traveling by bike in 33 African countries. Includes an extensive list of their publications about biking in Africa. Has bicycle tours and programs. See also the New York Times, Sept. 4, 2005, "Tanzania at 15 M.P.H. Biking in Tanzania" by Jeffrey Gettleman. Site by David Mozer.

Travelocity from SABRE Interactive.
Travel information worldwide. Information on travel tips, do's and dont's, local attractions, tours, hotel information, can place reservations online. Used for 10 years for online travel information by Compuserve members.

Eco tourism in Sierra Leone. "Our mission is to build and sustain cross-cultural communities...that benefit locals and visiting members; inspiring positive change..."A maximum of 30 tribe members spend a minimum of 1 week at a time living alongside a local team and community immersed in the day to day running and development of the village" Costs vary. CNN article Sept. 1, 2010 and CNN video. [KF]

TripAdvisor - Best Hotels
TripAdvisor the user-generated hotel ratings web site lists the best hotels in Africa according to its members. Best hotels in various categories - in Best 2009 Hotels (including in Africa) - 33 p. in PDF. Best 2008 budget hotels. 2008 hotels list - 19 p. in PDF. and

Ultimate Africa Online
Offers personalized trips from budget camping to "top quality lodge safaris" to Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa. Includes a Tanzania migration and an "African fishing" trip. Managing Director is Ian Proctor. Based in Bellevue, Washington.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites
A list, by country, of world heritage sites (also in French). "(UNESCO) seeks to encourage the identification, protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity." A January 15, 2006 New York Times article by Seth Kugel, "Preservation: Sure, It's a Good Thing, but...." is not specific to Africa but discusses the danger of these sites being inundated with tourists.

U.S. Department of State. Bureau of Consular Affairs
Passport and visa information, travel warnings and advisories.

U.S. Department of State. Embassies and other Diplomatic Missions
Directory of U.S. embassies in Africa and elsewhere.

U.S. Department of State - Students Abroad
Travel documents, health, emergencies, embassies, insurance, hotels, local laws, driving, women travelers, register your trip (need user ID, password), voting abroad, etc.

U.S. Department of State - Travel and Living Abroad

Yahoo's Africa Travel Page

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority
Official site. "The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) is a parastatal falling under the Ministry of Mines, Environment and Tourism."


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