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Fifteen day forecasts for African cities, hourly weather, rainfall, humidity, wind. Provides weather forecasts for TV, radio, and newspapers. Has over 15,000 clients worldwide.

Intellicast Weather
Four day forecast for numerous African cities.

Kenya Meteorological Department
Forecasts.Home of the Institute for Meteorological Training and Research. Shows Telecommunication Network Circuits. Sea wind forecasts. etc. [KF]

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA. Central Library.
Its Foreign Climate Data has historical information on selected African countries. Based in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.

SA Weather (WX) Forecasts, Rainfall and Storm Reports for South Africa
Many weather maps, satellite photos including animated satellite maps, UV sun burn risk maps, dam levels, etc.

South African Weather Service
Has satellite images of South Africa.

Trans-African HydroMeteorological Observatory (TAHMO)
"aims to develop a vast network of weather stations across Africa." Help with finding African Climate Data. "TAHMO partners schools throughout Africa with sister schools in the United States and Europe" Based in the Netherlands.

U.S. National Weather Service
Very complete source. Current weather for African countries. Provides information on wind, visibility, temperature, heat index, dew point, relative humidity, pressure, and a 24 hour summary.

Washington Post's Weatherpost
Map, satellite images, four day outlook. - African Weather
Has weather conditions for many African cities, a temperature map for the continent and weather conditions from six years back.