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  1. Germanic collections

    Print, manuscript, and online resources focusing primarily on cultural, literary, and historical materials from Germany, Austria, and German-speaking Switzerland, but also including the Netherlands, the Flemish-speaking areas of Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland.

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  2. Kathleen M Smith

    The Germanic Collections include materials for research and instruction in literature and linguistics, cultural studies, history, and social studies. The geographic scope of these collections includes the Scandinavian countries, Flemish-speaking Belgium, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands; however, the primary collecting areas are Germany, Austria, and German-speaking Switzerland. As the curator for the Germanic collections and for medieval studies, I select new materials and provide reference assistance; I also work with faculty and students to help them find the materials that they need for their research and teaching.

  3. Special Collections Open House: New Medieval and Early Modern Acquisitions

    On display will be new acquisitions in medieval and early modern books and manuscripts, including a Hebrew Mahzor leaf from Spain (circa 14th-15th century), the manuscript notebook of a tavern owner in Florence from 1567-1575, and a German incunable on medieval astronomy. This event is on a drop-in basis, so please feel free to stop in for a quick look or an in-depth exploration of the materials on display. Image caption: Leopoldus de Austria, Compilatio de astrorum scientia (Augsburg: E. Ratdolt, 1489) Department of Special Collections Barchas KA1489 .L46

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Geospatial content, including GIS datasets, digitized maps, and census data.
  1. Austria

    C.S. Hammond & Company

    Legend. Shows cities, railroads, waterways (including canals), Treaty of St. Germain boundary, boundary (around Klagenfurt) to be decided by plebis...

  2. Wien, 1844

    Renner, L.

    Inset map: Gegend um Wien. Ancillary views: Das neue Burgthor -- Reitschule und Hoftheater -- Der Theseus-Temple im Volksgarten -- Die Burg -- Step...

  3. Austria Elevations


    This data include elevations of Austria created by GfK MACON company, Germany.

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