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  1. Birds

    Africa south of the Sahara: Selected Internet resources for birds.

    1. Africa South of the Sahara
  2. For the birds

    Jane Yolen's award-winning Owl Moon tells the story of a young girl and her father off to find the Great Horned Owl.  Now that girl (Heidi E Y Stemple) is all grown up and has written her own book Counting birds : the idea that helped save our feathered friends that tells the story of the first Christmas bird count meant to replace the annual competition for shooting the most birds.  Both of these books are in Cubberley Library as are other related books.  See these guides: Animal books for children Children's books about the environment

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  3. Dizzy Gillespie born 99 years ago October 21st

    Celebrate Dizzy Gillespie's birthday with a wonderful new children's book at Cubberley Library about his collaboration with Charlie "Bird" Parker and the birth of bebop: Golio, Gary, and Ed Young. 2015. Bird & Diz.   "BEBOP! Like riding a musical roller coaster, it'll make your head spin." 

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Geospatial content, including GIS datasets, digitized maps, and census data.
  1. [ Bird's-eye view of Jerusalem]

    Hogenberg, Frans, approximately 1539-1590, Braun, Georg, 1540 or 1541-1622, and Laicksteen, Peter, active approximately 1556-1570

    [Franz Hogenberg]. Relief shown pictorially. Coordinates approximate and based on Greenwich meridian. Shows topography, drainage, settlements, plac...

  2. Bird's eye view of Boston.

    Bachmann, John, active 1849-1885.

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