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    Spofforth, R.
    [ca. 1700 - 1799]

  2. New MEXICO

    Moore, Jonas, Sir, 1617-1679


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  1. Glen McLaughlin Map Collection: California as an Island

    This collection of 17th and 18th century maps depict California as an island.

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  2. California as an Island Collection – Sheet Map Digitization Complete

    The Digital Production Group’s Map Scanning Lab has successfully completed the digitization of 500 antiquarian sheet maps depicting California as an island. This represents a significant milestone in the development of the Map Digitization Program. California as an Island maps were extensively used to develop a world class quality control program that ensures digitized collections meet the needs of the Stanford community and beyond.  This incredible collection of historic maps is currently in processing and will be available for patrons shortly.  

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  3. California as an Island Maps Now Online

    The Glen McLaughlin Map Collection of California as an Island is now available online.The 731 maps were collected by Glen McLaughlin over a period of 40 years and acquired by Stanford in 2012. It is the largest known private collection of maps showing California as an island. It is now available for anyone to search, find, view and download via the Stanford University Library's catalog. Please visit to read more about the collection. Viewing the paper maps will be on a per-request basis.

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