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  1. Historical textbooks in Cubberley Library

    Did you know that Cubberley Education Library has a large collection of textbooks and children's books dating back to 1800?  Items with call numbers beginning with OTx must be used in the library, but other titles can be checked out.

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  2. Columbus or Indigenous Peoples Day?

    Today is either Columbus Day or Indigenous People Day--or a good day to look at the issues.  Cubberley Library has a wealth of resources whatever your interests in these issues.  Our historical textbook collection (1800+) can allow you to see how the discovery of this country has been portrayed over time, or you can simply look more specifically at the portrayal of Columbus.  Books for children and young adults such as Dreaming in Indian can help you gain a better understanding of the indigenous peoples in this country and elsewhere.  See the following guides for more resources: Children's books by or about Native Americans Children's books about history Indigenous peoples and education History and social science education

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